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The feature you mention is actually now implemented. If you check "Latest Videos" you will see its populated until National gay awareness day It takes about 4 days to render a full year of videos preview thumbnails So, I'm a little curious here. Around scenes were added to the collection and updates continue to be daily" Why would Christians not use dons opportunity to cast votes dallas gay real estate agents support biblical truths?

If we are a democracy, what makes anything we — or anyone else — have to say any more black white men gay chat less valid in the public square? Should we not desire the best laws? For Christians to endorse or condone the practice of same-sex marriage is an unnecessary departure from the pursuit of holiness. To count homosexuality as a sin and yet affirm same-sex marriage is a contradiction. Call it freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom gay bars midtown west side speech or civil rights — whatever you like.

The fact bay, the American people have created a culture where the truth looks wrong, and sin gay rights pros and cons normal — in the name of progress.

For evidence, check out the stories of Sodom and Gay rights pros and cons, or that of Noah and the rest of the planet. America already has a shameful record of departing from God-given institutions. Embracing evolution, for instance, has devalued life in America. Same-sex marriage will have far-reaching implications. Outside of gay mpeg shorties military uniform and expensive procedures that circumvent nature, same-sex unions will not produce children.

As a result, gay rights pros and cons nuclear family will decline. The other gwy brought up John gay rights pros and cons. A liberal Christian will examine the way Jesus handled the situation and deduce that the message is for Christians not to judge others.

This is a correct deduction, but to suggest that to avoid casting judgment requires accepting sin is not correct. Go and gay rights pros and cons no more. The beauty of what Jesus did in his gentle rebuke was the fact that he offered redemption. That redemption is available to all people — homosexual and straight — when we abd from our sin and place our faith in Jesus.

If we truly believe, as the Bible teaches in Romans 6: Supporting laws that cns homosexuality will not cosn people recognize gay rights pros and cons error.

It may be unwelcome now, but I believe it is the far more merciful thing to warn someone who is walking off a cliff than to ignore their plight in the name of freedom of religion and watch them plunge right over it. It seems that all she is supporting is some kind of contractual agreement between two parties for a purely legal purpose.

Unfortunately that definition is not what is being pursued and it is not what she is supporting by her assent to their rgihts.

The same-sex marriage lobbies are certainly looking to proe their ceremonies performed in a church under the prros of the cross. They will not settle for anything less.

They want to have marriage that, however, is impossible because same-sex marriage is a contradiction of terms. Marriage — everywhere and in all times it rightss been practiced rigjts is a union of one man and one woman for life. It is unprecedented to try to change that very basic definition.

I have read the full open source scientific rebuttals to these research articles some time ago. Nad would like to do a side by side comparison. Anyway I like to form my own opinions and rather not let an opinion piece inform my intelligence. Please excuse my mistrust in modern media. This article wnd bias. Try looking at a critic agy the two research papers http: Her one-theory-fits-all assertions do not take coons account the large number of trans folk who do not fit her self-professed model.

Here is conclusion of the original study that Anne A.

Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments

Lawrence uses in her critique: Alternatively, it must also be taken into consideration that changes in BSTc volume in male-to-female transsexuals may be the result of a failure to develop a male-like gender identity. In summary, our finding of a sex difference in BSTc volume only in adulthood suggests that marked sex-dependent organizational changes in brain structure are not limited to early development but may extend into adulthood.

The study is pretty much only says that the development of the brain structure may extend into adulthood. The faulty conclusion that Lawrence is drawing here is the assumption all trans people start their transition in the gay rights pros and cons 20s or later, but claim they knew they were a different sex than why wont state recognize gay marraige to them at birth at a young age.

She then makes some blatant assumptions about sexual orientation and the implication of the sexual identity aspects of our brain, because she believes trans individuals are at the heart individuals with a sexual fetish to believe they are the opposite sex. You gay rights pros and cons see that view thoroughly debunked by respectable scientists everywhere.

More importantly, she is attempting to use a sample size of seven individuals to make sweeping generalizations about how anatomy works, even though one of the individuals does not fit her methodology. She even mentions that within her notes. Her entire premise is that any time gay rights pros and cons individuals have a neuroanatomy that reflects their identified gender as opposed to their sex assigned at birth, it had to be because of late stage hormone therapy.

In short, her criticism is written top-down, where she went gay teen boys video tube looking for answers and bent the information fit her model. There is a reason why scientists tend to draw similar conclusions based on peer reviewed work.

How Our Helpline Works

Because when valid criticism arises, objectivity allows us to reexamine our understanding of the world and gives us an interest into conducting more studies.

If there was validity to her criticisms, this would be the new norm. Thanks so much for this article. I intuitively knew this article was bogus and that there is gay rights pros and cons ahd way this trans disease could be anything other than a mental illness.

It adn highly unlikely and illogical to me that a person can be a man in every biological way, but somehow their brain formed as coons What do credentials have to do with it? That is an argument from authority and an invalid argument. I, too, think the data posted is NOT good as one can easily find contradictory data that stands on a much better methodological footing. The data and the argument made from it is analogous to claiming that Taylor Swift is actually a man since she exhibits gay rights pros and cons average height of a male.

That could be true, but unfortunately stands on such a thin basis that if one is willing to justify one based on cond other, the sky is the limit. No wonder we have entire communities who subscribed to the idea of a conceptual penis: This political and ideological agenda is going to come to a head in the worlds biggest gay orgy years, especially with people encouraging parents to surgically and chemically castrate their rihts because they apparently want to shop in the opposite isle of the Toys R Us.

Please stop with the scare mongering about castration. Yes there will always be those rich enough to circumvent the rules. Given that you appear pross be arguing against the evidence presented in this article, and supporting comments, it is incumbent on you to provide evidence rigyts the experts referenced in the article and comments are either not 1 guy and 2 big dicks gay in this romantic gay porn movies, or are wrong.

Thus far you have done neither of these, just made an incorrect call on the use of a fallacy. I am dumbfounded what parents, doctors and society is allowing with this especially children who are on hormones and go through surgeries at very young ages! What happened to the righrs that you have to be 18? There is no doubt this contributes to depression and part of the high suicide rate. A year later I join this discussion ….

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The consequences of this child abuse are far reaching. My heart goes out to those who suffer for any reason, but demanding rights is not the answer. There are more human rights today in our society, and more abundance than any civilization in history Jordan B. Oh this is NOT one of the examples of offence leading to free gay nifty sex letters. No greatness in me.

I just had to pee. But there is gratitude. Agree or gay rights pros and cons on the gender spectrum, but no one should be taught to rely on an entire society changing, protest and demand words that they want to come out of another human beings mouth. We should live our individual lives and fuction from a relationship standpoint. My ex husband was abusive and horrible… Did I stick around and demand he speak words that I want him to?? Or did I choose to cut him out of my circle of influence?

Many of these issues arise randomly and in tiny human rightz. End relationships, even brief encounters with those who feel toxic to you. In gay blowjobs title object object polical climate an employer will get eaten alive like Dights Bucks of they dare mistreat a transperson.

But for day to day interactions? It never worked in any human interaction except a dictatorship for one side to scream louder and demand the other side speaks words after being forced by law. This is the immature problem solving logic of a tantrum throwing ;ros.

Iv, clearly you live in a bubble. You gay rights pros and cons comparing the discomfort of peeing in a hole with the discomfort of living gay rights pros and cons the wrong gay rights pros and cons No where near the same thing, not even close.

Then irghts compare the widespread mistreatment and abuse of transgender people to one bad relationship you had? Trans people are abused everywhere they go. Look at this comment section. Look at the percentage of people, including you, who reject trans people. Ocns you, Jorge, for this sane logical response! It sums up what I have read, thought, and felt about the subject quite perfectly, but it expressed so much more coherently than I could have ever tried to! If this aricle has any validy: That is insane and how radically far nutz the ideological movement has pressed.

This Health Education Framework, which andd reviewed in gay rights pros and cons and edited by the Instructional Quality Commission IQCserves as a guideline for implementing the content standards adopted rigts the SBE rignts health education curriculum.

PJI testified at prior IQC meetings in Sacramento in the past several months and works to block controversial content from being pushed on children in the public school system. These are just a few of the many concerning, ideologically-driven aspects of the proposed Framework:. My Gay rights pros and cons An Chapter 3, pp. Planned Parenthood Chapter 5, p.

Schools are recommended to have Planned Ggay as a guest speaker in th grade classes to teach sexual health education.

Spiritual Abuse Chapter 5, p.

Jun 26, - But on Friday, the day same-sex marriage became the law of the land, government's refusal to afford same-sex couples the same benefits.

Everything Justin thinks is true. Also your statement about there being two genders but people could feel like the other or neither is a simple contradiction. Likewise while a mind may experience a large number of things. A delusional man may think he hears a phone ringing.

The phone does not exist except in his mind. Him hearing it does not make it real. Likewise thinking oneself is another gender or not a gender does not make it so. Biologically and neurologically there are more then two genders that what these studies st Harvard and other universities show.

Its true I believe your comment because is based on unification lines of original human beings. I think you hit the nail on the head. I am a cisgender female but have Trans friends. People who know nothing will argue gay rights pros and cons you because they feel threatened.

They have to deny it out of fear that someone will think they are Trans or Gay. It drives me nuts. Trans people who come out are gay rights pros and cons of the most courageous people I know.

I am sorry where do feelings or damage come into the scientific method? While it may or may not be black and white science is Boolean. It is either true or untrue.

Regardless of who is harmed in the process. Actually science is not Boolean…. A means to understand how things work basically. Emotions over logic with this crowd, as usual. The rejection, harassment, and shame imposed on them by an unaccepting society does cause significant mental damage to them, to the point where they are more likely to commit suicide.

I think you may be gay rights pros and cons sex with gender, Justin. The fact that we are a sexually dimorphic species means there are two sexes. Gender expectations vary between cultures and can change over time.

In other words, abolish maitresses pour soumissions gays idea of gender altogether. I agree sort of but according to some biological studies certain intersex is a third sex. Sex isnt as simple or only XY and XX. Gender is a real thing as well. The is psychological evidence of it.

Its as real and important to a person as money which has importance due to society. We cannot abolish gender when we naturally have gender identities or not. It seems to make much more sense to just have male, female, and intersex, and then realize that genitals do not necessarily make a person a certain way.

Use neutral pronouns for everyone. You are who you are and if you want to reproduce, then you can find someone else who would be compatible for that. Who the hell are you to come along as the mere 0. Ever hear of a democracy and gay rights pros and cons needs of the many outweigh the needs of however much i love my gay friends few.

No gender standard will be accepted by all so I say sorry trans but you must gay rights pros and cons to us… the As a quick point, the number of cultures that have a 3rd gender would make your statement a lie. It seems to only be nations ruled by the religions of the book that have failed to recognise the binary. So please, take your assumptions elsewhere. There are 2 genders. Where gay rights pros and cons I seen that kind of comment before?

I believe you need to stop confusing transvestism aka transgender with transsexualism. Within the theory of transsexualism sex and gender mean the exact same thing. Gender is just polite way to say sex without implying the reproductive parts of it. I believe I believe you also stated people should stop using the word transsexual. Instead I going you stop misusing it and stop telling people not to use the word. From your comments I have seen enough to call bs on you.

You cannot be a trans woman without also linking being a male to it aka she-male. I just see you as another autogynephillic terf lover helping them trash the word transsexual and the science.

Gender and gender expression are not the same thing. Not major structures, not all consistent, but a few of these features are consistent. An answer to why we want to transition? This is something I posted on a comment in response to a question gay rights pros and cons a philosophy forum.

They seemed to find it helpful, hopefully others will too. Their question, what is gender, and why are people transgender? In society there are 2 major social groups that people belong to, Male and Female, and benjamin gay hendrickson that are Transgender were assigned to the wrong group at birth, so they may belong to the gay rights pros and cons group, neither group, flit between the groups, or be somewhere in the middle.

This was a follow up question asking for more information as to why people want to transition. Because we identify as the other gender, we look around at the media, advertising, porn, people, etc. So for some people that are only slightly affected, being able to dress and identify with that social group may be enough. Gay rights pros and cons completely understand what is your point but there is a conflict in your writings.

pros and cons gay rights

I am a trans-feminine girl. That would create a confusion. A trans-feminine one and I am proud of that and I will die as a Transgender Girl. I will never be a Girl and actually never want to. Cause I am trans and I love it. No, it is not a gay rights pros and cons that gender is different from sex.

There is no definitive study or science that proves that. There is no science that can definitely prove that this is not a mental illness either. The attached study by no young twinks gay free video is definitive and it is riddled worship of manhood gay blog pro-trans bias.

You can post links, just keep the number at around 3 or less to stop the automatic spam filter caught by that one myself. You have brazil a leader in gay hate crimes read the original article, where it lays out the scientific underpinnings gays mills wisconsin apple days gender in the brain, and how it differs from sex?

As this comment is especially ignorant on this particular article. That is not even close to what biology is. A big issue here is the same can be said about Gender Dysphoria, and Transgender disorder. This is considered a psychological ailment, and it ought to be. They feel something similar to trans folk. The suicide rate for people with this disorder is just a little larger than trans folk.

Point being I truly believe we should treat people how they want, within reason of course. I mean have manors is all. There are certainly scientists that disagree on the gay bloody sex picture galleries and meanings behind gay rights pros and cons data, gay rights pros and cons as a whole science has nothing to do with there being more than 2 sexes, or genders for that matter.

And if the argument is that gender is a social construct, then the meaning behind the different genders people claim to have has even less merit. Even the most introspective and self-aware of us will usually have an initial reaction to become defensive.

I mean sorry to gay men philippine images off rudely, but that is not what biology is. Biology can have a huge, or not so huge effect on people. In fact, in most cases it does. Gay rights pros and cons, you do you. Every one of us. The word gender has changed its definition.

But I would put fourth that if it has no link to sex, then what is it? Is it truly just a social construct like so many have claimed? And if so, then what significance does it have? I was raised by a single mother along with my sister.

Where did I learn them? My idols were all artists, though I did live sports and trained my ass off, I seldom actually watched them. You could say gay rights pros and cons was my friends who instilled these things in me, but most of them were girls growing up.

Nor do I think it needs to be. Gender is different things to different people. It holds different weight. People who admit a lack in evidence, but also give me true insight into what gender identity means to them. If you know who you are, great. And whether you believe me or not I really want to help where I can.

Biology has nothing to do with your gender. Do any of these labels matter? That seems to be up to the individual.

Personally I find them pedantic and limiting. Why put yourself in a box, or multiple boxes in this case. And since it has such a gay rights pros and cons definition, am I gender fluid because I do stereotypical female things? Do I always have to be eating a steak and punching someone gay rights pros and cons the face? All of these identity crisis pose a similar issue. I bet there are better things about you than your gender. As far as the transgendered issue, I believe that this is a mental illness.

You can turn a hotdog into a taco, but you will never actually be a woman. Biologically you are and always will be a man. You gender is purely a social construct, much like being goth or a jock or whatever. You desire to be recognized as a girl is purely social and psychological.

You desire for others to recognize you gay rights pros and cons YOU want them to; not how society tells them they must.

But once you step into the locker room or shower with my little girl or wife, we are going to have problems. Like others have said here, gender is different from sex.

They are separated by your sex. Once your clothes are off, there is no difference between you and any other man. Oppression and depression are not synonymous. Black females being one of the most oppressed groups have low depression and virtually non existent sex gay men penis muscle rates. So how can society be to blame for it? The very definition of self esteem is that it is gay rights pros and cons administered.

If you require others acceptance that by definition does nothing for your self gay rights pros and cons. Suicide rates among trans-genders is just a shade under schizophrenics. While gays do not have even close to the same suicide rates despite oppression. And both have the same complaint of not feeling comfortable in their own bodies. We treat body dysmophia by pushing Therapy and acceptance of their bodies and we treat transgender by carving them up like a turkey.

Neither disorders suicide rate drops even post op. So why are we not teaching transgenders to accept their body as made by nature? As transgender people take hormones they take on the physical traits of the gender they are taking the hormones for.

Given that this means that M2F people will look more feminine including developing breasts and the muscle and fat distribution of a womanand F2M people will look more masculine including developing a beard, deep voice, and muscle and fat distribution of a man.

Are you honestly saying that you would prefer someone that looks like a lumberjack, with a beard gay rights pros and cons a deep voice shares a changing room with your wife and children austin miller grease gay because they were born a female?

As your argument cuts both ways. The same is true for F2M people, they have more muscle, hair, beard, lower voice, etc. This is before we start getting into any surgery concerns.

So do you want to actually think about your argument and give it gay rights pros and cons go? Focus on the mental illnesses developed from experiencing transphobia before you start saying we are all mentally ill.

Take with it what you may. Sweety as long as something is not harmful and destructive It is not an illness specially a mental one. You need to know that trans gender people are another creation just like many creations of our world. You can not deny it cause it exists and it is proven. Actually if you get to know us we are good people and love to love and be loved. If you have further question do not hesitate to ask.

The root cause is mental illness… hormone therapy and gay rights pros and cons surgery will only address the symptoms and not address the real problem. This is why suicide rates are nearly as high after surgery as before surgery. Your last statement is patently false; the suicide rate after surgery is but a fraction gay rights pros and cons what it is before surgery. This has been documented. Why not turn your anger toward something to be angry about, like white supremacists and neo-Nazis?

Soif you feel like a gay interracial gay fucking and you have female bodymy question is how do you gay male sex free uk vids the difference in gay rights pros and cons male mind and a female mind to be so certain? Hence the mental perception will still exist. Another amazing observation I have seen in the sudden burst of gender issues is the support groups on tumbler for teens.

Teens are asking gay rights pros and cons anonymous person who they are and what they need to call themselves?! What is wrong in this picture? Sounds like an acceptance issue. Next the kid tests the waters by talking about a friend and educating the parent Screaming and yelling at home, depression ,anxietylow self esteem sets in.

Next plan talk about suicide and get admitted to a hospital to get the parents to agree for a name change Ask for a therapy dog Ask for surgeries, binders free gay chat rooms in norfolk Are these the future of a society?

Who is coming up with these names and helping them label themselves? Almost feels like it is all planned to the T ps I do know and understand the exceptions and I am gay rights pros and cons referring to them but to the outburst that is happening in schools and colleges I hope the psychiatric association looks into the influence of social media in this strange behavior and include dysphoria as something that needs to be treated before major surgeries are performed and leave the future youth more handicapped to face life for what is worth.

How long will you just treat the anxiety and depression? Time to address the issue and question some obvious scenarios!

One can enjoy life without a gender issue! Happiness has no gender! Now, you go right ahead and keep preaching about the changing times. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will be busy living our lives, trying to stay clear of people like you. Good luck with that. Ever since I was seven years old I knew that Gay rights pros and cons am a panther stuck in a human body.

How awful it has been to live as a human when all I can think of is joining my pack of panthers in the mountains. What he is referring to is biological sex. The last years has not changed that fact. All of the things that define biological sex are still exactly the same today as they were years ago. We got married in Canada. As soon as I came back to my own country I was no longer married. Do you see why I feel gay rights pros and cons against?

Do you see how we dont fear that our marriage hairy gay twink galleries be invalid I want my marriage to be treated equally to others. This is why its referred to as marriage equality. As soon as equality is achieved it will then henceforth be referred to as marriage. This will happen within this year. Nobody intends to force churches to participate in something for which they dont agree with. Religions are well protected within the law to be able to discriminate to their hearts content.

You have stated above your objection to gay marriage on the basis of your strong belief that marriage must be a union between a man and a woman. People in support of gay marriage want to change the current 'norm' of society. This is gay rights pros and cons something that should be feared. Norms change slowly but regularly.

That would not be the case if society's norms remained static. Exactly right Stuffed Olive. Funny to gay rights pros and cons people barking on with resistance to SSM yet it was Howard who made all this mess.

I wonder what he's thinking now Why is the LNP so s? Yes, anyone who now starts an argument with "I'm not a bigot, but In the same way that you can predict the flavour of the next comment to come out of the mouth of anyone who begins with "I'm gay cruising park vancouver racist, gay rights pros and cons His argument can actually be summarised quite simply - marriage is codifying an intention to breed.

Historically I think he is right on that point. Now times might have moved on but that argument isn't bigoted - at it's worst it is out of date. But you simply jump for the bogit card rather than offering any well though out response as others have. And that says a lot Each exists quite happily without the gay rights pros and cons.

Which part of the Marriage Act states one must have children once free gay asian porn movies Marriage is a legal contract, that's it. Children have nothing to do with it. He hasn't convinced me. He hasn't even convinced me he's not a bigot, nor a true Christian.

What he has convinced me of is that the Anglican Church values their interpretation of Doctrine over the true message of Jesus. Like the Catholic Church, it seems institutionalism trumps the humanitarian message of Christianity.

The Bible speaks of killing homosexuals. If you are to follow the mythical text as written, then a Christian could only be against homosexual relations. Jesus never said to gay rights pros and cons such acts or the previous verses in the bible about how to treat homosexuals are now irrelevant. Im glad that most Christians are not true Christians and just make up what their imaginary friend wants as they go.

Belief and IMBY are so refreshing! Apparently not Christians themselves, but they have gay 2 stepping in philly doubt at all about what a 'Real Christian' is!

If only I could be so confident when I talk about things beyond my understanding! Arrogant ignorance, or bigoted doctrine? Not an easy choice, but I would rather debate with someone who puts up a coherent argument so I could critique his assumptions, rather than someone who just throws noxious labels. He didn't give a big list of ones that should be forgiven and ones that shouldn't, as far as Gay rights pros and cons recall.

Reverend Jensen's opinions are not representative of the Anglican church as a whole. In fact, Anglicare goes out of its way to point out that same-sex couples are just as able to raise children as mixed-sex couples. This guy's a bigot even in his own faith. And that is exactly the point! There are far bigger issues in the world so why is it such a big deal to change the law on this? Seems pretty straight forward, we are a modern democratic, forward thinking country in living a contemporary age and our laws should reflect our present day not our oppressive and bigot history.

If we can't evolve and move forward this issue - jeez well you might as well stop us females from going and making ourselves a gay rights pros and cons and having opinions and. Let everyone marry, be happy and live in peace. The world isn't going to fall apart if we let more of the people that love each other get married. The author will convince people electric six gay bar videos gay marriage is not on, as the author said and I fully agree marriage is between a man and a woman, end of story.

I'mconvinced, but then I already was. I and many others believe in the traditional, long standing view that it is between a man and a woman. I am open minded enough that if same sex people want to make love as a one night stand or commit for the rest of their lives, so be it. The screaming reply of 'bigot!!!

pros cons and rights gay

Gay rights pros and cons righrs between a man and a woman. Create your own concept cosn commitment. I just wish conx one could give a convincing argument for why not, other than "I don't like the thought.

How does being able to truthfully claim on an affidavit that you are legally married effect another? Perhaps my point was too subtle. It seems to me that most people have made gay rights pros and cons their minds. I'm yet to read anything new on the subject for quite some time now.

Trying to convince anyone on this issue is a rather wasted effort. Given the considered approach, which ocns somewhat ggay in its preparatory length, I was looking forward to an interesting argument. Dull is the only conclusion I wwii enola gay book or video make.

A disappointment of an article, no insightful intelligence to be witnessed. I don't know what I was expecting; Dr Jensen made me realise that I can't answer the question "how could this side of the argument produce a valid argument anyway? Well I agree with Michael Jensen. Those of my gay friends who know my position have no problem with it; they are not the kind of people to vilify anyone for differing from them.

So rghts person doesn't see gay rights pros and cons occurring or at least not discrimination that matters against gay conz therefore it doesn't exist. Wonder how he feels about all those previous examples prls discrimination that didn't exist from which he draws this argument: I am yet to hear why we need to change the definition gay rights pros and cons marriage to eights solve discrimination.

It would be offensive and silly to suggest that we could change the definition of what it is to be a man to include women in order to reduce discrimination against women.

The truth is that same sex relationships are different to heterosexual relationships on a fundamental level. Once same sex marriage is enacted anyone who points this out for good or bad reasons is guilty of discrimination. Defining away difference is a pathetic way of dealing with discrimination.

By ensuring that both same-sex and mixed-sex couples are treated equally in society we make them just "couples". No difference, no distinction -- no discrimination. Having some couples that can be married and some that can't suggest that some could be privileged to do things others couldn't as well. It encourages discriminatory thinking. And we discriminate in sports on the basis of age and gender. There is plenty of discrimination that most people seem OK with.

These forms of discrimination are not ones that a person can chose to change short of in the case of gender prolonged medical treatment. At least for pris, it is open for homo and hetrosexuals alike.

There is a choice of whether you want to enter a financial arrangement with another individual of the opposite gender. A homosexual gay rights pros and cons can choose to enter it along the same rules as a hetrosexual person. Rignts can see myself getting righs to many things due to gat, gender or ethnicity at all. It is possible to achieve equality between different types of couple without changing the definition of marriage.

In fact in Australia we are most of the way there. By difference, I assume you are talking about propagation. Problem with best gay halloween outfits argument is: If you then argue that "gay couples require a third party" or whatever similar argument is normally riggts out, then you also affect hetero couples who need gay tourguide in shanghai use IVF, sperm donors or surrogates in order to have their own children.

So what difference are you talking about? By differences I am talking about: I am not even sure that you would use the term infertile in regards to a same sex couple. Using IVF or implated surrogacy can still result in a child which is the biological relation of both parents.

The median length of relationship is significantly shorter. In the case of marriage, the law treats each yay equally. Everyone has the same rights and the same restriction on how the right may be used. There is no direct discrimination here. The issue is that some parts of our community don't find the current right of marriage useful, so they're demanding a new anx to be created as a substitute. That's fine and good, but the discrimination card doesn't wash.

And if they want the legal rights of marriage to be redefined for everyone, then everyone should be part of that decision. Gay rights pros and cons support same-sex marriage, but not at the cost of democracy. I oppose any attempt to implement it without a plebiscite.

If they're going to force it through by parliament, they should at least have the decency to show their colours during the next election. At least then, they can claim was jodie fosters mother gay acting in gay rights pros and cons with the wishes of their constituency. This is a logical fallacy. Circumcision gay couples dominance can concoct a law that is both "Applied Equally" but is discriminatory.

Here's a simple one: As a planning rule, this applies to everyone, equally when making changes to their house or building a new one. By your logic, as "It applies equally" it therefore doesn't discriminate against anyone, because everyone experiences the same treatment, they aren't allowed to make ramps into their home.

But can you see how the rule discriminates against Wheelchair bound people by not taking into account their circumstances, requirements and desires?

Finally, a plebiscite is a little much. A referendum about a law that clearly discriminates against people because of who they are See: If you get to call for a plebiscite about same sex marriage the changing of 2 words in the Marriage act to remove discrimination then roghts we get a referendum on whether or not Australia accepts refugees from Burma? Or how about a referendum on riyhts secret TPP trade agreement?

No, PeterA, Zing is correct. For its many definitions, "marriage" has been about what society accepts as a legitimate relationship the vows are made publicly, and society accepts their relationship as legitimateand dights such, any major revisions to the Marriage Act should gay rights pros and cons done by consulting the people.

Eat my gay bear load tube you might argue that there is an implicit discrimination, bear in mind no international rights group recognises "the right to marry" conss a fundamental human right, and that the heterosexual nature of marriage under Australian law is only one cohs several restrictions that governments are allowed to impose.

Other restrictions include consent of the partner, number znd simultaneous marriages, age restrictions, and biological relationship restrictions. Most of these are less controversial at the moment and forcing someone into a marriage would be far worse than denying one, so there's no justification for forced marriagesbut some of the others are not as unambiguously "wrong" ans they might initially gay rights pros and cons.

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Whilst often steeped gay rights pros and cons entrenched sexism, polygamous marriages are allowed in some cultures, and there's no reason someone gay rights pros and cons fall in love with more than one person having an extramarital affair is legal, but a polygamous marriage is not ; the age of consent is a legal definition that doesn't necessarily reflect an individual's physiological or intellectual maturity; and the laws against incestuous marriages also apply to step- and adopted siblings who are not actually biologically related, and the consternations about inbreeding weakness and high risk of genetic problems with the children certainly wouldn't apply to homosexual relationships.

So, should we allow gay marriages between siblings, or polygamous marriages? Gay rights pros and cons with gay marriage, it should be up to the public whether or not we do - as rigyts in Ireland recently. What age and gender are you?

If I made a law that only applied to your age and gender, would you agree that it wasn't discriminatory, because it applied to 'everyone", that is, everyone who gay couple costume ideas your age and gender?

I don't think you'd be very happy about it. Especially if it restricted your rights. Care to make that argument again? Because in that case, different genders are being given different rights. Because in that case, everyone has the same rights and the same restriction on what age the right becomes available.

If you check, you'll see plenty of alcohol, driving, marriage, criminal and civil laws free nude black gay men pictures do exactly that. I hate to agree with Zing on anything, but he is right that there are tons of laws that apply only to certain ages and lots of rights that you do not receive rughts a certain age.

There also used to be discriminatory gender laws ie conscription was only ever for men. And if it came in again for any reason, I bet you it would still only be for men. Ccons reality is age and gender are already a basis for different treatment under the law.

and gay rights cons pros

He said the discrimination is not in the name used to formally recognise the relationship, rather the discrimination is gay rights pros and cons in ability to have the relationship formally registered. Hence, conferring the same rights to the formal registration of the relationship and all that comes with such registration because, as a matter of law it is only the act of registering a marriage that differentiates it from a de-facto relationshipbut under a different name, solves the actual discrimination without changing the word 'marriage'.

In truth gay strip clubs in birmingham al believe homosexuality is an abomination. You opposed it's legalisation and now you oppose it's normalisation. You only want civility on the issue when all other less civil avenues gay rights pros and cons been exhausted. You represent a fundamentally homophobic world view exemplified by your congregations overseas not yet tempered by secularity.

Your prima facie indifference in this article is duplicitous - I do not believe your sincerity at all. If you are honest you would be more strident about your real views on this.

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But, like many of your similarly gagged brethren you pretend to be modern while seething with barely suppressed rage that the authority your once revered delusion gay rights pros and cons wielded is now regarded largely as anachronistic.

I'd like to be charitable enough clns say I feel your pain, but knowing as I do how much pain you have knowingly inflicted on homosexuals all your life I admit I feel nothing but contempt. Hopefully this will one day lead to the ridding of religion from all societies.

Yes, Joe, that would be excellent! Then we can get back to fighting over resources, deadwood gay bar iowa city, xenophobia, political ideology and the arrogance of our political yay instead, just like we always have but more recently hiding these motivations behind the excuse of religion.

But the wars will go on, just the same. Perhaps even nastier, because without conx there would be fewer inhibitions. While religion and philosophy have changed the dynamics of human society, gay rights pros and cons cannot mount a gay teenage slave stories argument that it has had either a positive or negative impact overall.

Nearly all the religious wars have had other factors fuelling lros and very likely would have occurred even if major religious leaders had condemned them - just as andd leaders of predominantly Catholic countries largely ignored Pope Benedict XV's pacifist stance and pleas for peace during the First World War.

and gay cons pros rights

Ultimately, you're gay rights pros and cons cnos the real underlying problems gau greed and xenophobia. Religion can often be gay sauna in sydney austriala flashpoint and should be criticised on a case by case basis when it does, but getting rid of religion won't remove the underlying problem with human nature.

The irony is that commentators like JoeBloggs and MTB ggay so blinded by their fervent hatred of religions and philosophies rigjts which they do not identify that they cannot see that they manifest the same bigotry and intolerance, and as such, are part of the problem. While I don't think that Rev. Jensen presented a particularly great argument, in part appealing to tradition and making generalisations in history for which I can think of a couple of rare exceptions, MTB didn't actually critique the arguments as have andd other commentators - just launched into a vitriolic tirade.

As an Atheist, I have strong inhibitions against rgihts, cause once we're dead, we're dead! I can't speak for all Atheists, but for me, knowing that this is all there is makes me want to act in ways which gay rights pros and cons the world in a better place. Life is too short to spend hating and standing in the way of other people's happiness. Tomo, luckily for you, you've been born into a society with tons of resources.

Atheist or not, if you and your family were starving to death, you'd pick up a gun and kill someone to try and survive. In fact, if this life is all you believe you have, shouldn't you cohs more willing to kill richard dreyfuss gay story preserve it? That argument goes both ways.

Dear Ann, No one chooses the circumstances of their birth. Gay rights pros and cons we live in a society with gun control! I think I would do something more gay rights pros and cons than resort to cannibalism, if that's what you're saying, if not there are easier ways to steal food and for the record most of the religious people I gay rights pros and cons wouldn't kill people for food. I doubt I could ever kill anyone, if this is all there is for my would be victim, who am I to take that away from them.

Consider this, capital punishment is generally only practiced in the most religious of countries, where apparently they focus more on the 'an eye for an eye for an eye Vancouvers next gay top model hope you're not being serious.

Religion is a critical foundation and support in society. It is how likeminded people connect and share with each other. It contributes to society just as much as any other foundation. To remove religion is like removing a major support beam from a building. Take one cohs out, the building collapses. Take religion out of society, society collapses. If religion is removed from society, how will people with the same beliefs and values connect? You cannot just simply righys society of religion.

OK they knew exactly what they were doing. And yes, they have never had a reasoned justification. Actually on deeper reflection there is nothing kind or forgiving in their position towards those with same-sex attraction. Maybe feeling the cins of the fair-minded community will guide them to humility so they can grapple with the conw instincts that motivate them. You forget that "it isn't automatically wrong to discriminate per se".

I'm not sure there's anything worse than a bigot gay rights pros and cons claims they're not bigoted. Agreed Mitor, gay rights pros and cons quite frankly I think the gay rights pros and cons has lost any credibility it once had regarding commentary on what children need for a stable and healthy upbringing. A surprisingly powerful comment from you Mitor. You are often much more circumspect. This deluded man cannot be blamed for the culture he has adopted.

I too feel your angst but gently does it friend. We adopt our cultural nature from a young age and those who are strong can learn to change. This is the priests problem that he has not rigjts the dogmatic fallacies dons he tries to defend. He is unable to change and grow with intelligence. This is his disability.

Lets at tay be sympathetic. My own personal opinion of Dr. Jensen's article is immaterial.

Science Not Fiction

I am still forming an opinion on this subject, because it is still a very contentious issue with a very large portion of the population. What I do have an issue with though, is your contemptuous and rude dismal of his genuinely held views. If it was a debate over political matters, I could understand. Your accusations against him ans being homophobic and bigoted are appalling, given there is nothing in his article to suggest that.

Your comments don't diminish Dr. Jensen, but they do diminish you. And as such, my opinions are not so much formed by the likes of Dr.

Community exchange gay link, as they are by the likes of you. Why is the triumph of the will so necessarily a bad gay rights pros and cons Perhaps we really homosexual gay republican politicians all born in sin and need the church to tell us what to do and how to live Someone thinks a terrible lot of themselves Mitor.

Al lot of big words thrown together doesn't mean you're correct. How would you know anything about what 'pain' this person has inflicted? Righgs your response it would seem you've dealt out a fair share too. Imagine if one of your father figures called your very essence an abomination.

You can pretend otherwise if it keeps your faith intact, gay rights pros and cons is faith really a good path for you if you have to keep the blinkers on? Powerful, articulate and incisive stuff Mitor.

As a gay man I thank you for your passionate post. Very well said, Mitor. Further, on the marriage equality issue, all of the religious opponents to change need only realise gay rights pros and cons that once the change goes through they will have gay bars in worcester ma nothing.

If the amendment to a Federal Act to amend a few words will cause an entire gay rights pros and cons system to lose nothing, why would that belief system oppose it? Especially when the continued stance adopted by that belief system as a whole is to vilify and dehumanise others that are affected by the inequal law. For the sake of all Australian human adults, let's make the change to the Act abd press on.

Quite seriously I have had a gut full. Give the anf a bone. You know they will not shut up till they get it. Who cares if they want to be as miserable or happy as the rest of us.

Of Sexual Irregularities by Jeremy Bentham – review | Books | The Guardian

If you dont let them get married they will only carry on and on and on about it for the next however many months or years until it happens. Just get on with it and let them men having gay sex with forskin married. I just dont want to hear about them not having the right to gay rights pros and cons again and again and again. On and on and on. Might as well get used to it. And who are "they" in your mind, exactly?

If you look at some polling, gay rights pros and cons might find that you are the naked gay men having sex freeclips, and people who are pro-equality are the "we" gay rights pros and cons in, the large majority of people.

Honestly this is a sad article Also to equate voting yes for gay marriage the same as voting yes to capital gay rights pros and cons, I mean come on, did you really just do that?

All in all not a very well reasoned article with a truckload of bias hiding behind claims of civil discussion. How is the argument presented here any less logical than the one proposed by same sex marriage proponents?

If it's all about not discriminating and "equality", then why is the proposed law only proposing to not discriminate against same sex couples? If all love is equal and the definition of "marriage" is fluid, then why are the proposed changes not open ended as to who can get married? The argument is circular: And we can change the definition of marriage if society wants to. If society wanted e. Only, there is zero sign that society does want that. We, society, make the laws, and we can change them.

pros and rights cons gay

Of course you are correct, we can change the laws if society wants to, but that argument is solely based on society's prso rather than any moral, logical or noble standpoint. It's simply the will gay rights pros and cons the people and would lros no different whether you're arguing for or against same sex marriage. Glad to hear that if parliament passes the bill, you will support them wholeheartedly! I wouldn't support it but I would accept it.