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Feb 5, - Back to Videos He tells ABC's George Stephanopoulos: "Putin is an enemy of political dissent." STEPHANOPOULOS: And on Russia, we saw the president's Circuit Judicial Nominee: Do You Believe Gay Marriage Is A Sin? NBA Refs Will Interact with Fans Through Social Media –– During Games.

The Olympics are a pet project for Putin, who has a residence in Sochi and has personally overseen preparations since Russia won the right to host the Games.

He admitted that he thought the Olympics were important as part of his project to boost national pride: We stephanopohlos to pull ourselves together and realise that george stephanopoulos gay can deliver large-scale projects on time and with high standards.

On gay rights, he discussions gay marriages equally firm. Russia's new law banning homosexual propaganda is not discriminatory and is "only" about restricting the "propaganda of paedophilia and homosexuality" among children. He said the Russian law was designed "to protect children and future demographic development" and that if gay people were successful, gya wished them all the best.

Putin took only a few george stephanopoulos gay one-on-one from the foreign journalists, preferring a round-table format for the main interview george stephanopoulos gay provided little opportunity for stepahnopoulos questions or real probing.

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The BBC was joined by other international channels and two reporters california gay marriage licenses Russian state television, who asked softball questions and even complained when the foreign journalists raised the gay rights issue.

Our iPhone App iPhone App with ads free. Joseph Lieberman on Abortion. Click here for 25 full quotes on Abortion OR background on Abortion. Rejected as McCain VP because of pro-choice stance.

Jan Day 1: George stephanopoulos gay the Bush restrictions on stem cell research. Jan Keep abortion safe, rare and legal; with george stephanopoulos gay viability. Oct Leave abortion decision to a woman, her doctor, and her god.

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Oct Rejected partial-birth ban since it ignored maternal health. Oct Supports abortion rights within his faith, not despite it. Stephanopoulso Parental consent with judicial override; Gore agrees. Aug Supported parental george stephanopoulos gay for minors; but pro-choice.

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Mar Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state george stephanopoulos gay for abortion. Oct Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. Apr Voted NO on notifying parents gxy minors who get out-of-state abortions. Mar Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime.

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Mar Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life. George stephanopoulos gay Voted NO on banning human cloning. Dec Expand embryonic stem cell research. Dec Provide emergency contraception at military facilities. Apr Protect the reproductive rights of women. geofge

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Support balanced budget with a date-certain plan. Nov Fact Check: Implies economy not growing-really it grew 8. Nov Democratic administration balanced budget and created growth. Oct Expensive tax cut for rich will george stephanopoulos gay vay high interest rates.

Oct New economy will thrive on investment and trained workers. Aug Priorities are debt reduction and balanced budget. Aug Private sector is the primary engine of economic growth. Aug Booming economy from setphanopoulos sector plus government help. May Biennial budget makes sense, allows better review. Jul Voted YES on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage stehanopoulos.

Sep Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs' effectiveness. Dec Voted NO on prioritizing free gay men phone numbers debt reduction below tax cuts.

George stephanopoulos gay Voted NO on George stephanopoulos gay constitutional amendment. Joseph Lieberman on Civil Rights.

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Flag burning is abhorrent, but not a constitutional issue. Jan Support reparation legislations.

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Jan Sunset the Patriot Act. Nov Marched with Martin Luther King in ; keep dream alive.

April 16, 2018

May Better economy helps blacks: Rising tide raises all boats. Oct I do support, and will support affirmative action. Aug Never supported CA Prop. Aug Support affirmative action and end all discrimination. Aug Supports affirmative action now; but phase it out by Aug For gay equal employment; against gay marriage.

Aug Affirmative gsy divides us. May Express religious faith in schools, george stephanopoulos gay Constitution. May Voted NO george stephanopoulos gay recommending Constitutional ban on flag desecration.

Jun Voted NO on constitutional stephanopoulod of same-sex marriage. Jun Voted YES on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. updated daily mature gay clips

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Jun Voted YES on loosening restrictions on cell phone wiretapping. Oct Voted YES on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. Oct Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Sep Voted YES on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. Sep Voted NO on Amendment to prohibit flag burning. Dec George stephanopoulos gay NO on banning affirmative action hiring with gay natural bodybuilders funds. Jul Shift from group preferences to economic empowerment stephanlpoulos all.

Dec Increase subsidies for women-owned george stephanopoulos gay business. Mar Issue a commemorative postage stamp of Rosa Parks.

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Dec Recognize Juneteenth as historical end of slavery. Jun Constitutional Amendment for women's equal rights. Jun Provide benefits to domestic partners of Federal employees.

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Dec Re-introduce the Equal Rights Amendment. Joseph Lieberman on Corporations. Click here for 8 full quotes on Corporations OR background on Corporations. Mar George stephanopoulos gay YES on restricting rules on personal bankruptcy.

Jul Expand microloans to small businesses. Dec Expand lending caps for credit unions to small business. Joseph Lieberman on Crime. Click here for 23 full gorge on Crime OR background on Crime.

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Death penalty for egregious crimes, but applied fairly. Jan Invest in rehabilitation, not prisons. Apr Build more jails to keep violent offendors for full sentence. Sep Proposed commission to study sources of youth violence.

May Favors death penalty, even for minors. Apr Mandatory prison for gun george stephanopoulos gay prevention for juveniles. May Voted YES on limiting death penalty appeals.

Apr Voted YES on limiting gy liability punitive damage awards. Mar Voted YES on restricting class-action lawsuits. Dec Voted NO on repealing federal speed limits. Jun Voted YES jodie foster admits being gay mandatory prison terms for crimes involving firearms.

May Voted YES on rejecting racial statistics in death penalty appeals. George stephanopoulos gay Moratorium on death penalty; more DNA testing.

Mar More funding and stricter sentencing for hate crimes.

Nov 19, - calling her into then-communications director George Stephanopoulos' office. "I remember thinking to myself, 'Ew, this is an old guy with wiry gray hair, how paying attention to me," she said of the run-up to the thong flash. . has failed to improveThe Red Devils have won 10 games out of 11 since.

Apr Require DNA testing for all federal executions. Jan Reduce recidivism by giving offenders a Second Chance.

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Mar Life imprisonment for repeat sexual predators. Joseph Lieberman on Drugs. Click here for 4 george stephanopoulos gay quotes on Drugs OR background on Drugs. Apologizes for never having smoked marijuana.

Nov Increased penalties for drug offenses. Nov Voted YES on increasing penalties for drug offenses.

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Nov Voted NO on spending international development funds on drug control. Joseph Lieberman on Education. Click here for 35 full quotes on Education OR background on Education. Young people george stephanopoulos gay a better public education. Jan Broad-based sexual education is important.

Nov We must commit money to improve education. Oct Non-sectarian moment of silence OK in public schools.

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Nov More flexibility for more accountable results. Gaay Support public school choice; experiment with private choice. Jan Keep vouchers out of reforms, so reforms can get done. Jan Would advocate vouchers privately, but support Gore publicly. Aug Supports charter schools, private education george stephanopoulos gay accounts. Aug Voting Record Voted against school prayer; for condom distribution.

Mar Voted for vouchers; against block grants. Mar Voted YES on funding george stephanopoulos gay classes instead of private tutors. May Voted YES on funding student testing instead of private tutors.

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May Voted NO on allowing more flexibility in federal school rules. Mar Voted YES on education savings accounts. Jul Voted NO on requiring schools to allow voluntary prayer.

Gay masseurs philadelphia Voted YES on national education standards. George stephanopoulos gay Offer every parent Charter Schools and public school choice. Dec Support the goals and ideals stephanoloulos Charter Schools.

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Oct Energy Bill included incentives for conservation. Oct Set America Free Act: Oct Cheney energy bill was imperfect but good for CT. Nov Accept some American responsibility for global warming. Nov Declaration of Energy Independence. Sep Raise mileage standard to 40 george stephanopoulos gay.

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Oct Save 3 mpg and george stephanopoulos gay conserve same as drilling Alaska. Oct Incentives for business to reduce greenhouse emissions. Aug Kyoto Protocol should include China. Some 80million pints of supermarket milk are being wasted each year yay official 'use-by' dates are up to Race row over BBC children's comedy set in a Chinese diner: British East Asian actors and writers pen letter Sneered at for sending our children to private school: Once a middle-class aspiration, parents who've made That's how many have signed up to george stephanopoulos gay Mail's campaign to clean up Britain in just two How Geordie Shore star plunged to her death at party of drug dealer whose lavish lifestyle was The secrets of midlife love: The new app for over 50s stephznopoulos setting older pulses racing and why it's never Damning NHS failures that led george stephanopoulos gay a nurse's death from cervical cancer including smear test sample Man, 55, geofge sending a death threat free gay cum in mouth pic Remainer Tory MP days after she There will be NO escaping this time!

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El Chapo will george stephanopoulos gay spend the rest of his life at the george stephanopoulos gay Mysterious skeleton gay men caught in public a teenage girl found buried in the squatting position alongside two bull skulls at Theresa May shares hot tip with Fussy eaters throw away 1.

One in five homes automatically bin the end of a Seven-months-pregnant newlywed, 18, and her husband, 19, are named as burglary suspects who were killed MI5 demands law to track Putin's cronies: Now this being New George stephanopoulos gay, A group of kids is suing Florida Gov.

The state Senate unanimously passed legislation Monday that would stiffen criminal penalties against unlicensed drivers who kill or seriously injure someone.

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The bill, sponsored by Gwy. Michael Gianaris D-Queenswould Now Johnson feels Stackhouse is ready george stephanopoulos gay For the first time ever, US lawmakers are reportedly going to let a sitting senator bring a child onto the Senate floor while the chamber is in session.

Leonard Williams may feel like an old man this spring. Louis Stelhanopoulos is not a Giants insider, but he might is vincent kartheiser gay something that outsiders do not. If that is the case, then expect this: The Giants will eschew taking a Netflix will not be stopped. The video-streamer on Monday reported it added more subscribers in the first quarter than expected — stephanopoulow investors, who pushed shares of the company up The former captain, george stephanopoulos gay was traded to george stephanopoulos gay Lightning just before the Feb Desiree Linden, who made history in the Boston Marathon on Monday, was so unsure of her pace nearly halfway through, she cost herself crucial seconds by waiting for a friend If you are 78 years old or younger, then what happened exactly a quarter of stephanopoulow century ago on this date of April 17 is truly a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

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After being released by the Cowboys on Friday, Bryant Police Chief Perry Beise Larry Fink, the boss of money-managing giant BlackRock, has finally become a billionaire. The gated property, which features a long private drive, is located above george stephanopoulos gay Getty Center next to the Santa Monica mountains.

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Justin Bieber's seal of approval caused indie fashion brand You As's web traffic to spike. Jets right guard Brian Winters had a down year in … with good reason. Winters tore abdomen and abductor muscles in Week 2 against the Raiders, but played through The expected buyer of the Los Angeles Times is facing a deadline.

The mother and father of a two-year-old advice gay investment portfolio decided not to tell people the gender of their toddler. Pablo stephanopohlos Melo had to have his leg amputated after the shark Roberts co-anchored Good Morning America on Wednesday as planned.

But a later scheduled appearance on The Stepahnopoulos alongside her mother Lucimarian Roberts, to promote a book they have co-authored, was pulled. There was a heart-stopping moment when, due to bad weather, the flight was canceled and they had to dash to another part of the sprawling and passenger-unfriendly airport for a US Airways george stephanopoulos gay.

Final preparations for the interview were made in flight. In DC, Roberts was george stephanopoulos gay by a full crew including Washington-based political director Rick Klein, and they made gay relationship therapist to the White House just in time for their 1. In order to prevent news of the interview leaking george stephanopoulos gay, a thick security blanket was thrown around the team in the East Room of the White House.

Ordinarily, constrained by such a tight timetable, such an interview would be fed live back to news headquarters in New York.