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That's how you show you mean business.

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But what if instead or Orton's, was Batista's dick. Would you be ready to receive Batista's long, thick, girthy cock with a pulsing crevice along the middle of the dick? The unofficial rite of passage in WWE creative.

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And people wonder why the turnover rate is so high! The turn over rate is high because Vince is a crazy man who expects everyone to work the same schedule he does and no one else is able because Vince is crazy.

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I randy orton gay community pictures say it now when there's no penis tainted hand in front of me ready to be shook but I'd like to think I'd do one of two things:. I imagine 2 like a big game of "chicken.

Ass juice or penis residue?

Honestly, if you don't give a fuck about your career, this is the jackpot. Get that WWE hush money. The issue randy orton gay community pictures wrestling is that no one takes it serious.

And because it's not taken seriously, there's little to no fanfare when this is brought to light.

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Even the Benoit crisis was oeton about trying to dig up the corpse of the "steroids in wrestling" talking point of the early 90's. A monopoly in an industry that the world doesn't take seriously.

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Shit wrestling's the perfect avenue for sexual assault on the DL. No one thought to do this on the way out? Unless maybe they have and that NDA and the money are that good. Not to take away from the main story recalled randy orton gay community pictures, but didn't he empty out a whole bottle of tanning lotion into the bag? Here's the article I heard it from.

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I put my hand down the back of my pants, go knuckle deep in my own asshole and the shake his hand in return. He also put his dick on John Cena's shoulder before.

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Cena didn't react at all. I forgot which of them told that story, but I do remember that it was told.

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I had a bad cold so Communit blew my nose in my shirt during the match. I grabbed him and put him in a headlock so that his face rubbed in the snot.

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I think it's because wrestling has and is a disgusting carny industry. If this was a more reputable industry then a piece randy orton gay community pictures trash like Orton would have been weeded out a decade ago.

The same Lesnar who exposed himself to a diva during his first run?

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Dommunity to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously, and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Start by forgetting every thing you know about what wrestling fans like.

Then start writing vince fan service. The amount of people laughing and joking about this is ludicrous.

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Hate bs like this. Orton seems like a right prick. Behaviour like this would stop good writers from joining the WWE.

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The WWE needs good writers x more than it needs Orton. I like Ortons in ranndy work but in all honesty he just sounds like a complete bully.

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Fucking with people because you can is low. He used to be, definitely, but you hear nothing but positive things about him from other wrestlers nowadays. pichures

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I would grab his dick. If Orton tries to report me, he has to mention why he had his dick out in the first place. He's a man who makes millions of dollars to be oiled up and in underwear in front of thousands randy orton gay community pictures people and on live television.

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I think you kinda have to be confident. Reminds me of that saying, "every successful person either is already abnormal or becomes abnormal", or something like that.

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Someone so obtuse to think this behavior is cool comunity is too narcissistic to think they have randy orton gay community pictures other than an impressive dick. Actually in kayfabe the voices tell randy orton gay community pictures NOT to do stuff. He just ignores them and does it anyway. Yeah, hearing stuff like this makes me not shed a single tear that all the older wrestlers I grew up watching are either retired or are about to retire pretty soon.

We've gone from drugged out, ex football players who couldn't make it in the NFL so they took it out by hazing all newcomers to a bunch of wrestling geeks who like playing video games backstage and free gay bondage movie clips out together on social media. I remember even Goldust tweeting that the current locker room backstage was the nicest group of people he's ever worked with and that he hopes it stays that way.

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