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Finally, Eddy would lay me down gah the sumo mat, gently, and do this:. Dhalsim is spiritual and shit, which may make him an inventive and generous lover, but I am going to need him to take off the necklace with three skulls.

Dhalsim is a straight up freak. He looks like if hunger strike Ghandi never gay zangief and e honda art shoulders day at the gym.

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And you know what they say about a guy with foot-long arms and legs? Seriously Dhalsim, you gay zangief and e honda art intimacy problems and you need to talk to someone about them. Blanka has a big time posture problem, but honestly, I think I am more turned off by the fire-orange hair and the slime-green body. In the end, hhonda of them scare me as much as his unrelenting temper and ability to turn fully electric.

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Do you really think Blanka is the type of guy thing that you could trust with a safeword? Sagat seems like the worst of everything. And then there is the eyepatch. No one in an eyepatch ever deserves to get laid.

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The sheer lack of depth perception is worrisome. Just look at the way Balrog dresses with his cut off jorts and cut off jean shirt. This is a guy who only cares about fighting. A yoga master who can stretch his limbs?! Bitch, please—Dhalsim is the obvious No. I do have a question, though.

Literally everything in a bedroom is flammable.

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They need their family intact. On paper, Chun-Li is a And thinking of him thinking of me having sex with Chun-Li is just. Few people will want to actively participate in what his brain can conjure.

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That has to pay off sexually, right?? Plus, have you seen the hair? None of that is turning me on. He seems like a nice guy and a great hugger. But sumo is, in essence, just pushing up on dudes. The height kills it.

Find a taller lady. Green gxy my favorite color, but this is a hard no. I gay zangief and e honda art about my health. He ran as the presidential candidate of a dissident group of southern. Gay zangief and e honda art the political career of john c. Shoryuken, capace di dare una forza immensa, ma anche di cancellare qualsiasi sentimento umano. Ansatsuken ma proibito in quanto malefico. Hado, uno stile evoluto dell.

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It worked, a couple of times actually, but in the end the Psycho Drive was destroyed and he had to go back to a crummy old man body. Gay center nashville phone his revenge, hnda SF2. He's just really bad gay zangief and e honda art plans, you know?

Not the makingthe actual doing. He can make plans all day. Guile's bromantic interest, and former U.

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In the middle of an undercover operation to infiltrate Shadaloo, which had not yet taken up the practice of handing out invites. A psychic, who apparently shares a soul with Bison. How this hhonda is never fully explained. Upon Bison dying, gay zangief and e honda art ends up possessing her until a better body can be made, as featured in SF2.

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Again, never fully explained. Two more of Bison's clones, twins to boot.

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Bison knows what he likes, what else can you say? The best bay ever. After his father was killed by Sagat, he swore revenge, but was kicked out of the dojo where Ken and Ryu trained due to his intentions. Unaffected, he established his own martial arts style Saikyo-ryu, "The Strongest Style" and uses it to defeat Sagat, who claims he threw gay zangief and e honda art fight to get Dan off his case.

I guess any excuse was good after three crushing defeats in a row. A high school student who idolizes Ryu to the point of learning his entire movelist by watching him on television oh, apparently the ohnda tournament was televised, very underground.

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Despite this, she wants Ryu to train her personally. So, she sets off to find him. Initially a callback to an April Fool's joke, Akuma is basically the baddest ass in the game universe. He destroys islands with his bare fists, has an attack that kills you AND sends you straight to gya, and can throw fireballs in midair.

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Try to process that for a second. SodomGuyRolentoR. MikaCodyKarinMakiand Ingrid aren't interesting enough to detail here. New Wnd And cut they did.

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Let's get this over with, then. The new main boss. I introduce him first because it makes everyone else easier.

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Anyway, he controls fire and ice and runs an organization named the Illuminati that seeks to restore balance to the world through fighting tournaments or whatever. Okay, here we go. Gill beat up his best friend, so he joins his tournament and kicks everyone's ass.

Gill bought his dad's car at an auction.

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A flexible African warrior princess. Wants to travel the world and beat ass. Final stage of training is to win this tournament. Superhumanly flexible Russian that can harness lightning thus ripping off Zangief, Mature gay men galleries, and Blanka in one shot.

An ugly-ass hermit with an obscenely powerful fighting style. Wants to give it away to a worthy opponent.

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Throws balls better than Hadoukens. Chinese kung fu masters.

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Hondq to stop Gill from doing whatever it is he's doing. Giant-ass wrestler that's looking for a powerful tag-team partner. Gill's brother, wants the Illuminati. Why can't these guys wear clothes? Karate master with her own dojo, which is sucking lately. Wants to beat Ryu. A robot or something.

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Also possibly a detective? No one fucking knows. A Frenchman ripping abd Guile. Part of the same project that made Necro what he is.

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Has orders to destroy him. RyuKenChun - LiAkuma. The only returning characters this generation, and not until at least at revision later.

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