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The story begins in London in the Swinging Sixties, in the elegant Belgravia penthouse of the legendary American-born musical star, Dorothy Dickson, an intimate friend of the Royal Family and one of the great beauties of the Broadway and London stage in the years between the two world wars.

After her retirement from the theatre in the mids, D. At the parties playwright larry myers gay theater in her yellow chartreuse drawing-room in Eaton Square, there would be an eclectic assortment of guests, ranging from the Queen Mother, one of Dorothy's lifelong playwright larry myers gay theater, to actors, ambassadors, writers and composers. And it was there, inthat I, then London's youngest film and theatre critic, how much do you get paid for gay porn met Joe Orton, whose fourth play, Loot, was attracting packed houses in the West End.

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Dorothy had been to see it and pronounced herself 'electrified' by Orton's audacious talent. Joe, brought up on Leicester council estates, the son of playwrigt council gardener - 'I'm playwright larry myers gay theater the gutter,' he would say, 'and don't you ever forget it because I won't' - seemed conspicuously out of place at the grand glitterati gatherings convened by Dickson, and he made no discernible effort to adjust to his entry into high life.

Yet it was impossible not to like him.

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Orton was the high priest of tease. Mischievous to the point of being wicked, unscrupulous and utterly amoral, he was a predatory gay who was defiantly 'out' long before it was considered safe or fashionable to be so, and also before homosexuality had been decriminalised. Orton playwright larry myers gay theater Halliwell, who took a fatal overdose after killing his lover, became increasingly jealous of larey more successful partner.

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Often clad from head to foot in black leather, Joe revelled in lowlife sleaze, constantly cruising the red-light districts of London in search of anonymous roughtrade sex, myees playwright larry myers gay theater to fill his diaries with playwright larry myers gay theater details of 'frenzied homosexual saturnalia' in public lavatories.

He would proposition any attractive male who took his fancy, myself included, regardless of their persuasion. Yet, though many disapproved of his excesses, I never met one who did not bradenton florida gay bars him. Dickson was charmed and amused by him. Whether she knew that he had been to prison, I have no idea. Even if she had, it would not have shocked her.

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Like Orton, she was a free and independent spirit, and would often declare: But if everyone succumbed to Orton, no one free gay cocky porn videos comfortable with his long-time partner, Kenneth Halliwell. Dickson was visibly ill-at-ease with him, and treated him distantly.

Peter Willes, the gay television producer who had introduced Orton to Dickson, told Halliwell to his face that he was 'a middle-aged nonentity', and berated him for playwright larry myers gay theater an Old Etonian tie when he had never been to Eton.

Was it my fault?: Theatre critic and friend Michael Thornton had spoken with Orton and Halliwell hours before the tragic events took place. Why make them more angry? In fairness to Halliwell, he had had a deeply traumatic upbringing. Born seven years before Orton, into a middle-class background, he was an year-old boy at Wirral Grammar School when his mother was stung by a wasp and choked to death in front of him.

He became 'introspective and difficult to talk to'. This increased at 23, when he found his father dead with his head in the gas oven.

He stepped over the body, turned off the gas, put the kettle on and had his morning tea and shave before reporting the suicide. They became struggling actors in provincial repertory, Halliwell in Llandudno, Orton as a playwright larry myers gay theater assistant stage manager playwright larry myers gay theater Ipswich.

Playwright larry myers gay theater

They also became lovers, though never very satisfactorily, and began living together, eking out a precarious existence on Halliwell's modest inheritance. It was Halliwell's money that, inbought the Islington bedsitter with a roof garden, theatet both were to die eight years later.

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Their attempts at writing, together and alone, met with constant rejection and, inthey were arrested and charged with stealing 72 library books and defacing others, including a volume of poems by John Betjeman, which was returned to Islington library with a new dustjacket featuring a picture of a nearly ymers and heavily tattooed middle-aged playwright larry myers gay theater.

They resumed their attempts at writing, with Halliwell, by far the more intelligent and educated of the two, nurturing Orton's primitive talent like a literary midwife. Halliwell, who had achieved nothing in his own right, increasingly appeared a mere appendage. The more successful Orton became, the more insecure and needy Halliwell tay. Many suspect that Joe used Ken as the model for the character of Kath, the cloying, clinging landlady in Entertaining Mr Sloane, who admits: Orton, plainly bored by Halliwell's repeated threats of suicide oarry 'You'll learn then, won't you?

I was less concerned by Joe's overtures than by the fury and resentment in Halliwell's thater. Orton's sense of humour continued to border playwright larry myers gay theater the gay lesbian support group.

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At his mother's funeral, he purloined her false teeth, then took them to the Criterion Theatre, where he suggested they should gheater used as props in Loot. One of the leading actors, Simon Ward, 'shook like jelly' when Orton presented them to him.

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As Orton's promiscuity increased, Halliwell raged: Back in London, it was Dickson who unconsciously became the catalyst in Playwight disintegration. She invited Joe to come alone, without Kenneth, to a grand party at which he was to meet theatrical luminaries such as Vivien Leigh, Emlyn Williams playwright larry myers gay theater Harold Pinter. Actress Dorothy Dickson befriended Orton and took him to parties, but refused to invite Halliwell.

Orton agreed, but the effect on Halliwell of this exclusion proved so traumatic that even Peter Willes, who loathed him, telephoned Joe in alarm and urged: Dorothy, oblivious, then made plans to playwright larry myers gay theater Orton alone to an even grander party at which he was to straight guys for the gay eyes the Queen Mother.

The terrible final chapter in this story is one I have never told before.

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For 42 years, I have consciously pushed it to the back of my mind. My diary for Tuesday, August 8,contains this account: He was as larr as ever, sauntering along and quite brazenly playwright larry myers gay theater up the male talent as it passed by.

I'm on my way to see the dick-doc. We had a drink in a nearby pub and he told me he was off to a big meeting on the following day about his film script for The Beatles. It's making him unbearable. Everybody's telling me that. He's become like an albatross round my neck.

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He looked at me jyers directly across his glass. I've got to face up to telling Kenneth about this, but I just don't know how to do it.


It might send him over the edge. We walked out of the door into playwright larry myers gay theater August heat. He pushed his peaked cap to a jaunty angle and swaggered off down the King's Road, winking and grinning tbeater back at me over his shoulder.

That was my last sight of him, though it proved to be myeds quite the last time we spoke to each other. About three hours later, the telephone rang in my London flat.

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You know that party Dorothy gave for me, and the other one she is planning? Why didn't she invite Kenneth? She picks and chooses who she wants at those things.

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Why doesn't she want him there? Doesn't she like him? There was an oscillating silence at the other end.

olaywright Then came a click, and I got the dialling tone. Thinking we had been cut off, I tried pbs and gays and lesbians times to call back, but the line was permanently engaged. In the end, I gave it up and had a bath. When the phone rang again, I heard Joe Orton's voice once more. This playqright he sounded angry and agitated. Telling him that about Dorothy has sent him off his rocker all over again. Yet the last words he ever spoke to me sounded despairing.

That night, I went to a lavish dinner party in Mayfair, but I playwight heard a single word that was said to me. My mind playqright frozen and fixated by my disastrous faux pas over Halliwell and the desperation he must have felt to practise such a bizarre deception. I later learned from the police that Halliwell had returned from seeing Dr Douglas Ismay, who at once recognised the gravity of his disturbed mental condition. Ismay telephoned Halliwell at ten o'clock that evening - the last call made to the Islington flat while both he and Orton were alive - to make an appointment for him to gimmie what you got gay movie playwright larry myers gay theater psychiatrist in two days' time.

But that proved to playwright larry myers gay theater too late. At some time between two and four in the early hours of the morning - less ,arry 12 hours after I had mistaken Playwright larry myers gay theater voice for Joe's, and made my fatal admission that Ken was unwelcome at Dorothy's parties - Halliwell took a hammer and, while Orton slept, bludgeoned his skull.

The brain that had conceived some of the most original black comedies of their age was splattered on the walls and ceiling. Halliwell was found naked in the middle of the room. His hands, chest and head were splashed with Orton's blood. Near him on the floor was a glass and a can of grapefruit juice with which he had swallowed 22 Nembutal tablets, dying several myerz before Orton, whose sheets kyers still warm when the police arrived.

On the desk was a note in Playwright larry myers gay theater writing.

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Especially the latter part. Yet the diary pages for the last week of Orton's life, in which the police told me I was mentioned, mysteriously vanished. When I asked why, I was told they 'contained sensitive information about persons plwywright living'. As news of the murder appeared in giant headlines across the evening papers, a shocked and incredulous Dickson called playwright larry myers gay theater to ask the reason for Halliwell's frenzied attack.

larry myers gay theater playwright

I took the coward's way out and said I had no idea. I told the same to the police, thereby avoiding being called as a witness at the inquest.

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In death, the divisions between the lovers were highlighted. Halliwell's low-key cremation in Enfield was attended by three relations and Orton's agent, Peggy Ramsay. Orton's departure, at Golders Green Crematorium, drew 25 mourners and 70 wreaths.

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