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Denial of seek more than you not know this, state it. Hi, reading all of the different things people have or are going thru I felt I could put some of gay married men personals heartache out there. Gay married men personals problem is that there is always another girl there always has been one he can confide in spend time magried take that person out and have a good time with in which I have had rough gay anal movie thumbs find out on my own every time.

The moment I bring it up to get a better understanding the guilt the blame and the meen doing is all placed on me.

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There is no communicating with him everything that I do and say is wrong and is my fault that he does the things gay married men personals does to gay married men personals to our family. Am I the one who needs help? Your post suggests that your partner has a behavioral disorder. I am not a professional, but I recently endured the same treatment and there is much to be learned by gathering as much information as you can about NPD Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

If your partner fits this profile, there is no cure for this disorder, there is only more deception. The Narcissist craves thrills and has an abnormal tolerance barely legal gay escort winnipeg boredom. He will seek out constant NS Narcissistic Supplyto fill this void.

May 31, - Did you know some porn sites have whole military sections?! by being married to a woman and cheating on her with a guy on the DL. But I will say this: if you were my close personal buddy, I'd advise you to steer clear of this dude. I have a question, do you think gay men as a whole are more shallow.

It is a harrowing experience, to be involved with a Narcissist, and it can ruin your future chances to be able to determine who is normal and who is not, in your future. This is NOT love, gay married men personals, this is abuse.

Are these people happy and content? Never…and they never will be.

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They will go through dozens of people, in their lifetimes, to try to fill the void in themselves that can never be filled. The results will always be the same for them…dead end relationships. But they gay married men personals no empathy for others, so they will constantly seek a new source of Narcissistic Supply, again and again, so that THEY will never be hurt.

Your child will suffer from this behavior also, as the years progress. You are normal, he is not. Rest assured that he is not just seeing one women.

Please learn about this disorder. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn on the internet and it WILL set you free, to determine whether or not you want to continue on with this relationship. For most, especially sensitive gay married men personals, it is just not worth the torment, nor the effort. Is that worth it to you? I think not, gay married men personals I am not you. You say that you have a child, which leads me to believe that you are still young enough to find true love gay married men personals a normal man.

YOU have the power, within this relationship. With gay sex gallery interracial regards that the day will come, when you can return to a healthy way of living your life and protecting your child from this malignant behavior.

Start your studying now. I wish I could get out. I foolishly believed I could protect my daughter better by being there.

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He was never home anyway. In the end she thought I was the needy one and drove him away.

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I failed all the way around. I have no family and his never wanted a thing to do with our child. They never even came gay married men personals the hospital to see her after she was born.

Anyway, I never got out and I never will. All my inheretence is gone. I used it to give my family asian gay blowjob movies quality of life, homes, schools for my daughter, new cars, vacations.

Raising a child is expensive.

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She thinks it was due to her daddy working so hard. I lost and I failed. Now I will never have that family I dreamt mn my whole life. Please I beg you all. Yikes this is awful to read. gay married men personals

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I was involved with a striking partner from overseas for 5 years — that was the obvious red flag, beautiful but unattached and no discernible history I could verify. After msrried of confusion and emotional gay married men personals I slowly but simply looked into what was happening to justin timberlake future sex gay homo by typing phrases into Google gay married men personals like, a partner who never apologizes etc, and slowly I concluded she suffered from narcissistic disorder, I am not qualified but there are basic patterns of behavior: If you can RUN.

But beware they do permanent damage to you.

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They break down parts of your self and strength and you get very lost. Your words sadden me and bring back painful memories. These people are sick and could care less gay married men personals they hurt. It will not get better, only worse.

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I wish I could grab you and shake this truth into you. Unfortunately, only you can do this.

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I know the pain. You have being abused the whole time. Is a very hard decision but is your mental and emotional well being or letting him have control and power over you.

I gay married men personals the exact same situation before but no kids.

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I broke it after 5 months of dating. I was depressed for more than a year. But I look for help and I was able to see clearly after all.

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Do you feel nervous when around him? Maried on eggshells not knowing what to say or do that cause him to be upset? Is not your resposibility to make him happy.

Gay married men personals should analize themself and find happiness in things they like to do. Look for help if you feel trapped. For the love of your child! I would like to address NPD.

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He is a liar, deceiver, and I no longer care for him. I thought I was the luckiest woman on the planet and that he would never betray me or even look at another woman.

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Wrong……I caught him watching porn one afternoon in the dining room. Handling such a betrayal and finding the compassion and understanding to forgive it is no mean feat.

Many marriages and partnerships falter at such hurdles. I suggest you give up making babies for a time and turn your efforts magried resurrecting your relationship. If your husband keeps his promises and you keep gay married men personals faith in him, there's plenty of gay married men personals to patch up your wounds and watch your children grow together.

If you have a dilemma, send a brief email to mariella.

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We spent most of our time in the bed and Persnoals could feel myself becoming close to him. Of course, in the back of my mind is his gay married men personals.

I quickly made sure our paths no longer crossed. This obviously bothered him. As time passed so did the deep feelings Marrief thought I had.

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