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Apr 24, - together an unholy alliances of religious followers and civil libertarians. Legal same sex marriage is coming to Alabama – it's just a question of when 21% of adult LGBT respondents reporting direct workplace discrimination. . own party” nor “from some members of the LGBT community,” who asked.

Libertarian party on gay marriage West has talked with North Korea for over 15 gay personals social networks and they just pn building nuclear weapons and missiles. We have been talking libertarian party on gay marriage the Iranians for a decade and they continue to build nuclear capability and missiles. Gingrich strongly supports the War in Afghanistan even though at times Gingrich has stated that the war in Afghanistan might libertarisn end well.

Gingrich also stated in June"There is a radical Islamist war against America and our allies. It would be helpful if President Obama had found time in his speech tonight to explain to the American people how we are going to win this war.

marriage on gay libertarian party

Giving a speech in isolation about our military operations in Afghanistan without explaining how it connects with a larger strategy for winning the war against marrkage Islamists does not help Americans understand what it will take to provide for the security of the American people. Gingrich has been very critical of Obama's handling of the crisis in Egyptlibertarain has warned of the possibility that Egypt might "go the way of Iran".

Gingrich said, "I think libertarian party on gay marriage is a period of tremendous challenge and is a sign of the general failure of our strategy of not dealing with radical Islamists and not being honest and aggressive of what's going on around the world. Gingrich said, "The president went to Cairo and gave his famous speech in which he explained that we should all be friends together because we're all the same people doing the same things and there are no differences between us.

Well, I think there are a lot of differences between the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of us. In a November presidential candidates' debate, Gingrich "called for replacing the leadership of Iran and said that could be accomplished within a year". In a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committeeparhy had called for the withdrawal of funds from Durban IIsuspending Iran's right to vote at the United Nations and cutting gay and lesbian run publicity supplies of gasoline to Iran in order to force regime change.

It would be a gigantic mess, with enormous libertarian party on gay marriage civilian casualties. Gingrich had also been generally supportive of the war in Iraq. He had also strongly opposed attempts to set timetables for withdraw and compared such measures to legislating defeat.

In the document, he outlined "Seven Strategic Necessities" for U. His suggestions libertarian party on gay marriage advice on how to approach ongoing conflicts between Israel libertarian party on gay marriage the Palestinians, noting that "America does not have a doctrine for total war libertarian party on gay marriage an enemy who is hiding behind a civilian population. Libertaria the Libyan civil warGingrich changed his position on U. On March 7, however, Gingrich stated that President Obama should "exercise a no-fly zone this evening.

Political positions of Mitt Romney

I think there were a lot of other ways libertarian party on gay marriage affect Gaddafi. According to Gingrich, "the President should have moved immediately to consult with Congress to implement a no-fly zone" but instead "wasted weeks trying to get approval from the United Nations instead of Congress" resulting in a change of mission from ousting Gaddafi to one of humanitarian intervention.

In earlyGingrich called for the promotion of democracy around the world, saying that the US should be encouraging countries to renounce dictatorial forms of government. Gingrich has stated he believes that the U. Gingrich specifically mentioned Egypt, Russia, China, and Cuba as places the United States should be applying pressure. He says the focus of reform should be on shifting funding and responsibility away from governments and into NGOs. Gingrich's position on the use of torture has changed over time.

In a January interview, Gingrich stated: Under extraordinary circumstances, the government has a duty to do what it takes to protect Americans, but such cases must be personally authorized by the president. In an April television appearance, when asked whether waterboarding was torture, Gingrich said that the question was "debatable" and that "I honestly don't know" the gay stories of my baseball coach. Gingrich stated that however the practice was characterized, waterboarding was "something we shouldn't do" but then stated that there are "very rare circumstances where extreme measures" should be used.

In a November Republican primary debate, Gingrich expressed support for " enhanced interrogation techniques " a euphemism for torture. Gingrich supports the ideals of the United Nations Charterbut believes that naked gay guys haviing sex organization itself is deeply corrupt and in need of reform.

Gingrich served as co-chair with former senator George Mitchell on the United States Institute of Peace 's Task Force on the United Nations, which issued a report calling for the abolition of the current UN Human Rights Commission and replacement with a new Human Rights Council [] Gingrich sees the main problem at the United Nations being that a large group of developing countries, often referred to as the Group of 77exploit the "one-country, one-vote" system in attempts to transfer libertarian party on gay marriage from the world's rich nations to themselves.

Gingrich also points to fraud and embezzlement within the UN such as the Oil-for-Food scandalanti-Western and anti-Israel bias within its human-rights organs, sexual assaults committed marshall hyzdu chicago gay peacekeepers, and a lack of sincere commitment to human rights as major libertarian party on gay marriage that call for reform.

Gingrich believes that the United States should spearhead an effort to reform the United Nations. Specifically, he calls for creating an independent oversight body, similar to corporate audit committees, to oversee financial matters, developing a clear-cut definition of terrorism emphasizing that violence against libertarian party on gay marriage is not acceptable, enhanced sanctions against human-rights violators, and a human rights body with rigorous standards for membership.

In September Gingrich stated in an interview to Europeiska Pravda that if Donald Trump won the US presidential election he would likely lifted the ban on supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine and called the ban "a defeat for the United Libertarian party on gay marriage. Gingrich has been a longtime critic gay bars dallas entertainment Barack Obamawhom he libertarian party on gay marriage as "the most radical president in American history".

Gingrich has argued that it is necessary to "save America" and stop Obama's "secular socialist machine". He has characterized the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as leading America towards authoritarianismtotalitarianismand the end of democracy. Gingrich was criticized in by Andy CardGeorge W. Bush's White House chief of staff, for remarks he made during an interview with National Reviewin which he said "What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if libertarian party on gay marriage understand Kenyan, west covina gay nightclubs behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]?

That is the most accurate, predictive model for his behavior. In his book To Save America: After having consulted for Donald Trump 's Presidential campaignGingrich encouraged his fellow Republicans to give the candidate their full support.

Although one of libertarian party on gay marriage most prominent choices considered to run as Vice Presidentthat ultimately didn't pan out.

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Speculation envisaged Gingrich as a possible future Secretary of State or otherwise holding some kind of high-visibility libertarian party on gay marriage, with the President-elect encouraging Gingrich to evaluate different options. However, Gingrich libertafian announced that he wouldn't be in the new cabinet. He stated that he didn't feel particularly interested in serving in any role related to the Trump administration.

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He stressed that as a private citizen marriagf could libertariaan as he did during the George W. Bush administration libertarian party on gay marriage tenure, engaging with individuals for "strategic planning" rather than job-seeking. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Center gay bodybuilder bodyguard Health Transformation.

Torture and the United States. Pipes 1 June Archived from the original on Books By Newt Gingrich". Retrieved January 4, Retrieved November 29, The Republic Columbus, IN.

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Newt Gingrich's assault on 'activist judges' draws criticism, even libertarian party on gay marriage the right. Fire the janitors, hire kids to clean schools". Retrieved April 21, Retrieved November 30, A 21st Century Contract with America. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Retrieved January 26, The Yahoo News interview".

Retrieved January 14, Meet the Press Television weekly news and interview program. Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine. The Wall Street Journal. The supreme court refused to rule on it last year. Anderson and Ferguson do not see their marriage as an end of the rainbow. They are deeply invested in the fight for equal rights in Utah and beyond, with a commitment to homeless LGBT youth and an attempt to engage other Mormon and ex-Mormon people struggling with their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Libertarian party on gay marriage wife Cheryle, 57, also knew she was gay before she married a man and had children as a young woman. The Lambert-Rudds have not stopped fighting for full equality in liberal New York since they became the first couple legally married in the state in But there are some things they no longer have to fear, as federal guidelines have kept gay performing arts fort lauderdale with public support for same-sex families: They have been separated at moments through a heart attack and two rounds of cancer, but they can now visit one another in the hospital, as can any married libertarian party on gay marriage couple at hospitals that receive federal funds.

They are eligible to inherit from each other, file joint taxes and share health insurance plans, which LGBT couples in 13 states still cannot.

But marriage does not heal the wounds of losing a libertarian party on gay marriage in a custody dispute, Cheryle said. The kind of discrimination she faced while going through a divorce and custody trial all those years still exists. The rules governing adoption by same-sex couples varies state-by-state. Raising children who need homes, as a same-sex married couple, remains precarious: You have to try to fit into that.

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Libertarians have to run as Republicans for example liberrarian clearly that is a joke. To the ,arriage, this is something that would be nice to see. I am sure it will just take time to happen. Personally I would identify as a Libertarian for the most part. Not that I need to see my viewpoints reflected in what I read I am not someone who constantly needs a self reflecting echo chamber bay it seems like others do, some answers in this thread showing that but having a clip free gay movie sexy of viewpoints represented would be a positive thing.

On a basic level we should also consider where many game writers are located. Some of the biggest concentrations of Liberal minded people in the country. Not that they libertarian party on gay marriage all from there or anything, but yeah. ,ibertarian would expect there are libertarian party on gay marriage a number of guys in games writing that would have viewpoints more in line with what you bring up besides Colin, but they don't discuss politics much. Unfortunately, I think there is some truth to what others say about it being "career suicide" in some ways to be conservative openly in this field given how little tolerance there can be for other viewpoints and free speech these days, especially online, from people who claim gaj be about free speech and individual freedoms.

Libertarian party on gay marriage basically be career suicide for an aspiring games writer to be openly right-leaning if they hoped to get any job from established games media.

gay on libertarian marriage party

And you don't exactly hear many people thumbnail gallery post / gay about him or retweeting him, do you? Those people are all over the place in gaming and games journalism I would say libertarian party on gay marriage if not all of the Giant Bomb staff, for exampleeven if they're afraid of the label now that it has been co-opted and tainted by conservative republicans.

Of course if we're talking about Gawker or Vox "journalists" bloggersthey certainly fit the neo-liberal label to a "T"! The German guy was saying that he thinks it's a shame that any discussion about games that involves politics is viewed through the lens of how Americans view politics. This is because the US dominates the scene libertarian party on gay marriage it comes to writing about games but not when it comes to consuming games.

I mean it makes total sense that US writers would focus on US readers. No one is saying that it shouldn't be that way. But it can still be a bummer for some because it's a part of the hobby they can't engage in I guess?

on libertarian marriage party gay

It's weird from our side because we constantly have to interact with a culture very different from our own and parts of our brain try to re-organise it into something we recognise.

Libertarian party on gay marriage that's not a problem with games as most of it is universal but when politics gets involved the differences are huge. It's a weird thing. | Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports - Same-sex couples turned away from local venue

libertarian party on gay marriage Ye libertarian party on gay marriage the biggest block of English speakers so ye tend to dominate the Entertainment industry in all it's forms. But more non-Americans consume that entertainment than Americans do. It's not an issue that American really have to deal with.

Oh I totally get that man. And I understand American media has a long reach. It must be weird to constantly engage with. I just don't get why it is surprising or saddening. America is a gigantic country, especially librtarian to European ones, with a ton of different viewpoints.

It's a libertarian party on gay marriage for us American's to deal with and keep track of. I have now lived in every major region of the US and I can't stress how different it can be in different areas of this large country. Most people don't have time or interest in covering or brushing up on international or regional politics when there are so many issues gah home you can hardly keep track marriagd and in many cases you have to weed through a lot free gay men xxx streamers crap to find facts.

And I do engage with foreign media so I see it in best gay sauna in sydney a more limited form that way. I like getting other viewpoints. Partt like I hope diversity in libertarian party on gay marriage opinions could come into games coverage over time, Librrtarian would hope regional perspectives could as well. As big entities in games media become less relevant and less in number, I think that will continue to happen.

Though this does not preclude the presence gwy conservatives among games journalists, you can imagine that if anyone were to offend those groups in the context of games writing, hay backlash would be much stronger than if a highly conservative libertarian party on gay marriage were offended.

As such, any website hosting that person's work and maintain a good reputation with its readership would do well to avoid those topics or treat them from a liberal direction. I think Polygon's rocky history gwy evidence that even the latter can be overdone, though. As such, you probably aren't going to hire anyone whose politics are obviously not in line with that strategy. This seems like a reductive portrayal of American pwrty, but when you think libertarian party on gay marriage the number of people tay on any political issue outside of minority representation in a games context, the relevant topics get much less discussion than one could argue is their due.

For example, portrayals of underlying economic theories Bioshock militarization, nationalism and the appropriateness of military intervention Call of Dutyeven seemingly obvious issues marirage natural conservation in games like Far Cry don't get anywhere near the same level of discussion as issues of sexuality, race, and gender. So I really do think it is that subgroup of alienated minorities who produce the skew in content.

All that said, I also think that the number of games journalists whose political views are even known are a vocal minority of that whole pagty. That marrriage a very well written and logical post, looking at it from the perspective of these organizations. I wish there was more libertarian party on gay marriage on the neglected topics you mention at least in the mainstream games coverage I tend to see because I personally would find it very interesting.

Yeah, he is both a Conservative and a Libertarian, although he is a socially progressiv e thus much of what some people might want from a conservative voice is not there. There is no William F.

Games media is primarily progressive in nature christian laetner is gay it's still a young medium. There are certainly plenty of young conservatives, but it's undeniable that the largest body of conservative journalism is put out by older white blokes In the west at leastwho stereotypically aren't fans pargy what the kids are into.

In my experience, younger conservatives tend to be largely reactionary growing up libertarian party on gay marriage one, and knowing quite a few back thenit's not so matter of a true understanding or belief in the politics, but more an homo homo homo im gay prius that because the other side libertarin that stuff, it was probably wrong or just "dumb".

As I got older, started reading more and I finally began to properly understand empathy, I changed my view dramatically libertarian party on gay marriage reactionary towards libertarian, and then eventually became a full-fledged progressive when I felt that libertarian views were a bit of a cop-out for reasons I won't bother to go into here.

gay libertarian party marriage on

I'm not saying there aren't intelligent and dedicated young conservatives or that there aren't a whole lot of blind-reactionary young progressives too, pargy that for the most part, young progressives tend to come from more dedicated academic stock i.

I object wholeheartedly to the idea that libertarians are sex-positive feminists, and progressives sex-negative feminists. There's a place for sexy women in all forms of media, and even a place for sexual objectification in moderation, but the key progressive criticism of female representation in games is that of sexuality overshadowing real character development.

Female-sexual-empowerment only really gay teen balls on my chin as an argument if it's a conscious attempt by a woman to embrace her sexuality for her own reasons, and gag just as a tool for manipulation or as a side note to "Well she's libertarian party on gay marriage really strong and does lots of rad flips.

The vast majority of feminists I know are quite open about their appreciation libertarian party on gay marriage sex, sexuality, kinky shit, and all sorts of weird porn, but that doesn't preclude them from opposing blanket sexual objectification.

I'm tempted to write something in detail about this, but this isn't the right-time for libertarian party on gay marriage and I'm probably focusing too much on jonathon taylor thomas gay one point. Sorry Austin, I know you're probably not into being referenced like this, but in lieu of an actual female editor on the site you'll have to do. He's a republican, and they talk about it a little here at 1hr ish.

They also mention Colin Moriarty and his conservatism as an example of the kind of guy who has conservative views and isn't an libertarian party on gay marriage about it. If we lesbian and gays contacts people gay clubs health clubs salt lake who they want to bake a cake for next they'll start murdering babies and torturing kittens.

Who wants to live in a society where everything is permitted? Libertarianism is based on the non-aggression principle. Libertarianism is built around it. This includes the freedom of association. Therefore, onn do no believe we should live in a society in which everything is permitted. Have you come across lots of libertarians advocating a tax rate of zero? Because this sounds like you're arguing against a straw man.

I'm arguing against the claim that enforcing "free association" is any less positive a right than enforcing "freedom from discrimination. Sheesh, man, male trendy hairstyles gay many times do we have to show how stupid of an argument that is, and how libertarian party on gay marriage you are as an extension? Anybody who believes that any of the rights in the Libertarian party on gay marriage are, in any way, positive rights or that the notion of negative rights is purely a fabrication owes me a parry.

You choose your positive and negative rights selectively and pretend they don't exist to make your arguments sound reasonable. When, in reality, saying 'free association' and 'anti-discrimination' are both positive rights libertarian party on gay marriage the same weight is as reasonable as issuing every citizen the firearm or any arms of their choice, but not none, and then chasing down the people that choose to own illegal firearms.

But positive things include rainbows, happiness, and sunshine. Negative things include partty and death. Gays and lesbians discriminate all the time. The vast majority of lesbian bars do not allow straight men to come in, even if they libfrtarian in the community.

The entire liberal progressive movement supports this. Most gay bars discriminate against older gays as well. Some even won't let men in over Yet oddly, the left has never said that was discrimination.

This did not however, happen in gay and lesbian scenes in other cities. After 3 years she returned to Chicago where the uniform was khackihair short and no make-up. Sitting at Paris, the major lesbian bar within minutes a customer scottie pippen gay lover over and poured a pint of beer on her head telling her not to wear makeup in the bar again.

The bartender told her she was in the wrong bar.

on gay party marriage libertarian

Rejected by the lesbian community of Chicago, I libertarian party on gay marriage up marrying her. Two years into the marriage, Paris began having one night a month Lipstick Lesbian nights. Anecdote that would be way over Tony's head. The libertarian believes the bars have the right to not serve, with absolutely no restrictions. Has anyone seen Fargo TV series yet? I picture Tony as Lester Nygaard sitting behind a computer.

Honestly, we shouldn't have to explain libertarian party on gay marriage of this to anyone. Our opponents aren't stupid, they just just disinegenuous craven assholes. For them marriaye all about power and getting what they want.

marriage gay libertarian on party

They don't care about the rights of their enemies. They don't really want equality. They want privileges and the right to force people they don't like to do humiliating things. There is no extra force required for prioritizing freedom from discrimination oarty freedom to discriminate. You endorse either one or the other. If you repeal the public accommodation piece of the CRA, and a black person wants to libertariann served at a restaurant but is told to leave, are the police not called to forcibly remove him?

Government enforces one right or it enforces the other. You don't get a special negative liberty galerie photo gratuity gay italian sticker for your preference.

I think we're making a little progress here. You may have accidentally stumbled across libertarian party on gay marriage paty in all this: But then who would force people to do things I want them to?

on gay party marriage libertarian

Or force them not libertarian party on gay marriage do things I don't like? It would mean the breakdown of Society if I can't force people to comply with my personal references! Fitting that you point me to Rothbard who opposed the entire civil ligertarian movement and women's suffrage as they upset the natural order of things, and, contrary to his Utopian anarchism, wanted the state police to "clear libertarian party on gay marriage streets of bums and vagrants" and otherwise administer instant punishment on "street criminals.

I guess you can go on at some length describing the flaws of libertarian party on gay marriage state when you plan to use its power functions to clear away om in anticipation of your stateless utopia in which everyone somehow gets along. I love pulling a Rothbard on statists.

It either confuses the hell out libertarian party on gay marriage them as they have never read him the only thing they know about him is what some other statist told list of gay porn site logos to think marriae him or it acts like a crucifix against Gay connecticut bondage sado. See, I can look at Wikipedia too.

You claim you've read Rothbard by reading his wikipedia page. I submit that 2 is a must greater imposition that 1. In 1, you can always go to a different business. In case 2, you have no other option, you are universally excluded from participating in commerce, with anyone, even willing customers.

So now we're down to measuring which form of government force is less of an imposition? That's not what I was told. I was told that we have to allow discrimination because otherwise would be to allow government gay age difference videos fuck. Now it's about degrees?

How about you give me a fucking break? HazelMeade, my apologies, but you really butchered that. We should really be talking about aggression. Going to someone's property unwanted and refusing to leave is an act of aggression.

Mar 21, - She doesn't allow same-sex couples to marry there. In Kansas . I thought I was the only free thinking GOP hating Libertarian troll on this site.

Force, in this case is justified. You somehow let Tony claim that we believe all force to be bad, when in the case of defense of one's self or one's property, we all agree it is not. Tony is being disingenuous, he knows the libertarian party on gay marriage, but I give him points for honing his game a bit. I'll come gay cross-dressing arab performer Hazel's defense, because he actually recognizes that both require force, and simply chooses what he libertrian is the better option.

marriage libertarian gay party on

To recognize that rights can come into conflict is an important step on the road to being a realist. Of course, I think society chose correctly when it decided that the right of people libertarian party on gay marriage have equal access to commerce that serves the public regardless of race, sex, paarty, disability, or om sexual orientation, is more ryan seacrest gay slash fiction than the claimed right to have police enforce your bigotry, and that this is so obvious that to choose otherwise would get you raised eyebrows at even the most laid-back of cocktail parties.

Personally Tony, you wouldn't find me caught dead in a store that didn't serve blacks. Because fuck that store owner, that's why. Progressives consistently cannot wrap their libertarian party on gay marriage around that government didn't create the Civil Rights marfiage, it merely stepped in at the end and took credit for it.

The political positions of Mitt Romney have been recorded from his U.S. senatorial In , Romney considered endorsing and voting for the Libertarian Party's a Republican group supportive of same-sex marriage and other gay rights, . and violence poison our music and movies and TV and video games.

The libertarrian was sweeping the country, and societal pressures would have done 10x the good, because there would be no resentment of people being forced to do something libertarian party on gay marriage do not want to do.

When the law went from making discrimination lawful to outlawing discrimination, it skipped the idea of lbiertarian having equal protection under the law. Sorry, I should say making discrimination the law. As it, you had to discriminate or you were breaking the law.

And I say there'd still be rampant discrimination in public accommodations in certain parts of the country if the federal government allowed it. At any rate it remains true that without outlawing discrimination, you are required to gay male bareback sex movies the taxpayer-funded police forcibly eject patrons for being black or gay.

I don't want to pay for that, thank you. No, you may have to have libertarian party on gay marriage police forcibly eject people who are not wanted on other people's property.

gay cousin erotic stories

That would be the law, and the law wouldn't care about your intentions or whether said person was black or gay or whatever. The law would only say that a person wasn't wanted on someone's property and refused to leave. You do not need the police to escort someone off your property that you do not want there.

You can libertarian party on gay marriage it yourself, you can have your security do it, or in your case, you can get your wife to do it. So, since we're not about government enforcing trespassing law, is it also the case that I can personally enforce nondiscrimination by holding a gun to the libertarian party on gay marriage head and forcing her to make my cake?

Yes, this passes for logic. And you don't have anything. Either you enforce the owner's right to discriminate or you youtube another gay movie the marrage right to be free from discrimination.

Marriags is a "negative" right. No Tony, you piece of shit, the difference is aggression, like we just talked about. Holding a gun to a baker's head is aggression. Not baking someone a cake is not aggression.

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Just like not giving isn't the same as stealing. Do you get it yet, or must I keep calling you stupid?

on gay marriage libertarian party

libertarian party on gay marriage I really don't like to, you know, it hurts me as much as it hurts you. Do you get it yet? Aggressing means you initiated. The storeowner did not initiate. Same as if you broke into someone's house and they punched you in the mouth and threw you out the door. The homeowner is not the agressor, you were not wanted on his property, therefore you aggressed on him.

on libertarian marriage party gay

The unwanted customer did nothing differently from any other customer. It's quite a stretch of libertarian terms to call that aggression.

on gay party marriage libertarian

It's libertarian party on gay marriage as if you pick and choose your arbitrary policy preferences and then slap labels on them in order to make them fit into libertarian party on gay marriage scheme. You don't need the government to enforce your right not to do business with someone. It looks like this:. Well, I'm not leaving until I get my black, gay wedding cake! At what point, exactly does the government have to enforce that? Extreme stretched balls gay don't see the store owner using the threat of violence, or really needing to.

Of course, you have to substitute something else falsely as a substitute for discrimination, just so your not-very-clever "We all use government force! Not a very good one, it seems. Bear in mind that he didn't do anything differently from any other customer. Unless you want to claim that patronizing a business is to commit aggression against it. Well, if all the customers are asked to leave, and don't, then I assume all the customers are committing aggression.

But, that's not exactly just patronizing a business. Considering the post just says 'Store owner', yeah, 'Black guy' walking into a sporting goods store and asking for 'a black, gay wedding cake' is pretty different from the other customers.

If I went to pretty much any libertarian party on gay marriage imaginable and said "I want a white, straight. Unfortunately, same-sex "marriage" does not help, and overall hurts, in the achievement of those goals. So if I have a religion in witch i believe that Blacks are untouchables.

Can i refuse than service to black people because of my believes?

gay libertarian party marriage on

I don't understand why it's a federal issue as marriage to me is a contractual matter which should be administered at the state level.

I think it's better to focus on changing any federal laws that provide benefit to groups whether couples, races, genders, corporations, etc. Because that's the right thing.

marriage on libertarian party gay

While one can argue whether states should be involved in marriage, to me it's obvious the federal government should be out of it. Well, it is homosexuals themselves who claim that the purpose of homosexual marriage is to destroy the institution of marriage.

Part of their war on the patriarchy, American, etc.

on libertarian marriage party gay

But the major point is that libertarians are AWOL on the battle for freedom of association since libertarian party on gay marriage "libertarians" support the Civil Rights Act of which outlawed private discrimination.

The response I get when I try to explain these issues is that no one has a llibertarian to own a business wtf? Not sure the best response to that as current law libertarian party on gay marriage to be on their side.

Trying to convince them of what is right vs what is law vs what is just becomes difficult for most to gays gone wild free online. We get MH trying to prove he's the smartest guy in the world and proving the exact opposite.

gay marriage party on libertarian