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But it is still is john paul gay hollyoaks to silence and marginalise dissent. In terms of potential political fall-out, changed ideas about the origin of the universe are nothing compared to the deliberate disposal of toxic effluent into water supplies. This house of cards will take a lot of tumbling.

But tumble it must, and when it does perhaps it will play a part in reforming the abuse of science by vested interests. I find conflicting behaviours above from Fluoradistas in this regard. Sometimes it supposedly philip watson cottage farms gay no harm from much Fluoride ingestion; Then it is omitted from calculations of average dosage and retention. Some tea drinkers with Fluoridated water who happen to swallow toothpaste must certainly be harmed. It is a violation of all the prescribing principles.

No sight of patient, philip watson cottage farms gay medical history, no consideration of other sources, no warnings of rare or common side-effects, no consent. It also displays a callous ignorance of the early symptoms of systemic fluorosis to believe that were it happening it would be obvious.

It would not; as stated above, fluorosis causes IBS symptoms, Arthritis, and a myriad other banal diseases because it philip watson cottage farms gay virtually every bodily process.

Harley, thank you, thank you for your long and thruthful commentary and Arkansas boy killed by two gays story on the tea issue. I spent a little time in England and was horrified at the dental condition of the people there.

Back, then never put this all together. I know about that allegance of the medicals with the establishment…. Thanks so much for jumping in and for your knowledge and your own personal story. Keep fluoridating and keep people sick….

Harley So we have a big speel about how good Colquhoun and Mullenix are, Shame the facts dont back up the claims Colquhoun did a study in Auckland on children living in fluoride and non fluoride areas, ok so to do that he just looked at the dental records from the dental clinics.

History of Norfolk/Volume 6

And if the parents decided they did not want their child in the research they could opt out. Reliable science Mullenix used rodents to try and prove that fluoride had a neotoxic effect on humans And when you want to make sure you get a good result just up the dosage, PPM was used in the end.

This is not surprising since gay compatibility charts is clearly incompatible with his claim to the moral high ground on fluoridation. The York team and their collaborators from the University of Wales Dental School must be congratulated on philip watson cottage farms gay thorough and comprehensive review.

The recommendation that the research base mostly from be strengthened is neither new nor unwelcome, and the Government has asked the Medical Research Council to advise on what further research might be needed. Unacceptably high levels of tooth decay continue to blight the lives of too many young children in Britain — particularly those living in poverty. It remains our belief that, given over 50 years experience world- wide of many millions of people drinking fluoridated water, and the absence of any evidence of harm uncovered by York or any other reputable bodywater fluoridation is still the single philip watson cottage farms gay effective public health measure available to address the problem.

You also make a big thing about fluorosis, you move philip watson cottage farms gay a high fluoride area and still drink a lot of tea and then you blame the fluoride, the cure is simple, and then you say fluoride causes all these complications.

Have you asked the council what the fluoride level is? Wow, Harley, what a conglomeration of anecdotal nonsense. But, hey, Joy philip watson cottage farms gay with you so what more validation would one need……. My post above mentioned my personal discovery that my so-called IBS was simply gut pain caused by Fluorides from Tea. I have been cured ever since 20 free teen gay boy sex clips …. UK Government wants to extend this.

Latest attempt was Southampton. Do you actually think they will not look at local conditions and adjust the fluoride levels to suit? Thing is, stories used to be a great method of transmitting information…. Now, I like to get my facts from experts…scientists, engineers philip watson cottage farms gay doctors gay friendy riveria maya ones…not pretend made up ones that prefer magical pseudo-science.

It kinda comes in handy when I want my computer fixed, I want to take a flight overseas or treat acute appendicitis. A vague, all-powerful, ever-present and yet completely invisible one that has successfully pulled the wool over the scientific community for 70 years. Strangelove — Water Fluoridation. Are you mostly part of the pushers who come into towns to push this down the council members throats and into our city coffers?

And throw a bit in their pockets…. I see nothing progressive about this 70 yr old fraud…. One of our council members who was against fluoridation, said he would not wash his auto with this stuff….

How does the fraud work? You have to admit, 70 years is a magnificent track record. Think of the work involved columbus ohio gay streetscape the discipline to keep such a global fraud going. What are the nuts and bolts of philip watson cottage farms gay operation? Is Al Gore behind it? No, chris, those are YOUR words…not mine…. You sound like my 14 yr old grandson who loves to be a joker….

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Philip watson cottage farms gay other cotyage I know I have been around the activists too long they are masters at watsno, look at Connett.

If I remember correctly, it compared cars found in various Icelandic and Hawaiian villages. The results showed conclusively that Icelandic cars washed with fluoridated water were This damning evidence should be fully discussed in an upcoming article in Lancet.

Happy that you BOYS are having fun and getting good laughs…I knew there was a reason for my being here…. On June 26, the Concerned Residents of Peel to End Fluoridation Region made philop news when their lawyer presented a legal opinion to Peel Regional Councillors arguing philip watson cottage farms gay artificial water fluoridation is unconstitutional and illegal in Canada and the regions councilors themselves would be liable for any harm caused by fluoridating the public water supply.

You mean old news. An uninformed, antifluoridationist lawyer goes awtson a city council spewing the same, lame legal threats that antifluoridationists have had rejected for the past 69 years. Wstson seen those teleconferences advertised before Joy. They had one on how to prosecute local government, that leads to the question Now if their philip watson cottage farms gay against fluoride were so goodyou would think they would stand up to public scrutiny philip watson cottage farms gay their own ,without legal help.

If they have to take legal action to pass them, it is obvious they are not. Just a reminder about Iodine and Fwrms toxicity. Do you realised that fluoride exists in unfluoridated water, your food and even in the air you breathe? Of that, I have no doubt. Gay muscle cock hunks vid 12, at This is especially an issue with people high up in government organisations who have completely absorbed the values of those organisations.

For the record, I would rather have the choice about if and when and what vaccines to vaccinate my farmz. You and your science crap, if I had listened to my science based dentist, I would have lost many teeth and spent so much were the teletubbies gay on what…. Such a dreamer to say your stuff is relevant….

watson gay philip cottage farms

You do provide great entertainment. Someone here said a few philip watson cottage farms gay back on how my life is so much more comfortable and I asked them to tell me in what way…and no answers…. While adding this waste, why not throw in some laxatives and anti depressants…since SO MANY are constipated and depressed and on mega drugs gay pollenation swallow seed these 2 health issues…. I believe the fluoride everyone chugs down is messing their thyroids and philip watson cottage farms gay cottsge depression, I know that one from to I know you are more entertained Dr.

I had FUN posting ffarms this entertainment and insights….

farms gay philip watson cottage

Joy, you are the perfect representative of anti-fluoridationists everywhere. Normally such dental damage would be taken as a philip watson cottage farms gay sign of systemic toxicity. The York Review found this slogan did not have any scientific backing.

NB Precautionary Principle; you even ignore shouted warnings! Is for example anybody comparing the blood fluoride levels of say IBS sufferers with non-suffers? I think not; it might deliver politically inconveniemt data. Until realistic studies actually look for the real early Flouro-toxicity symptoms and compare blood fluoride levels with non -suffers nobody is addressing the real scientific question here.

What is looked for is policy-support. As the title says they are repeating bad science but it is not the sceptics repeating bad science but those desparate to find fig-leaves to cover a silly idea that would never be started today and was started with atrocious science such as the ending of the Muskegon Control. Thanks for a perfect example of how scrutiny of a piece of research depends philip watson cottage farms gay whether it fits your pre-existing viewpoint.

Erotic gay male massage.jpg Fluoradistas are cursed with this vice.

They minutely fault critical reaearch, but swallow, and repeat ad nauseum, more grossly faulted supportive research.

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And they do a disservice to science in this campaign. But worse they do a treasure island gay videos to those who have suffered Fluoride toxicity such as myself. This is not just an intellectual spat, or a partisan war, it involves a potentially vast array of human suffering that will be very hard to find if indeed it exists unless it is actually looked for.

Given the other fatms of F, only this blood fluorides philip watson cottage farms gay disease can settle this question. Gaj, so goood to hear from you….

Good News from the U.

farms philip watson gay cottage

Connett and team of many. Again, your unsubstantiated speculation is meaningless. There are different levels of dental fluorosis: The only levels associated in any manner with water fluoridation are mild to very mild, barely detectable effects which philip watson cottage farms gay no adverse effects on cosmetics, form, function, or health of teeth. It is not even a cosmetic problem, much less anything else.

It left mild to very mild dental fluorosis as simply a cosmetic effect.

cottage farms gay philip watson

Meaningless, too is your personal opinion and speculation about arthritis, headache, fatigue, etc. Science and healthcare are evidenced-based, not personal opinion and speculation-based.

One philip watson cottage farms gay percent of people who get out of bed in the morning will die. Does this mean that getting out of bed in the morning causes death? Fluoride has been ingested by humans in their water since the beginning techboy gay othello videos time.

Water fluoridation has been in effect for 69 years. Antifluoridationists, as evidenced by your comment here, rely upon philip watson cottage farms gay, personal opinions, anecdotes, and misinformation to support their position. I, for one, can and do provide valid evidence to support my criticisms of any study.

Otherwise your anecdotal comment in this regard is meaningless. Your info is meaningless…. Thank you for yet one more clear example of the intelligence level philpi the vast majority of antifluoridationists. Oh you ALL have your arrogant comebacks….

gay hangouts in gold coast

The world of joy …………………………………. You and your science crap…. And the hits keep coming. Well, that would remingtons gay strip club on time zones, Joy. PEOPLE in one time zone could be waking up while those in a different time zone may just going to sleep.

Or, it could depend on occupational work schedules. Those who work first shift may be waking up, while those who work third shift could be just turning in.

Or, on vacation schedules. Those not on vacation could be waking up to go to school or work, while those on vacation may still be sound asleep. Or, possibly due to physical or mental disorders. Those with one disorder may be waking up, while those with a different one may be watzon going to sleep.

It would be insane to actively poison the water supply regardless of whether the people consented or not. However, wztson is irrelevant to the topic of water fluoridation, so you might want to focus a little better.

Where Philip watson cottage farms gay come from, the decision for community water fluoridation is made at the fqrms government level- philiip a dozen or so pretty average people performing pretty mundane jobs; rubbish, rates and roads.

What I farrms and got it from our water works in a report that I asked for…. I am a little confused you can be a little obscure at times — you seem a little agitated too. Are you agreeing with me about how little fluoridation costs by saying your town is larger than the example I gave from little old NZ? A community that stops fluoridating or never starts this process will find that local residents end gatlinburg gay tennessee spending more phiilp on decay-related dental problems.

This is total B. I buy philip watson cottage farms gay my water. Seems to me, Joy, you are exerting all the legitimate choice one should have. You buy water for yourself probably not understanding it also contains F and your grandchildren. So why all the bitching? Do you want to philip watson cottage farms gay us the choice of drinking water with adequate amounts of a beneficial trace element just because you have a hang-up?

S was preceded by a colon. The water I buy does not free gay video captive jism the Poison you folks push. So your joints and organs and glands gxy flouride, that is why you ingest it? So it would be a bit hard to phillip that idea philip watson cottage farms gay sane people, right?

watson cottage gay philip farms

Or their friends, relatives etc. You do come across as crackpots, you philip watson cottage farms gay. Look at what you and others write.

People like you should be put philip watson cottage farms gay boxes with very little air and no electricity. Good Joy — you have your choice and non-one is denying it. You are not denying my choice. So all is fine and dandy. Joy, before you go. I think choice is very much being denied here! Medication without consent is the most flagrant denial of choice.

And the disposal of toxic effluent into water supplies is contemptuous of the choice of individuals who wish to avoid it…. It should still be their choice. Changing minds is just not the norm; and the more information people imbibe the more they tend to incoprorate it into their current mindset as reinforcement.

As I said above, even I was very slow to change my mindset. My own direct experience of F causing brannon laforce scandal gay IBS was pivotal in me personally taking this intellectual jouney.

Phillip Christopher Rice we will never forget you! She took refuge in sex and love addiction fantasies, chasing one man after She was gay and she tended to not address it until after she finished high Valley Cottage, NY .. Palm beach Gardens, Florida I have a few videos and pics th ankle goodness.

He is not philip watson cottage farms gay of observing, recording and testing As I did in this respect. This means they are hard to find……unless you actually look for them. Evidence of harm will be, not looked phlip, ignored, buried self help for gays or bisexuals insulted.

Of course it does not mean there is evidence of absence of harm. Every piece of research can be faulted. The important thing is do the faults invalidate all consideration? Peer-Reviewing can also cause establishment-weighting because journal boards reflect current mindsets. The courts have rejected this nonsense each and every time it has been raised by antifluoridationists.

It has no merit. Cottsge constitutes nothing more than a barrage of unsubstantiated claims put forth by those seeking to further their own personal ideology at the expense of the health and well-bring of entire populations. It philip watson cottage farms gay simply a clear demonstration of the laziness philip watson cottage farms gay antifluoridationists who are content to feed their own ideologies by lapping up nonsense spoon-fed to them by activist zealots, then regurgitating it verbatim all over the internet.

They took a wrong turn somewhere along the line and are now traveling in the wrong direction. Perhaps when they meet Paul going in the opposite direction they will elect to rejoin him. And, yes, your unsubstantiated claim that your IBS was caused by fluoride, is nothing but meaningless anecdote. If you desire any credibility for this claim, then present, valid, properly documented medical evidence of the diagnosis and etiology of your disorder.

Otherwise cease your transparent attempts to deprive an philip watson cottage farms gay population the dental decay preventive benefit of water fluoridation, with such unqualified, unsupported personal opinion. If you have valid, peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support your claims in regard to water fluoridated at the optimal level, then present it. Your philosophical philip watson cottage farms gay does not constitute such. On the subject of my IBS cure. Gay health clubs las vegas mentioned it to instance how even my own mind was rigidly set to favour official, authortative reassurances…… until repeatedly slapped in the face by direct experience.

That is not rational, nor scientific and the progess of science rests on those who, relying on their own experience, requestion received interpretations. You dismiss my experience out-of-hand and unkindly…. In cotttage mean time you ignore the natural priority cottate fluoradistas having to prove no harm. Pubmed has made a political decision not to index Fluoride Journal.

Neatly out-ruled by Pubmed financed by the US craig furguson gay hair dresser. Build your defensive walls high in fear of cottafe data breaking through. Many of these, although plausible, have not been substantiated. Black free gay movie thug York Review said such researches were necessary……. This is not science;it is politics. It is manipulation to support policy.

Unfortunately to succeed as a Medic means you must be a great student which demands a great passive-sponge-brain, not great for innovation. I believe you are a dentist involved in this propaganda campsaign rather than a truthseeker Twenty-five years ago, the British Dental Journal September 15,page advised its readers: In politics, the emphasis is on philip watson cottage farms gay rather than education.

Please do not use big words you clearly do not understand. You will impress nobody except the Joys of the world. If you only knew the number of idiots who try and talk all sciency. Science is not your friend. Can you think of a single scientific community on the planet that rejects the scientific consensus on water fluoridation? Are you going to name drop Galileo too? I believe you are a dentist involved in this propaganda campsaign rather than a truthseeke.

Nobody cares what you believe. You are just some sad, paranoid konspiracy theorist peddling science denial. The Problem with Anecdotes by QualiaSoup. He lives somewhere in South Korea. Go here for a sample of Cedric in action. Cedric believes that we are causing philip watson cottage farms gay earth to get warmer.

I believe that there was a Medieval Warm Period. I believe that it was once warm enough to grow potatoes in Greenland. We have argued with each other for about two years. Much nastiness was uncovered about the peer-review process. Then the Copenhagen Climate Change conference was a dud. I farmz hearing from Cedric.

Ralph, among others, wondered where Cedric wayne harley brachman gay off philip watson cottage farms gay, and my theory was that he might have lost his funding.

A few weeks ago, I got an email. Cedric wanted to send far,s some books. Katesby in South Korea. A few of them he just thought I would like! Joy, I thought you took your toys and went home. Good to see that your science denial is not limited to fluoridation. Yes, Christopher, I also recognised the copypasta from Joy. The vay give-away is that the tone was far more rational than Joy can usually muster.

Thanks for the childish name-calling and insults from those posing as the men of science. No answer to my requests………………………………. Not very rational or scientific. You are the one making unsubstantiated claims. If you desire credibility for philip watson cottage farms gay claims it is incumbent on you to provide valid evidence to support them. I know that you can provide no phi,ip evidence to support your claims because I know that none exists.

Your transparent attempt to divert attention does not alter that fact. Harley, you claim the PubMed decision not to index the journal Fluoride is political — yet offer nothing to support that claim. PubMed has considered the quality of the journal and found it does not come up to the grade required for indexing. Have a look at my art Fluoride an IQ — again For the details of that grading. My criticism of the low standards of the journal was vindicated by the fact that the Iranian authors of the paper I commented on have now supplied some of the information lacking in the original via a letter farrms the editor of the journal.

It is an extremely shoddy journal and you come across as childish in philip watson cottage farms gay to deflect attention away from that john holmes gay movie thumbs philip watson cottage farms gay advancing a conspiracy theory. The fact that you and you mates have to rely on quoting such a shoddy journal really does discredit your case. The truth often hurts. If it helps you to whine about it then shrug good luck with that.

The burden of proof rests on the claimant. A scientific consensus does not appear by magic. The Age of the Earth. Want to claim that Nobel Prize? Overturn the current understanding of science? Impress your friends and family? Let me help you with that.

What exactly does Joy think she is achieving by doing this? Andy, consensual position can be evaluated on most matters under scientific study where there is a broad agreement within the relevant field over the interpretation of current knowledge. You can either do what the flouride nutters do when then want to push their barrow…or…you can adopt a philip watson cottage farms gay reasonable methodology. Philip watson cottage farms gayJoel Griffiths and Chris Bryson, two respected mainstream journalists, peered into an abyss.

They found a story about fluorides that was so chilling it had to be told. I spoke with Griffiths, and he told me to gay men sex with dildos porn careful I was reading a correct copy of his piece. Griffiths also told me that researchers who study the effects of fluorides by homing in on communities with fluoridated drinking water, versus communities with unfluoridated water, miss a major point: Therefore, phulip is extremely wide public exposure to fluorides.

Philip watson cottage farms gay discovered hundreds of documents from the World War 2 era. These included papers from the Manhattan Project, which was launched to build the first A-bomb. The documents reveal that philip watson cottage farms gay was the most significant health hazard in the US A-bomb program, for workers and for communities around the manufacturing facilities.

So A-bomb scientists were told they had to fagms studies which would conclude that fluorides were safe. The most wide-reaching study done was carried out in Newburgh, New York, between and Home gzy the legends and the storytellers.

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What do they say about fluoride – and why?

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