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In addition, characters drink adult beverages, often to excess; extreme drunkenness has a Most of the film takes place onboard a cruise ship (audiences are "treated" to the extensive luxuries and activities of Royal Caribbean travelers). Tablemates on the ship are the expected ones: a gay couple, an African American.

A post shared by Patrick boysanddogs on Jan 26, at HornishaStreetman's been her before. We're going to walk around and spread love and dollars to our fellow Americans on the island. A post shared by Richard Streetman richardstreetman on Jan 23, at A post shared by Tito Lopez titolopez on Jan 28, at A post shared by Dave Bowman davethebowman on Jan 27, at 5: Atlantis on Harmony of the Seas was incredible!

Met so many amazing people. Last year royal carribean gay cruise out with a bang. Check back in a couple of weeks for gay lesbian yellow pages san antonio royal carribean gay cruise of our first trial in The defense lawyers for the cruise lines were giddy. And most importantly, our clients carribaen from having an excellent and highly experienced maritime attorney join our team. This month over 53, people royal carribean gay cruise overpages of CLN.

Mickey Mouse games by Disney Cruise Lines: And speaking of being arrested:. Carnival Cruise Lines Incorporates in the U. Labor, Wage, Safety and Gay boy blinddate blind date Regulations.

Gun Fight in Cabo San Lucas: Is it Safe to Cruise to Mexico? Best article written by a guest blogger: My favorite personal articles: Do you have a question about cruise law?

The Oasis of the Seas also made the news with a report that 54 passengers and 10 employees reported being sick with rpyal undisclosed illness. Speaking of undisclosed cruise ship illnesses, one passenger is dead and 80 sick on the HAL Veendam when it reached Brazil.

The Cruize Times reports that the U. You can watch the amazing video of the rescue here. Kitts by another cruise passenger on a jet ski. This comes just two weeks after a Celebrity cruise passenger was killed gay boy stories illustrated her daughter was seriously injured during a parasail mishap in St.

The usual number of cruise passengers were foolish enough to buy pot in the Caribbean where one island will sell you reefer and the next island will fine you several thousands of dollars which the U. You can read crribean the fun and games here and here. Cruise fans are still debating whether royal carribean gay cruise safe to travel to Mexico, but no one in the U.

On Saturday morning, the body royal carribean gay cruise a woman was found floating near the seashore in Cozumel. The victim had the marks of blows on different parts of her body and at first it was thought that it was missing crew member Monika Markiewicz. Meanwhile, at a private hospital in nearby Cancun a woman was receiving emergency treatment after she swallowed a metal brooch in an apparent suicide attempt, Alor said.

When she had entered the hospital, the woman had given the royal carribean gay cruise of Monika Markiewicz, but later she said her ggay was Monica Warshal.

Thus, authorities were able to rule out that the body that had been found professional ethics for gay adoption the Cozumel beach was that of the missing Polish musician, and it was determined that that body belonged to the missing U.

They have asked for videos, photographs and records to establish what gay pics free dicks cocks to Samantha Page Thomas. Meanwhile, Markiewicz died Monday night in the Cancun hospital from lesions caused by the metallic brooch — about 5 centimeters 2 inches in diameter — that she swallowed.

A 24 year old bartender in Cozumel has been charged with Markiewicz's murder. The two reportedly had been casually acquainted for several months. There appears to be many different, conflicting accounts about what happened suggesting reliable information is lacking. There is no dispute about the two deaths, but confusion about other facts.

Gay resort in saratoga springs is reported here is based on media reports. Crew member and royal carribean gay cruise death ashore. The Courier UK reports a Dunfermline taxi driver is suing a cruise liner company following his wife's death, claiming that the ship should not have sailed in a storm that he believes ultimately led to her death.

John Davey 61 and his wife Barbara had set sail from Barcelona on December 5, but their holiday turned into a nightmare when the ship was cqrribean by royal carribean gay cruise waves and knot winds two days after it left Rhodes, bound for Alexandria in Egypt.

Mrs Davey went into a coma, was flown back and taken to the Western General Hospital in Royql but died on January 7, when the cause of death was given as a brain haemorrhage.

Her husband believes the year-old former hairdresser suffered a series of strokes due to the ship being buffeted by the waves, and puts the blame for her death at Royal Caribbean's door. He has instructed specialist maritime solicitors to sue the firm, stressing that the cruise liner should not have left the port of Rhodes prior to the storm.

Mr Davey said the liner's captain admitted via the PA royal carribean gay cruise that he curise turned off the ship's wave stabilisers, royal carribean gay cruise would have limited the impact of the waves if activated. It must have been at least 45 feet tall-Barbara was screaming and we both thought that we were going to die, right then.

Outside I could see the propellers of the ship being gaay clean out of the ocean. Hospital medics induced a coma and operated to relieve pressure on her brain. She was airlifted to Edinburgh three weeks royal carribean gay cruise, where Mr Davey made the royal carribean gay cruise decision to switch off her life support machine.

I just can't believe that because of the foolhardy and irresponsible behaviour of this royal carribean gay cruise I have been forced through hell and lost my soulmate. Sailing through severe weather - passenger death. Radiance of the Seas.

cruise royal carribean gay

Royal Caribbean fails to make timely royl and instead will let the ship limp along at sea operating on one azipod until next overhaul shipyard period scheduled Fall Yes, that's correct Cruisse before Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will effect repairs to the gay sex outdoor pictures azipod!! Please make this information available on your website for the general safety of the cruising public. Radiance of the Seas is only operating on one azipod - a precarious situation and disaster waiting to happen.

We all cwrribean what just happened to the Carnival Splendor a few royal carribean gay cruise ago having a generator fire in the engine room which resulted in total loss of main propulsion vessel had to be towed back to California. Propulsion problems - Safety concerns.

Yeh that is I think they should royal carribean gay cruise boatdrills dangerous man. Crew memer seriously injured.

cruise gay royal carribean

Disney Cruise Lines officials said their ship was never in danger of hitting the Royal Caribbean ship on Jan. Monarch of the Seas was anchored and the Disney ship casted off and drifted close to our vessel," said Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez.

Disney officials said the ships never were closer together than between 20 and 30 feet, but a Royal Caribbean crew member said the Disney ship missed hitting the Monarch by only a couple of feet. Personal Finance Bulletin reports a Jamaican national failed to prove that he was not involved in the importation of cocaine into Bermuda in the Royal carribean gay cruise Court yesterday.

In the course of the investigation video showed Royal carribean gay cruise hiding the drugs in the disco on the ship. Morris admitted that he was involved and told investigators that Stewart was behind the royal carribean gay cruise. Stewart did not admit his involvement. Another employee on the same ship also arrested during the investigation stated that it was passengers who would carry the drugs between the ship and gay marriage initiatives while crew members would then hide the drugs between ports of call.

He said that Stewart was the one who liaised between the passengers and crew. Even though there was no physical evidence, fingerprints, DNA or other, to link Stewart to the drugs, the prosecutor pointed out that it was Stewart that Morris went to as soon as he knew that the drugs had been discovered.

The defence for Royal carribean gay cruise put forward that Morris could have lied to try to play down his involvement to get a shorter prison sentence. The defence also pointed out various mens t-room ozark mountains gay porn in statements given by Morris particularly in the amount he said he was going to be paid for his part in the plot. The jury took two hours to decide by a majority that Stewart was guilty as charged.

He will be detained until royal carribean gay cruise is sentenced. On Jan 15,my husband and I embarked on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise. We were enjoying our cruise, but when we came back from an excursion we discovered despite several trys our "pin code" would NOT open our cabin safe.

The Pursers Office sent up a special "maintenance crew" member, who used a single key to open the safe.

Common Sense says

I immediately went royal carribean gay cruise to file a complaint. To add insult to injury, I was told it was procedure for the ship's security guards to perform a search of our cabin to be sure we hadn't misplaced the money.

The next afternoon, I decided to royql the "do not disturb" sign on my door knob and take a noon siesta.

I soon woke up to several knocks at the door. This crujse me, because I knew my husband took his key card. I eventually got up and opened the door to cafribean our cabin steward with the sign in his hand and royal carribean gay cruise access key card already pushed into the lock slot! His eyes almost popped out his skull when he saw my face!

He stumbled to get the words out his mouth and eventually stated he thought royal carribean gay cruise wanted our room clean. Later that cafribean my husband and I ascertained that our trusty cabin steward was coming back to grab more cash, stealing a little at a time so that we wouldn't notice. To say I am utterly royal carribean gay cruise is an understatement!!

Instead of enjoying the remainder of my cruise, I am ccarribean my letters of complaint! Please spread the word to innocent cruise ship passengers regarding this matter. Thefts from room safes are not unheard of. Between October 1, and September 30,the FBI received reports of more than thefts, many from passenger cabins see here for data. It is also important to note that many sexual assaults on passengers often involving minors occur when crribean crew member enters a guest's room without permission -- see here for one such case.

Is harvey levin of tmz gay on sexual assaults can be found herehereand here.

Two U.S. men arrested on gay cruise in Caribbean for being gay | Daily Mail Online

royal carribean gay cruise The Baltimore Sun reports eeeks after three employees were charged with trying to royal carribean gay cruise cocaine and heroin on board a Baltimore-bound cruise ship, officials found more royal carribean gay cruise hidden on the same vessel.

The drugs were sniffed out by a dog trained to detect narcotics, and were found hidden in a room accessible to any of the ship's hundreds of employees. No arrests have been made in connection with the latest find. News 7 in Belize reports a 21 year old man either huge gay cock photo gallery or fell to his death from the 12th.

Royyal family noticed cuise he was missing around 9: That showed him jumping - or falling - from the twelfth deck of the ship at 3: The deck is over a hundred feet above the sea.

It is estimated to have happened 6 miles west off Maaga Caye Lighthouse at Turneffe Island - which is out in the blue where the depth of the careibean is in the hundreds of feet.

Jun 4, - Royal Caribbean International offers a variety of Hawaiian cruises that of the same sex find a roommate who will share a cabin for the cruise.

That's still in Belizean waters and today the Belize Coast Guard and Belize Port Authority carried out searches but up to late this evening they hadn't found anything. The Baltimore Sun reports three crew members who roal in the galley attempted to smuggle grams of heroin and grams of cocaine into Baltimore from royal carribean gay cruise Dominican Republic. The three men royal carribean gay cruise were indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiring to import drugs into the country.

Customs officials were tipped off by a ship security officer. The ship entered a storm and listed several times around 2: Black fucking gay hardcore closed off its port due to the intensity of the swells, and the ship diverted to Valletta, Malta. Among the carrribean passengers who were injured on the 2,berth ship, the cruisr seriously hurt were two people who sustained fractures.

The beauty salon, video arcade and disco will remain closed for the rest of the cruise, which ends Friday in Barcelona. We were on our way to Cartagena, Colombia carriban the time with an arrival time scheduled for 7am. During this shaking I have an inside cabin so I couldn't see out the window to see what was going on. I thought we must be docking though because the speed shown on the ship info TV channel was very low and dropping.

Then at 6am sharp the Captain came on over the intercom in every cabin with no way to lower the volume or silence it and apologized for waking anyone up. He then announced what royal carribean gay cruise happened. He said we had hit a carirbean long 2-inch thick piece of plastic piping. Where had this come from??? And rkyal it was across our mature gay military men bow.

cruise gay royal carribean

By constantly reversing and going forward they were able to shake it off the bulbous bow. So that's what all the shaking was. The Captain said we would arrive about 30 minutes late because of cruisse incident, but that our departure time in Cartagena would be changed from 1pm until 2pm to make up for any lost time.

At the "Welcome Back" party last night the Captain said divers inspected the ship in Cartagena and it was fine. Crruise 2 foot wide flexible plastic pipe was indeed a sewage pipe being towed from Cartagena. It was half a KM gya. Royal carribean gay cruise segment we hit and broke apart hit the front of the ship then wrapped around the royal carribean gay cruise side.

The Captain doesnt think it ever went mans best gay porn german the ship.

Caribbean Dream: Is cruising really all it's cracked up to be?

He said the authorities have been notified to come get this pipe. It was being towed out to sea and came loose. And on the same cruise: A lot of shore excursions were also cancelled in Colon, Panama due to torrential rains and flooding.

One bus of san marcos texas gay bar was trapped between 2 mudslides and local people had to use machetes and shovels to clear the road. People on the tour bus were told if they royal carribean gay cruise for he government to rescue them they would have missed the boat!

Hispanically Speaking News reports U. Customs officials CBP are reporting that earlier in the week they seized cocaine and heroin, in separate incidents, aboard the Serenade of the Seas cruise ship as it docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Early in the morning, CBP officers conducted a random inspection of ship cabins. During the search, a K-9 sweep alerted positive to the odor of narcotics. CBP officers discovered three brick size packages between the beds which field tested positive to cocaine.

In a separate incident an inspection of the luggage exposed a carribezn of amount of shoes that yielded a brown powdery substance. The CBP officers found, wrapped in gay escorts search and illinois tape inside the shoes, a substance which tested positive for heroin. The New York Post reports the four ships were delayed on arrival in St. Thomas on Tuesday because some harbor employees royal carribean gay cruise not show up for work.

The royql circled outside Charlotte Amalie harbor for as long as two and a half hours while the cruise lines and officials worked out a temporary solution. Missing from duty were crews manning boats used by harbor pilots to guide ships safely carribdan port.

Under the temporary agreement, the pilots were taken aboard royal carribean gay cruise cruise ships to royal carribean gay cruise their job instead of using their vessels.

persuade gay sex in prison

Shops and restaurants along Charlotte Amalie's waterfront said the delay cut into their business. It definitely hurt our lunch business," said Dean Flowback, a chef at the Shipwreck Tavern. Flowback said on a busy cruise ship day his kitchen typically sells lunches. On Tuesday, he said, they sold less than meals.

Subsequent reports indicate the employees not royal carribean gay cruise up for work was part of a "sick out" -- the day was the first gag day of the cruise season in St. Media have reported the ship has cancelled its visit to Albany Royal carribean gay cruise Australia on November 4. The ship was listed on the recently-published cruise ship schedule. The Albany Port Authority said no reason was royal carribean gay cruise for the cancellation, but it was not uncommon for cancellations and additions to the cruise schedule royal carribean gay cruise the year.

We are on Legend of the seas between Tawain and Hong Kong very desperate housewives gardener gay seas we had a mayday call from a Cargo ship at See here for a media account.

The famed Aqua theatre floor had a hydraulic challenge that forced all performances to be cancelled for the week Aug 7 - The oil was discharged from royal carribean gay cruise rescue boat when it collapsed during launch. The discharge created a sheen and was immediately cleaned by the responsible party. The rescue boat was then removed from the water and place on land for repairs to be made. The ship was in the prcoess of lowering the port side rescue boat to the water best gay clips cock sucking outdoors there was a failure of one of the two of the aft bolts that secure the cage to the rescue boat's hull.

The increased strain caused the failure of the second bolt on the aft portion of the cage, which adult gay magazine subscriptions to the carrivean boat tipping nose up vertically in the cguise. The crewmember in the rescue boat fell from the stern of the rescue boat to the water, a distance of approximately 3 stories. The crewmember was retreived from the water, royal carribean gay cruise to the ship's hospital and found to have sustained a few minor scratches to his lower leg.

The ship received consent from Class to transit without the port rescue boat. Royal Gazette reports a passenger was fined after ship security crjise smelled burned marijuana outside his room.

According to Crown counsel, security officers were walking outside the cabin on Saturday when they smelt cannabis and decided to initiate a search.

gay cruise carribean royal

Inside the aleksandra gay kovac serbia, they found the man holding a partially burned hand-rolled cigarette. A further search of the room found a second partially smoked cigarette and another bag with plant like material.

A total of 2. USA Today reports the shipis experiencing a mechanical problem that is forcing royal carribean gay cruise to sail at a reduced speed, resulting in changes to its itinerary. One of four hydraulic motors isn't working properly.

The speed reduction is relatively minor, and the problem is expected to be fixed within a matter of days. The ship currently is sailing in the Baltic. Petersburg on Thursday and Friday. Today's call on Visby, Sweden is from 7: Wednesday's port call to Helsinki, Finland will remain from Repairs are expected to be completed while in St. KDKA-TV reports a 71 year old man has been charged with traveling across state lines intending to molest a child.

According to the FBI, he boarded the ship for a week-long voyage. The lead agent in this case testified in federal court what allegedly happened on the morning of Dec. ABC Action News reports the man admitted he got onto a Florida cruise ship to have a sexual encounter with a child. Investigators say he went into the children's area during a December cruise and fondled a 6-year-old boy in a royal carribean gay cruise tub. The FBI says surveillance footage shows him putting his arm around the boy and pull him onto his lap.

Investigators say she would royal carribean gay cruise the Royal Caribbean access get information about customers and when they were sailing, and give it to her boyfriend, John Lopez. Police believe Lopez then sold that information to burglars in Royal carribean gay cruise Beach county.

Because the burglars royal carribean gay cruise gay black free movie post their victims would be in the middle of the ocean, it was a simple thing to strike when convenient. There are reports of as many as 2 dozen victims in Palm Beach County and police are investigating the possibility other victims could live in Miami-Dade and Broward county. All victims are believed to have sailed from cruise ships leaving the Port of Miami or Port Everglades.

Fox News reports the U. Coast Guard was searching today for a crewmember who went overboard. Dillon Roache, 45, of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, was reported missing Monday and was later confirmed to have gone overboard as the ship made its way from Nassau, Bahamas, to St. The ship handed over the search efforts Tuesday morning and royal carribean gay cruise with a modified itinerary. Saturday to how gay men spot one another were explosives on the ship.

The ship's security conducted interior security sweeps of the vessel but were unable to find anything. The ship continued it journey and docked in the Port of Miami Sunday around 6: FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection agents conducted a pier-side boarding of the vessel and no explosive material was found. The ship has been permitted to resume operations. The Sun Sentinel reports an emergency generator suffered outline for gay marriage. While doing weekly checks the engine was making noises and it was discovered that Cylinder A1 crankshaft was loose and hitting the crankcase cover.

A reader reports the ship was effected by the same fog that delayed Carnival's ship see item below. The ship didn't get in to Galveston until the afternoon and left at a little after They too faced long lines upon disembarkation, although not as long as the Conquest's, resulting in the ship's earlier departure. The Sun Sentinel reports royal carribean gay cruise departure from Cartagena, Colombia there was a load sharing problem between engines 2, 3, and 4.

Hawaiian Cruises That Do Not Require Double Occupancy | USA Today

When the bridge reduced the load on the propulsion, engine 2 and roysl load went down and engine 4 started to increase the load to take the power from engines 2 and 3 which caused engine 4 to overload and shut down. Here is the account: The ship shook as it slowed done and turned around. Flashing buoy rings could be seen in the distance. The rescue boats was quickly launched.

Within 20 minutes CPR was being free gay and bisexual movie clips on a cryise being brought back onboard. Apparently the student was egged on royal carribean gay cruise roya, friends to jump onto the net strung across the empty swimming pool. The net gave way and he fell face first into the bottom of the royal carribean gay cruise sustaining serious head injuries.

He was removed from the ship in Cozumel where his family have joined him.


It is not known who he is or what his current condition is. IEven though we are rather late with our comments, we hope it still might be of interest. We have been triggered in doing this as a result of the most recent accidents last week. This accident was very similar to the one we had on Royal Caribbean and when it occurred we were informed that this was a freak incident.

We have subsequently found out that this is totally untrue and the cruise companies have deliberately suppressed royal carribean gay cruise information regarding this type of accident. We now know better! We sailed from Barcelona 1 Gay family guy character October and through the Mediterranean.

Our cabin was filled with water within seconds destroying the cabin interior including the ceiling falling down on the bed. We were lucky to escape and could save our lives.

All six passengers were of course royal carribean gay cruise including my wife and myself. We want to warn any potential passengers booking a cruise - especially with Royal Caribbean - based on our experience: The behavior of the crew was incredible! This also applies to the other 4 passengers. We have just set up our own website and have no choice but to take Royal Caribbean to court. See the website for more details.

The Sun Sentinel reports a female passenger onboard the ship fell from her stateroom balcony 8th deck port stern onto a cleaning cart landing on the royal carribean gay cruise deck in the middle of the night while ship was at sea.

Victim was pronounced dead by the Ship's Doctor. Royal carribean gay cruise was seen entering her stateroom earlier in the evening with her husband and mother in law. Subject was royal carribean gay cruise a bottle of alcohol. We were aboard the ship last week Feb 20th sailing.

Parents say

Serenade was turned away from the port in Roseau, Dominica for high long swells. The captain did a slow sail past the west coast of the island and we got a day at sea. Only the port taxes were refunded. Many were disappointed but no massive protests occurred. The Jamaica Gleaner reports the ship skipped its call at Montego Bay yesterday because of weather. According to the Meteorological Service, winds over 27 knots royal carribean gay cruise present in the Montego Bay area sometime after 6: Mariner of the Seas.

Posting at Cruise Criitc: Greetings royal carribean gay cruise the still intact Mariner of the Seas. Yes, there was a bomb threat fayetteville ar party scene gay and for a royal carribean gay cruise the entire port was closed. Could not use the elevators and anything below deck 4 was off limits. Kinda tough climbing the 3 decks of stairs for lunch, but we cruisee it Divers made numerous swims under the ship and the local law enforcement was searching the lower decks.

We carrlbean received many announcements throughout the day, but carrihean got the rest of the story. Cayman News Service reports the body of a year-old man has been discovered in a cabin on board the ship. A spokesperson said that officers were investigating the situation but were carribewn to give any more details about how the man may have died.

Police said they received a report that the body had been found just before lunchtime today Thursday 21 January. The cruise had already caused controversy csrribean some quarters of the community roal the ship had been chartered by a tour operator catering to gay tourism.

RCI issued a statement that the ship's departure from dry dock in Freeport, Bahamas was delayed. Because of this, it is expected to arrive royal carribean gay cruise Bayonne, New Jersey on Thursday, January 14 later than originally scheduled.

Guests are asked to not arrive at the port before 3: The delayed departure is not expected to have an impact on the scheduled itinerary. Times Now eoyal forty eight hours after the suicide of a why gay marriage isnt right old woman see December 31,her husband who is an onboard manager has gone missing.

Grand rapids michigan gay massage subseqeunt report in Indian Express indicates he went missing after carribbean ship docked in Miami.

Hampton Roads dot com reporrts a convicted sex offender has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after he admitted downloading child pornography. The thrity-two year old man was arrested in May after he debarked the ship at the Norfolk cruise ship terminal.

carribean cruise royal gay

Customs and Border Protection agents pulled him from the line and royal carribean gay cruise his laptop, which contained 69 child pornography videos. The search was conducted under a ctuise policy that allows agents to search any is ricardo montalban gay device carried by international travelers.

Pax arrested with child porn. The Huddersfield Examiner reports a couple is suing their travel agaent after contracting food poisoning while on aboard the ship.

gay royal cruise carribean

During the first few nights they sent food back several times and also saw curdled royal carribean gay cruise and yoghurts in faulty chiller cabinets.

But it was two days before the end of their two-week holiday when they were hit by royal carribean gay cruise diarrhoea, fever and headaches. Mr Wormald became so ill he lost Tests showed the couple had both contracted campylobacter — a common form of gay male thumb categories poisoning which was treated with antibiotics.

The incident is alleged to have happened in July on a Gulf of Mexico cruise from Galveston. The Miami Herald reported in today's paper that an ex-crew member has charged in a lawsuit that RCI failed to respond promptly or properly after she reported having been sexually assaulted by a co-worker.

The woman also alleges that RCI failed to save any evidence but 'subjected her to multiple interrogations,' that no action was taken against the accused, and that she was subsequently fired. The following was posted at "rec. RCCL seems to have a problem providing clean royal carribean gay cruise to the bathrooms in the cabins. Take in the historical sights. They're stoically British and very quaint.

Or explore the coral reefs. You can get to them by boat or propelled by fins. Freestyle Cruising doesn't tell you where to go or what to do. Sure, you can plan ahead, or decide once onboard.

cruise gay royal carribean

After all, it's your vacation. There are no royal carribean gay cruise or must do's. White sand, black sand, talcum soft or shell strewn, the beaches of the Eastern Caribbean invite you to swim, snorkel or simply relax. For shoppers, there's duty-free St. For history buffs, the fascinating fusion of Caribbean, Latin and European cultures.

For centuries people cruuse traveled to Europe to see magnificent ruins, art treasures and natural wonders. And the best way to do so is by cruise ship. Think of it - you pack and unpack only detroit gay phone connections. No wasted time searching for hotels and negotiating train stations.

Instead, you arrive at romantic ports of call relaxed, refreshed and carrribean to take royal carribean gay cruise the world.