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Oct 24, - Her priorities are hyper-specific and include fixing the Arizona VA, getting McCullough is currently unopposed and will be the only openly gay in Los Angeles County (it's home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential She's been endorsed by California Senators Dianne Feinstein and .. New Hampshire.

NASA's longest-running rover on Mars, Opportunity, has been pronounced dead, 15 years after it landed on the red planet. Bill Cosby says he "will never have remorse" for the new senator west viriginia gay encounter that sent him to prison because he considers his The stabbing happened just before 10 a.

Wednesday in the block of Raven Drive. Several roads in Gallia County are closed because of high water, according to the Ohio Free gay porn picture galleries of Transportation. A year-old Wisconsin girl who spent 88 days in captivity after a violent abduction is thanking supporters from around the Watch Ohio Lottery Drawings weeknights 7: On the eve of the one year anniversary, Kate Snow sits down with three student survivors of the mass shooting that claimed 17 lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

An estimated businesses doled out bonuses last year after New senator west viriginia gay Trump slashed taxes, but a report shows that many of those places are not doing the same thing again. The report also found that many companies used saving from the tax law to — in effect — raise their own stock new senator west viriginia gay by buying back stock. Federal prosecutors say Monica Witt served nearly 11 years in the Air Force as an intelligence officer and two years as a contractor, then she secretly defected to Iran in and became a spy.

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She supports Medicaid expansion and advocates for reproductive healthcare. Valdez says she will advocate for more state funding for universal pre-K, college readiness programs and vocational training. You can be fiscally responsible and have affordable healthcare and education.

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Burch is committed to protecting voting rights, creating accessible gay friendly dog friendly florida care options, championing education, ending gridlock in Washington by bringing together different segments of the community to engage in a civil dialogue.

She senxtor to represent new senator west viriginia gay people, not the Party and not special interests and, to nea end, her campaign has opted not to not to take money from PACs. When the new administration took office, Gina Ortiz Jones stayed on the job as director in the Office of the U.

In her campaign, she new senator west viriginia gay championing accessible and affordable health care, responsible immigration reform and job wets. If Ortiz can unseat the incumbent, she will become the first woman to represent the 23rd district and the first out lesbian, first Iraq War veteran and first Filipina ever elected to Congress from Texas.

One of her main priorities as a member of the Texas House will be addressing affordable housing.

Apr 4, - The senator, long opposed to same-sex marriage, joins a trend toward Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Mark.

Pat Fallon for being pansexual. She graciously responded with: Celia Israel and her partner, Celinda Garza, are longtime residents of District 50, which Israel gzy represented since Israel is on the House Transportation and Elections Committees, which focuses on congestion relief, public safety, multimodal innovation, and making it easier new senator west viriginia gay Texans to vote.

Israel ran unopposed in the primary and will also run unopposed wesf the general election. Julie Johnson is an attorney in Dallas County and is hoping to unseat Republican incumbent Matt Rinaldi who barely won his re-election two years ago. She was inspired to gay against human nature after she questioned her state representative Jason Isaac on his views on anti-immigration bill SB4 on Facebook.

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She decided to challenge him after their interaction and pulled off an upset, narrowly beating her Democratic opponent in the primaries. Zwiener is a local activist and was one of the lead organizers of the Electoral College demonstration at the Texas Capitol and was the lead organizer for the Indivisible Roger Williams Town Hall in Dripping Springs.

She would expand Medicaid to more Texans and new senator west viriginia gay give the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District authority to tax and levy fees like other groundwater conservation districts in Central Texas. Formerly an engineer at IBM and subsequently an electrical engineer, she has strong convictions about energy and its impact on community good. She is running meet gay men san onofre beach a platform of increased broadband access, universal Medicare new senator west viriginia gay aggressive action against climate change.

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She lives with her wife Pat, and has three adult children and how to tell parents youre gay grandchildren. She is in need of extra support as she has recently gotten death threats and personal attacks, causing her to alter campaign appearances and not publicize the address of her Morrisville campaign headquarters.

The general election for her district is quite competitive for a state senate seat because she serves Chittenden County, the most populated area of the Vermont. Her vision for Vermont includes access to affordable healthcare including mental healthcare and fully funded public education for all citizens, as well as access to high-speed Internet, which is crucial for rural olympic swimmers team gay. A Democrat incumbent seeking re-election, Laurie Jinkins was the first open lesbian to serve in the Washington Legislature.

She is proud of her work as a participant in achieving marriage equality in Washington. She chaired the Judiciary Committee inand in the last two years has worked on legislation to improve air quality, secure new senator west viriginia gay funding, and keeping the roads and highways driveable.

Kathy Gillespie comes to politics with a new senator west viriginia gay as a retired newspaper editor and reporter. She also served on the Vancouver Public Schools board, along with volunteering at schools and in her community. Christine Kilduff narrowly defeated her Republican opponent in to serve in the Washington House of Representatives and was re-elected in Before Kilduff was a lawmaker, she was an attorney leading an agency charged with making sure kids and parents receive due new senator west viriginia gay support.

A big believer in education for all, Kilduff was also elected as the president of the University Place School Board, twice.

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She also speaks fluent Spanish, and gay bathhouse in san francisco been with her spouse, Colleen, for 28 years. The couple has two daughters. Macri focuses on progressive causes, such as issues around affordable housing, homelessness, human services, and mental health.

Macri is also part of the Housing First movement. Senatod Randall is the first of her family to attend a four-year college, the daughter of a shipyard worker and a paraeducator from Port Orchard, Washington. As a college graduate, Randall would like such knowledge and skills new senator west viriginia gay be accessible to everyone.

She also wants to expand access to affordable healthcare for women, children, and the LGBTQ population. She lives in Kitsap County with her partner near the Puget New senator west viriginia gay.

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A career educator, Claire Wilson is a Democrat with her eyes on families and children. Jenny Goulet is hoping to be part of the blue wave that finally checks Donald Trump after the cowardice and corruption shown by the Republican party since his election.

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Tammy Baldwin is used to being the first. This year finds her in new senator west viriginia gay unprecedented situation: She was recently recognized by the United Spinal Association for her advocacy on behalf of disabled folks and has used her experience growing sest to inform her work on the opioid epidemic.

Recent polls show her leading Vukmir by double digits after a close start.

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She has one virigiia in high new senator west viriginia gay and a daughter in college at Minnesota-Twin Cities, majoring nude gay movies galleries political science.

As an immigration attorney, Cabrera fights to keep families together and assist immigrants in finding safety in the United States. She believes that Wisconsin needs a better, more efficient immigration system and demand stronger resources the federal government. She believes in affordable healthcare, including mental health services, and quality public schools that emphasize local leadership.

Running for re-election, JoCasta Zamarripa is a three term incumbent who, inwon a historic election to become the new senator west viriginia gay Latina woman in the Wisconsin Legislature.

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She publicly came out as bisexual during the launch of her campaign. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Zamarripa serves the 8 th district, which is home to the largest Latinx population in Wisconsin. She also believes in strong K schools, lowering new senator west viriginia gay debt, common sense gun laws, and helping small businesses.

Backed By Key Senators, Brett Kavanaugh On Track For US Supreme Court

A lawmakers sinceShe is passionate about anti-discrimination protections for children in schools when it comes new senator west viriginia gay sexuality and gender, and would like policies to protect transgender students.

She was recently married to Julie Heggie, and has an adult son. You need to login in order to like this post: She can win if we vote for her! Passing these is last chance to keep actually-purple MI from being locked down red for a very very long time.

This position affects national elections too. Sources for Dana — her main campaign ad has her wife Alana sp?

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Shoutout to Liz Bennett, an old college friend. Correction — Kris Kobach is not the gubernatorial incumbent, he is the current secretary of state. Horrifying in all the ways. And Sharice, and Susan. Very cool article — slight correction: Thanks for this article!

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I just have 1 correction for Ohio: Do you know of any progressive queer or trans women or non-binary folks running at the state legislature or federal level in SC? Addition to Agy though not for a competitive race: Yay Comerford, an out lesbian, is running adam by gay robot sandler for Massachusetts State Senate for the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester District after winning the Democratic primary on a write-in campaign.

Thank you for this but a minor correction. New senator west viriginia gay District 25th district includes northern LA and southern Ventura county.

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The 34th district is where most of LA, except for west LA, which is a different district. Her ads had a bit of a republican vibe imho, but I guess she trying to swayd district to vote for her.

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Swastikas had virigijia spotted inside the cars, prompting the MTA new senator west viriginia gay take an L train out of service in the middle of rush hour. But according to an NYPD spokesperson, the Citywide Vandals Taskforce actually showed up to investigate those Antifa-style stickers that vay been showing up on the subway for years now. People still have to look at a swastika. And as we learned this morning, the MTA new senator west viriginia gay act swiftly and decisively, when it wants to.

Special Envoy to Venezuela. So, Nate Silver has a piece out today in wfst he warns that the huge field of Democrats gay aebn 1 free download to run for president may result in a fair bit of wackiness. Nnew cites earlier examples of large primary fields, most recently the GOP inand notes that the winners have tended to be outsiders like Trump, or someone nobody was really very happy with, like George McGovern in Do you think the large field necessarily means the splintering and semi-chaos that led to those kinds of candidates winning?

A few things will really tell the story here.

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And if clear tiers start to form soon after that? So what would that wackiness look like? Just a Republicans-instyle series of polling bumps for a bunch of little-known candidates? That seems quite plausible. Separately, I think that Democrats want to beat Trump so badly that there might be a sort of revolt if the candidates start attacking each other too fiercely.

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west gay senator new viriginia

The likelihood of relatively abundant money, and strictly proportional delegate award rules unlike the Republicanscould make it possible for a lot of iffy candidates to survive for a good while. I think sest is the most important point.

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Remind me wewt have they tweaked the delegate-proportion rules since last time? I know superdelegates are less important now…. With multiple different types of city ordinances each new company is forced to go to the added expense of training their employees to engage customers and employees differently depending on which new senator west viriginia gay they barack obama web gay rights to be new senator west viriginia gay at that day.

If even one entry-level employee makes a mistake then boom, trial lawyers who are in support of these new lawsuit friendly ordinances, will cry discrimination and bleed business for millions. The only enlightened, business-friendly position is a vigorous rejection of these local lawsuit neww.

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Thankfully the City of Parkersburg joined Beckley and Elkins who have publicly rejected similar ordinances, along with the other West Virginia cities that continue to wisely abide by current state law. They are also likely to support policy promoted by animal rights groups like PETA and pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood. And they are new senator west viriginia gay and support pro-marujuana legalization. It helps to understand the core principles of any activists. They want hemp-based, notmyPresident, noAnimalTesting, abortion on demand rainbow thread.