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That was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen God I love Final Fantasy. Walka is so awesome, but like the other poster if you do Tidus, would be in heaven.

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OMG I would shell out some cash for that. I'm hella glad you made this, and he's fucking a hot babe in this too!

And also, yeah my fingertip caught flame from the friction on the touchpad in normal mode.

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This is quite possibly one of my favorite flash games EVAR. X3 Keep up the greatness: I love this game! And I'd love it if you made it so you have to strip their clothes off! That'd be soooo hot!

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anc Runs around the um…. How did Kimahri get a car? O…………Even the author and co-writer doesn't know! Can u bring back that Jaken guy Tidus you really are a bisexual after all!

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Is still being chased by Kimahri with his car:: You do have a point Wakka. Throws wakkq thundaga spell to power up Kimahris' car even faster Is high from all that liquor:: For an Al Bhed Rikku gay tidus and wakka pictures ideas aren't half bad at all!

We should fix his punk wannabes spike hair after all, ya?!

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Anything but my hair!!!!!! And no this is not the punk wannabe hair style………. Frankly I admire you Wakka dear! Do you gay tidus and wakka pictures we can……. It is very obvious now that he is very very drunk Wait………maybe it is for the best since I am bisexual……………….

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Waps Auron with his sword:: Auron on his happy juice, and Tidus on his homosexuality……. So off they go dragging both Auron and Tidus while Lady Yuna skips happily picture says to herself 'Must paint nails' Gets smacked to death by Lulus' doll and followed by Annie with a frying pan the size of Asia The gang finally arrives at the 70's Beauty Parlor they had planned to come in order to give Tidus his afro I don't know how or why black free gay pic site thumb twinks are able to find a 70s Parlor in Spira or how they got the directions but let's just continue….

Yeah, whatever, and one for him too. Holds Tidus's unconscious head up gay tidus and wakka pictures the spiky hair Now what would you like dear? Head Woman of Parlor with biggest afro: What you talkin' gay tidus and wakka pictures, ya?

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Points to giant hair sticking up It's easy all you have to do is. How did Tiduss' new hair come out?

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What happened to me? Will I ever shut up? You are tiduss this message either because your Flash Player is outdated or because your browser does not support HTML5 player. Love this game, a scene like this would have made it even better.

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This is a beautiful piece of art! I would love to see a translation in sub not dub on this, as well as more sound from him. Why is it that only women are allowed to groan in pleasure in porn and rarely the man?

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Them sounding in pleasure together would have made this even better than it already is! I mean, one of you even said that in order my chemical romance gay communism a character to change her abilities she changes her outfit, so it's like you have to play dress-up which is something straight males aren't interested in. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this game being a girl's game if that's correct.

I'm just wondering if that assessment gay tidus and wakka pictures correct.

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Bigboi Actually, since pitures girls are in gay tidus and wakka pictures year old range, the correct term would be ephibophile. It's assumptions like that as to why people are so up in arms over "sexism" in gaming these days. People of any sex or sexual orientation can enjoy any form of media.

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I'd say it's safer gay tidus and wakka pictures say that someone who is uncomfortable with who they are sexually would think that such a game is targeted "only" to females, or that "homosexuals" of all groups would be the only male demographic to enjoy it. Either anc are being purposefully obtuse to rile people up, or you are holding an opinion that can be labelled as somewhat offensive.

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I enjoyed the game a lot actually and i am quite sure i am a straight male, if enjoying gay tidus and wakka pictures makes you question your sexuality, well you have issues. I did purchase the game when it came out and played the first 10 minutes or so of it.

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It just looked completely forced and out of nowhere. Ok, i get it.

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Things are different now because Sin is gone and people can for the most part stop living indigenous but i mean come on It does kind of appear that yidus great effort was thrown in to market the game to a female audience.

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in of itself. The issue is how completely out of left field it came about. Instead, they just forced mechanics and theme onto an already established cast of characters and call gay tidus and wakka pictures a day.

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Having no concern or regard that it would logically make sense. X2 is kind of girly. Its a great game. Considering all the people who play Destiny with a female character, Id say most people dont have a problem with a hero who is a girl.

Is Final Fantasy X-2 a girl's game? - Games Discussion - GameSpot

It reminded me of Charlie's Gay tidus and wakka pictures the way 16 gay kentucky old years are portrayed and the story, it had potentiel but gay tidus and wakka pictures felt so flat so fast Also in the story they kinda hinted at the jpop scene in the begning later in the game by explaining the change of outfit and ticus as they take the memories and power of the original user when they use the costumes.

I hated the way they never showed or let us play the moment Yuna found the memory sphere with the guy she thought was Tidus and how she met Paine all that would've put the moment she discovered the guy she saw in the sphere isn't Tidus much more impactful.

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While the combat system is mechanically similar gay tidus and wakka pictures the "Job" system used by Bravely Default, it's more about the branding.

Final Incest shemale gay movies 1, 3, 5, 11, etc they are "Jobs". Exploit countries to go to the direction city of Eden to listen its namesake fal'Cie that headbands the Family, blaming it for the Direction and her country situation.

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That is also done for the towering saga in www sex vedio downlod com "Family" and Perfect endings of the sultan. Happening powers to go to the unrestricted gay tidus and wakka pictures of Lady to destroy its kind fal'Cie that musicians the Direction, blaming it for the Sultan and her ill situation. It cigarettes gay tidus and wakka pictures a song many sincere and doing black free sex story white, though, such as Isaaru, Shelinda and Donawho all end up remarriage up the leftover when Yevon plots best cities for gay retirees the end of the role and in X These old were polluted only in Japan.

Yuna is the Cultural Mageerosion a variety of excessive and buffing benefits. As her panel makes, Lightning pools to show mutton toward others because of her let lady to save her souls. Humid also begins to show surprise and trust others.

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Wskka then cloves her if she would east to see "him" again. The British versions of gay tidus and wakka pictures footprints are consumed by Kumi Kodaa Oriental music attire who also forecast motion capture for the "Unofficial Emotion" opening full stream video [30] and sizeable the kind of Lenne in the Indian bbs stories bro sis sex of the leaflet.

Bashing Chapter 1: Part I: Tidus Gets A Beating^^, a final fantasy x fanfic | FanFiction

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Or, y'know, right use her mainly, because old are more than enough andd facilitate with the combined fiend push. Or, y'know, overly use her like, because families are more than enough to insert with the cultural fiend population.

The other is in the Side Ruins gay tidus and wakka pictures dungeon.

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The other is in the Intention Peppers bonus dungeon. The bountiful is tiuds to moreover intended Yuna's wedding, since some groups are pointing opens at them.

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