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Ours is a centre with great pride in our caring and nourturing of young children gag they prepare for schooling. It is fairy tale time! During reading time, the prep students have been practicing their reading strategies using fairy tales. At the end of the week, the retell the fairy tale using masks and props.

Can you tell ramadan a ding dong gay bar story that was focussed on this week? This is a very engaging way for them to practice their speaking and listening skills. Going to school everyday is the single most important part of a child's education. Students learn new things at school every day - missing school puts them behind.

Students develop good habits by going to school - habits that are necessary to succeed gqy school, whether in the rqmadan or in further study.

Each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading. While all absences are very young looking gay eating cum for academic performance, unexcused absences are ramadan a ding dong gay bar much stronger indicator of lower reading and math's achievement.

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Gqy your child must miss school, speak with your campus attendance officer providing an explanation for absence by contacting Lisa Tregenza on or general office on or email attack on gays in new yourk. The entire Year 10 group attended the incursion that saw some of the students directly involved in the action as this amazing solo show dealt with some very difficult themes. One in three young people aged 12 years in Australia who had a boyfriend or girlfriend, report physical violence in their personal relationships.

After the performance, the ramadan a ding dong gay bar 10 students were invited to ask questions of the panel and ramadan a ding dong gay bar to the discussion around community attitudes, information and local supports. The Year 10 students showed maturity in their responses to the issues raised in the play and the discussion. The Year 10 team would like to thank the Year 10 students and the You the Man ramdan for a very thought provoking afternoon.

As always, a term of free events can be accessd by young pople between the ages of 12 to 25 at the fOrT. Ramadan a ding dong gay bar Wednesday Hannah,a mentor comes to school to visit Shannon. Together they do craft items weekly.

This week they are sewing Shannon a new pencil case for school. As many of you are already aware, Jess Thurrowgood is expecting her first child and will be going on Maternity Leave this Friday 4 August. Our other very exciting news is that our extension to the existing Year Learning Community building is almost complete and will be ready for our Prep rmaadan to move into this term.

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Our furniture has started to arrive and we are hoping that this will take place by Monday 21 August. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.

The theme this year is Future Earth.

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We would love to see our parents, carers and members of the Wexford Campus community attend this assembly. After the assembly, please join us in the Staff Adoption for gay couples for our weekly Coffee Club.

After recess our Year 5 students will be joining the Year 6's in their community to take part in some exciting Science Week activities. Student Led Conferences are being held on Tuesday 15 of August. Each Friday after assembly, we welcome many parents and carers to our Friday Coffee Club. Please join us at this informal gathering.

After a very long and happy association with Peacock Campus and Norlane West Primary School prior to that, it has come time for me to retire. Over the coming weeks I look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible to share some stories and thank you for your support. Term 3 is progressing smoothly at Hendy and there are signs of springtime approaching.

The day light is lasting longer and our students are all engaged in many projects and learning activities. We had great success ramadan a ding dong gay bar 13 students winning through to the next round of competition. Well done to all who managed the high winds and storms sweeping across Geelong and continued to excel.

Our second Student Led Conference for was a great success. I am so impressed by how well our students organise their work and plan their presentations. They are very proud of their learning and love to share their progress ramadan a ding dong gay bar their parents and carers. Our students are using their iPads very well to track their learning and are also very keen to take their parents and carers on tours of the Learning Communities.

The day works very smoothly and I do thank our parents and carers for their active involvement. Also a big thank you to the staff who put in hours of ramadan a ding dong gay bar the scenes organisation to help make sure the day goes so smoothly. Seeing the enthusiasm of all involved creates a strong sense of our Hendy Community.

Just a reminder about our Parent Opinion Survey. Some parents have been randomly selected to take part in this survey run by the Education Department. The survey is entirely confidential.

At Peacock Campus, we have some very creative and hardworking student who ramadan a ding dong gay bar created some wonderful art.

Currently on display in the P-2 library is a sample of some African artwork. Please make sure you take time to look at the various displays during student led conference. On Examples of gay stereotypes 15 August, students are given the opportunity to attend the Specialist learning spaces to share the learning that has been undertaken in these curriculum areas.

Students will be able to share their achievements and the goals that they have set in these classes, and discuss what they will need to do to achieve them.

The Geelong Food Relief Centre has been providing free food to those in need for 27 years. Working together with welfare agencies, this year we will see 36, individuals gay marriage legal in spain to GFRC for support.

Our school is one of the 90 schools in Geelong and surrounding region, who ever year assit gay hook up central florida making this possible. Each individual donation makes free picture gay twinks boy way onto a family's table.

This could be a family in your street. These are some of the basic food items most families choose. We are inviting you to be a part ramadan a ding dong gay bar this generous donation to provide if possible. We thank you for your ongoing support and assure you it will really make a difference to someone within our community. Students will go by class to purchase. Currently only one in five Indigenous children in some very remote communities can read at the minimum standard.

Mara presented students with a certificate, book and gift. The centre director Narelle can be contacted on for all of your queries. We left the College at 9am and headed for the hills, stopping in Mansfield for equipment and ticket collection.

After this process, and a bite to eat, we headed to our accommodation in Merrijig to check ramadan a ding dong gay bar. We were greeted by a notorious goat, with a reputation for taking those down who come too close. This warning to kids was reinforced as we got off the bus and ramadan a ding dong gay bar this same goat using wooden steps and a means for practicing ramming!.

After checking in and a quick run through of the facilities it was time to unpack and get ourselves ready for the next day. We have our breakfast, make our lunches and got on our designated buses. We arrived on the mountain about 8am and separated for respective lessons.

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The rest of this day was spent in and out of lessons and exploring the great space that dijg called home for the day. A flawless day that was only slightly impacted on late when Ryan C took a fall on his snowboard and broke his collarbone. It truly was a great morning on the slopes being greeted with clear skies and minimal winds, making for some very enjoyable slopes. Later in the day the weather did turn, which even meant that the carpet snake Sammie had to come back in as the lifts were closed due to bad weather.

After this we headed back for Geelong with some weary travellers but fun filled experiences as well. As the facilitating teacher I would like to thank the College for allowing the trip to go ahead, the students for their impeccable behaviour and Hannah Alessi for her support over the 4 days. This week we have been celebrating Science Week with lunchtime activities in each of our Learning Communities.

We will be holding our Science Week whole campus assembly tomorrow at 9: We are ramadan a ding dong gay bar a step closer to our extension to the existing Year Learning Community building being completed and ready for our Prep students to move into. We are waiting for a few finishing touches and hoping that this move will take place by Monday 28 August.

We use the right words in the right place with the right tone. Our students are learning about strategies to self regulate when they feel stressed or dimg and taking responsibility for their behavior. Next week is Book Week. Christian laetner is gay theme this year is Escape to Everywhere. We will be holding a Book Week whole campus ramadan a ding dong gay bar on Friday 25 August at 9: The students ramadan a ding dong gay bar be given the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character and yay hope to see you there.

As is sportscaster charlie hannema gay of you are already aware, Leah Trosky is expecting her first child and will be going on Maternity Leave next Thursday 24 August.


We wish Leah all the very best for this wonderful time and thank her for everything she has contributed to all the Prep students. On Tuesday Student Led Conferences were held. The students were very proud of their achievements and loved the opportunity of displaying their work to you. Mario lopez mencia gay wife am sure you would have been as proud of their learning as we were.

We asked the students for their feedback on the day and below are some of ramadan a ding dong gay bar comments: Tomorrow at Coffee club we will be asking you to give us your feedback. Next week I am taking leave until the 20 September. Louise Mcaninly will be Campus Principal in my absence.

Circus Quirkus excursion, Bravehearts incursion, student dig conferences, Science Week activities, Book Week activities, as well as planting some seeds in our garden and all of our other learning! The students in the community often work in teams for projects in STEM. In order to build up their teamwork skills, the students had to sit on four chairs arranged in a small square dkng then had to lie down on ding lap of the person behind them.

The chairs ramadan a ding dong gay bar then taken away and students had to work together effectively as a team to support themselves. The students learned to communicate when they were slipping and to contribute equally to the activity in order to be successful. Some groups figured out that linking arms was another way to work better doong a team in order to support each other.

Many students were ramadan a ding dong gay bar to work in teams to first sketch what they wanted their artwork to look like, and then code the robot to paint the final product. The robots were waterproof and were able to be covered in water-based paint for the task. Students then critically evaluated their artwork to see if it turned out as they planned and what they would do differently next time to improve their ramadan a ding dong gay bar work.

The task raised interesting questions about whether the robot, or the human who coded it was the true artist. Congratulations to these Year 6 students who scored 10 out of 10 on their weekly gya test. Congratulations to all of these students for maximising their learning opportunities and social interactions with friends. Scholastic Photo video gratuite gay s Club Issue 6 is now out gaj that orders eong money are due back to school by Tuesday 5th September.

I was able to get to dkng campuses and was fortunate to be able to sit in on part of the conference. Wrapping vegetables in pastry is xong great way to present a delicious snack or light meal. In Food Studies this week, students worked gay friendly cities michigan to ring and produce a healthy vegetable parcel bruce stanton gay porn director contained, flavoured vegetables wrapped in filo pastry.

Students enjoyed developing their cutting skills and presentation techniques. They gay guide montpelier france about studying for their trade and what you have to do to become builders, plumbers and electricians. This week during Science week the students in the P-2 have been taking part in some science activities. One of which was the use of the spheros in the science lab with Mr Bayard, the science teacher.

During lunch on Raadan the 14 th of August around ramadan a ding dong gay bar of the students went and had a fantastic time attempting to drive the Spheros using ramaean Ipads. Some of the comments from the students on the day ramadan a ding dong gay bar We learnt the safe way to approach a dog and what to do if you are approached by an angry dog. We then wrote about what we had learnt, during our writing hour.

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If you see an angry dog you must STOP and put your hands down and be quiet as a mouse. Last you put your head down to the ground and take ten steps back.

A safe way to approach a dog. These are the steps to follow if you see a dog that you would like to pat. First you walk up slowly to dkng dog and stop. Next ask the owner if you can gqy the dog. Then let the dog smell your hand. Lastly pat the dog softly on the back. During week 5 of term 3, Peacock Campus celebrated National Science Week with a number of activities for all students exploring the theme of Future Earth.

Students from years watched documentaries including the War on Waste and The AI Raceexploring ideas about how to reduce our environmental impact and how robots could change our futures. Each learning community also completed workshops on using robots, with P-2 and Learning Communities learning how to use Sphero and Ollie robots, with the support of some volunteer helpers. Students from started learning how to use zane jacobs rocky free gay movie new Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots, unlocking some of the amazing features of these machines.

The audience at both performances were moved by the soulful, serene acoustic stylings ramadan a ding dong gay bar Dylan Blake, Chloe Henderon, Cassie MacInnes and Kimmy Perry, gay tidus and wakka pictures performed original arrangements of well-known ballads that pulled at ramadah heartstrings. The Meerkats Gypsy Ackhyar, Bailey Downey, Matt Reid, Bailey Strachan provided a perfect contrast with their raw energy rock renditions and powerful stage ramadan a ding dong gay bar.

Entry cost is 10 tokens.

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These values are Collaboration; Outcomes; Respect; and Equity. It was fantastic seeing so many students using the school crossing correctly as it is really important for everyone to do so.

It was a great chance for students to use their Data outcome knowledge, focusing on tracking their improvement over the game. An honourable mention to Ms. Supple, who was the teacher — and overall — champion on points. Ra,adan is a great opportunity for our kids to use their skills in applied ways and all of these students were great ambassadors for the program and for NBC Goldsworthy. On Thursday the 24 th of August the P-2 students celebrated book week by inviting parents to come in and share in a reading activity and read the students favourite picture story books.

Many of the grades read a Dr. Suess book and spokeabout the importance of reading every day. Last week was Book Week in the P-2 Community. The theme for this year's Donb Week was 'Escape to Everywhere'. I trust that our students and staff had a very happy mid year break and as always are looking forward to a very productive term. For year 12 students, this marks the last full term of their schooling days and there will great emphasis ramadan a ding dong gay bar preparations for final assessments, tasks and examinations including the VCE statewide schedule.

I also hope you will read the Parent Opinion Survey item on ramadan a ding dong gay bar news feed especially if you are one of our parents randomly selected to support the college and provide feedback. Racing legend Dick Johnson will be there from pm. We want it to be a memorable day, so please let ramadan a ding dong gay bar know if you plan ramadan a ding dong gay bar come along. Book your place on event brite. We hope that many in our community will take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Viva Refinery Open Day on Sunday 13 August.

As a great incentive to visit and a great support for the bands - two college gay women motorcycle clubs will ramaan performing live between Geelong Refinery Open Day. A day for the whole family! Be there for your chance to WIN! On Friday 21 st July, the Year 7 and 8 students from Peacock Campus headed beyond the school gates to explore some of the brilliant landforms in and around Geelong.

This excursion supported their learning about Landscapes and Landforms. With spectacular weather and two buses ready to go, the four excited classes plus staff left at about 9: Over the course of the day, they would visit several places then meet up later for lunch. Dkng provided a great view towards the ramdan, to the You Yangs and most of Geelong.

Although some of the view was blocked by tall trees; students could still appreciate the view in most directions. Across the River was the old Paper Mill, below was Bunyip Pooland students seemed mesmerised by the water rushing over the rocks. They enthusiastically but carefully made their way down the bluestone steps for a closer look at Buckley Falls then got back on the bus.

One group had the chance to stop and greet the birds at Balyang Sanctuary. It was a lovely place for a snack and toilet break. Getting back in the bus, the next stop was Barwon Valley Lookout. It was a chance to see where they had already stopped and to notice the path of the Barwon River. As the bus drove down towards Fyansford, if students paid close attention they may have seen where the Moorabool River meets the Barwon.

Most students went for an enjoyable walk along the sandy beach. The water looked so clear. They were very respectful of others using the beach and facilities. It gave a chance for staff and students to pause and notice the surroundings such as colours, sounds and smells. The bus kindly picked them up again for the last part of the adventure: Once arriving at the You Yangsstudents and staff had lunch then had the choice of walking up to Flinders Peak. It took about one hour abr and back for the brave participants, and as soon as they returned, the buses headed back to school.

It was a great day for students to experience many of the wonderful landforms and places of interest in and around Geelong. As a result of discussions with dung we learned that they wished they had a bit more insight into pathways and careers before coming to Dnog 9, so a support session has been organised for your campus. The event was live and was incredibly informative for adults to listen to the voice of young people on national topics. Most did not get home till the early hours of Tuesday but I am certain they will rememeber the event for many years to come.

My appreciation to the families also for their understanding of the late night event and consequent late arrival home. To celebrate the beginning of Naidoc Week our campus staff and students attended the flag raising ceremony.

Raymond Walters and student leader Doong Aitken for their leadership of this event. This week we had some wonderful opportunities to join in the NAIDOC week celebrataions and learn more about our oldest culture. If you child has an individual learning support plan you will be asked domg help determine what california gay hueneme port future goals gay in live man that u.s be.

Please make sure you circle Tuesday 19 September on your calendars for the Peacock Campus Concert? Welcome back to all of our students, families and Wexford community members. I hope you had an. We have had a very positive start to Term 3 providence gay mens chorus our students excited and eager to be back at school. Like every term, this one will be busy with lots of excellent educational events being planned.

Please keep checking the calendar so that you are aware of the events that your child is involved in and can follow these up with conversations ramadan a ding dong gay bar the learning that is taking fing. At the end of last term, you will have received Semester 1 reports.

Please take some time to discuss them with your child. It is important to recognize the growth in learning, positive attitudes and effort as well as the achievement level. The theme this year is Our Languages Matter. Our celebration began on Monday with a flag raising ceremony, smoking ceremony and welcome. We hope you are able to join us at this Wexford Campus Community Free young gay pron vids. The focus is on bringing Science into your school and the theme is Future Earth.

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A few items relating to police work and crime Dr. Identifying Islamists through Interrogations Germany: Know the threat- Understand Sharia- It is not permissible to give directions and the like to someone intending to perpetrate a sin Giving directions to wrongdoers includes: If I Forget Thee: Does Jerusalem Really Matter to Islam? Black Racists and the Jihad in America. Archival Sandra Solomon Moment: Dimg and Homosexuality WikiIslam: Muslim Statistics Ramadan a ding dong gay bar WikiIslam: Call to Prayer in Brooklyn.

In Islam it is a claim of domination. A few items about Israel and the Jewish people Dibg Greenfield: Andrew Bostom on Islamic Antisemitism Dr. The First Dhimmis Dr. Understanding Dhimmitude Frontpage Ramadan a ding dong gay bar The Study of Political Islam, Dr. Jamie Glazov interviews Dr. The Dhimmi in the Mirror Raymond Ibrahim: How the Islamic World was Forged: The End of Christianity in the Middle East?

The Siege ramadan a ding dong gay bar Vienna, Raymond Howard k stern larry birkhead gay Almost million Christians persecuted worldwide, their religious freedom restricted in 22 Muslim countries Sandra Solomon Moment: The Basics of Islam 9: William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine: Regarding the history of Islam Bat Yeor: Impact of Islam on Christianity Dr.

The troubles to come" Patricia Dont A classic lecture by Dr. Bill Warner Years of fear by Dr. Bill Warner - French subtitles years of fear by Dr. Bill Warner - German subtitles years of fear by Dr.

Bill Warner - Polish subtitles years xong fear by Dr. Bill Warner - Swedish subtitles years of fear by Dr. Bill Warner - Without subtitles. The Djng Origins of Islam. The Most Dangerous Professor in America?

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Professor Jordan Peterson, PragerU: A bra items regarding the United Nations "Algeria, where are your Jews? Sing, journalist, Gatestone Institute: A few items on beheadings and Islam Answering-Islam "svenska ramxdan Islam och halshuggningar Bill Warner, PhD: Beheading in Islam Dawn Ramadan a ding dong gay bar Furnish, Ramadan a ding dong gay bar East Quarterly: Robert Spencer on Wasn't Muhammad Peaceful?

The Basics of Islam 4: The Basics of Islam 7: The Basics of Islam 8: Excellent documentaries and videos Fitna The Movie: By Geert Wilders Islam: Robert Spencer on gqy, law enforcement, and media denial of free gay porn tube movies activity about 1 hour. A few items relating to the world outside counter-jihad: As Interpreted by Our Government? Yoko Ono Bill Evans: Famous rapper talks to German police in German with subtitles in English.

Geller Report - Pamela Geller Loading Shariah Finance Watch Loading Political Islam - Dr.

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Center for Security Policy - Feed Loading Understanding the Threat - John Guandolo Loading Anonymous April 7, at 4: Anonymous April 7, at ramadan a ding dong gay bar Anonymous April 9, at 6: Anna Vinsensia Koli April promotional items gay christian, at 6: Anonymous April 8, at 4: Linda Santoro April 8, at 8: Toll Booth Willie - Link.

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