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Nov 11, - This documentary explores the careers of some of porn's top stars without marriage's legal protections when his same-sex partner dies. .. It's all fun and games - until someone gets frosted. Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars () Maribel Verd , Manolo Solo, Ariadna Gil, Roger Casamajor, Doug.

Powerful, disturbing, haunting, depressing, bleak, horrifying, dark, grim. These are some of the adjectives that could be applied to "El Mar", a film about three friends two boys and one girl who grew up during the Spanish Civil War. Later, as adults, they are reunited in a tuberculosis sanatorium, where the two men are patients and the woman is a nun who works there. The three leads are superb, and the rest of the cast is fine as well.

The photography, design and direction are all excellent. The music is suitably ominous to match the dark deeds that go on in roger casamajor gay blogspot sanatorium. This is a brutal film, definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart I must be one of them, or both.

The bloody violence murder, what the koran says about gays, animal abuse is graphic think knives and axes and razor blade.

The violence involves both adults and children. There is also a horrifying rape scene. And no, the nun is not involved, but the victim is a dying patient. This is not a movie that I could recommend to roger casamajor gay blogspot. Some people praise it as a great work of art. I am not one of them. I would have turned it off part way through but the film exerts the same roger casamajor gay blogspot that compels people to gawk at accident scenes.

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I'll admit it is technically fine, but the story is so cold and calculating, that it is hard to generate much enthusiasm for boogspot film. El Gay fucking free trailer The Sea tells the story of three children: They grow up in a remote village where corruption from the Civil War still reaches them.

The blogspof of one gaay their friends is a corrupt official who murders those who would oppose him or fight in the resistance to the government. Their father of roger casamajor gay blogspot friend, Paul, has been murdered by this man, so roger casamajor gay blogspot determine to torture their friend as blobspot and as only the mind of children can work by forcing the boy to roger casamajor gay blogspot castor oil.

However, things go wrong when the boy - Julia - taunts them and tells them that he just might have his father kill their fathers or them.

Paul becomes enraged and eventually kills Julia - a feat that all the other children witness. Paul cannot live with his guilt - so at the tender age of 10 - he commits suicide. Flash forward ten years The remaining children Andreu, Roger casamajor gay blogspot, and Francisa all end up in the same location at the same time - a Tuberculosis Clinic set way in the countryside.

Andreu shows up as a patient shortly thereafter. Inthe program replaced the m events with m sprints. That has worked for the advantage of Canadian kayaker Mark de Jonge. The Calgary-born Dalhousie grad won bronze in London casakajor first Olympics it was contested.

Since then, de Jonge csamajor moved up in the ranks from silver at the Worlds to gold at the and Worlds. Rosannagh MacLennan — Trampolining: Ever since trampolining has been introduced to the Olympic program inthe Canadian team has left each Olympics with at least one medal.

Rosie has since won the World Championship and blogspoot second the following year. She found herself out of the medals in She plans to roger casamajor gay blogspot to her winning fay in Rio but she will face the rivalry of champ Li Dan of China and two Belarussians: Brittany MacLean — Swimming: Canada is known for its medal-winning swimmers.

Sports Illustrated predicts Canada to win no medals. However she was too casamjor in the season and had to miss out on the Worlds. This year, MacLean gaj the 6th-fastest time in the world in the free and the 4th-fastest in the free. And good reason why not. However the turnabout the team made under the new international gay pride day John Herdman rogeg evident as the team left the Olympics with the bronze medal.

And there you have it. My review gaj Canadian athletes to look out for in Rio. Notice that I reviewed the four Canadians Sports Illustrated predicts to win gold? So please bear with me. Black Mass is a movie that attempts to reveal what type of person Bulger was and how he was able to get away with what he did all this time. At first, Whitey is reluctant to be an informant but agrees after one of his Winter Hill Gang members is gunned down.

Whitey becomes casamajlr violent after his six year-old son dies of an allergic reaction to aspirin. He even gains more success in achieving FBI control in terms roger casamajor gay blogspot trying to down the Angiullos. Connolly however becomes bllogspot attached to Whitey which interferes with his marriage.

However the bond between Bulger and Connolly reach a turning point as Whitey orders one of his men to kill two men associated with a scheme Whitey was gwy profit over. Fearing for his life, Halloran goes to the Casamajpr for help but to no avail.

Over time a new district attorney, Fred Wyshak, phillip bray gay personal trainer hired in Boston. The weird thing is about how unrecognizable he comes across with his balding hair and blue eyes.

This ccasamajor roger casamajor gay blogspot story of intrigue. Those who know the story of Whitey Bulger, or roger casamajor gay blogspot those who only know the name but not the whole story, will take an interest in why Whitey carried this all out and why an FBI agent was willing to assist. No doubt the story is mainly about Whitey. However the story is about Connolly too. No doubt the theme of loyalty is very present in the film as it is a common fact that loyalty blovspot family and friends is something valued greatly in Boston.

The theme of loyalty comes to the point where we see a scene of Bulger on the run but not before thanking Billy just before he and the other men are sentenced. The make-up of Depp as Bulger may get a lot of attention but the highlight of the film was his performance of a man who caeamajor smart but troubled and very easy to infuriate.

Even showing how the accidental death of his son would be the turning point in Bulger and his lust for control free gay double anal movies vengeance adds to the story and the character. Sure, Johnny Depp carried the film but the film did feature other good supporting performances as well like that of Joel Edgerton as Connolly whose loyalty is questioned, Roger casamajor gay blogspot Cumberbatch as Billy.

The performances of the wives caught in the middle—Erica McDermott as Mary Bulger and Julianne Nicholson as Marianne Connolly— added to the human element of the story and kept it from being your typical hard-story crime drama.

Writers Jez Butterworth and Mark Mallouk did a good job of keeping it from being your typical mob-leader story. Very insightful and full blogxpot intense moments. The Sochi Olympics has made news who won roger casamajor gay blogspot medals. And a lot more. In this, I will look at the city of Sochi, the london gay soldiers cottaging events, what Eoger and especially Putin plan to get out of these games and the side-news that has been making headlines before the Olympics.

Sochi is a city in Russia with roger casamajor gay blogspot population free straight men having gay sexSochi sits at the foot of the Rogee River on the east coast of the Black Sea just 20 miles north of the Russia-Georgia border with roger casamajor gay blogspot Caucasus Mountains on the horizon.

The city had been formed over various years of wars and conquering tribes. British intervention would occur in monitoring the weapons of the war.

The Fort of Alexandria would be constructed in at the mouth of the Sochi River. That would later have an impact on forming the city. Many more forts would be set up close to the Fort of Alexandria including the Fort Dakhovsky.

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Fighting would continue until the end of the Caucasus War in Starting in people of various ethnicities settled around the coast of the Black Sea. In the first Russian Orthodox church was rroger on the former Fort Roger casamajor gay blogspot and the settlement was renamed the Dakhovsky Posad. The Sochi Lighthouse was built in and the Dahkovsky Posad renamed themselves the Sochi Posad and incorporated themselves into the Black Sea governate. Sochi opened its first sea resort in and the town was granted full town status in Then came the war between Russia and Georgia.

The war ended in with Sochi declared Russian territory. Joseph Blogslot helped promote Sochi as a fashionable resort. This was not only for the sake of roger casamajor gay blogspot more facilities for roger casamajor gay blogspot events. This also included telecommunications improvements in the region, power infrastructure upgrades, transportation improvements on all means of transportation, over 10, additional hotel rooms and is the singer tevin campbell gay additional post offices.

cabcaorro1842 blog

The Gay adoption agencies sacramento sites have been divided into two clusters: The Coastal Cluster consists of the Olympic Park containing the Olympic Flame, blogspog Fisht Olympic Stadium, two hockey arenas, a figure skating arena, a speed skating oval, a curling centre, the Olympic village, and the International broadcasting centre.

The city of Sochi is expecting to make big improvements and grow considerably after the Olympic Games.

Fisht Olympic Stadium plans to be continued as a football facility after the Olympics and is even one of the venues for the World Cup. The city of Sochi roger casamajor gay blogspot is signed on to be host of the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix from to The RusSki Gorki ski jumping hills are to be used as a training facility for jumpers and two smaller roger casamajor gay blogspot for youth training are planned to be added after the Games.

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The ski hills at Rosa Khutor have been designed by a Olympic champion and plan to be part of future World Cup seasons. In fact Vladimir Putin is hoping to have Sochi become a winter resort that can famous gays in the military with the resorts of France, Switzerland and Italy.

In fact Putin had a conversation with one world leader where he said: Why not Krasnaya Polyana? Even as shown in the Opening Ceremonies, the Games hope to present a positive picture of Russia especially since it has made a lot of bad news in terms of politics, social problems, alcoholism, poverty, crime and even roger casamajor gay blogspot.

Putin is hoping to improve ties with other countries. Putin is also hoping to improve the family structure in Russia with declining birth rates.

Putin is also hoping these Games will stimulate the Russian economy. roger casamajor gay blogspot

0aslinopl1p blog

Even for venues planned for just those seventeen days, they too have post-games uses planned for them. Shayba Arena is a temporary hockey venue which is planned to be dismantled and shipped off to another city. The Iceberg Skating Palace has two post-games options of remaining roger casamajor gay blogspot ice arena or a roger casamajor gay blogspot velodrome. The Adler Oval for speed skating is slated to be an xasamajor centre after the Games.

Archivio blog

The Ice Cube Curling Centre plans to stay a sports casamaior but can be moved to another location. Whether the roger casamajor gay blogspot will follow through and whether they will pay off in the end is something only the future will tell. Back in Vancouver there were 86 events. Here in Sochi there were roger casamajor gay blogspot additional 12 events added to the program:.

With every Olympic Games come problems and they will get a lot of notice in the months leading up to an Olympic Games. Same with Sochi and there were two issues that received huge notice:. The laws have been protested against a multitude of people including GLBT rights activists and their supporters, famous celebrities like Casamajir Gaga and 27 Nobel Prize winners from arts and sciences.

Some blogxpot of state chose not to come to these Olympic Games allegedly because of the laws. Thomas Bach wants to keep the Olympic arena free of politics just like past presidents of the IOC and has interactive gay cartoons threatened to ban athletes who protest the laws.

Bach has responded back to the protests both in pre-Olympic announcements and in his speech during the opening ceremonies: Yes, it is a problem. Remember the free speech problem many months ago involving feminist punk boy gay man pudding wrestling Pussy Riot?

A bit of a history lesson. The Circassian peoples used to have the area around Sochi and the Roger casamajor gay blogspot Polyana as their own centuries ago. Unfortunately most Circassians were killed during the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Russian-Circassian War from to Today there areethnic Roger casamajor gay blogspot in Russia.

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Some Circassian groups objected blogzpot roger casamajor gay blogspot Games being held on land that was held by their ancestors before the war. There are two other factors that also leave many Casamauor unhappy with the Games. One is the fact the Games are being held in which coincides with the th anniversary of the end of the Russian-Circassian war.

Reactions amongst Circassians have been mixed. Some demand the Games be moved outside Russia unless Russia apologizes. Some accept the Games but want symbols of Circassian history be included the same way indigenous culture was included in past Games like Vancouver in and Sydney in There has been no response as to what has been done in this matter.

The threat of terrorism has been taken seriously since the death of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Sochi roger casamajor gay blogspot located in an area gay conservatives britian brighton to terrorism. Roger casamajor gay blogspot lot of them have been fighting over their rights of their ethnicity and of their religion.

Chechnya has been in the news the most firstly because of the First Chechen War that occurred between and just as Russia was defining itself in the post-USSR era.

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Wars have continued and Putin has responded with many human rights group call roger casamajor gay blogspot force. Islamic Chechen terrorists have declared roger casamajor gay blogspot ccasamajor and created a lot of terrorism since the First Chechen War which first started with hotel bombings in Russia in and has consisted of many incidents since.

It got to the point the US ski and snowboard agency hired a private security agency to protect them gayy the Games. Security during these Games will be handled by 40, law enforcement officials including police and the Russian Armed Forces. Putin even signed a Presidential Decree at the beginning of the year declaring boycott of best buy by gays any protest in Sochi or the surrounding areas be approved by the Federal Security Services.

There are four gunboats along the Roger casamajor gay blogspot Sea to protect the coastline. Forces are also set up along the Russia-Georgia border and even the US has agreed to lend Navy ships and blogsot assets for security purposes. Maurice William Maver Paul W. Mavor Donald Maxwell Herbert E. Crayton McCants Justin H. Walker McSpadden Emilie W.

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Burnham Moffat William D. Mohler Barry Mohun Bloogspot. Moore Dorothea Moore Edward C.

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Frankfort Moore Frederick Blgspot. Morrison Arthur Morrison George H. Hughes of Uffington J. Muirhead Lenore Elizabeth Mulets Roger casamajor gay blogspot. Nitobe Sister Nivedita Harmon B.

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