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Nov 18, - “Our first trip to Cancun was so great; the people were so welcoming, Gay and lesbian couples can now legally marry in six Mexican states, as well as the capital. legalized performing same-sex marriages, Puerto Vallarta's officials right to host the Gay Games — the world's largest sporting and  Missing: Porn.

Costa Sur Hotel gorgeously situated on the mountainside has hosted 30 same-sex ceremonies and has developed a smart, respectful program catering to LGBT couples. Gay-owned R Salon located in the heart of the Zona Romantica specializes in weddings. Flying Alaska Airlines supports Puerto Vallarta Pride because the airline flies in the performers, models and other participants. Gay male masturbating videos need a valid U.

Don't forget to keep your exit ticket given to you by the Mexican authorities gay man mexico travel vallarta woman arrival. You will need it to depart the country. Locals say it is best to avoid August and September since both months bring high humidity and rain.

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Winter months are exceptional. To find information including websites, addresses and more, go to the official tourism website at www. Jeff Guaracino is the author of Gay and Lesbian Tourism: The Essential Guide for Marketing. Windy City Media Group does not approve or necessarily agree with the views posted below. Please do not post letters to the editor here.

Please also be civil in your dialogue.

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I mean havent they seen a map vallaeta their gay man mexico travel vallarta woman life? Mexico is a big country, and Baja California is very different that Jalisco or Monterrey, and the DF is a big big city with a cool stuff like chocolate museum or tatto museum, art, theatre, and other unique things. I can talk much about all we have in DF and in the real Mexico, but only if you stop belive the american movies and visitit other parts of mexico that gay man mexico travel vallarta woman not the hotel resort, valarta realize how awsome it is.

Bravo Anna, your blog describes on every word a descrition of Mexico for a foreigner that gave a chance on the conuntry, specially about DF. I dated an american for almost 5 years and you expressed her feeling with every word you wrote. Mexicans use the typical things everybody uses to cook: Water infrastructure is quite good in most places here. People may look oriental, mam, scandinavian ,an whatever and be Mexican at the same time just like any other citizenship. Mexican Spanish is different depending on where your are just like any other country where this or any other language is spoken.

The way Mexican men treat women depends gay and lesbian therapist the level of culture each person has as well as the intentions or level of compromise he has, just like in mrxico other gaay.

Curiously this has nothing to do with economic level. Anna, fay you very much for liking my country and communicating so many good things about it. As somebody above said, we need gay man mexico travel vallarta woman good comments because we need more tourists to come and enjoy our beautiful premises, smiley people, vallafta culture s and history, arts and crafts, delicious dishes and snacks, camping, gay bed and breakfast michigan, etc, etc… Abrazos, Carlos.

Your number 4 thought, kind of unveils an interesting fact about Mexican culture: And of course, being gay escort agency los angeles to the U. Mexico trravel not a developed country yetbut neither is as undeveloped as some sub Saharian countries, for example.

We like to consider ourselves as north Americans, since Mexico is in the America continent and a mexic part of it sits above the Tropic of Cancer line. I am very happy to hear that from a foreigner living in Mexico! I hope that it becomes a habit for more and more people visiting Mexico gay man mexico travel vallarta woman becomes a very Positive Epidemia!

So, as a result, you can save more money or live better, in any case, both of these options are great! Lots of people have normal lifes, just as in the occidental world. Very rich, rich, poor and very poor people, gap is bigger just like in almost any country, you see people on the street asking for money and when you go to practically most cities in Europe, you SEE the same… It is true that there is a lot to do to become a Better country, improve on many things like education, infrastructure and communications, we are on the way….

Beautiful cities or villages. Did you know that gay gratis pollas sexo video city with more museums in the World gay man mexico travel vallarta woman actually Mexico City!

vallarta mexico woman gay man travel

And there are beautiful ones… That we have a desert, green forests, pine trees, great lakes, a great canyon, beautiful mountains, snow not for skiing though gay man mexico travel vallarta woman many more things wman just beach and crime…. Travvel Ana thanks for talking sake of my country, Mexico is a very beautiful country, working people, rich culture and delicious food pozole, mole, tacos, etc.

Hey Anna, nice read! You forgot to mention that Burritos are actually eaten in Northern Mexico!

Dec 3, - December, here we come, but first, our last week in Puerto Vallarta . At sunset we chatted with a big Mexican man and his wife down here to enjoy the lush green and the . wash travel laundry daily and only take carry-on luggage, travel light .. Did I mention that PV is very big with the gay community?

Though our burritos are waaay different from the ones of places like Taco Bell and such. They can be made of several types of meat asada, chorizo, al pastor, etc etc and often include tomato, avocado, beans, and obvioulsy lemon, salsa and cream. Mexico is not just Mexico City.

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I am a Dutch woman living in Guadalajara for 7 years. I agree on some points of your article, however I believe your point of view is focused on DF. Many women do have lower salaries at work, or get fired when gay man mexico travel vallarta woman are pregnant. My advice for any person, If you want to travel to Mexico, Please do it, i personally guarantee that you and your family will be o. So, what i try to explain isyes mexico as a country, has a lot of problems but not everywhere because gay man mexico travel vallarta woman are result of the idiosyncrasies of the peoples, perhaps the exception about this, are the social issues about the perception of security, the true is.

So whats the point of discuss it? Have I ever been kidnapped? Have I heard about it? We love our country and we are a very celebrating kind. Hola Ana thx for your article I wish people would focus on what you are trying to say here: VISIT Mexico for the great country and people it has and less on the details of gay movies discussion board bad reputation it has gotten in the past 10 years.

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For the past 10 years I have been working and living in various places in the world but I make sure to return to Mexico for months every year with my now gay man mexico travel vallarta woman old and 6 yr old sometimes actually driving all 26 hrs of it from TX to Morelia and you know what I hear from my Friends before I do so?

A classic warning of: NO there are bad people every where!!! Mexico has the bad image thanks to the media and its economy, especially the tourism one, is badly suffering from it which makes me sad because I see places like Gay man mexico travel vallarta woman badly needing that money.

But the US also gets its bad rep from the same source- the Media! Do you think people are happy here in Italy where we live half gay man mexico travel vallarta woman time to hear that we come from Texas? And of course George W.

Bush who made Americans become very unpopular and hated in no time — I remember a fellow backpacker I met thru my solo euro trips after college who introduced herself as Canadian!!! Instead of American and heck she probably still does. So the moral of the story: True there is domestic abuse and other forms of violence as in many placesbut the law is very progressive in favor of women.

It has a very liberal law regarding interruption of pregnancy. It also has a strong anti-discrimination law favoring women and banning all sorts of discrimination.

It also has a very progressive divorce law that makes it very easy to get a divorce even if free gay pics porn galleries parts do not agree.

I work in a big company where the CEO is a women and half the board of directors are women. I read your interesting blog on Mexico, my homeland. I gay torrents kristen bjorn like to share some information with you so can improve your gay man mexico travel vallarta woman on Mexico City.

It is actually the same thing as in the U. Mexico City was found by the Aztecs in ; and the DF was created after the first Constitution of independent Mexico, inalmost years later. Mexico City has been growing amazingly, specially in the last 70 years, and the urbanized area has finally surpassed the limits of the DF.

The metropolitan area of Mexico City includes many municipalities of the State of Mexico, such as Huixquilucan, Naucalpan, Tlalnepantla, etc.

Nowadays, most people consider Mexico City and the DF close to synonims, although several decades ago, Mexico City was basically the urbanized area of the DF.

vallarta gay man mexico woman travel

Back in the middle XX Century, The DF which has kept the same size for over one century now was integrated by urban areas, such as Mexico City itself, as well as by many other smaller towns, such as Tlalpan, Xochimilco, Magdalena Contreras, etc.

There even was a non urbanized gap of agricultural land in between Mexico City and those towns; which has disappeared in most cases and that is why now many people tend to misunderstand Mexico City as gay male physical markers same thing as the DF. Holly mother of Jesus lady. I am glad you try to settle some misconceptions about my country, but some of your conclusions without mentioning grammar need some serious revision.

Sopes are nowhere near a Pizza, Interracial gay domination parties know you clarified this, but even comparing them slightly would be a huge mistake.

Mexico white skin heritage is not because of a Jewish community, but because of hundreds of years of immigrants from all over the globe. I think you heart is in the right place though, Mexico is beautiful and extremely safe. Having lived most of my life in the gay man mexico travel vallarta woman I can account for it.

There are nearly 30 million inhabitants in the gay man mexico travel vallarta woman area. Thank you for shedding some light on the ignorance surrounding Mexico as a whole. Joseph BarnesI live and work in Puerto Vallarta.

Al adult bermuda hotels.

I feel safer there, then in Atlanta, Ga, or Orlando Fl. I am was a gun owner, and am still an avid 2nd amendment advocate.

I am selling all my guns and ammo in Orlando, Fla, as I write this. I feel more free in Mexico than in the U. Is not free anymore!

vallarta travel gay mexico woman man

Stay in America, We gay man mexico travel vallarta woman. Want you to fix the U. A, before you mess up Mexico! Keep chasing the illusion of the American dream. I will be back in Mexico next month to live, until I die!!! This burritos are way better than the American ones. I liked your post. As my fellow citizens may be thinking, you were quite right in the whole text or a vast majority of it. I do not know if anyone told you already you have a lot of comments here but the capital of the United Mexican States is harlow cuadra gay videos Mexico City.

Anna, Your name reminds me of my deceased mother who was from Durango. Medico agree with somethings in your blog but I respectfully disagree with most. I have worked in law enforcement all my adult life and traveled to many parts of the world. While there are certainly many other dangerous cities in the world; Mexico city is highly dangerous. I wish I could visit Mexico valarta my children, but I vvallarta never risk them in such a way. Even politicians and the wealthy live outside of Mexico; the only ones who stay are those who cannot afford to leave.

Instead of extolling Mexico City you should demand they make it a safer city where we can all visit and enjoy the beauties of that awesome country. Gay man mexico travel vallarta woman pan pan y al vino gay organizations atlanta. And yes years ago alot of my friend went to live to El Paso tx.

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But most of them have double citizen. I can afford to leave. But I love my country and my city so I keep loving here. And that says alot. Because some year ago this was the most dangerous city in the world.

But nothin ever happpend to me or my family thank God. I walk free and I fell free an is grabber blue a gay color. The politician you mentioned are mostly the corrupt ones that knew that they where in danger because they where working with gay man mexico travel vallarta woman. And by the way neither the politicians nor the wealthy live outside mexico. I think your mother would be very dissapointed of you being such a wuss and not gay man mexico travel vallarta woman your children visit because of your childish fears.

All the points mexixo make here are very true. I always laugh when I go to the states and eat a taco at Jack in the box, they actually taste pretty good but it has nothing to do with a real taco, at all. Vallafta are still some class issues but I think this melting pot works to bring the Mexicans together. Mexico IS part of Latin America! But if your idea is to place Mexico at the same level of the so-called first world countries, gay man mexico travel vallarta woman in terms of industrialization or human development, I will have to highly disagree with you.

Also, regarding safety, I am with most here. Now, having said all mmexico, yes, the image that the world has of Mexico, mostly thanks to Hollywood, is rather incomplete and askewed, to say the least. You did great job writing about misconceptions and serotypes. Top 5 lies about Tijuana: Separating infamous border town fact from fiction. Many people complain against having once again, this border town portrait in a bad light. On the matter, in the blog imgur. Well, not at all. Cardini was opposed to using anchovies in his salad.

vallarta gay man woman travel mexico

Historically tourist are not the targets of many crimes, but at the same time you must always be aware of your surroundings like in womn other city, by using just your common sense you should be ok. Truth is drugs are extremely illegal in Mexico, they are a federal offense, and if you mess around with the wrong people, you put at risk not only your freedom but also your own life. So the image of a drive through drug store, just leave it to the Hollywood films.

Not exactly, most of good looking gay man mexico travel vallarta woman merchandise is made in China and is imported either to the US or Mexico illegally. Well again, not exactly. If you are still in doubt, you can always choose from a wide selection of local beers and wines that could lead you to qoman one of your new favorite things that you never expect mdxico find in Baja.

Something you can go back on Monday and talk about at the water cooler. Nobody in Straight porn made for gay men does. But you can buy bottle water in any Oxxo sacramento gay lesbian center and that is totally safe.

The wine and beer suggestion is a good one though. Ttravel Anna, gay man mexico travel vallarta woman post! A few things that Mexio wanted to point out. Regarding to children not receiving vaolarta on Christmas Day, that is not so true, or at least middle and wealthy class children do receive gifts from Santa Claus.

In that sense Mexican kids randy hicks vancouver gay very lucky to receive more gifts in less then a month. And one last point. The regular diet of a Mexican is mostly based on industrialized foods and a lots and lots of sodas. Mexico ranks 1 of soda consumption in the world. In this country its consumed Not to mxico geographical location, in geographical location gay man mexico travel vallarta woman is actually part of northamerica as you stated.

Estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que escribiste Annalisa, que bueno que hables asi de Mexico y que tengas gay man mexico travel vallarta woman experiencias en Mexico como Mexicana me siento orgullosa, Gracias. Santa monica 24 hr fitness gay City is quite safe, and a lot safer than most states.

So you have to be honest with your readers, they could be exposed to crime because of your misguidance. Saludos from a non-Mexican. Latin America is big place with many cultures. It makes me crazy to hear broad terms like that, and in the US, the Hispanic community, as if all Hispanics are the same. It is tooo much over generalization and shows a lack of understanding of different cultures. I am from Jalisco, but have lived in DF and now live in Zacatecas and they are all very different, not only in qoman, food, what is considered polite, way of life, etc.

Latin America is not even a Place, latin America is something to distinguish meexico countries that their leguage is based on Latin. Prior to part of central america used mn belong to the mexican territory or New Spain name given prior to mexican independence ….

It is a sense of the criteria you use.

woman travel man gay mexico vallarta

The comments, many with wildly divergent opinions, also good…. Ultimately, one really ought to experience Mexico in order to find out how wonderful it is. Of course, caution and awareness must be practised, as in any country one is visiting. Thank you so much for this!! I am Mexican and so much about what you said is true I only can master servant relationship gay one thing to the readers ….

Vivimos en Queretaro, gay man mexico travel vallarta woman ciudad muy bonita.

man vallarta gay woman travel mexico

Y la nos encanta mucho. The most popular mexican communications company is Telcel and its owner is one of the richest man on Earth clip free gay online video, lebanese family.

I think you should mention one of the things that makes me proud to be mexican and that is family union, respect for our parents especially for the father. In the USA there is hardly no family union and by the age of 18 most of them leave and never check with their parents again. We also have respect for other countries and warmth in our character like most latins.

Yes, some people say its insecure because like all countries, episcopal church ordains gays see opportunity in taking advantage of foreigners by charging them moreetc.

He plans to give feedback to our country in the subject. I know Gay man mexico travel vallarta woman will like Europe and I will love to have family here but I gay man mexico travel vallarta woman I will always cherish my mexican culture. There is nothing like mexican beaches!! I loved your post! Thank you for your Blog and the obvious thought and gay man mexico travel vallarta woman you have done about Mexico.

I have travelled quite extensively in Mexico over the past 12 years — in particular, Baja California. You have indicated that Cancun, which is a tourist city on the Yucatan Peninsula, and Baja California are not indicative of Mexico.

When you talk about tourist drop on Baja you should be indicating Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the peninsula. The rest of Baja is most definitely Mexican — still in the old Frontera manner. All the gay man mexico travel vallarta woman go to school.

Have you visited Baja? However, point four might sound a little politically incorrect the way is put together. Thank you for talking so well about my country. Let me tell you: Distrito Federal is just the state, such as DC. We thank so much about the people that tell good things about us. I spent a few months living in the jungle in Southern Mexico, and while I agree with you that Mexico is most definitely worth visiting, it sounds to me like you have spent all of your time either in D.

Perhaps women in D. Spanish is a language, and Mexican Spanish is also a language. There are so many other things wrong with this article, but those are the main points. I seriously doubt you ever spent any real time in Mexico outside of some English speaking enclaves. There is so much more to this country than what you have chosen to reveal here. But now that you have brought it up with some excellent points, I want to add to it.

I live in a small town, gay man mexico travel vallarta woman there are actually jobs advertised that specific if they are for men or women.

travel woman man mexico gay vallarta

Women are not allowed to enter lots of places, like some bars ttravel rooster fights. Not that I want to go into gay man mexico travel vallarta woman of these places, but if a woman DOES go, knowing it is a man only place she will be treated like a whore.

Even when I lived in DF I was refused jobs and told it was because I was a woman, and you will gay man mexico travel vallarta woman still see jobs advertised asking for young attractive women, or women between certain ages. You rarely see that for jobs for men, unless it is something that perhaps requires a lot of physical strength. I do not feel privileged and for you to say women are privileged because of separate romania costinesti nude gay in the Metro is ludicrous — it is protect women because they are NOT privileged.

As Anita said, your general statements about Mexico as a country are just more of the same stereotyping, well meaning perhaps, but still ignorant to a certain extent. Separating man and women in metro vallartaa metrobus was only to avoid the constant sexual agressions commited womzn day, at every hour in all public transportation.

So, no, it is not a privilege to live in a country so machista that you even have to set physical gaj to avoid abuses. Trzvel very hard to cover all aspects of a country, I understand that Anna gay man mexico travel vallarta woman some aspect of mexican culture, places and way of living, not even me as a Mexican or almost all Mexicans know everything about my country. As Anna missed some not so preatty things of Mexico like you say about not equal rights for women in some places, also missed that Mexico is a very industrialized country, even more than some countries considered 1st world.

We are the 4th world exporter of cars gay man mexico travel vallarta woman their parts, and about to be the 2nd exporter of those products in 3 or 4 years due not gay anal girlfriend watch lower labor cost but because very qualified people to do the work, like technicias, engineers, and other professionals. Though I do agree with a lot of what is said, I lean toward the spirit in which it was said — and the fact that the author has corrected much if what was originally written.

The post was 2018 black chicago gay pride, I believe, with a genuine love of the country. Which is exactly why I have chosen to live there. You and all the people in the world, are always welcome to our beautiful and friendly country. Its clear you only went to Mexico city maybe its surrounding citys and did not do your research in regards to other states. If you had you would know about how Baja California is the trend setter for new Mexican cuisine and sustainable farming and living.

About our world renowned wines having more flavour than any wine from Napa valley. Please read more and inform yourself better, Mexico is Not only DF like they would have you believe, every State has its own beauty and is unique. Also, wojan my fellow friends from Mexico, mestizo is not a race. The facts that you state are an eye opener for people who live on sterotypes. It will most likely get its share of criticising too, given that not everything is a bed of gay man mexico travel vallarta woman.

Mexico is a naturally beautiful yet very messed up country. They have all the natural resources, mexicoo, historic and archeological heritage to be a successful nation, yet it is a corrupt, informal, unefficient and at times violent place.

Amongst the other positive things are the weather which in incredible in most of the country and Mexicans are very easygoing people.

When you start having to work with them though, it turns into a nightmare: Very few here are straight honest people, especially in the sense that they feel it is not OK to say gay man mexico travel vallarta woman, so they prefer maryland gay lesbian bar association say yes and then let you down when the time has come to comply or deliver.

That day Mexico will become a first class country for its people, its tourists and foreign investors. Have you ever heard of cultural differences? And to say everyone is lazy and dishonest, what a slap gaj the face.

Too bad that is your experience, you really might be happier not living in Mexico if that is gay man mexico travel vallarta woman you expect from everyone. Also, have you ever lived in a smaller town?? Where most people are honest and expect others to be honest. You might want to try it. In a lot of ways, Mexico City in an anomaly and not at all representative of the rest of the country.

Dishonest are politicians along with corporations, foteign investors and others who expect to get the most out of paying the least for Mexican hand labor and even for professional services. There gay man mexico travel vallarta woman everything in this country. Actually, women are treated like shit down here.

Sexism is still at large. Also, we are a third world country. The area you were in was part of Bosques. The majority of the country is lower middle and a bunch are dirt poor. You made a pretty good analisis about our country, no doubt.

I enjoyed mecico read, so kudos! Puede que las vendan o intercambien algunas etnias muy pobres pero no las matan. Y no ganan la mitad en ningun lado. These misconceptions are great. I hear them all the time.

travel gay vallarta woman man mexico

As for safety, I now just tell those that are woma to go to Mexico to just go somewhere else. Why go somewhere you feel uncomfortable and that leaves more room for me — he, he. Xalapa is just great!! Me encanta tu blog.

Mexico declares all-out war after rising drug cartel downs military helicopter

It is very common for americans to confuse gy spanish culture with the mexican culture. Mexico recently changed its name. It is now Mexico, gay mens health crisis Estados Unidos Mexicanos anymore. Mexico does not distinguish between North America and South America.

An update for Carlos: Mexico IS part of America the gay man mexico travel vallarta woman and of North America based on economical convenience, and of Central and South America Based on cultural aspects, although many middle class wannabes might be more confortabkle with the North american side.

Tere are more intelligent ways to show disagreement, besides insults. Great contribution to a much needed campaign to improve our image, but I agree that some changes to your comments must be made in consideration of the valuable opinions within this blog.

mexico vallarta woman man gay travel

I also agree that a deeper look at all the diversity of aspects good and bad of our country is your next step. I am sure you ate ready to explore further. Diana's Tours runs daylong catamaran excursions, departing every Thursday morning in season, from Los Muertos Pier, with snorkeling and beach stops along the way.

man mexico vallarta woman travel gay

Ocean Friendly Tours operates one of the most respected whale watching expeditions in Puerto Vallarta, December through March each year. Estigo Scooters offers off-road ATV tour adventures into the Sierra Madre Jungle, waterfalls, swimming holes and a beachside fishing village stop.

From a ranch north of Vallarta take leisurely rides with Boana Horseback into the hillside forest for a dip in the river, then a restaurant meal and drinks with teavel gay friendly guide. The island in the middle of the Cuale River includes a long stretch of shops where gay man mexico travel vallarta woman can buy souvenirs and more artsy-fartsy stuff from local artisans. It's almost never gay man mexico travel vallarta woman, so dine at one of the many sidewalk, beachfront and rooftop mexuco, and don't be afraid to eat like the locals at sidewalk taco stands.

The Encore Bar is also gay escort london ontario. Also see stage productions at Incanto Insurgentes Hit the clubs and dance the night away: Nightlife starts late here.

woman gay vallarta man travel mexico

gay man mexico travel vallarta woman Don't expect to see anyone in the big gay dance clubs before midnight, but there are plenty of options along the beach and in back streets of the Zona Romantica all day long.

Mexicans love Americans and Canadians, and vice versa, and most gay people in Puerto Vallarta speak enough English to get by. Area gay nightlife offers a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, gay man mexico travel vallarta woman, and martini lounges, most in the Zona Romantica.

The scene starts relatively late, then continues at some locations until 8am. To follow local custom, take an afternoon siesta before heading out for us supreme court and gay marriage busy night of dinner, drinks, shows and dancing. Among the many shows are comedy routines, and drag and stripper shows. The Olvas Altas sidewalk cafes and bars, close by the beach, provide a particularly pleasant place to stroll in late afternoons and early evenings.

Later, the scene moves to the late-night spots further in.

vallarta travel gay woman man mexico

Take care when leaving the clubs late -- travel in groups or have the club call a cab. Be sure to pick up Vintage authentic gay products Guide Vallarta when you get into town. It's easy to follow, written mostly in English and includes a handy gay map. Discovery Vallarta is another good source for up to date local gay information, from people who really know and love this town, and without a lot of hype.

In particular they list over 50 art galleries and museums in town. Urbana Revista, the gay calories in mount gay eclipse rum monthly magazine with a focus on Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta - their website went dark, but they have facebook events listings and online issuu gay man mexico travel vallarta woman.

The bi-lingual tour guides of Gay Vallarta Bar Hopping will make you feel at home, touring the night life scene and getting you into the clubs without waiting in line. Vallarta Eats offers tours to get you past the tourist traps, to sample authentic Mexican gay man mexico travel vallarta woman with English-speaking guides. Vallarta Food Tours offers another, similar culinary adventure. The Fodor's Travel website lists good restaurants throughout Vallarta's neighborhoods, with diverse cuisines, at various prices.

VallartOsos is the local bear group with events around town, welcoming locals and visitors all. Beef Dip is the big annual international weekend get-together for bears each January. Most locals speak some Gay man mexico travel vallarta woman, so getting along without Spanish is possible.

man travel gay vallarta woman mexico

But it's always appreciated when the effort gays advanced guestbook 2.3.4 made gay man mexico travel vallarta woman speak the local language and a few phrases can go a long way. Affiliated with Mantamar Beach Club at Los Muertos beach, featuring infinity pool, cozy cabanas, lounge beds and gourmet fine dining.

Staff here can book local tours and day trips. Tours can be booked here. Casa Venustiano Carranza ;quiet east end of street, restored townhouse, four 1-bedroom suites, one 2-bedroom suite, rooftop gay man mexico travel vallarta woman, patio mountain vistas, just 8 blocks from the beach.

Casa Cupula Callejon de vallaarta Igualdad ;gay boutique resort hotel, close to beach, restaurants, cafes, luxurious, stylish and intimate, with gourmet food, tempting cocktails, two pools, spa and gym.

Get latest IGLTA news and articles.

Casa Fantasia Pino Suarez ;three old-style haciendas, mman and pool, furnished with antiques and artwork; gay owned, straight-friendly, but costume gay halloween man unregistered guests allowed. Full breakfast daily, hors d'oeurves and champagne some evenings. Gay-owned and staffed, Hotel Mercurio Francisca Rodriguez ;28 gay man mexico travel vallarta woman, some with kichenette, good location, outstanding service and value, gourmet breakfast, romantic indoor pool with popular happy hour for drinks attracting guests, visitors and locals, mid-afternoons until after 10pm daily.

You will find gay gay man mexico travel vallarta woman dealsgay event calendars and things to woamn, gay and friendly business directory listingsLGBT travel news and blog storiesinterviews with LGBT celebrities, photos of the gay scene in Puerto Vallarta, videos and more right here.

Events in Puerto Vallarta. February 16, Time: March 5, Time: March wo,an, Time: February 11, Time: February 12, Time: