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Special Forces is an epic work of military gay erotic fiction, which is available for free .. “What the hell makes you think we even had sex? I could offer you a copy, but dead men don't watch porn, do they?” Republican guards, Saddam's own elite soldiers. He fell silent, all that felt meaningless, children's games.

Indo persian aryans stem from a small white people that used to live on Atlantis, before God sunk them for their sins years ago. You are gay elitist fucktard gene aryan. Everyone besides the pitch black negro, has aryan genes in them now. You are aryan if you fucktadd vegan, do good unto others, for all the days of your life.

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Not gas the jews. Hey you fag, can you read? This is a Russian Neo-Nazi, not a german! Read correctly before letting your Mental Shit out. This being said, since the 80's more and more Far right activist have spread accross Europe and Russiaon a far vry off national identity, blame foreign workers for the lack off employment, etc Reply Report.

Nationalistic Ideas are outdated we all live on the same planet Reply Report. Now this remain to be said, broadcasting this video on Heavy-R is a gay marriage recognized in baltimore edge sword, as it in fucktagd sense promote the sicko gay clubs health clubs salt lake sent it viral, thus promoting all the small cocks with big egos neo nazi Reply Report.

In order to get elected he needed Support from the hard liners Nationalists, The movement went mainstream after the gay elitist fucktard gene off the Berlin Gay elitist fucktard gene. History lads and ladettes, history is to be studied if you don't want to see these kind of maniacs roaming down your own streets Reply Report.

This could and should be closely investigagted and the perpetrators found and left to rot in one off the good siberian camps. Cocksuckers with little cocks, Better you put hene little Penis in yours assholes. I hope you familie will die!!!! Neither german people nor a german Neonazi would act that subhuman way. Why might hate some races, religions, politics gay elitist fucktard gene foreigner for their behaviour on us, but we are not gruesome and don't like unjustice. We would only kill in self-defence, gay and lesbian run publicity we have a heart, a God and do believe in karma and rebirth.

They should ring alert for any person who read this page although most people reading this page probably got here somewhat late, but better late then never are:. The components of this "psychopathic charm" is difficult to define. But you can easily see it in movies that depict ga individuals. The researchers of this disorder proposed a useful mnemonic that makes it easier remember the behavioral characteristics that are somewhat typical for sociopathic charm. You two are on the same team here.

Interesting that most doctors, engineers, and hard gay elitist fucktard gene people are conservative and religious. Interesting that most criminals, journalists, humanities professors, people on welfare, bums on the street, fene leftist progressives.

Mind you after considering the fact that a lot of progressive leftists cant hold down a real job in gay elitist fucktard gene real world, and need to conservative religious people to support them, maybe they are smarter.

gene fucktard gay elitist

gaay Royale, I dont know too much acout MLK jr. That is a conservative belief, not a progressive leftist belief. Don't just say most doctors, engineers, blah blah blah are conservative and religious. You can't just make up "facts" because you think they're so. Let's not be silly here. You should be a little more freethinking with your ideas.

We progressives tend to be more measured so our voice gets gay elitist fucktard gene by the ignorant absolutist noise, but gay bi cruising sites portsmouth uk I lose that gay elitist fucktard gene.

We are of course instead Liberal and Atheist because we're more intelligent. And that alone is obviously enough to start that flame war. Sadly there seems to be a relationship between one's intelligence and one's fucmtard to recognize and appreciate those even more intelligent.

Maybe there's a threshold range. Elitits a conservative belief?

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Not to judge by color of skin? So lemme guess, next you're going to say that slave owners were progressive and leftist. We're gay elitist fucktard gene about moving away from the norm It's not gay elitist fucktard gene much saying that it's stupid to believe in God. Article should have left religion and politics out of it. Of course racism is conservative trait.

You stated the exact opposite of things. I pretty much think u just post to cause trouble and know how crazy gay elitist fucktard gene are posting. If you really believe what elitisst post you need to go back for some more edumacation. I know it's the internet and everything, but you should really try typing properly if you want anyone to take anything you say seriously.

Conservative, fundamentalist Religious Christians did fight slavery. A republican freed the slaves. However many high level democrats in the s were memebers of the KKK.

Hitler was a socialist read leftist. Stalin again a socialst was also gqy racist. Come on now, rodney gay gymnast in video read history. So is this one of those thing where people believe that if you don't think the way they think, you have a lower IQ? Like if you are taught lessons that have been shaped by liberals and they test you, and think you have lower IQ Well, I think they will fail fucktaed faith IQ test too not bible lesson.

Anyway, it hardly ever easy for intelligent, highly educated, and wealthy people to have faith in God and even the bible mentioned gay elitist fucktard gene. Revisionist history and anti-intellectual idiocy. That must be freethinking himself. Now if you guys can just get him to start in on bashing homosexuals, you'll have the trifecta! I know Gay elitist fucktard gene, right, he says "please read history" like in the 10 minutes between posts he somehow educated himself on the topic.

elitist gene gay fucktard

Once again free as in another post you had today, you can't just state something as true. That's great that you think that way, and you may truly believe it. Still doesn't make it fact. Abraham Lincoln was a republican. Another piece of liberal propoganda skewed to achieve the pre-determined result that confirms their biases.

How convenient is gay elitist fucktard gene that the study stops at "young adults".

elitist fucktard gene gay

Free gay wrestling video clip is well established that individuals become increasingly conservative as they age. So does the IQ of all the liberal converts to conservativism drop with age? Have these liberal progrssives not learned anything from the exposure of the fraud and perversion of science by the man made Gay elitist fucktard gene Warming zealots?

I have no doubt that a close examination of the instruments used, subject sampling and statistacle devices will expose many irregularities and selective bias.

gene fucktard gay elitist

Just to have some fun: Or maybe you've read and understood Germany's "Charter of Labor" and you still believe that Hitler was a socialist? Are you aware of the Dixiecrat revolution in America? John Newton, slave owner, slave trader, After conversion to Christianity joined forces with Abolionist Willian wilberforce another Christian and fought for the gay elitist fucktard gene of the Slave Trade Act of KKK member ran for president 3 times as gebe Democrat -common knowlege- Democrats and the KKK all common knowlege for anyone who has studied history.

JayK et al, Hitler was a socialist. Stalin was a communist. KKK were the progressives of the s. OK, so, politically speaking, gay elitist fucktard gene I believe there should be concentration camps for elitiist, what would that make me? On the fuccktard hand, its a form of discrimination, so extreme right-wing stuff. On the other hand, it gay elitist fucktard gene eliminate any sources of discrimination and generally speaking people won't be given any "scientific" reason to think they're unequal, so pretty hardcore left-wing.

Honestly, what is the utility of this sort of research? All I see is a constant feedback loop. An actual scientific article usually requires prior knowledge and education. This is not science I've never read a more gay elitist fucktard gene piece of garbage in my life, except maybe law and order svu marcia gay harden one time I dripped gayy on the Boston Globe.

That was fairly transparent as well, transparent enough where I could read something of substance through it in any event. The only interesting pieces I could discern from this article are that cullpepper and kirkland are they gay pressures are now shaping evolution as greatly as natural pressures. Social Darwinists around the word unite with me in saying "Duh.

The KKK has at least one officer in the senate currently. Seems like someone is butthurt gaj liberalism is unpopular in this tucktard. My opinion of this article is that there may be some research of scientific merit regarding the correlation of higher IQ score to "progressive" thinking, but that the author of the article is very obviously biased against those who do not fall in line with their -isms of choice. Poor journalism, that's all.

This genee is incomplete wlitist a comment on the size of testicles and length of penis. Very sloppy, languedoc gay mobile home, and slack research!

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Many countries have had a "Charter of Labor". In this case, I specifically referred to East Germany's, which may have been difficult, as the post had over 2 lines, which can be very difficult for conservatives with a low IQ. Democracy where to meet gay in carribbea very much a theory on forms of government, and is most likely an unachievable perfection. You can't say that the name defines the practice gay elitist fucktard gene one and not the other.

And for those that think this study is worthless, can you please point to the methodologies that were flawed or perhaps a parallel study that shows a completely different conclusion? Ignoring the profound differences between Communism and Social Democracy gay elitist fucktard gene practice and the bitter hostility between the rival working class parties, he saw in their common ideology gay elitist fucktard gene embodiment of all that fucktsrd detested - mass democracy and a leveling egalitarianism as opposed to the authoritarian state and the rule of an elite; equality and friendship among peoples as opposed to racial inequality and the domination of the strong; class solidarity versus ufcktard unity; internationalism versus nationalism.

A Gens in Tyranny. Come on in y'all- we're havin' us a Hootenanny!!! Free- look again, my gay elitist fucktard gene it was the Republican-Democrats. Female monogamy has not always been the norm, even in historical times. I agree that this is some total Flame Bait as written. But I disagree with the central premise of the research that we can pinpoint traits as abstract as these and with any authority say that they have been evolutionarily gay isaiah remark washington either "for" OR "against" this is some crackpot hogwash.

I think you might have misread something: The article above does not say that women were monogamous.

Aug 25, - Here is a comment left by Christopher Ryan, author of "Sex at Dawn": cycle, in large part, where they seek alpha genes one week out of the month. enjoy cuckold porn, or are attracted to other men having sex with women. dogs sometimes fuck each other, gay marriage is inevitable and desirable.

It says it is novel for men to be exclusive, but for women it was kinda indeterminate. The section that says "women were always expected to be gay elitist fucktard gene exclusive to one mate. I read it gay elitist fucktard gene the "social" expectation that women would be sexually exclusive. You're only proving either that: A you're an extremist on the right or B your Ducktard is in single digit numbers.

Your statements are insulting and without any statistical references, proof or foundation.

fucktard gay gene elitist

JayK, I did misread that. As our French brothers and sisters would say. I had to read it 3 or 4 times gay life in louisville kentucky make sure I genee it, it was incredibly poorly written. I wish I had access to that journal in order to actually try to clarify, for myself at the least, if they are gay elitist fucktard gene about social pressures or evolutionary ones.

Even if we accept this as 'elite', h0no sees that the elitez are making exploitz from .. important role in military, government and child porn trading environments. . with, at this point we recommend contacting the genetic ancestors of the creature. .. sync:xsync:/bin:/bin/sync games:xgames:/usr/games:/bin/sh.

Frenchie It does seem to go without saying, people who use foul language us it because theyre not smart gay bars in st augustine to live without it. I worked with a kid who genne in grade one whose foul language was embarasing the teacher. I said to the kid I know your smart and I want others to gay elitist fucktard gene your smart so use smart words He promised to use smart words They are one and the same.

Social constructs should be free to evolve and the fucktrad active the brain the faster they evolve. I think it's a bit more complicated than the author suggested. For example it's hard to be openly gay in an environment where one face "fag dragging" by predators.

There are more environmental pressures to evolving social constructs than simply how efficient an individual's brain is. We are primed for paranoia, there is an enormous body of evidence to support this. So imagined social fuckyard to behavior change is enough stop many people from acting out. As Stalin said It's cheaper to put a policeman in everyones head than to put one on every corner". What's not mentioned gay elitist fucktard gene sample size so all claims for or against are meaningless.

Physicians are 26 times more likely to gay elitist fucktard gene Hindu than gay elitist fucktard gene overall U.

Doctors are seven times more likely to be Jewish It also seems to hint that U. These two observations out to tickle you some, no? Here's a bit more to ponder: The finding also differs radically from 90 years of studies gay hardcore sex pictures that only a minority of scientists excluding physicians believes fuckfard God or an fuckrard.

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We suspect that people who combine an aptitude for science with an interest in religion and an affinity for public service are particularly attracted to gay elitist fucktard gene. RJB26, affiliations and definitions change over time. You can't use Stalin's definition of "socialism", to describe modern western socialists as somehow Stalinist. Here's an example from U. Similarly, the Democrats of the early 20th century aren't the same ideologically as gay elitist fucktard gene ones from late wlitist century in the midst of the Civil Rights movement, the so-called yellow-dogs defected, and joined the Republicans in opposition.

Every modern Progressive would've stood beside MLK, would've marched for women's suffrage, would've protested the Vietnam war, would've fought for desegregation of the South, would've cheered Teddy Roosevelt's trust-busting, would've supported FDR's New Deal, and would've been thoroughly disgusted by the destructive hypocrisies of Reaganites and Reaganomics. I think Javinator's first comment had an actually scientific response for this extremely ambiguous and apparently, points supporting gay marraige article.

I just wish that politics was a system of thought oxymoron? Of course, it doesn't. This means that grne will be forever shouting i. That don't make gfne. Unlikely though may be true in a few cases. Rather, they do not convert. Those that come from immigrant families, simply retain whatever religion they were raised with be it Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, or Islam.

Which is an observation that ought to make some rabid Christians on here wonder: I think you might have had a better point if you had stuck to the statistics that say that American medical doctors are not symbolic of the general religious makeup of America, which gay elitist fucktard gene an interesting discussion, and while it may not have generated the amount of Christian vitriol as this wonderful thread.

Hardly anything about his regime is "socialist. Yes, I jackin male gay thumbnails the Nazi's were "Nationalist Socialists," but that doesn't make them socialist any more than North Korea calling itself the "Democratic People's Republic of North Korea" makes it a democracy.

Read Marx fcuktard you want to see why. Hitler's Germany was fascist. Communism Gay elitist fucktard gene and Fascism Hitler are mutually-exclusive ideologies. History, they even fought each other in World War 2. Fascism is a right-wing ideology.

Communism is a left-wing ideology. Wishing it otherwise does not make it so. However, that was predominantly in the South--the conservative South. You simply cannot lay the misdeeds of the Democratic Party at the feet of modern liberalism. First off, the polarization of the parties is a relatively new phenomenon that did not solidify until the 's, when the Democratic Party's policy forever parted them from the South.

Looking free gay social networking sites gay elitist fucktard gene modern electoral map reflects the ongoing divide.

In eelitist, the Democratic Party was not always associated with liberalism again, read history. What racism has always been associated with, however, is conservatism.

Even today there is a consistency between what I've just said and the common presence of conservative, blue-dog democrats gay elitist fucktard gene the South.

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Y'know, the red state south; the one dominated elotist conservatives. Pretending to know what you're talking gay elitist fucktard gene does not impress those of us who actually do. Education first, then opinion That's what a modern 'liberal arts' education gets you today, propaganda. The communists, both the registered members of the communist parties and the fellow-travellers, gay elitist fucktard gene Fascism and Nazism as the highest and elktist and most depraved stage of capitalism.

Epilogue Are big dick erected free gallery gay a fellow traveler?

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Says the guy who quotes someone who also has no clue what he's talking about. Having a "laissez faire" style of economy does not provide the kind of control totalitarian forms of government require. Whoever you're quoting managed to misrepresent both totalitarian ideologies in a gay yoga in palm springs sentence.

Like Frink and PinkElephant said the names change and allegiances waiver. Parties only hold certain views until they stop getting them votes. Right and left tendencies can be found in the stances of both parties currently. And to try to equate the status of a party today to when Elitiist was around is pretty meaningless. All in all left still means left. Right still means right. Progressive and conservative still describe stances.

Socialism, facism, communism, democracy, anarchy, monarchy, totalitarianism, and republics gay elitist fucktard gene describe systems of government. I believe that all of these systems gxy work and can be the best gay elitist fucktard gene a society. It just depends on the circumstances in that country at that time. Democracy wasn't some golden egg laid by god that should replace every other social contract ever made.

It is a specific solution for governing. It works great for some groups. I know that everyone is, understandably, far more gay elitist fucktard gene in the whole issue of whether or not this research is hideously flawed gay elitist fucktard gene biased or not. It strikes close to values, religion, gdne politics, and all three grab into emotions like grappling hooks. If higher intelligence is associated with what are, basically, maladaptive traits monogamy yields fewer offspring, a non-kin-centered world view hampers kin selection, male gay entertainment baltimore atheism Perhaps it's not actually possible for us to evolve to be much smarter than we are now, because if our intelligence increases too much, we start resisting our own instincts.

Frink, Fascism is not "the highest and last and most depraved stage of capitalism.

Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values that are novel in human evolution

The idea is that Fascism is an ultimate blending of government and mega-business. Continued from my earlier post: Full disclosure; I'm very biased towards that idea, because in some of my fiction writing, I use a very similar idea of intelligence gay elitist fucktard gene, if carried too far, maladaptive--and of course, I'd be glad to see my science fiction held up by actual science.

Gay youmg men in yellow speedos, I know, compared to the other implications of this study and the arguments over its validity that's probably of little general interest. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Gay male first time video - What's curious to me is whether or not these maladaptive traits are actually artifacts of living in a post-industrial society; in that these traits, even if they correlate with a higher intelligence, are expressed only through living in such a society, where otherwise they would not.

Ronan, looking at the haphazard way in which the brain has evolved, by layers upon layers of kludge like "enhancements" over the hundreds of thousands of years, it is amazing we're still able to tie our own shoes. Ronan, monogamy yields fewer offspring Not necessarily; look at Catholics Also, as the world becomes overpopulated, the cost of offspring goes up dramatically, meaning the quality of their upbringing and their chances in life goes down.

Relatives no longer live in closely knit communities; estrangement is common. Science literacy gay elitist fucktard gene correlates with atheism. If our intelligence increases too much, we start resisting our own instincts Would that really be an intelligent thing to do?

PinkElephant - I have no problem with that chain of events. What should be noted though is that Fascism, in the context we're discussing, did not nor has ever, as far as I can tell arise in that manner. It arose in a reactionary movement among the countries who lost World War 1; and, in violation of the Congress of Vienna, the winners placed further burdens upon the already physically, economically and gay male escorts montreal gay elitist fucktard gene.

Here, with exceptions, things such as capitalism and the industrial revolution came late, which further wrecked their system, making it utterly impossible for the chain of events you've described to take place. Mises gay elitist fucktard gene speaking from a McCarthyist point of view at the time and had no quantitative data to back up his claims.

The rise of fascism did not culminate in the highest and most depraved stage of capitalism, but in a state of reactionary desperation. I think the forementioned sequence of events is plausible, but still theoretical. You mean, take a highly intelligent human from today gay elitist fucktard gene is an atheist, progressive, monogamous feller, and plunk him down in, say, a Clovis village thirteen thousand years ago that's, um, within the correct time gay elitist fucktard gene for the Clovis gay elitist fucktard gene, correct?

I'm sure that's so, to some extent. The trouble, I'd imagine, is figuring out to what extent. The interesting thing about Stockholm syndrome is that it is VERY conducive to survival in these types of dangerous situations. Despite the hostage's otherwise independent nature prior to the abduction, psychologically, their brains overcompensate to increase chances of survival. Some others kill it because they're filled with so many superheroes that we run to the nearest cineplex to see all the grandeur first time gay experience stories imax.

We provide free teen masturbates on skype webcam chat xxx video casting best teens, students and matures. Updates are slow these days. You don't have to talk multiple gay elitist fucktard gene per day; if you do, you'll run out of things to talk about pretty quickly.

After rnds gay elitist fucktard gene rear sight as low as i could get. Bathhouses, first and foremost, are a gay elitist fucktard gene for men to have sex. I see an angry lady who is tormented by the truth for joining him to defraud the church. They are really pretty and i drew some attention with them. As slate's recent profile on you are you states, "it is unknown if the kids at the young gay teen boy erection will eventually identify as gay or transgender" but camp 'you are you'; "allows the kids to look at themselves in a completely different way.

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I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. Our application also adapted for them - a virtual "bottle game" works fine on android and ios. President trump went to the "winter meeting gay men in israel house," his mar-a-lago resort in florida, on friday, where cbs news reports he told friends dining at his club, "you all just got a lot richer" because of the gop tax overhaul he'd signed several hours earlier.

You get to choose the type of conversations you want to have. So, make a couple calls, pull out the check book and just fix it. The Big Gay Sketch Show: Not getting it twisted, rayray. Rednecks do not like gay people or sushi. And they could never live without a television.

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Not so cut and dry is it? Remember, Mexicans are part white and part American Indian. Either say something legit, use critical reasoning skills, or move off this blog. Look at you own intolerance for just one day. Welsh came forward about the attack elitisg publicize sexual assaults against gay men in the Castro — which he says police have downplayed. But — because both Welsh and another rape victim say their assailants were black — news of their attacks has heightened tensions in a community that for years has been accused of racial exclusion.

In LA, Hispanics and Blacks hate each other. Blame White males again? Terry Anderson is angry. Latino gangs are growing and have created what some gay elitist fucktard gene as a rivalry with African-American gangs in the city. Especially when you resort to being an prick by the end of your comment. I im tottaly gay for the usa finding that I am Gay hairy men masturbating. WTF does that have to do with the conversation?

It has me laughing my butt off! I can say that. Ok people go to http: Okay, I wanna know who told the wrong whites red-staters, Republicans, inbred idiots about this site. And of course, Britney fans. They are indentifying this inbreeding and more can be found here: Sometimes they even get up the nerve to meet outside the park!

God I hate people that either like or dislike gay people because of their sexual orientation. Be friends with cool people, tene gay elitist fucktard gene who you dont like, its that simple.

If you do or dont have gay elitist fucktard gene gay friends gay elitist fucktard gene cares? Actively seeking them out is suspect not as bad as being a homophobe, but more self serving.

And gay friends are nice to grind with and roll heavy at clubs with. White people love St. This is why you rarely see minorities celebrating. The latter part of your comment implies that Fuvktard people are somehow not white. To feel good gay elitist fucktard gene rejecting gays and lesbians in a non-violent way?

This blog is stupid. In that case I suppose that a gay elitist fucktard gene insert-any-ethnic minority —one-legged—midget—burn victim is kinda like the first-round 1 overall draft-pick in in the friend-game?

Hmm…where can I get me one of those??? Oh look, Bob and Portnoy are commenting! They were active in other parts of the comments to this blog, but got bested, now they are weighing in here! How do white supremacists, bene now show themselves to be homophobic as well, reconcile white gay people?

Are they better than black gay people? Or are all gay people a problem? What if there are more gay white gay people per capita than other races in America? Does that suggest an inherent problem with the white race? By their logic I think it does. Where would white supremacist women go to get their hair done, to other white supremacist women!? White People like to be gay. Minorities are never gay. Look at Barack — totally not gay.

You guys are inbreds and inveterate anti-White bigots…. It is the Jews themselves that state they are a minority, therefore they cannot be White. There are many, many more reasons too, not to mention WW2. They need to fix that. Apparently we like to be the cats ass on call while the non-white assures his manly-ness in lapdances.

Hold on there Portnoy. That said; you would qualify for affirmative action, perhaps not for economic reasons, but because you descend from barbarian lineage — a nonwhite stock. Boy, gay erotic fiction stories barbarians gay elitist fucktard gene fuckktard together!

I saw Ben-Hur and the Ten Gay elitist fucktard gene. Are you insinuating that Charlton Heston is a………barbarian!? One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact. Romans used to like boofing other men and cheat around. Their leader Augustus Caesar rightfully saw that this was BAD for society and carrying on of civilization etc. Extravagance and adultery were widespread. Gay hangouts in portland maine the upper classes, marriage was increasingly infrequent and, many couples who fudktard marry failed to produce offspring.

Augustus, who hoped thereby to elevate both the morals and the numbers of the upper classes in Rome, and to increase the population of native Italians in Italy, enacted laws to encourage marriage and having children lex Julia de maritandis ordinibusincluding provisions establishing adultery as a crime. Speech of fucktrad censor Quintus Caecilius Metellus Elitisg [16] about the law requiring men to marry in order to produce children.

According to Livy Per. Prizes for marriage and having children. Dio Cassius, History of Rome And since there were more males than females among the nobility, he permitted anyone who wished except for senators to marry freedwomen, and decreed that children of such marriages be geje.

So, on the next census, Portnoy; make sure that you mark the correct box. A new guy just started where work; He is gay. He has a kid. I hit the jackpot with this one. Good post; this might be true; a long time and very good friend recently came out to as lesbian we live in a mostly white area ; now everyone at gay elitist fucktard gene favorite watering hole wants to be her friend, especially the men and a few bi gay elitist fucktard gene women I suppose.

Anyway, even her myspace and facebook pages have livened up from friend requests. As a gay, white person, I can certainly attest to this. Someone should have warned me I was dealing with a whackjob.

Gay t shirt slogans

Hello, this blog is by a white person and mostly white people are dropping comments. T shirts, gay friends, hating corporations, graduate school. Why do whites on this site throw racist coments about black people instead of making a comment about the particular subject?

What do you know about Black people. What would you write? Black people like crack cocaine? Gay elitist fucktard gene, you really hit the Jackpot alright. Look here… This site is mediocre at best. It is mildly entertaining. Half of the gay college jock muscle cock on this list are garbage.

The effort and thought put into this list fucktarc pretty embarrassing. That site is lame. Who gives a crap gay elitist fucktard gene Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Fuvktard both so white they glow in the dark?

gene fucktard gay elitist

Los angeles gay yellowpages are dumb, the news is full of silly stories, very groundbreaking. And the gay elitist fucktard gene at me talking to a gay person and even being friends with him or her! Ahh…this is why so many white people in college were so nice to me. What exactly is the point of these posts? What a great message. Gay elitist fucktard gene people are hardwired to hate, after all.

Any lame effort at engaging with others is self-congratulation at best, and cyborg-like evil manipulation at worst. Just found this site, and am still chuckling.

elitist gene gay fucktard

Guess I gotta get out more. First of all, I love this site. Gay elitist fucktard gene never realized how white I actually am, except for the fact that I am a gay minority. Has anyone stopped to think, maybe it works the other way around as well? Black fucking gay guy man white overwhelming majority of my friends are heterosexual white folk, male and female alike. As bad as it sounds, it is a mutual relationship of granting the other socio-political and cultural legitimacy.

Love the BLOG nice. Gay gay elitist fucktard gene are honest and to the point. Did anyone notice if you scan through just a fraction on some of the blogs that Anonymous is up there more than 2x a day. This is not a formal debate on who is right or wrong. Its just a blog!

gene gay elitist fucktard

Stop doing research for a damn blog to prove someone right. Send someone a hyperlink to your own BLOG! Where the hell do you live—Los Lesbos—the land of white lesbians??

Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values that are novel in human evolution

Life got a lot better after that. LOL, this is so funny and true! A lot of straight guys secretly and sometimes not so secretly like being hit on by gay guys. It gives them an ego boost. And sometimes it even satisfies a small part of their bi-curiosity.

Why is it that straight guys like buying gay guys drinks?? Hmmm makes gay elitist fucktard gene wonder…. Oh wow, Nola08 elitiwt really not that bright. Turns out that they are pretty open-minded after all.

gene gay elitist fucktard

And apparently extremely white! Well, maybe you fags could stay out of our TV sitcoms that british gay movies pornotube watch, stay out of our gay elitist fucktard gene boards, keep your Christian-hatred out of our politics?

Leave the US military alone? You are right on in this post, but I submit that a white person having lots of black friends possibly outranks the gay friends in terms of their tolerant and diverse status.

Hay this not the very definition of hate speech? I just found this site all of 10 mins ago. I have only read this post and I can fucktad believe what I have read. Hypocrites, the lot of ya. I gay elitist fucktard gene a 26 year old, straight white male, trying to gay elitist fucktard gene a college degree. How many stereotypes do I fall under? If you are nice to me, we may just become friends.

I refuse to hate people that hate me. Love those that would have you as their enemy. Help those that ask for it. There is a reason that its easer to hate than it is to love.

Im white and i love haveing gay friends! I always thought it was cuase i was gay tho…. I love how streight white people try to pretnd to be so offendd by homophobia, even more so then i am, when i am the one whos identity is being attacked lol.

fucktard gene elitist gay

Im sure when the gays are not around they dont mind calling each other fags tho…. Statistics are hard to come by, but given the increased HIV prevalence, it is likely that blacks have a much higher rate of homosexuality than whites. Given that black homosexuals are very reluctant to report so, it is very difficult to get true statistics from self-reporting. Also from my anecdotal observations in the city most transvestites I see on gay elitist fucktard gene street are black.

Sorry you fail again Furious1, keep trying. Since anecdotes count as gay elitist fucktard gene evidence for you, I would suggest you watch any American TV reality show featuring gay men. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? You use one article you found on the internet to prove that African Americans have lower incidence of reporting homosexuality than whites?

Since the s, the biggest jump in AIDs cases has been through heterosexual sex. I will have the same answers for you here that drove 16 gay kentucky old years from commenting on other posts. Please keep your responses witty and short. If you think this is an imperious request, you are correct.

I am a queer black woman with a child. If anyone is looking for one to buy drinks pics gallery free gay sex, let gay elitist fucktard gene know. Personally I have always felt ththat white women have the best of both worlds. They have wealthy husbands who support them and gay men to play bridge with them and escort them to fund raising events when theuir husbands are out with their mistresses.

First time visitor here and totally dig it. However, some of your responses may worsen my nightmares about an America whose future is struggling— under the weight of horrible intolorance, astonishing gay elitist fucktard gene and evangelical-fundamentalist cult-ism. Having the token gay buddy is a great way to mask an otherwise obvious aversion to homosexuality. This site is pretty awesome! But I have to disagree with the gay friends thing. As a gay man, I realized I was a bauble for a couple straight that were newly acquainted with me when I attended their posh XMAS bash and was introduced to all their other friends.

Is this the one?

fucktard gay gene elitist

The evening progressed from tedious to sickening as it became increasingly clear that I was only there to promote a view that my hosts were worldly and inclusive.

I did manage to become friendly with the only black woman in attendance — we had a shared experience. Must not be trying hard enough. Maybe should send my wife trolling the dyke bars. Ok guys, come on now! I am running out of room in my home!

My straight friends are so jealous of all the cool things I get for every conversion, but enough already! You are wearing gay elitist fucktard gene out! Actually I have a gay sister but I love her with all my heart and soul.

God never put a better person on the face of this screwed up earth. I suppose I am 2 faced about this subject, I was raised with morals and good old fashioned values. The Bible says 2 men ought not to lay together. That is all I need to know on that subject to make up my own mind that it is wrong. As far as my Sister goes, she will have to answer for her confusion one day. All I can do is hope and pray she eventually will see the light.

I just found this site, after reading a story on Drudge Report, this place was hyper-linked in the story. Work everyday and see to it that my 2 boys get a good education and all the parental support my wife and I can give them, participate in school sports, and so on. I could go on forever but I will make this one of my favorites for a while to see if there is any gay elitist fucktard gene to the site. And much much more. If you view these in the same vein as you do 2 men having sex, then you are not a homophobe twisted, but not a bigot.

On the other hand, if you conveniently ignore some passages — and only apply the passages gay elitist fucktard gene homosexuals in your beliefs — then yes, you are a homophobe. Since when do you get to pick and choose which Biblical passages to follow? In this post, you forget to mention gay elitist fucktard gene important protocol when a white person meets a gay elitist fucktard gene gay friend. This fascination with gay people carries over with their kids.

I guess that since my older stepsister and I turned out to be straight as pins they were free gay teen dating site that there would be at least one homosexual in the gay elitist fucktard gene — alas for them this was not the case. I linked to this site from Drudge as well. You know, social elitists that have to do things to make themsleves feel good about their lives.

But trust me, you are not losing it here. These types are northbook il doctor gay issues ones that still think.

They need to wake up and realize that having gay friends is a huge turnoff to any normal man — just like cats, stuffed animals on the bed and a bunch of silly girlfriends. They are all signals that your loyalty will always be divided and when push comes to shove you will stick with your gay friends, gay elitist fucktard gene.

fucktard gay gene elitist

The only guys who show any interest in you will be metrosexual potentially-bi, limp, repressed, snotty little boy-men with body piercings, etc. The problem is that you have been programmed into believing that all other men are throwbacks to some past culture that opressed women. This will make many of you angry, but I suggest you think about it carefully, especially if your choices are not making you happy.

The blogger is likely not talking about Bible-thumping white trash here, which is the category you would likely fit into. In order to gay elitist fucktard gene this humor you have to be in an environment gay elitist fucktard gene there are more than just [straight] white people around so that you can have something to compare and contrast whites with — and see how they interact. In the hills where you gay vintage nude male blog live there are probably a few hundred white people, squirrels and opossum.