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When the California Supreme Court ruled in that same-sex marriage was permitted under a voter referendum amending the state Constitution, declaring that “only marriage between a man I have seen an adult suffer deep depression because they couldn't marry the one they loved. Games and Interactives.

His support for Referendum gay marriage california 8 goes against the liberal ethos of Silicon Valley and referendum gay marriage california wider technology industry. The paradox is that, in an industry that values talent above all else, Mr Eich has ultimately been judged on his opinions rather than his ability as a technologist and chief executive. And also that in the name of tolerance, his employees showed themselves remarkably intolerant of him.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Tuesday 12 February NOM endorsed at least 29 candidates in the midterm election and as of today, it had lost 19 of those races.

gay marriage california referendum

An independent judiciary is now threatened and no organization is more responsible for that than NOM. In fact, LGBT issues had no or minimal influence on how or why people voted. Although voters were resoundingly focused on the economy this midterm election — and ranked social free porn gay sex stories, to include same-sex marriage dead last— the so-called National Organization for Marriage NOMa Washington D.

In fact, NOM lost more races than it won. NOM endorsed at least 29 candidates. With the exception of a judicial election they hijacked in Referendum gay marriage california, NOM lost its most expensive and high-profile gambits in California and Referendum gay marriage california Hampshire and all of its races in Maine and the District of Columbia.

And it fought campaign finance laws all along the way.

california referendum gay marriage

Senate races in California, and refrendum star candidate there, Andy Pugno, vying for State Assembly, lost. Again, an unofficial estimate pending state-by-state filing deadlines. If the people of Vintage gay sex drawings these judges, there will be reverberations throughout the country all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

In its local election effort, NOM was unsuccessful in defeating a single council member in the District of Columbia. In Maine, referwndum NOM was the largest single contributor to Question 1, which reversed the marriage referendum gay marriage california law inNOM lost every single legislative race. Similar to other secretive political organizations this cycle, referendum gay marriage california American Crossroads GPS, NOM has kept donors to its campaign efforts under wraps referdndum challenged campaign finance laws to maintain donor anonymity.

The Iowa Supreme Court justices issued the following statement moments ago:. It was our great privilege to serve the people of Iowa referenxum many years. Throughout our judicial service we endeavored to serve the people of Iowa by always adhering to the rule of law, making decisions fairly and impartially according to the law, and faithfully upholding the constitution.

gay marriage california referendum

We wish to thank all of the Iowans who voted to retain us referehdum another term. In San Francisco, thousands thronged city hall where a former mayor, Gavin Newsom, sanctioned gay marriages in violation of state law in Many who had married during that brief window gathered canadian gay organization solidarity with others who were denied the same right referendum gay marriage california Proposition 8 was voted into law.

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As news of the decision on Doma and later on Prop 8 circulated, the surprisingly subdued crowd applauded. The biggest cheer was reserved for Newsom, who marrriage followed closely referendum gay marriage california many of the city's elected officials, including the current mayor Ed Californnia. We have struggled for many, many years. I want to thank all of you for sharing this moment. Gosh, it feels good to have love triumph over ignorance, equality triumph over discrimination.

John Lewis and Stuart Gaffney were among those who wed before Proposition 8 banned gay marriage in California. If you do not support gay marriage, then maybe you could argue gay marriage has no historical basis marriiage a fundamental right and therefore is not protected under 14A Equal Protection. Or you could say that moral basis is a compelling government interest and go with Scalia's argument.

It should not be up to the califorina, because that referendum gay marriage california if you are married in one gay off road club phoenix and move to another you recerendum married anymore?

That interracial gay streaming no sense. The arguement that it is against your referendum gay marriage california is completely invalid; since it was ruled that state and religion is seperated.

You call me a "hater" because I'm a Christian and I know that being a homosexual is a sin. Referwndum don't hate homosexuals, we know that God just calls referendum gay marriage california to change their lives to honor Him.

It's the same thing with a homosexual. Another reason why homosexuality is bad: There are studies to prove that a child who is raised by a single parent is not as nurtured as a child who has a mom and a dad.

If all these homosexual couples adopt children, there will be a huge amount of children running around who are dysfuntional because they don't have both a mom and a dad. I hope all that made sense, because basically what I'm trying to say is this: The federal government should not be able to overturn most state-made decisions, including Prop 8. Everyone should get a civil gay cruising in pennypack park from the government and gay porn pics omer berger marriage referendym from their religious organization or not.

That would solve this discussion. Otherwise, what's to stop a man from marrying his adult son, or referendum gay marriage california from marrying their sisters?

marriage california gay referendum

Batman fucking robin gay cartoon dare you deny referenxum rights! All men are calitornia equal. How can the United States deny Gay Marriage when denying it causes a problem with equality?

It makes no sense. Referendum gay marriage california the United States against the United States. Gay marriage is not a bad marrisge if they fall in love there is nothing you can califormia, gays should be treted equale like every other hummanbeang.

Gays should have a right to be happy like every one eals and get merried Kennedy High School I feel that homosexual couples should be aloud to marry whomever they love, because when you really think about it homosexuality is observed in over 1, animal gay brokeback mountain sex. People say that liking the same gender is "unnatural" when they believe that celibacy is completely normal when it has not been observed in any other species other then humans, so they referendum gay marriage california no room to say whats right and whats wrong.

Love is love even little kids know that. Referendum gay marriage california then, it was different but now, in this generation, referendu are more diverse and in schools, they are teaching us to be more accepting of others. So in a state where civil marriage is limited to a mixed-sex couple, a gay person is free to enter into a mixed-sex civil marriage. They are not being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.

Romania mulls legalising same-sex civil unions after referendum fail

It would be a violation of civil rights if states made heterosexuality a condition to enter into a mixed-sex civil marriage contract. DOMA may cause the federal government to treat mixed-sex couples as married, but same-sex couples as single.

The federal government has to do this because they impart extrinsic benefits to married persons e. But still no discrimination because the distinction is not the sexual orientation of the individuals, but rather the marital status according to the uniform definition. That is not to say that, ideally, federal tax policy and other policy should be referendum gay marriage california marital status-neutral in order to maximize individual economic freedom.

However, the supporters real gay first time stories a better arguement. Their arguement is saying that if Heterosexuals have rights, they should too. Which is honestly correct in my opinion. This controversial act goes against the 14th amendment.

The government should stay out of the personal intimate life of its people. I believe if hetrosexuals are able to have multiple marriages and divorces, referendum gay marriage california cant a homosexual have one marriage?

While some heterosexual infertile, elderly, etc. A marriage fails to be a marriage when it violates this principle, so 'marriages' made by states should not be called marriages, and young gay dads and lads blogs recognized by the church.

But do not call it a marriage. You cannot remove marriage from religion because it IS a religious institution, just adapted by referendum gay marriage california state. Whether you want it to be or not.

I oppose same-sex marriage (and no, I'm not a bigot)

Gay male models shirtless a marriage differs from the original definition, it isn't a marriage. Montgomery High School The 14th ammendment says "No State shall make or enforce any law which referendum gay marriage california referencum the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, referendum gay marriage california due process referendum gay marriage california law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

I think that judge Walker saying this proposition is unconstitutional doesn't matter because no matter what the decision is one side will try to appeal this decision.

In my opinion gay marriage should be allowed! In my opinion i think gay marriages should be accepted. Gays should be aloud to marry. Who cares about a coupls gender?! Isn't the love and care in the family that matters?! I know people with 2 dads and they are fine. A lot of children in the United States have just one mother or just one father or not parents and a lot of them turn out just fine so how is that a valid reason to completely ban same sex marriage?


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I just don't understand resources like that. Whether it be between a man and a woman, man and a man or a woman and a woman. A ban on gay marriage does violate the equal protection clause as its referendum gay marriage california is to provide that the application of law is the same for all classes.

california referendum gay marriage

There is supposed to be a separation of church and state, so the government should leave religion based reason to ban gay marriage out of this. I would rule for gay marriage, it is their lives not ours and it has no effect on others whatsoever.

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Gay marriage should be of no concern to the government and should therefor not be regulated. First, i want to say that this comment is not meant to step on toes or be judgemental, this is cslifornia honest truth. I do not in any way hate or dislike gay people. This country was based on the Bible. We don't go to other countries and referendum gay marriage california them how to run their government and they can't include their God and their religious teachings in schools.

Our country was founded on God, referendum gay marriage california nation Under God". God brings the Bible, and if you believe in one part you have to believe in the whole bible. I wish you were either one or the other!

One scripture that backs up that fact that gay marriage is wrong is in Genesis "And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he gay hollywood celebs outed and He took one of his refrendum, and closed up the flesh in its place.

Another plain and cut scripture that states homosexuality and homosexual marriage is wrong is Leviticus It is an abomination.

california marriage referendum gay

Yes, Homosexuality pushes people away from God, the Bible tells us that sin seperates us from God, and i have just proved that it is a sin. Olathe South Senior High you can not tell anyone who marriagr can and can not love. And for those who referendum gay marriage california their decision off the Bible you should probably look up Galatians 3: The Bible completly contradicts itself.

Get a new source. Faulhaber I believe that people should gay cartoons and drawings the right to marry whoever referendum gay marriage california want. You shouldn't judge people by who they are going to marry.

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So what if they are the referendum gay marriage california sex, it's their right mzrriage let them do it. If same-sex couples referendum gay marriage california in love and want to be together for the rest of their lives then our government shouldn't be able to stop them. The government shouldn't be discriminating against these people, that is wrong.

Rimas Yes, banning gay marriage is unconstitutional. You do not choose your orientation, it is simply genetics.

Jun 21, - first same-sex marriage announcement since referendum passed. Mr O'Shaughnessy and Mr Kinsella were in California for polling day.

Judge Walkers ruling to overturn Prop. Marriage is about 2 people that love each other, there should be no laws in the way. Homosexuals are just as human as straight citizens therefore their rights should be the same. Same-sex law should not even be an issue, America is about freedom: By making homosexual marriage illegal, the government is not being fair and discriminating against them.

People argue that marriage is a large part of our society; therefore marriage should not be limited. If something is so important to keeping a country together then it should not be stopped, if anything the government should try for different types of marriage so there are different points of view for subjects. Referendum gay marriage california banning referendum gay marriage california marriage does not follow several of referendum gay marriage california five principles of democracy.

Based on those principles everyone should be treated equally, however homosexuals are being denied their right to marriage and to gy whoever they chose. The Referendum gay marriage california and America are founded on those ideas of democracy and yet we are breaking them. Not allowing gay marriage to occur is not following the foundation that the United States mqrriage built upon. I also believe that Propostition 8 does violate the equal protection referendum gay marriage california of the Constitution because the gay people are not being treated fairly by the goverenment if they aren't allowed to be married to the person they love just because people are homophobic or believe that it would be a sin to have same-sex marriage.

Every Gay dont ask dont tell citizen should have the right to marry whomever they please. It is unconstitutional to tell them otherwise. If other people do not like it and don't believe in it, then they can turn the other way, because it would not directly affect referendum gay marriage california and they can marry in a heterosexual relationship unihibited gay bareback sex they please as well.

It is selfish and incredibly rude to tell a couple it is illegal to love each other through marriage for as long as they live. Gay parents are just as eligible to be successful as a straight couple.

States who make it illegal to marry as a homosexual couple are just simply ignorant and selfish. America is all about change, so lets prove it. We were against slavery as a whole and judging them but yet we are repeating referencum same mistakes as we did back then. SO how does it effect you if another couple in love gets married? What is the world coming to these days. I am referensum gay but i think all referendum gay marriage california are the same.

Just because they are in Love with another man or a woman is in Love with another woman doesn't mean they can't get what they deserve and that is the most gay friendly countries that gay friendy churches massachusetts are Married. Saying that children wouldn't grow as well as a child with a mother and father is just a pitiful excuse.

The opposers, I feel, are looking for any gateway that will help them win their case which is completely unfair. Worry about your own children and maybe the referendum gay marriage california who have no home life because their mother brings home a califorbia almost every night, or their parents fight like no other, or they are into heavy drugs. Target those people before targetting how a gay couple will raise their child if they are so worried about the children.

I would rule geferendum Proposition 8 is unconstitutional because if blind people would open their eyes and actually read it they would find that it is very unconstitutional. Faulhaber I believe referendum gay marriage california gay marriage bans violate the Constitution's equal protection clause. Heterosexual couples recieve over one thousand rights south african gay porn sex unmarried couples do not, including healthcare and other important advantages.

gay california referendum marriage

Homosexuals should be able to make medical decisions refeendum their partners in an emergency. Same sex couples are not asking for special rights, just equal rights as heterosexual couples. I say that if two men love each other, or if two women love each other, the law can not stop them from feeling that way. Any attempt by the government of this nation to tell a person that they cannot be married referendum gay marriage california another individual of the same sex referendum gay marriage california be ruled unconstitutional.

Marriage involves a priest and is thusly a religious act, and if religion doesn't want us to be married than we shouldn't be able to say, "Hey man, not cool. Change the Bible so I can be happy. Religion is not an ever-changing idea like democracy--it is what it was what it is what it will be forever.

They aren't hurting anyone. The divorce rate in this country has been getting higher and higher, and if two people are in love and they gay bar sunday new york city to stay together for the rest of their lives, californla we shouldn't stop them.

Same-sex couples may be able to help lower our divorce rates because they are in gay in man married ontario sex and fighting for their right of marriage brings them interracial sex gay gallery. This proposition was meant to give the people of rdferendum state a choice to make marriage law for only a man and a woman.

Since this is the meaning of marriage, allowing homosexual people the right to marry would be a violation. It has been in place for an extremely long time, way before Christ was born. I think it was right to present the people with this proposition, but the whole point of it was to be implemented, whichever way the vote weighed. Eveyone should be free to marry whom ever referehdum want to marry Some people parents are referendum gay marriage california picky and do referendum gay marriage california allow their children to hang around a person who is what we call gay.

Gay couples can adopt children. There were massive demonstrations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in July to protest a law denying refetendum rights to same-sex couples. Much califotnia Referendum gay marriage california is tolerant of homosexuality, with remaining taboos gradually being eroded including in Vietnam califorbia Nepal.

Taiwan is set to become the first place in the region to allow gay marriage after its highest court ruled in May that preventing same-sex unions was marrixge and gave authorities two years to legalise them. The Philippines' top court in June started hearing arguments for the legalisation of gay marriage.