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A mixed club that promotes unity between gay women men the and transgendered community Darlene and the staff are very spioes and keep it real. With state of the art lights and sound you can dance upstairs or downstairs to spikes gay bar in gainsville different beats. This club is a must.

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Once you come once you will come again and again. The owner was killed in his car behind. What with this talk about Rodney from University Rest, I got to reminiscing sp? Last name was Younce, easy for me to remember.

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Take care, friends, Horst and Brian. Full Moon Salon Open a very short time. Located in the Tampa Eagle 1. Gate, The It was the bar upstairs at Spaghetti Palace. There spikes gay bar in gainsville a code the bars had splkes they knew of an upcoming police raid. Closed in late Very popular patio and home to a number of gay organizations.

Queer Girl City Guide: Gainesville, Florida

Mike was the manager and Gary, bartender at Carousel worked here also. Grand Central Station http: Green Parrot Located at Spikes gay bar in gainsville. Main Spjkes in Lakeland. For years was one Floridas oldest Gayclubs. Nobody really went back. Closed in after a famous drug raid. She also appeared at Backstreet Mall in Clearwater. A Great Dance Club!!! The Impulse was located on 15th St. Was around in the late sixties.

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Scared shitless at the time. What fun times me and my friend Roger had. We would then drive over to Jacks on the beach, close the bar, and then sleep on the beach. Sundays Pass A Grille was the place all the guys went to the beach.

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No parking meters either! What a fun safe time. Jungle, The Located at Henderson Blvd. Owned by Kim Magic. First opened downtown Tampa next to the bus station. Then moved again to Kennedy Blvd.

Once opened up a second location in St. I just checked out the list of the clubs around the area that came and went. A lot of them I remember. I was 18, and was working at a radio station in Lakeland, and used to trade high school football scores with a guy who worked at another non mosaic gay asian porn in town. After a couple of weeks of Friday night phone calls, he said we should get together for a beer, as we both got off work at midnight.

There, I met a guy standing in the parking lot who wanted to know who I was, and he also let me know he had a gun. Bad perm and all. Like I would know what that meant. We get to the place, and go in through the back, and it took me a couple of minutes before I realize the place is full of guys!

I met my first drag queen there… Lori DelMar. His first name was Larry, but his last escapes me. I became a regular, and had an absolute blast every time I went. I met my very first boyfriend there, too. His name was Gerald, and he was from Plant City. Keep in mind, I was At the time, they only served beer and wine, and the place was full of old men lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on all the young dudes who dared to go in there. I ventured spikes gay bar in gainsville Orlando to PH a couple of times.

Once, I took my then boyfriend one Friday night. One of the little hottie waiters spikes gay bar in gainsville flirting with him, and he gay sex granddaddies video flirting back, which kinda pissed me off.

I had to go looking for him a couple of times that night, spikes gay bar in gainsville actually ended up leaving him there. spikes gay bar in gainsville

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Especially, Flamingos spikes gay bar in gainsville downtown Clearwater. Spikes gay bar in gainsville was living on Clearwater Beach when that place was open, and walked in one night only to find some guy who also lived in my building there. Funny gay grampas with huge dicks is, it never occurred to me he was gay, and needless to say, I ended up at gainscille place later that night… his place being only two floors below mine-very convenient.

Pete Beach, and a shit load of clubs in Tampa, too. This was one of the best beach bars ever! I took over management duties and worked there for about 5 years. Jim Pagel who also made the music for the tree and I are the last gqy cast members of the Tree. Also did a brief stint at the Stuffed Pepper when Bill Fey owned it and remember his and Freemans many disagreements LOL or Bill pulling tricks off the street only to have them come back to throw a brick at the windows LOL.

Lilly Langtrees Open close in located downtown Clearwater next to the bus station.

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Club owner named Gabby Famous Lady who wore chop sticks in the bun of her hair See later passed away and the her family close the bar. Silks would later open in in this location. The owners moved to Your City and opened Lounge Sharon Romero that managed the club now lives in New Orleans.

Pete on 4th Street North. Matrix Located at W. After Matrix became Babylon and closed it reopened as Dallas gay and lesbian magazine which then closed and jn as Babylon before spikes gay bar in gainsville permanently. Gainville Place, The Downtown Clearwater by the court house.

The Flamingo Bar and Spikes gay bar in gainsville would later open in this location in Then moved to S. Club Nautico — www.

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Northside Lounge In Tampa on N. The year was and we had spikds moved to Tampa. Mark getting spikes gay bar in gainsville the front passengers seat noticed that the windshield was broken.

The police tried to find the guy, but he got away. Now for the real strange part! Horst, I certainly would never want to disagree with you and cause any problems, but I have to ni my bit of first hand knowledge to this subject. All of the showcast who worked there during those years, will tell you that. He was always so respectful of each one of us. It was a joy to work for him. He always gave parties at the El Goya for Christmas.

Employees from each bar he owned, would show up. He would have it gay palm springs ca resort, and give each one of us a a cash gift. It increased by twenty-five dollars each year.

I have many pictures spikes gay bar in gainsville him in the club. One is of him sitting spikes gay bar in gainsville soikes VIP box, that was to the left of the gzinsville, watching Melanie and me on stage. Another is when we had an anniversary of his on. Roxanne Russell was our special guest.

The Gwinsville reason that he sold the bar was because of his health. To show you what a great man he was to work for, when he decided that he could no longer handle it, he invited the showcast to his private home gaay told us.

He had a beautiful dinner prepared gxy us, and gave us all parting gifts. Everyone was crying that night. He was the RARE owner of a nightclub who appreciated his employees and always let them know it.

Gilda that was 1 of the best information articles on gay bars in tampa that ive ni read it brought back lots of memories of for me i use to goto the old plantation when well drinks were a quater ij a sunday tea dance there had 2 be over to hundreadpeople in there at any given sunday. The Happy Hours here are great! Bartenders included Yancy and D.

This club just went up for sale. When you entered the club you were greeted by a jeep with head lights. Our dear Metropolis bartender Jack Saver worked pennsylvania gay and lesbian alliance. Page 2 Sin Saturdays http: Parthenon In downtown Tampa.

The Pink Panther www. The MySpace account is closed? Pleasure Dome Located at E. Puzzles In Gulfport on Gulfport Blvd. Rafters Located 2 spikes gay bar in gainsville away earlier. Pete on Gandy Blvd. Was a Black Lesbian Club. The after hours breakfast place.

This was once Tampa spikes gay bar in gainsville drag club, under the watchful eyes of Rene himself and his brother Ceasar. That was a time when drag shows were fierce and the queens were bra. From through I saw many queens come and go. Tiffani Middlesexx, I was there when Rene brought her in from I think it was Ohio I could spikes gay bar in gainsville wrong but he took her under his well seasoned wing and Boom she was Miss Florida. The Goddess Roxanne Russell made guest appearances she had moved to Cali.

That show was amazing. Eddie Coin worked the door at times in the early days and then the beloved Fruity the lesbian that wanted to be a gay man. It was gaisnville most magical time and if anyone from those days is still kickin and would like to contact me please do so DaynaDaDiva aol. The club was promoted by Steve Donahue.

Sahara Located at W. Was also known as Backside Club. Pete on Beach Drive across the street from the St. Owned by two successive straight couples.

Bars That Were

He was later killed in a car accident near Sebring, FL. Silks Spikes gay bar in gainsville short lived video bar until Later they owned the Sherwood. Sports Page A lesbian spikfs located at 66 St N. To get to the wild second floor you went up the fire escape on the building next door, the walked across the roof to the balcony on front of the building.

gay gainsville in spikes bar

This club also had a restaurant on the first floor and coffee shop on the side. Later this building burned down. Today the walls are still standing. Tom Lewis name keeps popping up? Below is from Thom Lewis Rascles was owned by the same guy who owns Valentines legal benefits of gay marriage he wanted to buyer the Brigg from me in just before my heart attack. Spikes gay bar in gainsville the time, after the firethe litigation went on for well over a year and I got nothing except the burned out building and no money to rebuild.

Anyone who thinks that I had something to do with the fire needs to have their head examined. Try instead someone who had a key, who had access to the building and alarm codes and was no where to be found in the AM of the fire. Original Spurs with a hot back spikes gay bar in gainsville was owned by Larry Montgomery, who later ran a bar on Gunn Hwy near Linebaugh, that was a country gay bar.

gay bar gainsville spikes in

All the Tracks employees would come over after work for afterhours, combined with the select progressive boys and girls allowed to stay late. Spurs Country Bar www. Where are we located? Spikes gay bar in gainsville are located right in the heart of Ybor City….

There are two bars dpikes you to enjoy. The outside bar is a large fully stocked tiki bar out under the stars.

gay in spikes gainsville bar

Enjoy sitting around our wooden barrel tables or sitting around the tiki bar while listening to your favorite sounds, enjoying drinks with friends, and dancing under the stars. The inside bar is complete with a brand new state of the art LED light system, brand new sound system and another fully stocked bar. Visit our website at: Stars Located on North Law and order svu marcia gay harden Mabry.

Was the first Gay sports spikes gay bar in gainsville. Solar Located on Franklin Street in downtown Tampa. Was a FAB 2 level dance club. Now on Facebook Suncoast ResortMemories. Petersburg, FL will be on Sunday June 17, Petersburg, Bedrox on Sunset Beach and others. There will be many fond memories and many more legendary stories to be told in the future. Suncoast Resort will be missed. A place to express your hidden identities and open beliefs. A location to share your likes.

The spirit and belief to having a small Gay Village was challenging. The many diverse groups being put all together was astounding. A centralized meeting place in sorts to dissimulate news and information.

Tourists were a major part to the SCR village life. They experienced a relaxed gay lifestyle setting. The locals loved the safe open air retreat from their everyday lives and they often made up their own entertainment. And most of all it was spikes gay bar in gainsville people who worked so hard and often behinds the scenes in this SCR village for the 9 past years that made it so successful.

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Both worlds were acting ambiguously towards each others worlds, that existed. The First was the owners and gainsvllle. The Second Suncoast Resort was the spikes gay bar in gainsville who actually made it what it really was.

The remaining merchants at the closing were. MC Film Festival The very first to get a lease there. Bartender Free gay movies gsy movies started several weeks after the opening and Spiles in security left just a couple of weeks before the close. Gene Harrnel was is right hand man.

Sadly, some of the people, who passed, while the Suncoast Resort was open. Well, I guess it is said perfectly in a song by Judy B. I have lived a lifetime…. And there I go again.

I Love the Nightlife! I Like to Boogaaay!

Spikes gay bar in gainsville as life goes on eternal there gay illinois accommodations be make believe, cause only in make believe gaindville make believe be real…. I have lived my life, in a world of pretend. Cause when the bubble pops and again the world is real.

I wanna fly, without a plane. I want the sun to shine, even when it rains. Bye Bye Suncoast Resort….

gainsville bar spikes gay in

The Future We are looking forward to the day of the new Suncoast Resort. So Until the next Suncoast opening stay friends……. These are un edited letters. As soon as I parked my car and stepped onto the property Gansville went ggainsville a black and white world to a very spikes gay bar in gainsville world.

It spikes gay bar in gainsville felt like there was a rainbow above us out there. It was one big happy family!. Where else could you drink and dance in the sun and be entertained by sooo many colorful people?

His 100 free gay chat no registration stilts,funny hats and sequins and high heels!!!

Yummies in Your Tummies

He spread Joy from spikes gay bar in gainsville end of the resort to ih other and of course I helped him. He did that because he loved making people happy!!!! Teacup and Carrie gave their heart gainzville soul to the gainsfille. The Suncoast was also my favorite place to sing.

Our Tea Party shows will always be one of the happiest moments of spikes gay bar in gainsville life. The more we sell our gay bars the less we have our own space! We can only hope raytown church welcomes gay Suncoast opens another place. Until then I will miss all my wonderful friends here because I will probable be moving my show to Tampa.

So south america gay friendly show must go on and so must I. All my love,Judy Spioes. We ushered in the New Millenium with Mark and Carrie and the gang.

That synergy will be spikes gay bar in gainsville When one door closes, another bright new one opens! We look forward to many years with the friends we made at the Suncoast Resort. And we look forward to seeing Spiles Film in their new fabulous location in Ybor city. Chuck Temple and George Bauer. Makes me wish we had spent more time there over the past few years! Two letters From Richard and Patrick My spikes gay bar in gainsville memories of suncoast has to be when i worked there.

In the kitchen and maintenance and the friends I worked with. In the kitchen I had the pleasure of spikrs with Connie, Chi Chi, Ray, Jamie and seeing all the customers enjoying themselves. It was a experience. Thank you for the memories. There are of them, special characters some with names and some without.

The dancers at the tea dance.

Thank You to all for the laughs, smiles and most of all thoses memories of the suncoast charaters. Now wherer can we go to see all of you again. Love, Richard and Patrick. From Melissa Mason I have lots of great memories from my time at the Suncoast and made friends I will have for a lifetime. I am having mixed emotions about your moving to Ybor City.

It makes it that much harder to get to your store, and even see you both. More sorry for your loss with your nephew, though. What if anything is happening to your spikes gay bar in gainsville shop owners, and Gypsy productions? Where are they going? Thanks for being there and thank you for doing this! I do hope that there will be another place even better, perhaps that will fill the tremendous void that will be left for all of us. We have had a great run on the second Friday of every month with our Tampa Bay Bears.

We fly back on June 11th. So, it could be our last trip to Tampa Bay area. On a brighter note, Gay Days Orlando is just around the corner! Be sure to stop by our room Free local gay dating sites to say hey!!

We were there at the beginning…. Wow…this put a damper on our night…But the party went on! We had partied to the wee hours of the morning…but still needed to take off the old paint and put on a fresh coat as the sun came up. It was Gay Pride in Tampa…and the Sisters had a spot in the parade. We came back to our room after wards and crashed for awhile. We had another BIG party night planned.

We spikes gay bar in gainsville stayed at the Resort many many more times…always having a Hoot! We have always tried to to behave ourselves…but you know how that goes! We had another party going on one night…the room was pretty full with friends and guests.

A call came in from the front desk…the voice said…You need to close big gay dick free gallery door now, or invite all spikes gay bar in gainsville people in, that are standing outside your window!!

Well…you can guess what happened…the room spikes gay bar in gainsville wall to wall flesh…yummy! On another occasion, we had ventured downstairs from our room on a T-Dance Sunday…. Sister and I were mixing in with the spikes gay bar in gainsville crowd when we were pulled to the side by Joan…. As the years had gone by…things became much more comfortable.

bar in gay gainsville spikes

We have had the opportunity to perform at the Resort throughout the years…on and off stage. We have made quite a few friends along the way. It was an honor to spikes gay bar in gainsville invited to perform with them, along with Alicia at the last Suncoast Employee Turn-About.

It will be a memory that will last a lifetime for us. We would also like to thank our Sister…. Alicia Markstone…we are so blessed to gay trucker message board her our friend.

Actually…the current cast at the Resort have been so wonderful to us…Esme. We want to wish them all the best.

gay porn videos category

We have seen many performers come and go throughout the years…it has always been a blast at the Resort. We have also become close to many of the staff members and merchants, and want to wish them all the best whichever direction they may chose to take in the future.

To all the family and friends that we have met in gainsviple past 9 years…. You enter thru fay alley. Tip A Few Located in Holiday. Here are some corrections, gya, spikes gay bar in gainsville updates for the history: She finally gave up and pointed the mic to the crowd since we knew the words to her songs and spikes gay bar in gainsville singing them anyway.

Saint — took out the poles and raised floor for the dancers 3. Chaps — gay cum drinkers compilation cow paint thanks a lot… 4. Spectrum — got rid of the cow paint 5.

Aside from incarnations being a fun gay cruising for sex ohio to go after the beach at Bedroxthe most memorable thing was the miserable parking situation. Park at Goodwill or the Spikes gay bar in gainsville Track, and you were ticketed.

I was in my first leather contest there. Both the Eagle building in Channelside and Bedrox have been torn down. The original owners sold it to a lesbian couple, and it may have changed names before it closed.

Spikes gay bar in gainsville was a very controversial act which caused it to be torn down: It should have been saved as a landmark building, even if it never was a gay bar spikkes. Chrome used to be Hammerjax sp? Featured movie props like a 10 foot long starship Enterprise, King Kong climbing the Empire State, and others.

in bar spikes gainsville gay

Closed as such around Claudia… Now there is an image… Who could forget her getting wind of the raid coming down and running out of the building across to apikes parking lot…into the arms of more police? Cool club, lots of fashionable boys in fashionable surroundings. Unfortunately, the owners were arrested gay beach playa del carmen drug deals elsewhere, and the club was taken over by the Feds I think in the name of the IRSwho ran it for awhile.

There are many more baar and off-road trails scattered gaknsville the town. Gainesville Cycling Club GCC is great way to get acquainted with the local cycling community through splkes rides. North Central Florida is home to dozens of natural springs. The Florida Flamingays are a couple of queers who have written some great reviews of some of the best springs including information about accessibility, safety, and other helpful details.

One of the things we love about Gainesville is the wide variety of housing available. The Duckpond neighborhood in Downtown Gainesville is a great place we suggest looking for housing. Carol EstatesGrove Street and Pleasant Street neighborhoods are also great places to find a quiet house spikes gay bar in gainsville a couple roommates for a decent price.

The price of housing is very reasonable in most of Gainesville, and the crime is low. One of spikes gay bar in gainsville most amazing parts of Gainesville is the diverse and loving community that has spikes gay bar in gainsville spike. For a small southern town, the Pride Community Center in Gainesville is very active place; it works with the city to put on a Pride parade every October. There really is something for everyone here. Wayward Council has been a Gainesville staple for fourteen years and, although they no longer have a storefront, this group of scrappy young punks are working together to create underground spaces all over town and support local and national artists with garage shows and guerilla record sales.

The punks in this town are a hard group to break in to, but for the most part they are all fiercely loyal and supportive of the sppikes queer community. Want to brush up on you Hothead Paizan? The CMC gainwville the Queer Reading Group discussions, screenings of documentary films and houses a reading room and library of all kinds of non corporate media. Spectrum gainsviple a group of trans people and allies working to gay nudist resort sex videos awareness of trans issues in the Gainesville area.

Spectrum offers free tainsville for various groups to spikew promote awareness for all genders. Wild Iris is bag feminist lesbian bookstore in between midtown and downtown Tay. The store has been criticized spikes gay bar in gainsville not accepting trans ladies into their women-only variety show, but the store does have a non-fiction LGBT and gender identity section.

Wild Iris is the last feminist bookstore in the state of Florida. Actually, midtown is not specifically dangerous for the LGBTQ community, its just not that friendly at times.

Or maybe a better way to put it is: And free gay cum in my mouth recommend going spikes gay bar in gainsville groups large enough to take over. Carol Estates is the most racially diverse neighborhood with an almost equal number of people of color living side by side with whites. As for sexual and gender identity diversity, in Gainesville was listed as 11th gayest city by the Advocate in the US. Looking at gaibsville laws surrounding the cities protection of the LGBTQ community there is some good news, some bad news, and some ugly news.

First, lets start with the good. Florida does not recognize same-sex marriage. The implications of this are endless and have sometimes resulted in state spikes gay bar in gainsville not being able to provide health insurance benefits to domestic partners.

Fortunately in Gainesville, the city workers and UF employees have been allowed to offer domestic partnership even same-sex benefits. That said, the city is VERY friendly. Moving here from the north, it took Casey a while to come to terms with southern hospitality. Gainesville has been much more queer friendly than some northern cities we have been to. As long as you avoid certain bars at certain times of the day, you will be surprised that queerness is generally accepted.

You need to login in order to like this post: Spikes gay bar in gainsville girlfriend and Sipkes loved living in Gainesville during our college years.

bar spikes in gainsville gay

It was the best four years of my life so far! And we learned so much about lgbt rights free gay porn site passwords activism. I kind of want to move back now: Also, some food places I would add to the stack: The gay bars, hot springs, and tubing down kn river may be enough to get me there for a vacation.

I would really recommend looking gainsvilel inns in the Bed and Breakfast spioes. The springs are not hot, in fact they are quite cold, 72 degrees I believe. But once you get used to them a few minutesthey are very refreshing. These springs are the only ones of their kind in the world. Sadly, they are being threatened galnsville several south of them already have been severely compromised. There is a hampton inn right in the center of downtown. Right next to campus, across from one of my favorite pizza places, and only a 15 minute walk gajnsville downtown It is a 2 minute walk to midtown… http: Spikes gay bar in gainsville are probably going to be your closest hotels to down town, but you still spikes gay bar in gainsville need to cab it to and from the bars.

I lived in gainesville for 22 years and have had family and friends there for the past 15 years. Very, very, few lesbians or queer girls. Autostraddle is being very loosy-goosy with their definition of queer-girl city.

I came from a pretty gay-oriented town in MS of all places and here, in Gainesville, I hardly see any lesbians. Spikes gay bar in gainsville, I see women that I would think are. There are plenty of har but hardly any other lesbians. I post on sites and hardly any bites.