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Gay indonesia jakarta photo belief that sexual orientation is a contagious disease that can be cured is common in Indonesia, where the sentiment frequently shows up in social media comments. Many who indoneia fighting for public education and for the rights of gays and lesbians say they are no longer safe, saying they have been the targets of threats and intimidation in the past month.

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In her home town, authorities have decided to close down an Islamic school for transgender students after receiving pressure from local religious hardliners.

Home United States U. VOA Africa Listen live. VOA Newscasts Latest program. February 29, 1: Angie realized that living as a lesbian in Indonesia might bring social problems to her gay indonesia jakarta photo.

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In some cases, we have withheld the location of interviews and other potentially identifying characteristics of interviewees for security purposes.

Interviews were conducted in English and in Bahasa Indonesia, with simultaneous English interpretation when necessary. Interviewees were informed how the information gathered would be used and gay indonesia jakarta photo that they could decline the interview or terminate it at any point.

No other payments were made to interviewees.

Indonesian City Orders Top Staff To Pray Or Get A New Job

Our accounts of specific raids on gatherings are based on multiple interviews with participants and witnesses to the specific incident or, as indicated, on secondary sources that we cross-checked with activists gay indonesia jakarta photo witnesses directly involved with the incidents.

Prior to Januarymany sexual and gender minorities across Indonesia lived with a mix of tolerance and prejudice. While waria —loosely translated connexions gay personals transgender women [2] —have long been a highly gay indonesia jakarta photo part of Indonesian social life and cultural fabric, many others found safety in discretion: Indonesian LGBT people and civil society groups had endured sporadic hateful rhetoric and violent attacks over the preceding three decades, [3] including during the Suharto dictatorship from to and in the first decade of post-authoritarian rule.

Nongovernmental organizations focusing on gender, sexuality, health, and human rights were able to register; university professors taught courses that featured discussions of homosexuality; and activists organized public and private events about LGBT rights issues.

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No national laws specifically protected LGBT against discrimination, but the central government had never criminalized same-sex behavior. That changed in when the rights of Indonesian sexual and gender minorities came gay indonesia jakarta photo unprecedented attack.

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Beginning in Januarypoliticians and government officials began making anti-LGBT public comments, and, once joined by state commissions, militant Islamists, and mainstream religious organizations, the rhetoric grew into a cascade of threats and vitriol against Indonesian sexual and gender minorities.

In past decades, militant Islamists had attacked LGBT public activities, in several instances gay indonesia jakarta photo or otherwise hairy chest naked gay man the cancellation of scheduled events. And the fear has not abated. Will a neighbor report us?

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Will the police find the condoms and accuse us of being gay or prostitutes? Anti-LGBT advocacy by psychiatrists in pgoto appears to have persisted. On February 16,Dr.

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During a meeting with Human Rights Watch on April 12, however, the minister denied any gay indonesia jakarta photo of Dr. With nearly 48, new infections a year, UNAIDS in categorized Indonesia as one of the 9 countries among countries reported with an alarming rise in new infections despite increasing investments gay indonesia jakarta photo donors and the government for its HIV response.

Against this backdrop of a worsening epidemic among MSM, data appear to show complex trends: Similar positive trends in protection measures are observed with condom use, with 79 percent of MSM reporting condom use in the last sexual encounter in compared to 60 percent in However, these data also suggest that MSM still face significant barriers to accessing care. Only about 50 percent of MSM have gaj tested for HIV, and out of those infected and needing antiretroviral drugs ARV only 9 percent are currently taking the medications.

Las vegas gay club nude dancers modeling conducted by the Ministry indonesoa Health in indicated that the number of annual new Jwkarta infections will continue to grow unless further efforts are made to expand program coverage and intervention effectiveness, especially with regard to programs directed towards MSM. Despite these findings by the government, access to services remain difficult for many MSM. As documented in this report, amid rising indobesia, anti-LGBT moral panic, and increasingly unclear legal protections, gay indonesia jakarta photo workers struggle to indonsia their networks of MSM.

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Access to government-provided health insurance, which is supposedly available to all Indonesian citizens and is a key driver of retention in care, remains difficult for many MSM because it is based on family-unit registration, and many do not want to reveal their identity or HIV status to their family. Sandeep Nanwani and Clara Siagian wrote jakarat Prevention efforts—such as donor-funded, organization-led outreach—are not sufficiently linked to care, which is often delivered in government-run clinics.

In other words, while education and awareness regarding HIV among a gay indonesia jakarta photo population such as MSM may be high, tennessee and gay night life of non-confidentiality, rejection, jamarta discrimination when attending government clinics remains a barrier to accessing care services.

This practice subsequently changed, in part due to pressure from religious organizations. The coordination and implementation of even largely international donor-funded HIV programs now rest with local governments—exposing LGBT and MSM communities and gay indonesia jakarta photo to possible neglect and hostility.

LGBT rights in Indonesia

Founded inindependent of the Ministry of Health, the NAC functioned as a key coordinating body connecting civil service organizations to state services. In the absence of the NAC, non-government and gay indonesia jakarta photo organizations now need to obtain funding and services from local authorities themselves.

This places a heavy burden on indonesoa community healthcare workers responsible for coordinating patient care.

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One aspect of this structure is that local health systems are guided and regulated by minimum standards set by the Ministry gay bars augusta georgia Health in Jakarta.

The Minimum Standards are a set of basic care packages that local governments must deliver to its constituents, including basic gay indonesia jakarta photo care, TB services, and HIV care. For the first time, in the standards included HIV healthcare service delivery across Indonesia.

With MSM not included on the list of those at risk, public health workers and advocates believe it will be more difficult gay indonesia jakarta photo receive funding and manage operations related to MSM outreach education, testing, and treatment access.

Effective outreach requires close coordination with local health gay lesbian film festival chicago who are managed by district governments. With MSM outreach not explicitly named in the minimal standards, district governments have the discretion to no longer fund MSM outreach programs.

For example, NGOs seeking to run mobile Voluntary Counseling and Testing VCT need a letter from district authorities before they can enter malls, nightclubs, or other spaces with testing kits. Previously, such credentials were obtained from the NAC.

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Under the new format, such NGOs will be at the mercy of local government officials without clear guidelines directing officials to issue the credentials. The funds are earmarked to support the gay indonesia jakarta photo of human rights-related barriers to HIV services.

Police in Indonesia apprehended at least LGBT people in —a spike from previous years, where arrests were sporadic, often targeted sexual and gender minorities for reasons other than their night life amsterdam gay orientation or gender identity i.

The raids continued in early In some cases, the threats and violence occurred in the presence, and with the tacit consent, of gay indonesia jakarta photo officials or security forces.

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Later inbeginning with a raid on a private residence in Jakarta, gat carrying into with multiple raids on homes and other private venues, police became active participants in the anti-LGBT crackdown. The pattern of the raids suggests an intensifying government crackdown and portends a public health crisis.

Some raids were initiated by neighbors or militant Islamist groups who suspected individuals in their vicinity were gay or transgender. Others were undertaken by police units that detected gatherings of sexual escort gay germany munich gender minorities via social media announcements or discussions, such as WhatsApp screen shots.

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Police apprehended and detained 13 men for at least 24 hours, releasing them only after determining that no laws had been broken during the gathering. On January 19,police in South Sulawesi province obstructed a group of waria gqy bugis transgender and gender gay indonesia jakarta photo people from participating in a planned sports and cultural event by blocking off the site of the event.

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jkaarta Police then detained them for several hours in a recreation hall in Soppeng. Police gay indonesia jakarta photo Surabaya, acting on tip-offs from neighbors, carried out a midnight raid on the Oval Hotel where 14 men had gathered on the evening of April 30, Police detained the group while confiscating condoms, mobile phones, and a flash drive that allegedly contained pornographic videos, among other items.

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Authorities show condoms, lubricant, and HIV test results to the media while detainees cover their faces after police raided a hotel room in Surabaya, forced 14 men to undergo HIV tests, and arrested eight of them under the anti-pornography law in April In Septemberthe Brian pumper in gay porn court sentenced seven of them to indonrsia 18 months gay indonesia jakarta photo 30 months in prison, ruling that they were involved in pornographic acts.

On May 23, Sharia Islamic law authorities in Aceh province flogged two men 83 times in front of a crowd of thousands. Local authorities publicly cane a man for having gay sex, in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, May 23, During their trial, the prosecutor recommended 80 lashes, 20 shy of the maximum the law permits because the men were young and admitted gay indonesia jakarta photo guilt.