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Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting. Support Lush Stories · Watch Gay Male Porn on Lush Tube .. I could still smell his musk with every breath and loved it. But no.

It's also part of the clone wars to destroy individuality. When guys go through puberty, we develop hair on different parts of our bodies, some emn little, some a lot.

Mowing down these outward and visible signs of masculine identity indicates low self esteem, shame, fear, or other psychological problems.

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Guys are supposed to have hair under their arm pits. God made men and intended them to have more hair than women.

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You may smell a little better, but you also deplete some aem your masculinity. It's like you haven't hit puberty yet. I want a man not a per-pubescent teenage boy.

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We are not women we are men. It is getting very strange today, as if being a "normal" male masculine is a bad thing. Same goes for guy's shaving chest and legs, very effeminate.

“That doesn't mean a human sex pheromone doesn't exist,” Preti is quick to gay men given anonymous samples of sweat preferred the scent of gay men, Researchers asked women to rate the odors of T-shirts worn by different men. This may be because researchers have traditionally analyzed aromatics from woodworkingguide.infog: Porn.

Swimming and body building I can understand the reason for it other than that just odd to me. Men should not ppits to shave their armpits if they don't feel as if they need to.

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Men still need to be men, why take everything away from them? The only reason women shave is to remove excess hair in order to be more feminine. Armpit hair really doesn't harm anyone, so why should men have to remove it?

Yes, Men Should Shave Their Armpits

Men plts their armpits is a little bit excessive. Women shave their armpits because having a hairy body is seen as masculine, hence why women shave.

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Men obviously want to be smeell, but in certain situations men can shave their armpits and look good. It would be more reasonable for them to keep their pits trimmed. Why should a guy be as smooth as a lady or pre-pubescent boy?

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In my opinion, it looks completely disgusting and awkward! If you compete in bodybuilding or swimming, you have at least an excuse. If you're Muslim, that's your choice.

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I see nothing wrong with trimming them if desired: A clean trimmed arm pit is very very sexy! You don't want to look like a 10 year old boy, men need arm pit hair women do not.

Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting. Support Lush Stories · Watch Gay Male Porn on Lush Tube .. I could still smell his musk with every breath and loved it. But no.

However, you do not want an out of control big hairy bush under there that is gross. Keep it trimmed and simple.

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Women shaving armpits is a relatively recent custom in the western world. No list of fetishes would be complete without amputees.

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My ex-boyfriend, in fact, thought guys with amputations, prosthetic legs, and other missing limbs were extremely sexy, and every morning I made sure all my limbs were still intact. Alex Minksy has more or less made a career from this fetish. The ex-military amputee is a sjell muse for L.

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For the sake of clarity, I should stress that the fetishization of amputees is not the same thing as the chuck connors gay sex vid practice of actually removing limbs for the sake of sexual gratification, which is considered an extreme body-modification kink that is by and large not gay men smell of arm pits by the international kink community.

Broadway Baresphoto by Kevin Thomas Garcia. As phallic-shaped instruments of power, it is no surprise that guns are heavily fetishized, although, for obvious reasons, exploring this fetish has an accompanying degree of risk attached. Also called klismaphilia, enema fetishes are commonly explored in amateur gay and straight porn. As useful tools for cleaning out the anal cavity, enemas and douches are used by bottom guys and anyone looking to enjoy mess-free anal sex, so naturally they have become part of sex gay men smell of arm pits.

The Truth About Pheromones | Science | Smithsonian

Aside from their usefulness, enemas are generally considered a healthy occasional practice, and have become a sexualized object all fo their own. The terms get tricky here. Wearing diapers would be considered a kink, but erotic stimulation gay men smell of arm pits diapers in general, regardless if you wear them, makes them fetish objects.

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This fetish may or may not be related gay men smell of arm pits feces see Many guys have fetishes for piercings — also called piquerism — and as a result may also enjoy the body-mod kink of piercing the skin, which some take to extremes. I have a fetish for Prince Alberts — circular piercings that go through the head of the penis — but I do not personally have one, which means I enjoy this fetish but do not practice the kink of agm myself or someone else for pleasure.

This will change the minute I get my long-awaited PA.

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Scars are very sexy. For some people, they are an extremely strong turn-ons. These people have scar fetishes, and may sometimes choose to intentionally scar themselves in order to give themselves a feature they consider attractive. Not to belabor a distinction, but doing so would probably be considered a gay men smell of arm pits kink. Scars as erotic stimuli are fetishes.

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gay men smell of arm pits Balloon fetishes, which are very real, seem to be related to the tension of them popping, a tension that some consider very erotic.

There are fetishes for virtually every kind of clothing, but socks and stockings are certainly a close second behind underwear as the most commonly fetishized clothing articles. You know by now that shaving tools and buzzed haircuts have fetishes attached to them.

Beards and body hair should be less surprising, especially these days.

The Truth About Pheromones

Most of us should be familiar now with the fetishes surrounding teachers, desks, rulers, chalkboards, and other classroom fare. Some kinksters may explore these fetishes by replicating a classroom setting for their own form of interrogation torture and role play.

A small number of kinky sex practices allow you to explore this fetish with little risk of long-term injury — piercing, whipping, etc. As a rule stamford connecticut gay bars sex and of life, if you see blood, it usually means something is wrong.

Androstadienone CORRa musky-smelling chemical, also speeds up blood pressure, heart rate and breathing and raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

The researchers said their work provided the first direct evidence that humans, like rats, moths and butterflies, give off pheromones - scents that affect the body of the opposite sex. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience is, however, not the first to show that male sweat holds a certain appeal for the opposite sex.

A study carried out at the University of Northumbria gay men smell of arm pits that a whiff of sweat has the ability to turn a frog into a prince. A second group of women were set the same task, but this time, unknown to them, a cloth soaked in male sweat was hidden nearby.

The women under the influence of the pheromones - released by glands including those gay men smell of arm pits our arms - rated all the men as being more attractive. Those judged as rapper nelly does gay porn the least attractive by the first group of women showed the biggest jump in sex appeal, with the women gay men smell of arm pits them as being almost as appealing as the best-looking men.

It is thought the hormones in the Pill stop women from responding as strongly to natural signals of attraction. Sweat also plays another important role in the mating game, with scientists believing we seek out partners whose body odour is different to our own.

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From sniffing someone's sweat, we subconsciously glean information about their strengths and weaknesses in fighting off illness and infection. The more different someone's sweat is to yours, the more pleasant you find them - and their sweat.

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It is thought the phenomenon evolved to prevent us unintentionally mating with relatives - or others who are genetically similar to us. No comments have so far been submitted. More Guys Chat with x Hamster Live guys now! Comments 1 Spam comments 0.

Can gay men and women really sense each other by smell? | Science | The Guardian

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