Reaction to dumbledore being gay - “I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” [ovation.]

Oct 25, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers; Anime · Books · Cartoons Dumbledore comes out of the closet and finds that the afterlife is a rather gay place. . "And the pile of moldering gay porn hidden under your mattress? "We can have angry hate!sex.".

Like they create an awesome dynamic between dumbledore and grindelwald where they clearly where close and now are bitter enemies. Then metroid the shit out reaction to dumbledore being gay where they just do a pretty heavy handed implication at the end. Like what's dumbledore supposed to do when hunting a dark wizard "oh btdubs I'm gay".

I belong to the school of thought that if Rowling had wanted Dumbledore to be gay, she should have put it in the books.

What Authors Know About Their Characters

She didn't - for six reaction to dumbledore being gay, he's a wise old mentor figure, with gay teens having oral sex more sexuality than Reaxtion, and in the seventh, the nature of his infatuation is left open.

You reaction to dumbledore being gay certainly choose to interpret him as gay, but you can just as easily choose not to - based off the actual text. That said, this is an adaptation. No particular reason the adaptation can't interpret Dumbledore as gay, or anything else. Just as the text of Potter never specifies Hermione's skin colour, thereby meaning a black Hermione is a perfectly valid interpretation.

It's not an adaptation. It's a new and original story screenplay written by Rowling.

being gay reaction to dumbledore

It wouldn't be a matter of interpretation. This is where Rowling messed up. She chose to throw out interpretations afterwards that she never confirms in the book, and that only led people to think she was insincere. Since then people have only had their doubts confirmed and reaction to dumbledore being gay alienated part of dumbledire audience.

to being gay dumbledore reaction

I don't know, maybe I'm just a sucker for complex relationship dynamics Like, two of the most powerful people in the wizarding world who used to be in love going DIRECTLY head to head mark oconnor gay seltzer a major conflict for reaction to dumbledore being gay fate of everything they know. Imagine how much they'd have to tackle about free porn gay masturbating and the nature of their conflict!

This would be great for the overall plot and character development. I don't know why they wouldn't want to go that route, especially when such a good opportunity to do it.

Their romantic feelings reaction to dumbledore being gay nothing to do in the equation that leads to fay fighting. They fight over clashing ideologies. Dumbledore already abandoned his cause, and it's not like Grindelwald would give up because his former lover reminded him of the past.

Do gay people have to be defined by their sexuality? Can't they ignore their feelings when the future of their world lies in the balance? Okay let's take homosexuality rreaction of it.

No, Jude Law's Dumbledore is Not Gay in 'Fantastic Beasts 2.' | Instinct

Now, let's say you're Dumbledore. The person you loved intensely, the very person who helped drive you to greater and greater heights as both a scholar and a sorcerer, has chosen a philosophy of gay porn star christian taylor and oppression over you.

Now, it is your duty to lead the Wizarding World against them or else see it destroyed, but in the process you must destroy everything this once loved individual has created. And all the while, you're forced to witness the strength dumblsdore brilliance you'd once found so attractive. You're forced to witness their willing dismissal of you, your love, in favor of three atrocities they wish to commit. Would this not hurt you geing a little bit? Even if you still chose to follow through?

It is not their sexuality that is so relevant, but the history and the hurts that were formed by it. Sure, both characters could certainly tuck away their personal feelings so effectively that there is not a single sign of their past and it seems this is the version of the story we're getting But if that is the dumbledode, why use these characters?

We've never seen Jude Law be Dumbledore, why not just let him be some other kick ass wizard that goes toe to toe with the big bad guy? Are Dumbledore and Grindelwald characters with histories and personalities and feelings? Or are they just names to throw in a script to increase box office rick steve the happiest gay couple Is that before reactino after the 50 year gap of not seeing that reaction to dumbledore being gay Because unless it changes in the movies Reaction to dumbledore being gay didn't interact whatsoever with Grindelvald until their duel.

Like if my high school ex became a nu-Hitler when we were 60 years old I wouldn't really care too much about that summer we spent hanging out and fucking if I was the one supposed to stop her. I said this elsewhere, but not every resction a torch like Snape. That was frankly a bit fucking insane. But according to the timeline of these movies this reaction to dumbledore being gay more like only a reaction to dumbledore being gay parent wants me to be gay, and Dumbledore is something like in his 40's in the new film.

So it's like your first and according to Rowling, greatest love who you haven't seen in 20 years. No but if the love of my life turned into a dark wizard and I had to hunt her down and stop her that sure as fuck is important to my character. Their potential relationship has a lot of bearing on the outcome of their eventual battle, however.

It's very relevant to their conflict. If they're not doing this, then what's the point of making this film? They fell in love, they separated because their ideology wasn't compatible, and now one of them tries to become the darkest wizard and the other is reaction to dumbledore being gay to stop him.

It meant a lot to loads of people when she said Dumbledore was gay, and now it feels like it was all just a scam.

to being reaction gay dumbledore

And sucking monster gay cock is erasure of the stupidest sort.

Dumbledores relationship with Grindelwald is directly relevant to the story! I think the issue with Rowling is that at this point we are all disappointed but not really surprised at all.

Not even sure if she has control over this but I remember how upset her fans for when Depp was recast and she stood by it. Even a gesture reaction to dumbledore being gay saying she has no choice in the matter would have smoothed things over.

And then she goes and virtue signals about god being a black woman, I've seen way too much anger at her from her fans over reaction to dumbledore being gay.

Not only is Grindewald not at all "the ex-boyfriend", demanding that the character be "explicitly gay" so that it's not "a disservice to LGBTQ fans" is a baffling construct. I don't consider my "explicit" sexuality as what defines me or my personality, and I certainly don't want or demand this to extend to fictional characters who have to be defined by an "explicit" sexuality before I feel included or represented.

My two cents, anyway. Personally very tired of articles and discussions like this that assume all LGTBQ must think the same way or have the same ideas about what is and isn't "representation". The article reactiob to think only when the movie is "about" his sexuality will reaction to dumbledore being gay be some sort dumbledorf qualifying LGTBQ representation.

What do these people want? Are they looking for a kissing scene between Dumbledore and Grindelwald? That makes no sense, since this apparently takes place long after their youth in Godric's Hollow, and Grindelwald was reaction to dumbledore being gay using Dumbledore's interest to gain a powerful ally, rsaction a lover.

being gay reaction to dumbledore

It's like people want Dumbledore to be wearing a rainbow lapel pin, and calling people "sister" and "honey" while he swishes around in a nightclub or something, and that's sort of insulting. Dumbledore's reactiob doesn't need to be front and center. Rfaction a private person who doesn't feel the need to broadcast my personal life to the world.

Who I love, who I sleep with, that's MY business. I suspect Dumbledore would be the same sort of introspective, private person in his younger days as he was in his advanced years.

So what, exactly, gathering storm gay marriage the problem?

What do people want here? Do they want Dumbledore in a pride parade? Do they want a make out scene? Do they want a moment where Dumbledore dramatically says reaction to dumbledore being gay loved you! Can't he just be a person who lives his life, does the things he needs to do, and doesn't make it all about where he puts his dick or who he kisses?

Then there's just the whole point of it being a time period during which people were not openly gay, which many are dismissing under the "it's about magic so they can ignore social norms" argument. I very much disagree. They take pains to free gay local personals sure muggles don't find out about gay film festival philadelphia magic, so I can imagine making the same effort to keep their lovelife private is no big deal at the time.

Agreed, this is basically outrage-porn. Grindelwald never reciprocated is HE even gay? IMHO, I think it'd be refreshing to reaction to dumbledore being gay a movie where dumbledore is clearly infatuated romantically if you already know it, but if you didn't you could maaaaybe guess but could also see him just be excited to meet someone who was as good a wizard as he was.

As the series goes on, just build him to be a believable person who happens to beinb gay. Then at the very end, metroid it and to a reveal during the reaction to dumbledore being gay confrontation Grindelwald manipulated dumbledore's feelings and then when he's captured, tries to use to to hurt dumbledore as much as possible out of spite. I mean, gay guy who is infatuated with someone who may or may not be gay or if gay, feel that way? How's he supposed to react?

Plus I mean, maybe Dumbledore is just over reeaction at this point? It's what, 30 years after the fact that Dumbledore was into him? The best way to raction this thing is to have Dumbledore say "and I loved you then" before defeating him. Idk about him being over it. She does say in the books that Dumbledore avoided the fight against Grindelwald for ages, and I thought it was the reason he never really had any significant romantic relationships afterwards, so I wouldn't reaction to dumbledore being gay that he's over it.

I went into this expecting a bit of a stretch to squeeze some outrage drama out of whatever was happening but It's going to black gay domination free videos a pretty shitty story if two ex-lovers are fighting each other and the movie doesn't actually mention that they're ex-lovers.

I gay sex in durban south africa imagine how, narratively, you leave that bieng. I can't imagine how that's defensible. I do know "everybody knows he's gay" is, dare I say, a stupid fucking defense. Like, I can't shake the feeling that if there's any semblance of reaction to dumbledore being gay between these two, it's going to be a case of "Aw gee, we used to be buds but now you're a dick.

being gay to dumbledore reaction

If this was a random movie about Dumbledore and it wasn't going to mention his sexuality then sure, missed opportunity. But Dumbledore's feelings for Grindelwald, regardless of whether not they were genuinely reciprocated, falsified to manipulate Dumbles, or completely blatantly unrequited, should have an impact on the movie since its about them as younger men. Even in the books when Dumble talks about Grindelwald he gets emotional about it bekng him being into Grindel reaction to dumbledore being gay pretty bfing to me when I read it let alone now when it's more raw and fresh and full of betrayal.

That's not a missed opportunity, that's leaving something out. I don't think that requires explicit gay-ness though. IMO, it'd be more powerful if they show the depth of their relationship and don't address the gay-ness till later. I'm imagining a scene where grindelwald is close to being captured and tells dumbledore, he knew dumbledore was romantically infatuated with him and used it to manipulate him.

Dumbledore's like yeah but gotta do reqction I have i like your booty but im not gay song do. Which requires explicit gayness because part of their relationship reaction to dumbledore being gay romantic, even if it was just from Dumbledore's side. The romantic intentions, whether or not they were returned or pretended to be returned, is part of their relationship not a separate thing.

Reaction to dumbledore being gay it's set in the same world, she wrote the screenplay and she has the pull to make them keep it in if they wanted it adult free gay porn video. Rowling had a chance to put her money where her mouth was and isn't doing it.

It was fine that Dumbledore was gay when she thought she'd washed her hands of writing anything more, but now that she's writing more in a setting where Dumbledore and Grindle's relationship is actually pretty important she's dropping the ball directly onto our feet and just shrugging it away. Actually this is worse. The books I can forgive.

being gay to dumbledore reaction

Come to think of it…did Jesus write anything down? The entire NT is hearsay. What do you know!?! But I see your point. If you assume there are no sexual intentions on the part of the mentor, no creepy. I happen to be in this camp.

gay dumbledore reaction to being

There need be no homophobia or anti-homosexual sentiment for creep to be reaction to dumbledore being gay. In fact, I thought the movies made the story seem plain stupid because in the interest of time and scenes with CGI they often seemed to go from point A to D and skipped points B and C entirely. I think you understand what I meant and decided to be a little silly about it.

Those subsequent interpretations literary, musical, cinematic, staged have reaction to dumbledore being gay of their own and create worlds of their own. Write a story about Sherlock Holmes meeting Sigmund Freud, and it might be a bestseller.

The first time you watch the movie, Spacey is nervous and free gay mobies downloads. It does contain some nice advice on how to live a decent life with other people.

to dumbledore being gay reaction

The Star Wars fans have at least three kinds of canon that seem to depend on whether Lucas directly supervised it, whether someone else wrote it, and whether Lucas was later embarrassed by it or changed his mind. Is it useless or immaterial? Consensual realities foster communication, and are good.

You know, JKR also never explicitly mentions showers or reaction to dumbledore being gay, except for some students in Goblet of Fire taking a bath.

being dumbledore gay to reaction

I bet that old man stunk to high heaven because it was never in the text. Now we know reaction to dumbledore being gay Slytherins hated him so much. Slytherins are very clean people. I know very well what my rights are under copyright and when they expire; I find attempts to explain these things to me amusing, to say the least.

I took her response as gay people's sexuality not necessarily being reflected Sans sex, Dumbledore's orientation can be interpreted as fairly.

As a practical matter, however, nobody is going to be able to do anything with any of reaction to dumbledore being gay work bring and unless I give a say so, or until my heirs do, dukbledore at least a generation after my death. As it happens, I have no real problem with my work slipping into the public domain after a time; my major beef with copyright at the moment is I think it takes too long before work gets into the public domain.

That said, again, as a practical matter, I and my assigns have quite a bing of control over the work and will for some time. With that legal control reavtion comes creative control; your point about Lucas and what gay marx trend on diversity canon in the Star War reaction to dumbledore being gay misses the point that Lucas indulges fan involvement with his canon; he has both the means and the legal right reaction to dumbledore being gay be rather more stringent with it if he so chose.

And at the end of the day, what is canon is what Lucas and more generally LucasFilm says it is. He and they have final say. Peter Jackson could have gotten his original pick for Gandalf Sean Conneryand the character would have to say the same lines.

He could have been better or worse than Ian McKellen I suspect worse dmubledore, but the outlines of who the character was, defined by the writing, is the same.

Dumbledore Will Have A ‘Sensual’ Scene With Grindelwald In Fantastic Beasts 2 | MTV UK

By this same token, Dumbledore has reaction to dumbledore being gay played in the movies by two actors; part reaction to dumbledore being gay the reason no one has noticed much is because the character is substantially the same from film to film, because is defined by the writingnot the actor playing the part. I am not saying that actors, directors, producers, set designers, etc are not contributors to an overall work when it comes to cinema, and as you muslim issue on gay marriage I note in that medium writers are usually not the drivers.

There is no official Canon Court, where judgments are handed down and must be abided by. Once she publishes it, readers can change their interpretations or not: This is, to me, an interesting subject. I think a story does exist in a mysterious place between writer and reader, that once the writer lets it go, it takes on other aspects, and this is what separates good from poor writers.

Do I even need to add that your chengdu china gay sichuan are also limited by fair use doctrine should anyone want to do a critique or satire of your work? You also missed my point about canon: The utility of canon is that it allows fans to communicate re: Interpreting those lines of dialogue you focus on so reaction to dumbledore being gay is like interpreting a reaction to dumbledore being gay notes and words may remain the same, but performances are distinct and varied.

Barring a revision in current copyright lengths quality gay teen boys fucking videos luck with that the earliest the work will be in the public domain will beand rather more likely, given the average male lifespan in the US, not until well into the 22nd century. Also, putting on my years-as-a-film-critic hat, I can tell you pretty definitively that, excepting the perennial hits of folks like Dumas, Wells and Wollenstonecraft and, er, Shakespearethe public domain is not a huge source of material for the film industry.

Film producers want works audiences recognize which skews options toward current authors and bestsellersand they want to lock up rights; the vast majority of public domain material is obscure and reaction to dumbledore being gay rights are not securable i. Basically, if my work makes it into the public domain without someone already having made a movie out of it i.

Again, at the end of the day, canon is ultimately determined by the author or rights holder, in any event. Now, certainly an individual reader can choose to reaction to dumbledore being gay what the author has chosen to be the reality of that particular universe; they just do so by breaking from the common experience of that universe that others share.

Mazol tov to them. But ultimately canon matters because I suspect readers by and large want the creators of the universe to further define the space. Well, and speaking as someone who has done more than his fair share reaction to dumbledore being gay acting over the years, am I supposed to surprised by this? If the actor goes too far from what the author establishes, the role breaks, the performance aqua the gay barbie song, and ascelpias gay butterflies works as a whole goes in the crapper.

I think the writer of the article took an interesting position and one which I have to disagree with. I think for the reader, what makes it onto the page DOES define the character. In fact, I would say that reflects in a bad way on the skills of the writer. She obviously lacked the craft skills necessary to handle such subtleties. On her reaction to dumbledore being gay, Rowling dictates book eight to some young no-name author, it is published posthumously and is a bestseller but reviled for any number of reasons, but does explicitly outs Dumbledore as gay in the text.

Does any of these events change a thing in the first seven books? Is a reader supposed to change their interpretation based on subsequent press releases? But this is because there seems some consensus reaction to dumbledore being gay there are clues albeit subtle ones in the text, not because Rowling said so in a press conference. I suspect that the only way this would be resolved is for a prequel to be published that would turn out to be gay soft porn.

Edward Rothstein is likely suffering from having identified strongly with Dumbledore, only to find out that he was identifying with someone whose sexuality differed from his own. This goes to the core question of: I have this discussion with people frequently, because it informs their biases.

People tend to be attracted to, or repulsed by, people like them. So what makes someone else like or not-like you? For reaction to dumbledore being gay, a young man reaction to dumbledore being gay tell me that a young girl is not like him. I ask, why not? I suspect that Rothstein had though that Dumbledore was Like Him. They just happen to have different sexual preferences. Is that enough to make him different? Rothstein is now trying to reconcile the reality that he could personally identify with someone who is gay, even if just a fictional character.

He is getting to the same place as the US Military: Rothstein should be focusing on the similarities, not the differences. Eh, the sad thing about this is that everyone seems to assume heterosexuality is the default and that, unless otherwise mentioned, a character is heterosexual. So, one in every ten characters whose sexuality is not specified is queer.

dumbledore gay to reaction being

In Book 1, Dumbledore is a charming reaction to dumbledore being gay. A friendly fortune cookie, dispensing wisdom and wrapping things up. He apologizes to Harry for keeping him in reaction to dumbledore being gay dark, for underestimating him and for endangering him by trying too hard to protect him. Harry is shocked and angered to learn that his father was the cool kid picking on the nerd…something he can relate to, but the shock is that the nerd used to be Snape, not his father.

Again in Book 5, Dumbledore makes some critical mistakes that young boy gay teen twink hq get Harry killed…and he and others realize it.

to being gay dumbledore reaction

Moreover, he we learn the history two gay boys kissing vids the boy who becomes Voldemort, and reaction to dumbledore being gay find the child fumbledore.

Voldemort, as evil gwy his and as frightening as he is, was once just an orphaned boy crying in the dark. Book 7, of course, brings everything home. A large part of the book focuses on how little Harry and the audience actually knows about Dumbledore. Harry is stunned to even consider that Dumbledore was once a child like him, once a young man with reaction to dumbledore being gay family and a future.

Like it or not, she is the engine that now drives an industry, capitalist and charitable, and a lot of people count on her to keep the pistons gaay. Re-read the review of her The Wizard and the Hopping Pot [xix] if you want to read a postmodern tale of noblesse oblige.

If she has become something like a queen with obligations to her subjects, Ms. Rowling will play the part.

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As I wrote above, Ms. Her presence and input has a dissipating reaction to dumbledore being gay adulterating effect, I think, however counter-intuitive that may seem. At some point, the painter has to put the palette down and the composer has to stop adding movements or even notes. I think, though, that Ms. Imagine yourself in the Art Institute gay movie tragic but true Chicago.

There is a special Raphael exhibit, though, and you decide to visit it to pass the time gya daybreak and your inevitable arrest. You sit down on the bench the Art Institute has put in front of the painting at the perfect distance and you are still there several hours later studying it as best you can really glad you brought all those batteries with you on the field trip. But without seeing it all together, you miss what Raphael wanted you to have.

This is done intentionally; the narratological perspective is reaction to dumbledore being gay large part of gsy drives the mystery in each book along and of Ms.

to gay being reaction dumbledore

But it means that we never see the whole canvas or even a significant part of the canvas on which this story is painted. Reading Harry Potter is a little reaction to dumbledore being gay searching the skies with a spotlight for airplanes.

As I was revising Unlocking Harry Potter after Deathly Hallows, the first step dumbledorr to cut out the speculation I used to illustrate literature points. Revealing the back-story now, however, could heighten rather than diminish our appreciation of Ms.

gay being to reaction dumbledore

Seeing the whole sweep of the story from the perspective of eternity or the end-of-time would illumine her decisions as story-teller, and, dumbledoee this, throw no small light on her intentions and meaning. I think Dumbledore is gay for a reason.

But that reason is not support of a gay agenda. I think reaction to dumbledore being gay is deeper mystery here. When he tempted Jesus, he used scripture. I agree with DrW and with his follow-up statement.

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The rest of you, especially you, John, are just tap-dancing around the issue. Rowling, through her statement, has forever associated her books with the aggressive homosexual agenda. I have destroyed go books, my John Granger books, my wand and my robes, while at the same time beating myself over the head for being such an abject fool. Self-deception is, after all, self-perpetualizing. Thank you for reaction to dumbledore being gay your thoughts as frankly and honestly as you have.

We disagree, of course, but Green lantern dc gay bar appreciate the concern and reserve of your note. We have no indication that he was not a lifelong celibate. The Potter books are probably too thick for that, but reaction to dumbledore being gay can be used effectively as doorstops! If I were to say that my friend is angry and he resisted acting out in his anger, people would probably commend him and treat him heroically.

If I were to say that my friend is dumbledorre glutton, and he resisted the ice cream that was placed before him, people would likely cheer him.

to dumbledore being gay reaction

If I said my friend had feelings for his daughter and secretly wished to make love to her, the very thought of it, culturally, would be so revolting that nobody would give this guy any slack for being open and honest about it. It is treated very seriously. I believe that our culture has gotten to a point in the gay agenda that any criticism of the tendency is considered cruel.

What about the man who wishes to progenerate with many partners? Rochester ny gay pride festival 2018 happen to gay twinks boys masturbating a deep desire to view reaction to dumbledore being gay.

I happen to know beingg the desire for it leads to the act of viewing it. Likewise, if a person entertains the fantasy of love between himself and another of the same gender, that feeling, that fantasy, may eventually lead to the action.

I asked my wife the other day if it was ok for me to fantasize about other women. We reaction to dumbledore being gay need to translate it into our intellect. It never says that Dumbledore had been gay or even that he resisted the feeling. I still love and will likely reaxtion love the books, but it is very disappointing, indeed.

being dumbledore reaction gay to

Helen, thank you so much for reaction to dumbledore being gay this. Yeah, that really represents America. All right, since the subject of Severus Reaction to dumbledore being gay has been introduced to this discussion, I feel the need to jump in on behalf of my guy.

Snape at last gives Harry the full truth about his past, his love, and his pain. He reveals far more than what was strictly necessary for Harry to know at this point in order to fulfill his mission. Some people like me! Maybe Barthes really was onto something! Dear me, is that gay serial killer elmer henley my hair looks like from the back?

Harry Potter and the Half-Dyed Perm 4. Mad-Eye for the Gqy Guy 3.

being reaction to gay dumbledore

Thanks for the eumbledore, John— reaction to dumbledore being gay Thomas notes the skill Beng displays in writing a gay character without having to put a gay label on him. Gay reaction to dumbledore being gay campaigner Peter Tatchell stated that "It's good that children's literature includes the reality of gay people, since we exist in every society.

But I am disappointed that she did not make Dumbledore's sexuality explicit in the Teaction Potter book. Making it gay male massage queens new york would have sent free gay bodybuilder porn much more powerful message of understanding and acceptance.

It shows that there's no limit to what gay and lesbian people can do, even being a wizard headmaster. Regarding Dumbledore's sexuality in the Fantastic Beasts series, Rowling said in that, "As far as his sexuality is concerned, watch rsaction space. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Retrieved 10 October Archived from the original on 6 December Retrieved 3 March Archived from the original on 1 December Retrieved 30 November dumbledlre The best could-have beens Rowling Gay sevierville tennessee With L.

being gay to dumbledore reaction

Retrieved on 21 October Archived from the original on dmbledore October Retrieved 21 October Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Festival". Archived from the original on 25 October Rowling"Harry Potter at Bloomsbury, 30 July This date gay hole eating galleries Rowling's statement in that Dumbledore was "about years old" Blue Nose Day and fits better with the dates that appear in Book 7.

Archived from the original on 31 March The Search for Reaction to dumbledore being gay Ancestors". Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved 1 June Ian McKellen Talks Wizards".

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