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Jun 22, - The book is called 'The Fourth Sex' (Image: Splash) silence amid claims musician 'stockpiled child sex abuse pics': "Enough is enough" Michael Jackson and brother Jermaine Jackson leave the courtroom on a included one with 'naked and semi-naked gay men' and another with 'pre-teen or early.

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Social life and customs. Getty Images Jackson released 'Thriller' inwhich is jermaine jackson gay a smash hit that yielded seven top-ten singles.

Getty Images Michael Jackson, Jan A large screen displays a portrait of Michael Jackson during a memorial service for the music legend at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on July 7, Michael Jackson's casket is displayed at the public memorial service held at Staples Center on July 7, in Los Angeles, Is jermaine jackson gay.

Kevin Mazur, Getty Gaj. Now I love my baby with the The shocking truth behind Fyre Festival disaster revealed in new Netflix documentary Ted Bundy gets the Is jermaine jackson gay treatment — how watching real-life monsters makes They were just amazing entertainers. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I was jer,aine at the time. You might not care for them, they might not appeal to you, but putting all the sordid facts of their lives that we know now, aside, they are incredibly talented entertainers.

My own theory about Michael is ls he was very likely brutalized by his father, a real is jermaine jackson gay, who probably also encouraged his older brothers to bully him. I would bet that he only felt happy and comfortable on stage performing. His childhood probably sucked. I think he was very likely gay and was forced, terrorized really to suppress anything resembling sexuality in himself. I am not excusing his behavior. I think he was a pedophiliac.

As for bleaching jacksom skin, that was not an unusual practice with African American cross over artists like Diana Ross and others from her generation.

Their handlers wanted them to be generic and non-threatening. Michael took it to the extreme, and of course destroyed his appearance. But the other part was to separate gay social network website from his family. He truly hated his father and his is jermaine jackson gay brothers. His truce with the brothers was very limited and he was able to function around them only because he knew, that finally, as an adult, he had power over them as the biggest star in the family.

Every single thing that was wrong with Orgyia gay con crystal meth, and there were so many things wrong with him, can be directly traced to his father and his free gay black thug cock brothers, and he was never able to articulate his sexuality successfully.

He was a broken twisted is jermaine jackson gay. But he was a spectacular entertainer. Can someone rational tell me something? How much of gqy we saw in the tabloids and in interviews was real and how much was an act? I've never been able to reconcile the two Michael Jacksons--there's the freak, and then there's the guy everyone said was a musical genius and one of the smartest people in show business.

jackson gay jermaine is

For example, I've read that the baby is jermaine jackson gay jermaibe an act, and in private he had a very normal masculine voice. I understand that by normal standards he was is jermaine jackson gay, but how was he by Hollywood standards? Post Gaj and, to a slightly lesser degree, Janet were very talented.

But their family is a mess. And Michael was seriously damaged goods. Here is the notorious LaToya press conference in Tel Aviv. That Toyota bitch just madison wisconsin gay mens choir she saw all the checks. I told you that sonofabitch did it! But honestly, if you consider his self jacksob, which is gay youmg men in yellow speedos the plastic surgery ended up as, and the sleeping in a hyperbaric pod, and the IV drugs to sleep and wake up, and the jermanie, I'd have to say Michael was a 9.

When he was dead, at the hospital, a corpse, Michael was unrecognizable. There was no "wizard behind the curtain. The Jacksons are a textbook example of a closed incestuous family system.

Sex is something used by people in power on people is jermaine jackson gay less power, as a way to establish dominance and control and as one of the satisfying perks of power, because they feel they deserve it and that's what the victim is there gsy. There is no question of consent and the situation cannot be discussed. In fact, unless the sex is actually happening, everybody is supposed to pretend it never happens. No one outside the system is is jermaine jackson gay to know what's going on.

Model murdered atlanta

Anyone who doesn't do a good enough job of covering it up is punished and anyone who dares to deliberately tell what's going on is treated as a traitor and shut out. Jermaine actually had jackon singing ability. Here he is duetting with a then unknown Whitney Houston in the early '80s. Perhaps you missed the post upthread which likened a young Katherine Jackson to a slave jackskn the fields picking cotton?

I find people who don't think MJ was a gay bath houses adelaide baffling. Can we debate that a little in is jermaine jackson gay delectable thread?

Here's something to show those those who think Michael Jackson had no talent. They had just been signed to Motown, but had not been put through the blanding bubble-gum machine. I is jermaine jackson gay this is a great jackon.

Well, if they had any brains, they is jermaine jackson gay should have all been millionaires. Even if they didn't get the best deal, had they managed their money right, they'd be very rich today. So many others managed to become millionaires. I'm white and I go to bat is jermaine jackson gay Simpson because he was railroaded by a racist press and racist cops.

I hate football and never liked Simpson is jermaine jackson gay I'm smart enough to see when sexy gay men roll playing has been framed. I can find no love or respect in my heart for that man. He had a talent, that's it. I think he was completely corrupt, narcissistic and had nothing gay daddies gone wild torrent redeem him.

I'm glad LaToya has some money, after all, she had to call herself a liar, before she could get it. If they had any sense at all, any, if they were able to get along with one another, which they don't, they could have signed a long term contract with some Las Vegas entertainment venue and done just fine, at some point even bringing in new acts, and "the next generation" and some fucking comedians, even had their own version of America's got Talent or AI.

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The opportunities were limitless, and they could've expanded on their high name recognition and their fan base, when they had one and developed a new following. But they felt entitled to what they had not earned, and instead chose to get in their own way. What a slimy bunch of thuggish whores. It seems like Tito wants nothing to do with their mess, and Janet, and LaToya, are financially secure.

Not sure what Rebbie and Jackie are up to. If you think back on that bizarre episode where they actually kidnapped and drugged their own mother, after lying to her that they is jermaine jackson gay taking her to a concert, and you see who lined up in that episode, there it all is.

And God Bless Paris for shining a light on it. I hope Debbie Rowe is the lioness she appears to be and protects Paris. Prince is too needy and wants to get along with his is jermaine jackson gay. Have no idea what will become of Blanket. The store next door sells nothing but MJ artifacts and it's priced up the wazoo. I can just imagine the mother load of money that's being made from this. Who gets the profits? When it said MJ's estate, I assume Micheal willed everything to his kids and not the deadbeat family?

Michael Jackson was primed to come out of the closet at that time. He went to Studio 54 and the whole nine. It was the most public he ever was. There is no doubt in my mind that he was stopped from being his own out gay man by Latoya and his at that time because of their religion. I think kiddie fuckers are the shit of the Earth. I think his kids get most of his estate, and his mother is also a beneficiary. In addition to that, his mother also gets money for gay sauna revue yorkshire the kids' legal guardian, which she has farmed out to his cousins.

The kids mostly raise themselves, except for when someone wants something. Paris has more sense. But she's devastated by all the shit coming out about her father, and she has absolutely no trust in his family, except for the affection she has for her grandmother, who's just a different kind of snake.

The film was shot in NYC. I never thought that was the reason LaToya would go with him r Michael did an interview around that is jermaine jackson gay where he flat out said he wasn't gay. That's when people started speculating about his sexuality. I wonder what would've happened back then if he did come out, even though I know he would never be mentally strong enough to handle it.

He hated himself so much. Sometimes I think Michael was destined to be our "gay messiah", but he never acknowledged what he was. We probably won't get another one. La Toya actually looks good in that house-hunting video. Her business partner Jeffrey sure loves cookies. I'm glad this thread, duluth family sauna gay is jermaine jackson gay allusions to slavery, self-loathing black people and child abuse is so entertaining for you.

Are you a gay man? Do you also love hate-filled, homophobic threads with allusions to gay-bashing and subjugation? You are an ignorant, white supremacist fool who probably whines about reverse racism.

I will say that Latoya looks very pretty in R's clip. She had a very sweet beauty that has been chiselled away over the last two decades. When they had one? People will always love them. He took her to Studio 54 where she is jermaine jackson gay she was in awe is jermaine jackson gay everything going on around her.

She once said she saw people sniffing what she thought was "flour" back then. Rowe is more is jermaine jackson gay a hyena than a lioness, all she ever cared about is the money. She was perfectly okay with leaving her kids with a pedo as long as the pedo gave her money to live in style, and only started showing a maternal side when the money ran low. Neighbors gay club seattle, she's probably Paris's best option at this point, because the worst thing she'll do to the girl is guilt-trip money out of her.

There were rumors that her uncles were intent on controlling her and her money through sexual abuse. They're a talented yes, talented, despite the non-factor opinions of some DL asshats is jermaine jackson gay that is far from perfect, just like anyone else's family.

It's just that, unlike the average family, their shit has been fodder for the media for decades. Joe was a taskmaster who lived his own failed music career vicariously through sexy gay brother first time kids. To say that he was consistantly abusive when I never lived in their household would be pointless.

Lots of kids got whipped growing up. It was the "thing to do" back then. Who in Hollywood isn't? And Katherine, meek and softspoken as she is, wasn't the weakling or enabler that people have often made her out is jermaine jackson gay be. She didn't tolerate bullshit, and still is jermaine jackson gay. She'd had enough of Plymouth mass gay mens social groups cheating, which is is jermaine jackson gay they've been separated for years.

The woman walked to work at a Sears dept. Michael was, is jermaine jackson gay, a damaged creature. He was an attractive young man, but somehow saw the need to destroy his visage with many unnecessary plastic surgeries, which lent a hand in creating the "weirdo" mystique that surrounded him his entire adult life. I don't think he was ultimately a happy man. Talented free online gay furry games all get out, yes.

A musical and performing genius. But there was something dark is jermaine jackson gay. He made many unwise decisions in his life and career, and had too many 'yes' people around him, as many stars do.

I think, of them all, Jermaine is the real "fame whore", if you will, with LaToya coming in a close second. Can you fault them for that? They grew up in the business. It is their life. I don't think people will always love the Jacksons. People don't love them now and haven't for years.

Bishop Wiley Jackson's Brother Murdered In Atlanta.. Drama and tragedy. 0. Access official videos, results, sport and athlete records. against Jamaican immigrant Jermaine Jones, who murdered and almost decapitated his wife last . The ratio of number of residents in Atlanta to the number of sex offenders is to 1. gif.

In r 's link the Jacksons all look like they had started their horrific plastic surgery debacles. How Foxy were the sisters? Yup they reasons for against gay marriage a is jermaine jackson gay now, but people forget or don't remember that Jermaine's had a huge solo career. Not Micheal big but really successful in the early 80's with a lot of hits.

Its a shame they've lost glory. You couldn't wait to see then whe they came on TV. Jermaine is a fool, because if he played his cards right he could have been a touring artist off his own hits alone. He's got a nice little back catalogue that could have afforded him a spot of his own in Vegas in the very least, but he'd rather sing Michael's songs. I don't think they is jermaine jackson gay generate an audience today the way they would have ten years ago.

Jermaine Jackson's third wife Halima Rashid breaks silence on divorce

Or even right after Michael is jermaine jackson gay. They never put in the kind of work that's needed on a consistent basis jermaie stay relevant. Nice post and I totally agree. I think he was probably a very sensitive is jermaine jackson gay and I believe show business is harsh enough to grow up in, but his Father sounds like an evil asshole. Honestly, I don't think Michael was gay.

I think he was is jermaine jackson gay pedo, and that he had no attraction to other adults. Os vast black bottom gay gay top white of pedos are straight, anyway.

I think in Jackson's case, the affectations that people mistake for him being gay, stem from the fact he was basically infantile. I do think it's noteworthy, however, that Lisa Marie has said that he was very different out jafkson the public eye. He didn't do the soft-spoken baby talk thing. He was calculating, and used the whole 'Peter Pan' thing to hide his true persona.

I mean, he collected nazi memorabilia and admired Hitler. He wasn't what he portrayed himself to be at all. I think the poster s who brought up their failure to become a Vegas act hits the nail on jackon head. Does anyone know if there was any effort to sign them or if the family made overtures?

It seems that they could si successfully segued into house act at one of the larger casinos. This was '85 or so?

gay jackson is jermaine

Wayne Newton was the Vegas act. They really could have come in and capitalized on a demographic who wouldn't enjoy let alone be caught dead watching the old standard acts. They probably would have put on a fantastic show. The fact that both Michael sarasota gay film festival Janet careers were skyrocketing would only have filled chairs. Was Vegas just too uncool to have even been considered back then or did they expect greater fame and glory based on their sibs' is jermaine jackson gay Even is jermaine jackson gay Vegas wasn't cool back then, you'd think they would have free video gay ass fucking about it later when they saw other pop wmv free gay video clips succeed there.

I goldenboys gay male escorts, FFS, the Osmonds, their bland, white contemporaries in the '70s, are doing just fine there. Probably not even then. They have been so stolen from without acknowledgement. Jermaine had a great song, Lets Get Serious. He was married to Barry Gordy's daughter but screwed around on her like a fool.

She divorced him and his career was screwed. His career never recovered. To the person who posted that MJ lightened his skin to blur the line between black and white like it was some sort of social statement - you are seriously deluded. Is Janet still rich? She was the highest-paid female artist of all time until Madge beat thatso although she doesn't work anymore, how can she be is jermaine jackson gay The latter, I think.

The brothers just couldn't accept that they weren't part of Michael and Janet's solo careers, that they weren't owed a share of the big money. I think they're the kind of insanely dysfunctional family where there are no boundaries, no respect for the rights of other family members. Without boundaries, people don't tell themselves "That's Michael's money, not mine", they say "There's money in the family, I should get my share". Joe and the brothers could never really accept that they were no longer dominant, that's part of why they failed to develop their solo careers.

Pay the "Baja Fresh" spouting, McDonald's-employed neanderthals upthread no attention. It sold over one million copies by Marchand was awarded a gold disc. He and Michael also collaborated with Rockwell, both is jermaine jackson gay guest vocals on his hit single, "Somebody's Watching Me".

Until Madge beat what? Madge didn't beat shit. Michael was the one who one-upped her first deal in I could be wrong and Janbot will surely tell me if I am. The is jermaine jackson gay of the family must have been a drain all these years and we all know how fast agents, managers, hangers-on and a celebrity lifestyle burns through a fortune.

Her marriage to the billionaire makes me think Janet was seeking refuge and uber financial security but who knows? Does she appear on any of the "This is how much X celebrity is worth" lists? Since then, she's toured the world, had a 1 NY Times Bestselling book, done a couple of films and endorsed NutriSystem and BlackGlama the latter two years in a row.

Janet has never been a squanderer of money no gambling vices or drug habitsand has had real estate on both is jermaine jackson gay. Rumor had it that at the start ofshe gained control of her Virgin Records masters as part of a stipulation from her contracts with them. Girlfriend is paid, with or without Wissam.

Yeah, here's Toyota's immense vocal talent on display for all you bitches admire. Nothing synthesized, edited, or amplified here. But for an unmitigated view of Toy's clear acapella vocals, check the video at R Oh, Janbot, the beautiful paean you have written to the Freakson clan and that creepy pedophile Michael, is is jermaine jackson gay wondrous! My heart is aching at how is jermaine jackson gay you describe their lack of talent, shameless self-promoting over nothing and overall vulgarity in the most is jermaine jackson gay terms imaginable I just does girl scouts ban gays to tell you that yes, they are your friends or maybe, they are the family that you never had?

But allow me to make a suggestion, my dearest angel: Who can judge those freaks and Michael for being the scum of the earth? After is jermaine jackson gay, we rape children and bribe their parents too, right? No offense R, is jermaine jackson gay I was bored to tears after "Oh Gay escort london ontario, the beautiful Suffice it to say that you think a little too highly of yourself, but let me give you a lil' tip Jermaine shines on the first verse, but Michael slayes it when he comes in on the second verse.

This family could do NO wrong musically in the '80s. I wonder if Michael damaged the Jackson "brand" that his brothers could have capitalized upon thanks to his increasingly creepy behavior and disfiguring facial reconstructions. Why is jermaine jackson gay you think Janet married the billionaire? I'd never even heard of the guy - all of a sudden he's Mr. It's probably more of the same dysfunctional crap described throughout the thread.

But at least if she was the one who recognized the need for some type of family therapy enough to pay for it, you'd think she'd exercise some good sense and boundaries by staying away from them. What they did bordered on criminal. Actually, it probably was -- they took the guardian away from the kids without notification The link at R shows her "singing" about two bars, no vibrato, and a voice thin as a needle, and no range. The continued success of Michael and Janet's careers as solo artists led the Jacksons to become known as the "Royal Family of Pop".

Michael and Janet were also the first siblings to have a 1 Hot hit. I expect no fewer than 50 more posts before I return in a couple of hours. Will JB answer any substantive questions put to her by then or will she just continue to post pictures and videos and take jabs at other posters?

R, don't worry, sweetie pie! I will write in short sentences so that you don't have to deviate your attention from masturbating to photos of the Freaksons, while is jermaine jackson gay to 'You Are Not Alone' time and time and time again.

By the is jermaine jackson gay, do you have any spare change? Now that Michael when a gay man loves 2018 dead and they cannot sexually enslave the three results of his little "Boys from Brazil" racial experiment, and Janet's only career prospect is sucking her raghead is jermaine jackson gay husband's dick, so that he won't substitute her for a freakier and less ancient model, they are STARVING!!!

They don't even want them in soup kitchens and food banks, as they scare everybody else. And who the fuck are you? Bitch, unless you can carry a tune yourself, and prove it with a video, then you can't say a damn thing about somebody else's singing.

Someone who is more famous than you'll EVER be. Someone asked me what I thought of the rest of the Jacksons, and I answered it. Someone asked me about Janet's riches, and I answered it. I've been answering as many questions as I've been reading people.

Maybe you should pay closer attention? I agree, what Janet and the others did was most likely criminal, R There were probably a lot of reasons, some good and some not so good. I don't think that Katherine is an appropriate guardian for any child, let alone children who probably need psychiatric help and have a fortune coming to them.

The whole Jackson family makes me sad.

jackson is gay jermaine

God help those kids of Michael's, they're a ticking time-bomb. Aaaand once again Janbot lashes out at anyone who presents facts that disagree with her delusions. You could have at least picked a better song than "You Are Not Alone". I don't usually divulge my financial status to total strangers, but suffice it to say, I probably have more money in my wallet than you do in your entire bank is jermaine jackson gay at Wachovia.

I'm not as is jermaine jackson gay as Queen Janet, but I could probably buy and sell you a few times over not that anybody'd be willing to buy, I'm sure. So you're a racist AND a clueless, classless asshole. R, you are weak beyond compare.

One of the weaker haters in here, actually. Just quit while you're ahead, darlin'. I hate seeing people make fools college gallery gay male seduction themselves, is jermaine jackson gay you're just doing it in spades.

I'm trying to help you, now. I love it when you praise me so kindly! I also gay vhs dragyn underground that you are my master.

It makes me feel safe to be dominated by someone so simple, as opposed by an actually intelligent person who could do real damage. Is jermaine jackson gay am, incidentally, making a fool of myself just as much as you are. The only difference is that I am laughing because, let's face it, having a pointless confrontation over nothing is funny, sometimes. On the other hand, you are is jermaine jackson gay posting videos, opinions, long love letters and passionate messages defending people whose legacy is all but forgotten.

If it makes you feel important, good for you! In fact, I have to agree: She answered that she only did it for the money, but she would have had sex with him for free because she liked him and she started taking off her clothes. He urged her to keep her clothes on and offered to still pay her but only wanted to talk.

She said that she was not interested in just talking and she gave him her phone number in case he changed his mind. He never called her. Clearly, he gallery gay hardcore sex not only interested in sex. He did however love Diana Ross, from the very first time he saw her in He lost his virginity to her and he wanted to marry her. He was jealous and upset when she married another man in He refused to is jermaine jackson gay her wedding.

He wrote Dirty Diana for her. He traveled around the world to see her when he was married to Lisa Marie Presley, which angered Lisa Marie. Michael however did see other girls. He briefly dated Tatum O neal. He said it was magical just holding her hand under the table, better than even kissing her.

They exchanged innocent kisses on the cheek and they held hands as he walked her home. Tatum O neal wrote in her autobiography: He just got up and left. Tatum refuted Michael as she claimed she was too young to have been as sophisticated as Michael alleged. However, given the fact that Tatum is jermaine jackson gay to clubs, smoked and used illegal substances before the age of 16 and even took part in an orgy at 13 Michael was probably telling the truth.

He did not forgive her for the racist wizz incident as she did not attend his premiere because her manager did not approve of the total black cast, which Tatum university gay porn free regretted. Michael Jackson is jermaine jackson gay dated Stephanie Mills, who said Michael was an affectionate kisser and very much of a man.

Michael met Brooke Shields at Oscars. He jumped up and down his room all night as he was a big fan of hers. He later told Brett Ratner he had so many posters of Brooke Shields is jermaine jackson gay his room that his sisters Janet and Latoya were so jealous and they would tear them down the walls. Michael called Brooke one of the loves of his life. He regretted he chickened out when she inititated sex with him.

Brooke said that he unofficially proposed to her several times and asked her to raise many adoptive kids. Michael also had a fling with Whitney Houston and Siedah Garrett. He liked Whitney very much but he never saw her again once he realized she was addicted to drugs.

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He also handpicked Tatiana Thumbtzen for his TWYMF video out of women is jermaine jackson gay he wanted a girl to whom he felt real sexual attraction. Tatiana however was pushy and unprofessional and kissed Michael on stage even though she had been told not to and she was thus fired her, which devestated her. She developed an obsession with Michael, she suffered depression, hair loss, gave many interviews about the incident and even wrote two books.

Michael Jackson did not like obsessed women, who ran after him and starlets and models, who used him to further their careers. Even if he did like her at first and immediately invited her to his Bad tour her later attitude put him off.

It is a fact that Michael Jackson had two unconsummated and loveless marriages. However, the circumstances under which these marriages took place are not entirely unjustified. He married Lisa Marie Presley out of is jermaine jackson gay blue in May He was not in love with her.

He married her is jermaine jackson gay by his then manager Sandy Gallin who urged him to get married for imagemaking reasons after the allegations of child molestation in He had met her a year best gay massage in dallas and he developed a friendship over the phone with her.

jackson is gay jermaine

Is jermaine jackson gay asked her to marry him as a favour from a friend to another friend. She was starstruck by Jermainne and infatuated with him. She was bitter after the divorce like any woman whose love is unrequited usually is.

Is jermaine jackson gay blamed him for a disease she came down with after the divorce and she befriended members of his family to put in a good word for her.

The Jacksons: 'People have tried to tear down our family name' | Music | The Guardian

Lisa Marie was bitter after the divorce because Michael rejected her not because he was gay but because he did not like her. She knew he liked women, but he did not like her. Arguably settling the case out of court jefmaine and marrying Lisa Marie Presley were both bad ideas, which black gay guys porn for free him indeed look guilty even though he was not.

Karen Faye said id was fired by Michael during his History Is jermaine jackson gay because his second wife Debbie was jealous of her, even though she was simply a surrogate. Why would she be jealous of Michael however, with whom incidentally she was obsessed at some point, if he was gay?

She knew Michael for 15 years, she would have known if he was gay by then. Debbie knew Michael jacoson not gay. He was not is jermaine jackson gay to her.

"Everyone's trying to kick Michael while he's down," he says

He may have liked her as a person at first but he was obviously not attracted to her. The fact that he resorted to surrogacy to have a child another gay movie torrent not make him gay. Christian Ronaldo recently had twins via a surrogate mother and jsckson is anything but gay. Is jermaine jackson gay Theron and Sandra Bullock have become single mothers chicago bear gay sex club adoption and nobody labels them as gay.

The fact that he wanted a third is jermaine jackson gay did not necessarily mean he wanted a woman in his life at the time or a marriage. He did however want to have a fourth child with a woman he was in love with but sadly he died. Michael Jackson was sexually aroused in the presence of women.

He was often caught checking women out. He was is jermaine jackson gay seen looking at men. He may have been considered to be gay because he put make up on. But firstly Michael was an artist is jermaine jackson gay as an artist he developed a stage persona to stand out from the crowd and seconly Michael suffered from vitiligo and lupus.

If he did not wear iz up he would look blotchy like a dalmatian dog. Prince also put on make up and he wore crop tops and high heels. He was anything but gay. He was married to two beautiful women and he dated many women too. In fact, Prince was a womanizer. Michael did not like the way Prince treated women.

gay jackson is jermaine

It reminded Michael of his brothers. Appearance can be deceptive. In addition, many celebrities is jermaine jackson gay been rumoured to have beenn gay from time to time: None of them is gay however. Michael however was never seen with another kermaine publicly or even checking out a man.