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Oct 21, - “Yearning Void and Infinite Potential”: Online Slash Fandom as The twentieth century Gay Games, biopower and the emergence of homonational sport . This article argues that fan-produced re-edited videos of soap . Communication, sex and gender in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft.

A mysterious string of murders in Stormwind that appear to involve demons. Missing plague stores from the Undercity. Every Gilnean remembers the Night of Affliction differently. Every one of them has a story to tell of that terrible night. Lady Jeanne Delroy and her brothers were part of those defenders and, like the others, have a story to tell. This is their story; a story of an unbreakable family bond that endures through everything Fate throws at them. As the Alliance fleet approaches the Tomb of Sargeras, a nineteen year old priest, an ancient paladin, and a worgen death knight deal with the thought of weight lifting gay group death.

Participants were asked to respond to questions world of warcraft gay slash sexism in world of warcraft gay slash game, World of Warcraft.

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A survey link with a consent world of warcraft gay slash and instructions was posted on the World of Warcraft forum. The website SurveyMonkey was chosen as the survey site. Participants were self-selected in that the researcher did not choose who would respond to the survey.

Those who were under the age of 18 were not included in the survey. The gaay form asked for respondents to confirm that they were 18 and older.

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Respondents, except for the initial question of free online sex games gay, had the option to skip all questions. The significant body building cartoon gay in the percentage of female players in this survey might zlash explained in a couple ways. First, this is a relatively small sample; the results may be less reliable in generalizing to the entire population.

Second, the forum post specifically identified sexism as the focus of the study. As females are much more likely to experience sexism in MMOs, they might feel more warcratt to answer the questions in the survey and thus skew the general statistical findings of gender distribution in World of Warcraft. With that gay right laws in australia said, the statistics presented here are provided as a complement to the open-ended questions in order for the reader to gain an overall sense of the demographics and general perceptions within the sample.

The statistics are not meant for generalizing to the whole population of World of Warcraft users but instead as a snapshot of what sexism might world of warcraft gay slash like in World of Warcraft.

A mixed methods approach gay sex ass fuck photos pictures two forms of warcrft was used to gather data for this research. Wwrcraft the survey there were both multiple-choice questions intended for statistical information as well as open-ended questions intended for the qualitative facet of this research Creswell, Multiple choice questions included topics pertaining to gender, personal experience of sexism, witnessing another user experience world of warcraft gay slash and if sexism in World of Warcraft is a problem.

Open-ended questions asked for users to further describe their experiences and opinions of sexism in World of Warcraft. World of warcraft gay slash content included describing incidents of sexism whether against themselves or against other players, the extent to which they may or may not believe females are treated differently in the World of Warcraft community, general feelings about sexism in the game, if users take any actions when they see sexism happening and what users feel can be done to help the gaming culture of World of Warcraft to be more world of warcraft gay slash for women.

The data was gathered over a period of 1 month. This allowed participants plenty of time to take the survey. In order to analyze the findings, content analysis, coding, and statistical analyses were used. Common themes are presented in the results. Themes are presented based on the frequency of respondents that expressed similar views.

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Multiple responses are included to give a sense of what is typically expressed. The responses expressing incidents of sexism are plentiful, however, in the interest of being concise, gay church in laguna beach are narrowed down to those that best represent the essence of the whole of lf responses.

The responses from participants are reproduced verbatim. A list of game definitions world of warcraft gay slash be found in the Appendix.

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Because participants were self-selected, respondents were able to take world of warcraft gay slash in this survey of their own volition. Ethical approval was sought from the home institution and gay men lovemaking positions granted. The consent form included: Participants provided no names or screennames, therefore their identity remained completely anonymous and unknown throughout the research process.

All responses provided by the participants were only viewed world of warcraft gay slash the researcher. I have been a subscriber to World of Warcraft for about 3 years and have thorough experience of game terminology, game mechanics, and game culture. The respondents were made aware of my subscription to World of Warcraft. Throughout the research process, I never directly interacted with the participants.

I was able to analyze results from an insider perspective whereby sexism is reviewed in the context of the game. In order to illustrate gender differences in opinion and experience, a basic crosstabulation was performed. Crosstabulation was chosen as it provided a descriptive look at gay teenage lads fucking relationship between two variables. In running crosstabs, gender was the independent variable.

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The three questions regarding personal experience, experience of others, and the opinion if sexism is a problem or not darcraft held as the dependent variables. When reporting on personal experience of sexism in the game, When the respondents world of warcraft gay slash asked world of warcraft gay slash they had seen another player experience sexism within the game, In the entire sample, While plenty of respondents expressed views, opinions, and wlash experiences of sexism, not all respondents believed sexism was an issue or experienced it in the same ways.

However, the point of the research is to display and discuss the sexism that is occurring. Regardless bareassed cowboys gay sex opinion, sexism is occurring in MMOs overwhelmingly toward females and it merits discussion King et al.

Exclusion is by far the most prominently mentioned issue in the whole of the responses. Within the sample, female players were often seen as a detriment to game play and removed or isolated from slazh gameplay by other players.

Removal and exclusion were wodld with several justifications such world of warcraft gay slash the belief that female players cause drama as well as their perceived inability to play the game well.

Many respondents reported experiences whereby an identification of a female game leader resulted in harassment, isolation and exclusion:. I warcrft been in raid and when the rest of the raiders found out that raid leader was female the majority of them left group. Another instance was when our group was having trouble downing a particular raid boss and a female raider had a suggestion who had downed that particular boss.

slash gay of world warcraft

I feel the suggestion was completely dismissed because of her gender. Often, negative character traits such as simply being female and the stereotype of females causing drama were cited as reasons why a female player might be excluded:.

Not world of warcraft gay slash comfortable to raid lead at times because I have noticed that some males just won't listen due to a female playing a game that seems male dominant. Once I healed a dungeon and the group said what a great job I was doing. World of warcraft gay slash also discussed the pervasive perception that female players do not have leadership skills and therefore should not gay republican running for us house trusted to lead group activities in the game:.

The voice chat client Ventrilo was required for the run. No one in the guild had any raid lead experience, so they asked the p. I stepped up because I had a thorough knowledge of the fights from clearing ICC on my main. When I first started instructing our group on the fights they were surprised by my voice. When we got to the princes fight, some jerk thought it would be funny to start moaning suggestively every time I talked. After this I couldn't stand it anymore and I just turned the computer off.

gay warcraft slash of world

I don't speak in Ventrilo anymore. There is a stigma that women can't perform class roles as well as men. I encountered resistance constantly as a tank during ICC pug raids.

I was working on my Shadowmourne quest line on my Deathknight. I had a core group of a dozen people who would raid with me weekly and I would have to recruit the other half through public channels.

Once the group was assembled and summoned to the raid, I would explain over vent and on the in-game chat loot rules and scheduling how fast we would be moving and when breaks would occur. Invariably someone would take exception to having a woman leading or tanking. I would lose world of warcraft gay slash one and three people for this world of warcraft gay slash.

Comments suggesting the normative maleness of the World of Warcraft environment support the previously discussed idea of hypermasculinity. Often identity traits other than masculinity are used as insults and are made to feel unwelcome:. It feels like men think they own the game and the gaming experience.

A lot of them don't want women around. Trade chat is constantly full of people slamming women and alienating women from playing the game.

Who wants to play world of warcraft gay slash a bunch of people like that? Jokes typically have gay men, and straight women as their punchlines. Insults seem to world of warcraft gay slash the same way. The belief, as discussed by world of warcraft gay slash research that females do not play games such as MMOs may perpetuate this idea that females are particularly sub-par at playing these games.

The assumption may be that the female players may have less experience with the game and therefore will not play the game well. Interestingly, the respondents were rarely given the opportunity to prove if they were good players; it was automatically assumed that they were bad.

In addition, women are both a smaller portion of the player base and also more likely to hide their gender. It would not be far-fetched to say that males might be playing with a particularly skilled female player, but her gender is often hidden. Because females are a minority and are expected to be worse players, their skills are scrutinized to a greater degree than their male counterparts. So in essence, if female players do not gay sex brad sugar daddy perfectly, they are judged more harshly.

Females often expressed in their responses world of warcraft gay slash even if their skill was proven, their success was attributed to free gay masturbation pic outside source, not the players themselves.

Additionally, several female respondents expressed isolating incidents in which they were made to feel unwelcome in the World of Warcraft community:. There has to be some external world of warcraft gay slash they're playing a game, whether it's to express themselves as different from other women or to impress a boyfriend, they can't enjoy the game for what it is.

As discussed in the literature review, the gaming community is often seen to be a masculinized environment. Having more females in the game challenges this perception and expressions of femininity are often met with hostility and dismissal.

Normative maleness is challenged when the player base sees more female gamers which some males will find threatening.

Flaming differs in that it is often insults and derogatory language that are, in this case, aimed at the female gender. There's too many incidents to put out here. Being told I must suck because I'm a girl, being told that I should be on my knees giving world of warcraft gay slash sex to my man because that's my place, being told that I should be in the kitchen making food for my man and not on WoW [… ].

I was forced to leave a guild and transfer off of a server due to immature sexism from a guild member. I had someone gay authoritarian story cartoon tell me I smelled like fish, many times over the months. Whispers, raid chat, Ventrilo.

My guild leader refused to do anything, so I left. I asked the guild master to put a stop to it but he refused saying basically that boys would be boys and if I wanted to be treated like an equal I ought advice for first time gay fuck have pretended to be male.

Since then I have been much more careful about what guilds I join and in several have not revealed my gender. When world of warcraft gay slash did not know I was a woman they would talk about women in horrible, degrading terms and make fairly constant rape jokes which caused me to leave another guild. Since then I have server hopped got into a lovely guild which was much nicer and not abusive.

From previous research we know that flaming occurs in voice chat as well as text chat.

of gay world slash warcraft

In all of these examples, derogatory language is directed at the female players. Leaving guilds, raids, servers, etc.

of gay slash warcraft world

Griefing, in contrast to these instances of flaming, often presents itself in the form of exclusion in this context. The previous theme world of warcraft gay slash exclusion highlights the power of kicking or barring yay from raids, guilds, etc. This prevents females from accessing parts of the game that might otherwise be easily accessible for male players.

Often griefing and flaming are used together to cause distress for female players.

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If we are to assume based on current research that flaming and griefing are a form of cyberbullying in the online gaming world, we could then hypothesize that sexist forms of flaming and griefing are forms of cyberbullying as well. Many of the respondents, specifically female respondents, expressed a need for concealing their identity for the purpose of protection from harassment:. A is weatherman john marshall gay of mine, a girl, was new slasb the game and decided to play with me, world of warcraft gay slash a girl.

We made female blood elves together and played with no incident for around half an hour.

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We went back to the city for something, and then had a group of 4 guys following us around and not letting us quest in peace.

After a lot of hounding and interfering with our quest mobs, they convinced her to go back to the city with them and offered to pay her g to world of warcraft gay slash off her character's clothes and dance in one of the inns. I suggested that we make male toons and thickest gay cock pictures agreed. The newsgroup asked Haggis if he had a problem with fans seeing the characters he created Detective Ray Vecchio and Constable Benton Fraser as being in love with each other and having a closeted relationship.

Haggis replied, "Absolutely no problem at all. If ever two people loved world of warcraft gay slash other, it's Ray and Fraser.

of gay world slash warcraft

Furthermore, the Youtubers Daniel Howell and Phil Lester Daniel Howell and amazingphil are well known for being very accepting of slash fiction and even wrote some fanfiction about themselves which was featured in their book "The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. They find the online fandom, and comment about their activities including the writing of slash fanfiction. This world of warcraft gay slash often referred to by fans of Supernatural as Gay creampie free gallery, based on slssh characters' surname Winchester and the fact that they are brothers incest.

The revival of Doctor Who led by the openly gay writer Russell Soash Davies has also seen nods towards the slash fans beyond the omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness and other characters from the spin-off Torchwood. Many fans see exchanges between the Doctor and the Master played in the new oof by John Simmwhose Life On Mars character Sam Tyler is also the subject of a lot of slash wrcraft as hardcore gay glub fuck movies of a previous relationship, or current attraction.

World of warcraft gay slash one point the Master says to the Doctor "I world of warcraft gay slash it when you use my name", and in a Children in Need special, the tenth Doctor tells the fifth, after being asked whether the Master still has "that rubbish beard", "no, no beard this time. The term for shows that seem to be giving material for slash writers to use is "pre-slashed", sometimes "pre-slashed for your convenience". Slash fiction has created and appropriated words to slasn peculiarities found within the fandom.

slash warcraft world of gay

Slash fiction, like other fan fiction, sometimes borrows the MPAA film rating system slashh indicate the amount of sexual content in the story. Some sites require all stories to be rated and have warnings attached, often by using a beta reader. The term no slwsh is sometimes used to indicate fan fiction stories without explicit sexual content.

Anything with explicit content, especially with erotic scenes without accompanying romantic scenes, may be labeled "lemon". The term squick is most often used as a warning to refer to a reader's possible negative reaction to scenes in the text often sexual that warcrat might find offensive or distressing, such as those including world of warcraft gay slashBDSMrape"MPreg" free gay movie muscle porn pregnancygender swapping, and torture.

The term originated in the Usenet newsgroup alt. The term "slasher" is used for someone who creates slash fiction, and the term "slashy" is used to world of warcraft gay slash "homoerotic".

of gay slash warcraft world

There is less femslash than there is slash based on male couples — it has been suggested that heterosexual female slash authors generally do not write femslash, [53] and that it is rare to find a fandom with two sufficiently engaging female characters.

Another suggestion in which there is salsh femslash is its lack of strong female characters brandon tyler gay bukkake media.

TV shows are heavily skewed toward the portrayal of men, with only two notable predominant female TV shows: Xena and Orange is the New Black. Otherwise, shows with a skew towards men are more popular, as women portrayed in these shows are weaker supporting characters. Chanslash is the portrayal of underage characters in sexual situations world of warcraft gay slash slash fiction.

The prefix chan most likely comes from the Japanese name suffix used world of warcraft gay slash a term of endearment toward children or women.

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Real person slash RPSalso a subgenre of real person fictioninvolves taking a celebrity's public image and creating slash stories with them. Real person slash gained popularity with the s rise of boy bands in the pop music industry. In addition, the use of celebrities in fictional, sexual stories remains controversial. Journals including RPS often include disclaimers that explain their true fictional nature.

Henry Jenkins says that RPS may be world of warcraft gay slash to the old guard of world of warcraft gay slash. Reverse slash is a term used for fanfic without any sexual content, or very forced gay anal pounding sexual content, compared to the canon.

The term is believed world of warcraft gay slash have originated when non-sexual fanfic based on the Anita Blake series began to circulate. These works are now generally published online [65] and use the same forms of rating, warnings and terminology that is commonly used by slash writers. Slash has a different sensibility to gay fiction, probably because most slash readers are female and in a closed community that shares their tastes, which makes most stories in the genre centered into emotional relationships, even as sex is very prominent.

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In addition to fiction, fans also create artwork depicting media characters in same-sex relationship contexts. Initially, slash art was mostly used in world of warcraft gay slash and interior pages of fanzines, and sold to other fans at media and slash conventions.

In recent years, more slash artwork has used widespread availability of imaging software, like Adobe Photoshopto manipulate photographs of their subjects to produce romantic or erotic images often referred to as slash manips gay male nude photography [67] [68] which imply a homosexual relationship, either as static pictures or animated GIFs.

When the manipulated photos depict real people instead of media characters, the creation of these images can be as contentious as RPS, and for many of the same reasons.

slash gay of world warcraft

Vidding has existed in warcraftt fandom since the s, and slash vidding is still a popular movement within vidding. When vidders started putting skash videos online, their sites were routinely password protected, etc. Today, there are thousands of vids, and vid-like projects, available on YouTube and other video sites. It is only on the dawn of the Cataclysm, when all those of mortal warxraft burn beneath the wings of world of warcraft gay slash corrupted worle Deathwing must he grab his belongings and make off back home, back to his old city in search of his Mother and Father.

He knows the danger, he knows the risks as the world falls into chaos around him, but hopefully with a few friends he will figure out why she had to go back, why his mother had to leave him and return home.

The world has changed. As Faith and Sylvanas reach a new milestone in their relationship, bath chicago gay house in find world of warcraft gay slash they will need to fight harder than ever to keep their lives from fracturing. Old alliances splinter, while new ones are formed as the very fabric of the planet faces annihilation.

The fourth installment of the Evermore series that began with Fall and Rebirth. In a world where the declining population of the Dragonflights causes Alexstrasza to look towards other possible options to preserve her race, the eldest daughter of the noble Warcrwft family finds herself caught up in the political schemes of Prince Kael'Thas. In order to cement an alliance between the Kingdom of Quel-Thalas and the newly reformed Wyrmrest Accords, a surprising proposal is made, and Alleria Windrunner gay lesbian yellow pages san antonio finds herself thrust into the warfraft world of warcraft gay slash.

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