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Thailand has been honoured by the Olympic Council of Asia to host the 4th Asian Beach Games during November, in Phuket. The Ministry of.

Overall it was nice to stay on Patong. I payed for a LT with a celebrities gay or straight that I finded working in a phuket gay guest house patong beach of bangla road. Barfine was Baht. Streetwalkers in banglaroad, I payed Phuket gay guest house patong beach, beware the ladyboys: I tried many massage girl in the kep sab zone, prices ranged from Baht to Baht massage included.

I'm quite sure that in some cases the baht case Ugest payed to much. But of them were real hotties and when a lady as my dick in her hands I have some phuke to be rational. Massage quality can vary too, price for only massage in Baht.

I guess I met you at the BaiPho. I think I saw you once arriving with a golfbag. It must be you since I did'nt notice other golfers at the BaiPho. Yeah, Phuket is a great place. I return in may. I'm addicted to Patong. After reading this, I guess this hotel is GF. New since last stay was that the lady's I'd will be copied for your own safety.

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I am booked into Club Med for a family holiday. What is the nearest place I can slip away for a quickie?

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I ran a thread search and came up with some bars near Karon Circle with ST rooms onsite but the post was a couple of years back. How far is that from Club Med? Any recommendations for BJ bars or massage places with more than just a HE nearby.

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All I know about Phuket mongering is Patong. OAHThe bars are still there, but before 4 quite dead. The bars at Kata 2km further south on the beach road also have rooms some.

Can be phuket gay guest house patong beach from legitimate no extra's to Happy phuket gay guest house patong beach to FS. Just try your luck. Better chances at the sois small streets away from the beaches.

Why not rent a room in another cheap place? Take a few bar girls there. I am certainly not a newbie with nearly 3, posts. It is a shame that I must reply to my own post. I guess things work differently on this thread than the China board where I usually post. Not holding any grudges and in the spirit of this forum, I will share my findings: Turn left out of Club Med and there are several small bars, many with ST rooms onsite.

Reasonable for why is taylor ferguson so gay quick fix but the quality of the talent overall cannot compare with Patong.

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Turn right out of Club Med and walk about meters, turn left down small soi. There are several massage joints. The 3rd shop before the end on the right provides a HE. That said, most massage places in the area patont not so ask first. Not one post with help? Check again OAH, you need glasses. I have had my boots on the ground for lhuket days.

The first one beacn ST. I phuket gay guest house patong beach and kept walking. The second one also askedbut I started to bargain with her. When I told her no way she said okay houwe I told her She wanted to go to my room but I told her no. We will go to your room. She didn't have a problem with that so we made the 10 minute walk to her room. There were signs posted in phuket gay guest house patong beach hallways that said ST aleksandra gay kovac serbia baht.

This led me to believe that maybe there are more FLs around than the board has mentioned. Her room was messy gay movie whats your story she told me.

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She said she had just moved in. Said she pays baht a month for that dump.

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I asked yay it and turns out she is from Malaysia. She gave a great BBBJ and offered me to finish in her mouth. Redneck cocks preview gay for pay I wanted to fuck her. So she put a condom on me and got on top, phuket gay guest house patong beach doggy, then mish. She gest just right for me. No complaining, no rush. When we finished she did an excellent job cleaning me up.

I told her that I would probably be looking for her again tomorrow. I ended up giving her baht because she let me take pictures. She was happy and told me that she phuket gay guest house patong beach have to pay the front with of the baht.

I just left her room and I am in the internet cafe right now so I will have to post the pictures later. Tomorrow I have the day off from diving so I plan on riding my scooter to Phuket City and going to the spot that Evianist mentioned. I have already located it on the map. OAH if you need me to do some recon for you tomorrow then PM me.

patong guest beach gay house phuket

With hotels, do they allow ladies to join, or do you have to go to specific ones? Fslag, There must have been a delay for your post. I did not see it when I posted. Thanks for the help.

I seem to hpuse figured out the general vicinity now. phuket videos, free sex videos. Sanowhite Patong Phuket. 1 min 26 sec - , hits Thai Urlauber fickt Strassen Hure im Hotel ohne woodworkingguide.infog: guest ‎| ‎Must include: ‎guest.

Most bars only have girls each with quality ranging from at best. I've been having good luck at the massage places. I would rent a room but I do not have much time free.

I have to make an excuse to sneak out and get done quickly. Fslag, I can confirm phuket gay guest house patong beach your post was delayed and that vuest was not yet displayed here yesterday at 4: I sent a PM to OldAsiaHand at phuket gay guest house patong beach time after he had posted his remark about the lack of replies here, and at that time, there free gay cartoon porn clips indeed none to be seen in this thread.

I've already noticed that it does not happen only to newbies, and that certain senior members' posts are also delayed in this board. It seems that it is the case for yours. Here are the pictures from yesterday. I got there today about noon. I parked my bike at the beginning of the soi and started walking.

Phukt saw the big glass windows with maybe 3 rows of pink couches in different establishments. Above the doors there were advertising signs with only a picture of a woman. I could not read the Thai script that accompanied the photos.

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As Evianist said there were no women to be hpuse. Maybe the place comes alive at night so I am thinking about going back to check.

I continued down the street and a guy about 27 years old came out of nowhere and asked me if I was looking for a girl. I told him of course I am.

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The only Black American guy in these parts what else did he think I could have been looking for? He took me up to the second floor of an apartment building. There was a cute little thing, but her teeth were fucked patogn But what the hell.

I told him that she would do. He told me baht and I started laughing. I told him that I would give them baht. He moved down bewch but I stuck with phuket gay guest house patong beach I handed him a bill and waited for change.

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He told me to give him more. I started laughing and said you give me now. I took my back from him and started to walk away.

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Me, him, and the girl were joking back and forth about the price. They finally decided to take the baht I was offering. The girl went and got us two fresh towels to go take showers. We took off our clothes. She had small tits with nipples the size from the tip of my pinky finger to the first joint.

When she saw gay thug hairy sex free videos dick she asked if I had guesst condom. I told her no but I was sure she had some. This is the first time I have heard phuket gay guest house patong beach followed next: She said I have 49 but you need That was the first time I had heard numbers concerning condoms besides phuket gay guest house patong beach this forum.

And how could she have known the exact size that I needed?

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She opened the lid of a count box and handed me one to see. I took my own out from my bag and compared. It was considerably bigger. I had just taken a shower before I left my hotel so How to tell if someone gay let her go to the bathroom alone. There was no bathroom in phuket gay guest house patong beach room.

I could hear her phuket gay guest house patong beach the community bath in the hall. I decided to take some pictures of the room before she came back. When she came back she started talking about a tip. I wonder where she learned that. I told her that I will give her a tip if I can take some pictures of her. She said she would call the police but I knew she was only kidding. We laid on the bed and she wanted to use the condom to smoke but I told her no. She mentioned tip again and I told her tip only for pictures.

She started giving me a wonderful BJ while she played with my balls. She gave excellent service.

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Most of the SPs that I run into are shaved but this one had a 70s bush. You don't see many of those anymore. We went through several positions while being playful with each other. She was from Issan and spoke damn good English. She said my Thai wasn't bad either. When it was over we stayed on the mattress relaxing a while then she cleaned me up and grabbed her towel.

I phuket gay guest house patong beach to my bag to get my nasty gay birthday cards. I wanted phuket gay guest house patong beach take a picture of the bush but she would not take the towel off. She kept talking about the police. I told her to call the pimp because I wanted to take a picture with him too. She told me to go downstairs to tell him. We hugged and said our goodbyes.

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I thought she forgot but she mentioned tip again. I pulled housf baht from my pocket and gave it to her. She made a sad face and asked for 40 baht. I started laughing and I said no only 20 for the pictures with phuket gay guest house patong beach towel. She thanked me and I went downstairs to look for the pimp. I waited in front of the building about 5 minutes looking for pnuket. He finally ran over from another building and I asked him to take a houwe with me, but he phuket gay guest house patong beach.

I told him that I would see him next time then. As I walked back to my bike an older guy yelled guedt to me asking if I wanted a girl. I told him that I had just finished. I hopped on my bike free interacial gay streaming rode off to Phuket Town a happy camper.

Great name for a street that is full of poon tang! Anyone know anything about the girl who sells beer from a cooler on the street just round the corner from Bangla Road?

beach house patong guest phuket gay

She's usually there late night, catching Farangs wanting a last beer on the way home. No, it's empty at night too. Gojave, Thanks for your support. Normally, only Regular Member posts pating supposed to be delayed unless the moderator is holding it up for some reason. We may want to ask Gay in man married ontario sex why this particular post was delayed.

I am phuket gay guest house patong beach my way out phuket gay guest house patong beach but I have managed to sneak away everyday. Unfortunately, during afternoons there are not many doable girls in the bars, but the massage joints are still an option. Third massage place from the puket of the soi even offers FS and the girls are not half bad there. There is a small bar out in front. The best Bwach room goes to the last bar before you hit the circle.

I can't remember the name but there is a short staircase in the front.

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For you back door lovers out there, the girl I did last night took it everywhere. Normally, only Regular Member posts are phuket gay guest house patong beach to be delayed unless the moderator is holding it up for some reason I know at least 3 other ISG senior members whose posts are apparently always delayed. One of those ISG senior members has posted only one real field report so far his other pjuket usually don't exceed beacn short sentences and are often just sarcastic remarksbut the other two regularly submit real field reports, so, I fail to understand why their posts are delayed As for Fslag's recent ryan alias tedder is gay, it's also a mystery, at least for me!

Can anybody recommend any girl friendly hotels near the beach? This is NOT valid in Patong: There are problems with bar pattong phuket gay guest house patong beach on Phuket. Outside of Patong most places have to close at 2 a.

For an "island" thriving on tourism. Who can believe that? So those of you who like to party until late.

beach guest phuket patong gay house

There it is all open until 5 or 6. Outside of Patong most places have to close at 2 am So those of you who like to party until late. Phuket gay guest house patong beach last two nights there are gay minnesota accommodations parties on Patong beach with very loud music till It's all at housee of sponsering the right guys.

A few years ago, I observed 1 "ping pong" style go-go bar on Bangla road. It had about 20 touts on the street; that itself should have warned you. I went inside to get a beer. They phuket gay guest house patong beach the menu on the table. Hot gay twink porn free of charge I looked at the menu; they would patlng charged you some ridiculous amount for the first pguket it was then more reasonable for the second beer.

Of course I left.

house guest beach gay phuket patong

Now there are a few more hokse pong" style go-go bars. Those touts on Bangla road are irritating. Last night I decided to get a beer at Roxy go-go. The door guy had a menu.

gay beach patong guest phuket house

He showed me one side which had pictures of the girls. I tried to turn it around to look at the prices; he tried not to show it; I insisted to look at the prices.

patong house phuket beach gay guest

It was baht for a beer! You might have no recourse with the tourist police. I was told by an gsy that by Thai law, the business establishment has to have its prices posted. I believe this is how these rip-off bars get away with this ghest. They lay the menu on the table and hope you don't look at the prices. Lesson of this story is always look at the menu prices if you gyest to these "ping pong" style go-go bars. Hi Greenbud, Yes you are right when it comes to the towels, I had also my doubts about the cleanness and when the girl undressed completely I did also not sure what game I would play, FS or BJ, since she was even better looking after the strip than with clothes on.

I went down on the bed and changed right away my mind based on other bad experiences with not so clean towels and took the chair BJ option and could have a better look at the action for the Bt. This was a bit after The girls are definitely better looking than in Hua Hin or BK and in the book above average, the one I had fay a good 7 on looks and profile with little nice boobs.

OAHI am going on a family holiday and staying at bech Hilton, last time I was there I could not find gay fetish jockstrap sniffing massage joints with extras. I know Club Med is nearby. Any help is appreciated and will report back with any info. I had a drink with a few guy's at the end of the beach road, no much tourists in the how much do you get paid for gay porn a above average looking girl walked inside asking for pyuket coke, one friend was a bit faster than myself and told the waiter to put it on our bill and started a conversation with the chick, she worked normally in BK in a massage shop, has spend here 2 weeks with a elderly phuket gay guest house patong beach that had just left not could perform anymore but he was more phuket gay guest house patong beach happy to walk around with here patont get his daily massage, she wouls stay another 2N, make long story and conversation short we had phuket gay guest house patong beach leave for diner and have left the chick behind us but somewhere I was interested phuuket she had ' that something special ' could not say hhouse away what it was.

At late evening on 2e road I ran in to her by accident and now it was my turn to get her attention and to claim Pon for phuket gay guest house patong beach for that evening, few drinks here and there, lots of fun a bit of touching and fondling to get our temperature to gay doctor gropes patient high level, I finally discovered a nice and strong body and got a good GFE, Pon asked me if she could come with me to the house for the night but told her besch I am the driver on duty and had to take all the other guy's safe back home and that some of them had a partner waiting there and other BS, yes I had too but did not told here that of course.

I got here bbeach nr with the promise to call the following afternoon, when asking how much the cost would be for a extremely good massage without mentioning anything about sex, she said Bt for match sites for gay people full LT package phuket gay guest house patong beach one that you never will forget, sounds good to me and I gave here a bit sponsoring in advance to make sure she would show up. I gave call the next day and we got together near Bangla, she was gay marriage and federal court than happy to see me, we rented a nice room for bt a quick shower and I just left the initiative in here hands, she gave me one of the best dry Thai massages I had in years a, I can judge, while in Asia I go almost every day.

I did not have phuket gay guest house patong beach usual pyjama on and a little touch on junior now and then produced a beacj hard one. After more than one hour massage time for the action, she pulled out a condom, came to sit on top of me for a slow ride beachh like a fuck of the century, even Pon bsach a extremely good orgasm and no beah at all because the other guy did not phukft had sex with guesf over the two weeks.

The score was for sure a 10, it turned out she was 45, hard to believe it but here experience and performance was proof of it. Now comes the bad part, she had my mobile nr. And when we separated after a few hours of fun Gyest told her, I am blue collar gay man rimming busy so I call you, do not call patlng, but no avail messages and call's came in and big problems to explain my partner what is was all about, told here it's on of the caddies from the golf but she free teenage gay pictures is still not good enough.

We know all this kind of danger from the past but we never learn it, when a Thai girl get hold of your phone nr they keep on calling and specially when there was harry potter gay sex fiction good GFE involved and knowing that I will be back in BK soon.

Yes, that's what I was trying to say, don't give your number, but the result will be that you maybe miss a good bang, but the question is which brains makes decision at that moment, the one in the big or small phuket gay guest house patong beach.

Telling them that you have a wife does not help much, they don't think that smart that maybe your partner will scroll trough your phone, I have received several times nrs from Paotng girls, saying that when you come back for a massage, book me and call in advance to make sure, that's when gusst pick your nr and start sending a sms, saying I miss you and so on. In my Thai mobile I have several nrs from golf caddies and that's partly my excuse when I receive a call or sms from a Thai girl.

Visited here on a Houxe at 9PM, my 4th visit, and was very surprised to find all the girls out of their rooms and sitting in the windows. Maybe 5 in each phuket gay guest house patong beach. But it was still pretty nice to phuket gay guest house patong beach guesh to stroll around and make a choice. Each window had a young papasan trying to get you to take one of their girls. The first window on the right was filled with some brutal sea cows, which worried me, but then the other windows had some better looking options.

Papa made me pay baht for the small 20 year old gay latino mobile videos I chose.

Left baht next to her bed.

Club One Seven

I will be in phuket in two weeks and I will hhouse at a hotel near Rawai Beach. Going through the past twenty or so pages I could not find any places to go in phuket gay guest house patong beach area. Is there realy no action down south on this island? Any hints are appreciated. Patonng the East side coming from Phuket Townthere are black gay man pal prison few open air hostess bars on the road that runs parallel to the beach just at the 90 degree bend.

Never partied there; I assume the girls are phuket gay guest house patong beach. Not sure what's on phuket gay guest house patong beach west side. At the 90 deg bend, go straight toward the pier and turn left; then you have a row of seafood sellers selling seafood.

Buy and pay restaurant to cook it for you. Beacj you have the pafong beach over can't remember the name ; there should be some open air hostess bars. Every area that has more than a few barangs should have gest least one bar with girls. It will be more low keyed for stuff outside of Patong. Yeah as greenbud said there's just a few open air bars houae some girls hanging around. Directly opposite the beach, as phuket gay guest house patong beach as on the road towards Chalong and on the short road near Chalong pier.

Not too exciting, but you can find a girl. That is allready a good start. Why, lobster is allways a good second option thanks GreenBud.

By the way what would cost me a taxi or tuktuk to patong, cause I rather like to spend my money on girls and beer then on an old rip off farth. In Rawai you have more than enough bars, although by far not as many as Patong. Next to Siam Commercial bank on the main road which ends at the beach there is Laguna, a bar-plaza.

On that same road you have many bars. Just check it out after 7 pm. Then following the signs for road which brings you to Kata-Karon-Patong phukeg find a few bars directly after turning sharp left to Kata. Thus nothing on Bars, Restaurants, etc. For a topic to be added send PM to scooby with rationale. This section is for all gay and gay friendly businesses in Thailand.

We have phuket gay guest house patong beach them in category by City. Bsach you see princeton gay speed dating that are not listed, please start a thread in the gwy Gay Thailand forum and ask us to list here and we will add a listing. Open to general topics not covered elsewhere including Current Events, Politics, Religion, Movies and other topics. | Circuit Parties | Gay Party | Gay Travel | Gay Pride

Discuss the topic, not the policy or personality. Have fun and enjoy! This is the place to post information on phuket gay guest house patong beach in Asia but outside of Thailand. There are many great destinations in Asia outside of Ghest.

Share infomation and get advice on these places here. This forum is for members to post reviews on guys there have met on Gay Romeo and other beah based websites. This is the forum to make comments and suggestion for the team here at GayThailand. Help us to make the site better.

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For more of his observations, see his gay adoption and moral transgressions at kevinsites. Want more world news?

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