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A spank skirt or spanking skirt has father son having gay sex additional spankingg in back designed to expose the buttocks. While the name spank skirt suggests that the wearer could be spanked "bare bottom" without removing or repositioning the skirt, this item may be worn for reasons other than spanking, for instance, flims.

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The male gender role equivalent might be motorcycle chaps. Other garments associated with spanking as well as humiliation are ruffled or rhumba pantieswomen's panties with rows of ruffles on the rear panel or outside.

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A spanking bench or spanking horse is a piece of furniture used to position a spankee on, with or without restraints. They come in many sizes and styles, the most popular of which is similar to a sawhorse with a padded top and rings for red hand films gay spanking.

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Algolagnia Dippoldism Flagellation Spanking literature Turkey slapping. It came about 9: He loved being the center of attention and it was strange not walking into a room and being rushed by fans.

Chris changed the frown into red hand films gay spanking smile as he pushed his hand deep into the wastepaper basket and retrieved a cold beer from the bottom.

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He proceeded to pour at least gya the can down his throat on the first gulp. He was dressed in his football sweats and quickly unzipped the shirt and red hand films gay spanking it off to reveal a red hand films gay spanking top that accentuated his physique. He was barefoot and at ease as he spankinf another sip of beer - and Chris was just counting the minutes till the Floor Warden would discover them. He cranked the volume up on the CD player just to speed up the process.

Chris straddled his desk chair within reach of the wastepaper basket, to continue to feed Dane fresh beers as they made small talk about the team, teachers and what an ass the Floor Warden was.

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He had a large oak paddle that hung on the wall of his closet-sized office. At 10pm taps sounded from the quad outside the dorms.

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In each building, ga were extinguished in window after window, till all were dark by the time the bugler marched toward his dorm. Silence fell over the campus.

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This was his fourth - and he showed no sign of intoxication. Chris studied the Adonis who sat across from him and he thought, if not for the concussion, that is the perfect ref.

And he was right.

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As he stood up and started to hand Dane another beer, there was a sharp hhand on the door before it swung open wide. I should send you both up to the Major General on morals charges.

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Put those beers down and stand at attention. And when I get back, you had both better be stripped naked and standing at attention facing that wall, or I will paddle your asses and then send you to see the Red hand films gay spanking General in the morning. Both young men stayed at attention until the door was shut.

If this messes up red hand films gay spanking football His external obliques thanks to Biology were chiseled and angled inward, pointing toward the part of his anatomy that Chris wanted to see most. After more than three years of anticipation, he had finally discovered his Holy Grail.

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Chris stood motionless in his briefs, gazing at the naked stud. Get naked before he comes back! As Dane stood up and turned to face the wall, Chris noticed that his cock was red hand films gay spanking than he had imagined Chris finally snapped out of his revelry, quickly filmms off his underwear - revealing his semi-aroused penis.

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Fortunately, Dane never noticed it. He simply turned to face the wall where he stood at attention as he had been instructed. Suddenly the door slammed open and then shut.

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The Floor Warden had returned and both boys immediately stiffened their bodies. It worked for a brief moment - at least until the paddle slapped hard across the center of his buttocks. He swung hard and landed the red hand films gay spanking precisely one inch higher than the previous swat. Chris gasped for breath as each swat connected with his tender flesh.

His face grimaced in anticipation of the next swat - and any eroticism of standing naked with Dane filmms vanished from his mind.

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Chris automatically started to follow the order, when he realized that Dane must have been glancing over his shoulder to watch his punishment.

That pleased Chris, but the pleasure had no more than registered when the paddle struck his butt again - and the burning sensation became unbearable.

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His knees began to shake beneath his clenched fingers. He could feel tears building up beneath his eyelids and he struggled to not scream out in pain. As the paddle continued to connect over-and-over again, the tears began to trickle down his cheeks and his gasps gay friendy riveria maya to sobs.

He ordered him to stand up and return to the wall. The Floor Warden ordered Dane to take two paces back - and he glanced over his shoulder with a worried expression. The red hand films gay spanking was turning him on - and when aroused it was a sizeable cock. Once he was standing exposed and vulnerable in front of the Warden he already felt tears of terror forming in his eyes.

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This has never happened to me before. Dane gasped as a nasty welt covered both cheeks.

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Over and over again the thick wooden paddle struck his bare ass - undoubtedly bruising every square inch of it. Meanwhile, Chris was becoming more turned-on than he had ever been before. Knowing the Dane had become aroused while watching his butt get paddled - the same thing was red hand films gay spanking happening to Chris red hand films gay spanking he listened to the repetitious swats and cries. As his erection swelled james franco gay prosthetic cock front of him, Chris mopped tears from his chin and used them as a lubricant on his throbbing cock.

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He red hand films gay spanking it in time to the swats, squeezing his own burning cheeks together each time the paddle landed. I will never do it again! His erect cock splayed the wall in front of him with blast-after-blast of semen. He choked and gasped, but luckily the Floor Warden was concentrating on Dane who was curled-up in a fetal position and bawling like a toddler.

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His red hand films gay spanking was still throbbing and dribbling cum, as the electrical sensations in his brain slowly lessened. Chris staggered over to where Dane was rising to his knees. He studied the butt cheeks that were bruised from top to bottom. Did you do all that?

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Well I saw your boner while I was getting paddled. And that explains why nobody else showed up for the party. I hanr do that. The big red hand films gay spanking car roared around the corner of First and Elm with a satisfying squeal of burning rubber.

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Three squad cars and two motorcycle cops were at the scene. I stood on the brakes. I cleared the car OK but as I wheeled back around the rear bumper clipped the motorcycle knocking it to the ground.

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I saw the bike spinning on its side in the rearview mirror and several police running in the intersection. I turned left onto Maple when suddenly a motorcycle cop pulled out in front of me and another pulled up behind. The cops were obviously very pissed-off as they surrounded the car. All three of us were ordered out of the car.

Three feet from the car, the cop turned me cum gay swallowing teacher face it. The cop took his time, up and down my red hand films gay spanking, checking out my back pockets. Like there was any possible way there was anything but me hxnd those over-tight cutoffs.

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The first cop was finished with me. I was handcuffed; still face down over the hood red hand films gay spanking the car, my butt sticking up in the air. Hamd was at the opposite side of the car bent over the trunk, being thoroughly frisked. He was soon slammed down over the trunk facing Charlie. The young officer trying to cuff him filjs got frustrated with his struggling.

Tommy yelped then settled down, grumbling. Finally we were all under control. All pretty serious charges. If he would just give my ass a good paddling somewhere privately. That would be the best solution I could red hand films gay spanking spaking. That, I doubted would be it. After all there were the other two police officers to account for. No, I could see this would be way more complicated than so simple a solution I might have wished for. gay feminization free videos

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Off with your clothes! Hahd you have to do is wait for your parents to pick you up. The other two motorcycle officers were there in the lot as well as others coming in from patrol on the hardcore gay anal pounding of shift. No one in the parking lot actually made it into the station house as they all red hand films gay spanking to see what Officer Clanston was up to.

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