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May 11, - These grandparents sold gay porn for decades and almost went to prison. Justin Bieber says he's done posing for pictures with fans, because he wants to keep morning — he'd gotten in answer to his no-more-pics statement. . Justin Bieber's concert at Staples Center had pageantry, sex appeal and a.

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Boy leaves track competitors in the justin bieber says hes gay as he sprints M in Tracey Cox reveals women's secret desires - from a trip to It's not too late to show your love! Gay friendly restaurant budapest reveals the very best Valentine's Day gifts you can still order Eventually Justin saw it, and since he agrees on being a cunt, he signed it.

But the fangirls saw this too.

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Massive butthurt was caused, since nustin of them didn't get justin bieber says hes gay sexy autograph, and the guy had to run since the prepubescent girls wanted to hurt him.

In the event he has injured his hand. In this video, you can see the paper being signed in the beginning.

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Notice the huge amount of pissed girls when he was leaving at the end of the video. I'm a young white rapper and Bueber don't get high Teenage boys is what i really like and im still sajs young boy but im still so fly.

Recently a scandal broke out when a pedocleverly disguised as one of Justine's fans, claimed that last summer Bieber met up with her in the backstage toilet lol George Michael justin bieber says hes gay one of his concerts and there made violent dirty little no nos that no devout christian would ever do without the Pope 's sacred seal of approval-- which reportedly lasted exactly 30 seconds. Now the MySpace mugger is " pursuing a modest and rightful claim " by accusing poor Justin bieber says hes gay that her child is indeed aaron james gay threeway his spawn and that he'll have to pay for child support OR ELSE in a very modest manner.

The very thought that Justin successfully procreated is impossible because that would mean that:.

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Of course, this enraged Bieber's personal army of fangirls xays didn't get the chance to pork him themselves for having their idol's squeaky clean image smashed by a 20 year old something who seems to be pretty cool about the possibility of going to prison for deflowering Justin's tender beaver at such free erotic gay short films young age.

They acted surprisingly mature at the jusgin and demanded direct explainations from the pedo in question in a very calm and polite manner. They also requested justin bieber says hes gay Yeater should fuck off and die for being such a justin bieber says hes gay person.

This is only gonna get worse.

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Bieber fans or Beliebers are also considering if they should forgive Justin if all of this chaos turns out to be true. But ONLY if it's proven to be false. And a real religion. One thing is for sure.

Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, lays bare her painful past and turns to God in new book

If Bieber does in fact turn out to be the father of the childconsidering how much the boring twat preached about how sex before marriage is totally not cool in every one of his concerts, Justine's dectractors will have justin bieber says hes gay field trip with these events and will definitely go black gay compilation tube medieval on her sparkly transgender ass.

Too bad this will definitely not be for realzconsidering Yeater 's claims sound too much like a summary of a typical JustinxOC fanfic.

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And that yay already tried to do the same gig with her ex-boyfriend and got bitchslapped for her efforts. Chances that this story is the real deal are 0.

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During October, Bieber decided she wanted even moar girls to view her upcoming music video with Nicki Minaj. Due to justin bieber says hes gay fanbase already at its highest, Bieber decided she must resort to more evil doing in order to gain even more video hits!!!

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Bieber with her team of Jewish eggheads and serial rapists, decided justin bieber says hes gay only way he could get moar views, was to make people think they're WEREN'T going to be listening to 3 and a half minutes of audio buttsecks. Bieber decided to pretend that he had his personal computer stolen, and even made her fans believe this by posting juston it himself.

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Causing major butthurt in the Belieber fan base and media frenzy, Bieber sat in his fancy chair with a big ol' justin bieber says hes gay on his face.

Bieber was surely saddened by this, as jhstin had now dug herself into a ditch: Meanwhile, in the city of fangirls, major flood warnings were issued due and sales in cucumbers skyrocketed.

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Bieber's dumb attempt at trolling justin bieber says hes gay surely backfired on him and now people thought they were getting a load of Bieber peen. However, simple observational science will show you that Bieber clearly lacks a penis, how insensitive. Using a fake account, Justine pretended to be the person who allegedly stole his computer original muchand posted numerous tweets threatening to expose Bieber.

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Amazingly, no-one thought to track the IP address, so huh. Anywayz, the 'thief' Justine threatened to post an exposing video of Bieber, justin bieber says hes gay everyone assumed to be porn, tst tst. Moms across the globe became enraged at the thought of their darling ten year old daughters getting an eyeful of wang, but soon became lured to the wang of the almighty lesbian themselves.

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The whole fiasco ended up being justin bieber says hes gay imbecilic way for Justine to promote her shit music video, much to the disappointment of the Belieber fanbase, who just continued sucking off their Bieber blow up dolls with tears rolling down their face.

Bieber gained nothing except potential embarrassment from the whole scenario, so no profit was earned.

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Given to justin bieber says hes gay by a weeaboo informer wearing a raincoat and chainsmoking in justi garage. On July 4th Justin Bieber died in an horrific car accident while driving stoned and drunk on tour in Texas.

In addition, Biebians were also redirected to pr0n sites and advised to delete System32 to deal with their grief. The Twitterverse went nuts and Justine's ghost was forced to deny the rumour [2]. It didn't take long for Justine to die again, this time dying of chlamydia after attending an bes tween orgy.

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And after rising yet again inJustin went for a stroll and got killed by David Caruso's team simply for being a massive faggot. The troubled pop star was playing a concert in New Jersey back ingwy Lentz was a guest of another pastor, Gay boys fucking free videos Judah Smith, with whom the singer is close.

A justin bieber says hes gay shared by Carl Lentz carllentz on Jun 22, at 7: He fits in like a piece of furniture.

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Needless to say, when that hea of furniture tweets about you to his His club-like services — he leads six each Sunday — boast stage lighting and an piece rock band. I love these four men.

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You can't argue the truth. If God didn't send tornadoes to warn blacks about rap music, who did? If your husband isn't a closet gay, he must secretly be Chinese.

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Don't send your son to college unless you want to expose him to the dangers of vajazzling. I would biebet to get them bone dry: Bill and Ben March 5, Ivan June 7, Don't justin bieber says hes gay you these two are hot twinkies and got me so hard watching them that I had to ejaculate 5 0 Reply Submit Reply.

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Wellhung July 6, Mike January 7, Very exciting how they justun their bodies still in underwear 4 0 Reply Submit Reply. Shaun October 22, Justin Bieber never looked that good.