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View Videos or join the Elmer Wayne Henley discussion. Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. (born May 9, ) is a convicted American serial killer, incarcerated in the.

She would be re-elected to a fourth term gay serial killer elmer henleybut she was assassinated by two of her bodyguards in miller Thirteen people were killed on the scene, and more than a dozen were injured. After the shooting, recruitment and support for the Irish Republican Army skyrocketed. Three decades of violence known as The Troubles followed, and almost 3, people died.

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Nixon in China — Richard Nixon became the first U. President to visit China. His trip in February was an important step in building a relationship between the two countries. A South Vietnamese plane accidentally dropped napalm on its own troops and civilians. Nine-year-old Kim Phuc, center, ripped off her burning clothes while fleeing. The image communicated the horrors of the war and contributed to the growing anti-war sentiment in the United States.

After taking the photograph, Ut took the children to a hospital. Porn goes mainstream — In any other gay serial killer elmer henley it might sound strange, but in one of the most popular films gay serial killer elmer henley the year was advice gay investment portfolio porno. It also took on an additional layer of cultural significance when the secret informant in the Watergate scandal went by the pseudonym "Deep Throat.

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gay serial killer elmer henley Fischer defeated Spassky to become the World Chess Champion, ending a Soviet win streak that dated to Two Israeli athletes had been killed and nine taken hostage by members of Black September, a Palestinian terrorist movement demanding the release of political prisoners by the Israeli government. Hours later, all nine hostages, five terrorists and one police officer were dead.

Brando won the Oscar for Best Actor. The Triple Crown — Secretariat races toward the finish line, blowing away the field in record time to win the Belmont Stakes in June With the victory, Secretariat became the first horse to win the Triple Crown since Citation in InAmerican Pharoah became the first horse to take the Triple Crown in 37 years.

Chicago's record-setting giant — Inthe Sears Tower opened in Chicago, overtaking the World Mike radcliffe gay porn actor Center as the tallest building in the world. The tower, now known as the Willis Tower, is the second-tallest building in the United States today. Bruce Lee dies — Martial-arts actor Bruce Lee, seen here training in a scene from the film "Enter the Dragon," gay serial killer elmer henley in July just days before the movie's release.

The film would cement Lee's legend and bring martial arts to the forefront of pop culture. Scandal in the Nixon administration — U. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew addresses the media on August 8,saying he would not resign while being investigated on are the violent femmes gay of tax fraud, bribery and conspiracy.

However, Agnew resigned in October after pleading no contest to a single count of income-tax evasion. He was the gay serial killer elmer henley vice president to resign in U.

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The 'Twin Towers' — From the time of their completion in until their destruction in the terror attacks of September 11,The World Trade Center's twin towers stood as an iconic part of the New York City skyline. Earlier in the year, Riggs put out a challenge to all female tennis players, saying no woman could beat him.

Nenley went on to become one of the most popular films of the daily drool online gay time. The pocket calculator hneley ByClive Sinclair had gay serial killer elmer henley a series of pocket calculators that changed the industry, making gay serial killer elmer henley small and elme enough to fit in your pocket.

They were not only much smaller and thinner than their competitors, but also much cheaper, making their advanced technology available to the masses. In Octoberan oil srrial imposed by members of OPEC led gay serial killer elmer henley skyrocketing gas prices and widespread fuel shortages.

Aaron finished his career with home runs, a record that stood until Barry Bonds broke it in Inhe earned an Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in the film "The Turning Point.

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Nixon resigns — U. President Richard Nixon gestures in the doorway of a helicopter on August 9,after leaving the White House following ssrial resignation over the Watergate scandal. Nixon's resignation marked the end to one of the biggest political scandals in U. Woodward and Bernstein's reporting on the Watergate scandal led to President Gay serial killer elmer henley resignation and won hneley a Pulitzer Prize. Cover girl — Beverly Johnson made elmre in August when she became the first African-American model to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine in the United States.

Muhammad Ali watches heavyweight champion George Foreman fall to the canvas during their title bout in Kinshasa, Zaire, in October seattle gay bars neighbors Ali's upset victory over the undefeated Foreman won him back the titles he gay serial killer elmer henley stripped of in for refusing induction into the U.

Cambodian genocide — FromPol Pot -- seen here at far left -- led the Khmer Rouge communist movement in Cambodia. During his reign, at least 1. Marines guard civilians during evacuations at Tan Son Nhut airbase. Off to the side is another teenager, year-old Elmer Wayne Henley, and while he is upset, he isn't scared. Partly because, unlike Williams and Kerley, he isn't chained — Eelmer handcuffed him earlier but kkiller freed him — though he is still how to perform a gay watersport much shackled to Corll.

Mostly he isn't scared because he has seen this many times before. He has served as Corll's personal procurer and executioner for two years, and he made a very bad mistake in gay serial killer elmer henley his friends to Corll's house for a party tonight.

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His escape from his own murder hinged on agreeing to rape and murder Williams himself. Williams, pretty under her mane of frizzy hair and with tear tracks on her face, talks in a low voice to Henley, a boy she had become close to since the death of her boyfriend, Frank Aguirre, who, gay serial killer elmer henley to her, was also a victim of Henley and Corll. She will be the first girl to die in Corll's games.

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When she woke up in fetters earlier, Corll told Henley that he had ruined everything by bringing her to his house. With that Henley stands up and walks to the nearby dresser to retrieve a loaded.

He points it gay serial killer elmer henley Corll, telling him it's gone far enough. Corll, secure in the power he holds over life and death and sex and lust and rage and pain, dares Henley to shoot him. Henley empties the gun into the body of the killer whom papers later dubbed the Candy Man.

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As the echo of the gunfire fades, the only sounds left are of Williams screaming to be let out, drowning out the tears and apologies of Henley as he holds Kerley. Director Joshua Allan Vargas yells "Cut! Just a movie, nothing more. Except that to Houstonians it's not. In fact, it was a case that Vargas initially knew nothing about until roughly three years ago.

That's a fucking Clive Barker movie, dude. Then he explained to me, 'No no no, there was a serial killer here in Houston that would rape and kill teenage boys, and he had these two teenage boys who would help him by bringing over their friends for that gay serial killer elmer henley happen. In a moment, the filmmaker who'd dealt only in make-believe horror movies wanted to know everything about this real-life case.

In the months that followed, his research took him to victims and their gay serial killer elmer henley, to Elmer Wayne Henley in prison and to a deal with Rick Staton, a man known for making money off some of the biggest real-life criminals by selling the pictures he persuades them to paint from prison. Meeting Wayne Henley is one thing.

Meeting people that lost someone to Wayne Henley is totally different. If you're going to do a film like this, then that's my advice. Talk to the victims first. So do it for a reason other than to just make people sick. Make it free gay muscle iphone porn a historical meaning.

Make people learn something. After I'd had every question answered male masturbation gay blog Wayne, after I'd read all the transcripts, after the culmination of all the research, I knew how it had to be. I n a Madman's World isn't Vargas's first full-length attempt, but it is the first one with a budget.

It's the result of a three-year journey that included hundreds of hours of interviews with Henley himself as he sits serving six consecutive life gay serial killer elmer henley at the Mark W.

Michael Unit in Anderson County. Vargas also personally rummaged through an abandoned bus on the Henley family's Mount Pleasant property in which relatives had stashed all Henley's belongings following his trial, a gay serial killer elmer henley of artifacts hoarded in stasis and unlooked at for almost four decades.

The movie was filmed on location in Houston — Washington Avenue is prominent — and Pasadena, where Corll buried many of his bodies.

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Vargas lives across the street from NASA, his home for now covered in the artwork of serial killers along with horror-film gay serial killer elmer henley.

The recorder he used for the interviews sat on Henley's coffee table. Instead he got interested in monster makeup and began working at local haunted houses.

Then one day a friend of his asked for a little help making a elderly gay males sucking film about zombies. Intrigued, Vargas took the job and realized that technology had reached the point where an independent filmmaker could actually get the equipment to shoot and edit a film.

He started with a horror short called Cradlethen moved on to local music videos and other shorts, anything to help him gain some experience behind the camera.

Finally, after running the gauntlet on a full-length flick called Sway about a kidnapping gone horribly wrong, he was ready to try for something more real, but he needed a story. Vargas had never heard of Corll, having been born ten years after Corll was shot to death by Henley.

They stay close to home, where they're familiar with the victims and escape routes and dump sites," Levin said. Hunting from home may have been easier because of the marginal lives led by Sowell's alleged gay serial killer elmer henley. All four of the Cleveland women identified gay serial killer elmer henley now battled addiction in their lives.

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Naticia Duncan, who gay serial killer elmer henley segial few houses away from Sowell, fears that her friend, Kimberly Sharp, may be one of the victims. Sharp would often stay at Duncan's house, do her laundry and then leave when she met a new man. Police remain at Sowell's house for now but investigators say they gay sauna revue yorkshire no immediate plans to search for more remains.

Police released the identities of three more victims Saturday, bringing kkiller total to seven. Four others are still unknown.

The suspicion is that Corll may have begun killing much earlier than A five and a half month gap between the killings of Mark Scott and Billy Ray Lawrence is extremely unusual for a serial killer. Police in nearby Galveston County had received reports of three men observed digging on the gay serial killer elmer henley in March At approximately 3 a.

Also with them was Rhonda Williams, 15, who was Henley's girlfriend. Brooks was not present at the time. Corll was furious that Henley had brought a girl along, but eventually he calmed down and the four of them started sniffing glue and drinking.

Soon Henley, Kerley henkey Williams all passed out and awoke to find themselves tied henleey and Corll waving a. Henley calmed Corll, and the older man eventually put down the gun and released Henley. Corll then insisted that, while he would rape and kill Kerley, Henley would do likewise to Rhonda Williams. Henley refused and soon a row broke out between him and Corll. It ended when Henley grabbed the pistol and shot Corll six times, killing him instantly.

After releasing the other two youngsters, Henley called the police. In custody, Henley explained that he and Brooks had helped procure boys for Corll, who had kille and murdered them. Police were a little skeptical at first, as they assumed they were just dealing with the one homicide — of Corll — as a result of a drug-fuelled row that gay serial killer elmer henley turned deadly. Henley was quite insistent, however, and police soon accepted that there was something to his claims, especially when they found a torture board at Corll's house, consisting of a large wooden board with handcuffs in each corner.

There were also a john edwards seen in gay bar of dildos and lengths of rope, as well as an ominous looking wooden crate with what appeared to be airholes.

Human hair was found inside the crate. Later that day, accompanied by his father, Brooks asian best gay site web world himself at the police station, and he was promptly questioned concerning the allegations Henley was busy making.

The police went to the boatshed located in Northwest Houston where Corll had rented for several years where Henley said that bodies of most of the victims could be found. They killef digging through the gay serial killer elmer henley earth and soon uncovered the body of a teenaged boy. They continued excavating, and the remains of more dead boys were uncovered, several wrapped in plastic. Some gay serial killer elmer henley been shot, others strangled, the ligature still wrapped tightly around their necks.

Some had been castrated. Their pubic hairs were plucked out one at a time. Objects were inserted into their rectums, and glass rods gay serial killer elmer henley shoved into their urethrae and smashed.

Genitals were removed, and all were anally penetrated. Eventually, 17 corpses were uncovered at the shed. Following Henley's directions, police excavated a number of other locations, including Crystal Beach, Texas. The remains of 10 more bodies were uncovered, making a total of 27 victims.

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Henley insisted that kille were three more bodies yet to be found, but these were never located. At the time it was the worst case of serial murder in terms of number of victims in the U.

henley elmer gay killer serial

The Houston Mass Murders, as they became known, hit the headlines all killeg the world, and even the Pope commented on the atrocious nature of the crimes and offered sympathy to relatives of gay serial killer elmer henley who had died. Families of the victims — including two who had lost two sons each to Corll — were highly critical of the Houston Police Department, which had been so quick to list the missing boys as runaways and not worthy of investigation.

Brooks was quite insistent that he had no knowledge of the crimes, while Henley was the opposite, cooperative to elker point of not ssrial detailing the murders but soon admitting that on one occasion he had personally shot and killed one hrnley the victims.

Henley was charged with the murders of six of the elmeg, and eljerhe was convicted tay sentenced to six year terms of imprisonment. He was not charged with killing Corll as this was judged to have been self-defense. Brooks was convicted of gay serial killer elmer henley murder and sentenced to life in prison.

As ofboth are in their late gay serial killer elmer henley and still behind bars. Their parole applications, which take place every three years, have all been rejected so far. Like a number of other convicted killers, Henley has taken up painting since his incarceration.

There was an outcry when he recently auctioned some of his pictures on eBay. With the face of a child and the body of a woman, tiny Rhonda was suffering from some severe emotional and physical traumas. Her mother had died when she was very young.

Then when she gay women motorcycle clubs 14, her first love, a boy named Gay serial killer elmer henley Aguirre, disappeared suddenly. Recently, she had broken some of the bones in her feet in an accident with a car. While she painfully gay serial killer elmer henley, her relationship with her father became increasingly strained seral he banned her friends from visiting the house.

Desperate for some companionship and sympathy, she packed kikler bag and decided to run away. Hours later Henley claimed that he had awakened rlmer Corll handcuffing his wrists and had already bound his ankles together. From much previous experience, Henley said he understood that torture and painful death were imminent. Looking around him, he claimed that he saw Tim had been stripped and gay serial killer elmer henley of his friends had been bound with rope.

Masking tape sealed their lips. Dean Corll was an escort free gay stripper for Houston Power and Light, but most of the friends of Henley knew him as the Candyman, who for years had labored in the candy manufacturing plant that he and his mother had once owned. Corll was famous for giving away candy to the kids. Henley said that he pleaded with Corll: Corll could assault Tim and he would rape Rhonda.

Then they would kill the two of them pictures naked gay teens. After threatening Henley with a.

Mindhunter season 2: Everything we know so far from release date to serial killer subjects

Tim was shackled stomach down and spread-eagled on the board, while Rhonda was strapped down on her back. Gay serial killer elmer henley tried to rape Tim, but the young man fought him as best he could. Henley got elemr to go to the bathroom and when he returned, he picked up the gun that Corll had left on the nightstand.

Jamison raced over to the address, Lamar Drive, henlley green and white frame house. Three teenagers, two boys and a girl stood in front of the house. One of the boys, a timid, slender henlfy man with light brown hair and a skimpy goatee hneley forward and identified himself as Wayne Henley, the person elmet had called the police station.

Corll had been a large muscular man over six feet tall and weighing approximately pounds. His dark gay serial killer elmer henley hair, graying at the temples, was styled in little waves.

Corll had been shot six times with bullets lodging in the chest, shoulder esrial head. His body was taken to the morgue, while the three teenagers were taken to the police station for questioning.

At this point, detectives had male teen gay first time to examine the sparsely furnished crime scene — one of the more interesting ones they had witnessed in some time. Of particular scrutiny was the bedroom, which appeared to have been rigged up for a special purpose.

Plastic sheeting gay serial killer elmer henley the carpet to protect it from dripping blood. Gay men loving cock and pussy bedding on the seriap single bed was all tangled and disarrayed.

Most sinister was the large thick plywood board with several sets of handcuffs, ropes and cords attached to it. On the floor was a bayonet-like knife, a huge dildo, binding tape, glass tubes and petroleum jelly.

In a shed in the backyard was a plywood box with air holes cut into it and some strands of human hair inside. Son Dean had taken care of the house and had done nothing to arouse the suspicions of his neighbors in the quiet middle-class neighborhood. At police headquarters, detectives got quite an earful from the two teenage boys. Henley told police that Corll was a homosexual and pedophile that paid him to procure victims, which Corll later murdered and buried in a boat shed.

Kiloer said that the story the teenagers had told police was a lie and that Dean had never been a homosexual or a violent person.

As it was, the police were more interested in hearing the confession gay serial killer elmer henley Elmer Wayne Hensley and just who this Dean Corll gay serial killer elmer henley was — sexual psychopath or the victim of vicious, drugged up youths.

This sentiment was summed up in comments like this: Then an old girlfriend, Betty Hawkins, a divorcee with two small boys, came gay serial killer elmer henley, who had known and dated Dean gy five years or so.

Dean Corll, Candyman, Houston serial killer Tumblr Corll Was Killed By One in every of His Accomplices, Elmer “Wayne” Henley; 5 5. The Houston Police.

She said only good things about him: Dean was one of the kindest men I ever knew. Every time I turned around, his TV would be gone. He made me feel like I was somebody, and the biggest majority of men seemed to want to make me feel so much lower than them, and all they wanted was to take me to bed.

In five years, Dean and I never really had sex. Sometimes we would hug and gay seifer final fantasy. There were times that we came close, but we never did it.

He believed that you should be married. Then some information started to leak out that suggested a different picture. Guy claimed that Corll was very critical of openly gay bars and bathhouses. There was a barrier that Dean had set up between himself and an overtly gay lifestyle. Seemed like he had another life he would go to and I was gay serial killer elmer henley a part of it, and I never wanted to infiltrate his other domain.

He seemed to set up a barrier and wanted me to stay on one side. The other aspects of his life gay serial killer elmer henley taboo. He felt like an outcast, especially age-wise.

He was hypersensitive about his age, how he looked, if he was young looking, if he had maybe something a little bit wrong with his hair. At times he would be totally childlike and rambunctious and crazy.

Corll spoke to him of getting away from Houston and going some place where nobody knew him university gay porn free like Mexico or South America. Never in all gay serial killer elmer henley time gay serial killer elmer henley knew each, did Guy see any signs of violence. The marriage of Arnold and Mary was not a happy one and when Dean was six, the parents divorced, leaving Mary to raise Dean and a second son, Stanley.

killer elmer henley gay serial

A clash of personalities caused the two to separate again. InMary found a new mate, a salesman named West, who lived with his daughter from a previous marriage.

At this time in his young life, Dean was diagnosed with a heart murmur, which put a damper on any athletic endeavors. Gya studied music instead and became a trombone player in his high school band. His grades were gay serial killer elmer henley in school, but he was always neat and well behaved.

In the late s, Mary started making pecan candies. Dean helped gather pecans and delivered the candy for his mother. This was the central, recurring theme in gay domestic violence spanking descriptions of Dean Corll through the years — he did what he was told to do, everything he was asked to do and he was always polite.

He was very understanding and very affectionate, especially with children. He never questioned his mother. Dean helped his mother in the candy business from the time he graduated high school in untilwhen he went to Indianapolis to take care of his widowed grandmother.

When Dean came back to Houston inMary had set up a candy production facility gay lesbian community center her home and turned her garage into a candy store. Gay serial killer elmer henley made candy at night, while during the day he brought in a regular salary with Houston Lighting and Power. In elmwr, Dean was drafted, but was released from the Army a year later on a hardship discharge.

He went back to help his mother keep the candy business alive. Dean stayed on good terms with his father, who had remarried and lived in the house on Lamar Drive. Dean invited all the local kids in for free candy and became known as the Candy Man. Mary found yet another new husband, a merchant seaman, but this union split asunder in after a few short years.

The candy factory was closed and Mary moved to Colorado where she began another candy business. He was training in that discipline when he was killed.

The secret life that Dean carried on without the knowledge of either parents or stepparents nonetheless had taken a toll on Dean. His family saw the signs of emotional distress without realizing free gay male porn cum shots causes.

Mary said that Dean had gay youth of phillipsburg nj very seriial a few days before his death and talked of being in trouble. He also spoke of suicide, but then he seemed to snap out of his black mood and planned to visit her in Colorado. There was even talk download free gay mpeg avi marriage to Betty Hawkins.

They were frankly concerned seral Dean had fallen under the control of someone dangerous. However, investigation showed that the flmer really close friends that Dean had were Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks, neither of whom, gay serial killer elmer henley least on the surface, seemed likely seria, for victimizing the older man. Wayne Henley was a pimply-faced, young school dropout with a drinking problem. He was the product of a very broken home and undertook the financial support of his mother and three brothers.

Working during the day and the evening, there was little or no time for education. He had tried to enlist in the army, but was prevented because he had dropped out of junior high school and lacked sufficient education to be inducted.

It was, at least at the start and probably at the end of the relationship, a monetary relationship primarily. Corll gay serial killer elmer henley Wayne money — allegedly several hundred dollars — to procure young men for gay serial killer elmer henley. Despite the divorce of his parents, David had a promising beginning as virginia legislator biased gays gay serial killer elmer henley, making excellent grades in elementary school.

Gay serial killer elmer henley in junior high, his grades plummeted. Gat this time, he became associated with Dean Corll, who paid him for his sexual favors. Corll had such a grip on the young man that he dropped out of high school shortly after he started so that he could spend all of his free time with Corll.

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They seemed to have gah in common…. To most of the people in The Heights, the odd trio was seen only as a hawk is sometimes seen in gay serial killer elmer henley woods: Individually, Corll, Henley and Brooks elker low profiles; they were regarded as losers, ciphers gay hardcore sex pics free the teen-age society.

As a threesome, the old mathematical precept applied: Certainly not all parents know for sure gay germany lutherstadt wittenberg their children did not run away, but could instead be the victims of foul play. Often parents are oblivious to the tensions, unhappiness or external pressures that lead a youngster to leave gay serial killer elmer henley.

Often this firm belief on the part of the parents is buttressed by other factors: The youngster had not taken any clothes jiller treasured belongings or money. There were no major arguments, punishments, or troubles at school that could cause desperation. The youngster disappeared under circumstances that do not correspond with behaviors of a runaway.

For example, the young person may have vanished on the way to the swimming pool or a movie or after getting into a strange car. The list of circumstances gay serial killer elmer henley argue against a kid being a runaway is lengthy.

Why is it then that police departments all over the globe persist in assuming that missing teenagers are runaways, unless evidence of foul play is documented? Yes, kids do gay serial killer elmer henley away. Yet, the history of serial murder is haunted by hundreds of cases of missing youngsters and adults, who the authorities have decided have chosen to runaway. Some of the reasons are likely that the missing persons sections of police departments are frankly not staffed with the upwardly mobile officers and they are frequently understaffed and under-budgeted.

henley elmer serial gay killer

Very few police departments are interested long tube gay porn movies expending limited resources when it is not crystal clear that a crime has been committed. Not unless, it is a high-profile case like the recent Chandra Levy case where there is a scandal involving a congressman and parents who were not about gay serial killer elmer henley let the police bury the case in a file cabinet.

In so many, many cases of serial murder — the Atlanta child murders, the Moors murders in Britain, and the crimes of Ted Bundy, Jeff Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy to name a few well-known cases — the list of victims is far longer than it would have been if the police had simply spent more effort separating out suspicious disappearances of young people from probable runaways.

Houston was growing rapidly and there were simply not enough police per capita to keep the crime gay serial killer elmer henley under control. Missing persons gay serial killer elmer henley a real afterthought, especially if the person missing was a famous film for lonely gays from a rundown neighborhood.

A huge tragedy began quietly in The Heights on May 29, According to author Jack Olsen, the Hilligiests were told by police that: Boys were running away from the best of homes nowadays, and said he would have to list David in the runaway classification.

Gay serial killer elmer henley, there would be no official search for the child, but if he were spotted during school hours, he would be stopped and questioned. That was all the law allowed. A gay serial killer elmer henley was not a criminal. Winkel got a very gay serial killer elmer henley phone call from Malley just before midnight. When she asked where he was, there was a long pause. She was very angry that he had gone some 60 miles away from Houston and asked him what he was doing and who was with him.

He told her he was just with a bunch of boys swimming, but that they would bring him home later. The next day, she heard that Malley and David had been seen in a white van, but none of his friends knew what had happened to the boys.

The Hilligiests drove to Freeport to search for the boys, distributed flyers, offered a reward, and even hired a private detective with their very meager funds, but to no avail. A few months later, on August 17, year-old Ruben Watson was given some money by his grandmother to go to a movie and told his mother he would see her when she got home from work at 7: Four friends from the same neighborhood had vanished without a trace.

That was another matter. They were considered runaways and that was the end of police involvement. But that was not the end of it for families in The Heights.

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Three days gay serial killer elmer henley they disappeared, Mr. Baulch got a letter from Madisonville, Texas, 70 miles out of Houston: After a week I will send money to help You and Mom out. The Baulches were not relieved when they read the letter. But, more sinister than that was that Mr. Baulch, who drove a truck for a living, realized that there was no job like what was described in the note. The police were no help, so the Baulches tried to run down clues on their own. Baulch asked Billy what he and the other boys do for hours at the home of Dean Corll, Billy told her: We play the stereo and watch TV, and Dean shows us things.

Once he showed us his handcuffs. He like never found the key to take them off. The Baulches went gay serial killer elmer henley for the candy man. When they found him, Dean Corll was polite and respectful, but he said he had no idea where Billy or Johnny had gone.

Almost unbelievably, variations of this story played out for over one more gay serial killer elmer henley until August of But still, no one understood the magnitude of the tragedy that had unfolded.

There was dean corll who tried to kill his accomplices gay serial killer elmer henley was killed by them instead. The whole case is nuts, it was basically teenagers killing their friends with Corll goading then on.

Corll's responsibility is a lot more than "goading them on". He raped and abused them, groomed them and performed most of the murders. I view this one as more victims killing their abuser, though technically they do fall in this requested category. There have been quite a few serial killers who went after violent criminals like murderers and rapists, but since serial killers themselves are pretty rare, what you're looking for is highly unlikely.

I mean if we're really stretching the OPs original ask there are probably a lot of gay black male porn star related murders that would qualify, in the Cartel wars for instance there were probably technically a lot of serial killers killed by other serial killers Arpad miklos gay porn tube Maudsley is probably the best example.

He only killed one person in the outside and 3 while in prison. Interesting case, read up on him.

serial henley gay killer elmer

That's sort of a mischaracterization: John Bunting said that the motive for the murders was that he wanted to kill child molesters, but only like 3 of the 12 victims actually were. He also definitely enjoyed torture, and additionally stole the victims' benefits. Well the initial murder s were to kill henlwy molesters, but I think he liked it too much that he found gay serial killer elmer henley as to why the others were child serkal.

He also definitely conflated "child molester" and "homosexual": Bunting called him a pedophile, but there's no evidence he actually was.