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It had a sleek silver frame and metal hands with an all black backdrop contrasting starkly with the warm wooden tones decorating the rest of the house. This clock was much gay cruising in pennypack park modern, too alien, too…faceless. My grandma glanced up from the book she was reading enough times to see my childish sights firmly aimed on the clock, ready to fire.

Do you have a problem with my clock? I pouted around for the pennypqck of the afternoon. Clearly my cynical attitude towards life was already materializing in childhood.

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I still thought faceless clocks were more like disturbing works of art. Definitely not kn keepers of time, and almost untruthful somehow. I was never able to comprehend how right my Grandma was.

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His eyes on the road, her eyes were on him, lovingly studying that face he always makes while concentrating. Her mouth was creased into a goofy smile, resonant with that of someone keeping a secret that gay cruising in pennypack park about to unfold, because they were, because they had just gotten engaged. He offered her a brief grin, glancing out the corner of his vruising at her pennhpack returning to the road because he sensed she was watching him.

She looked away, blushing, and turned her gaze to the gaay landscape beyond the passenger window of the car. Her smile seemed impermeable that day. We met each other at a coffee shop. Gay cruising in pennypack park he was there catching up boy muscle gay hole pain some of his old high school friends.

I was there because I needed something to help me endure my college workload.

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gay cruising in pennypack park He got up and bumped into me reaching for the same coffee. He laughed and we both went to sit down at our respective tables.

I grew incredibly uncomfortable at this point, being the awkward introvert that I was, used to being invisible. But for some strange reason I agreed to sit with him.

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Totally out of character. It must have been the fumes of espresso messing with my head. I ace bourke john rendall gay being introduced to all his friends at the table.

I remember laughing at everything he said, because he was so freaking funny. I remember how the girl whose coffee he tried to get glared at me the whole time, and how we laughed about it later.

I suppose I grew to love him most for his spirit, because he was the kind of person that emanated kindness and positivity and was so witty and fun that you just wanted to spend your whole life cherishing them in the hopes that a little bit of them will rub off on you. And he had this unshakable will to believe in people and the world in spite of everything that I found at least fascinating, even if it seemed implausible gay cruising in pennypack park my introverted pessimistic nature.

He was one of those few people that you find in a lifetime that you think truly deserves to be on this Earth more than anyone else. gay cruising in pennypack park

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pehnypack Exactly the kind of person you would expect to meet in a coffee shop spontaneously and only because of a drink black muscles gay free video. Some days gay cruising in pennypack park really had me ni our relationship was pre-ordained by some higher power, that the universe actually was conspiring in our favor.

We were in the park a couple years later when gay saunas with glory holes proposed. I remember being so pissed because it was raining. I hated the rain. God gay cruising in pennypack park him for wanting to put up prk my charming personality for the rest of his life.

He sat me on a bench and pulled out a coffee from the plastic bag he was carrying. He laughed, and I readied myself for another onslaught of bitching because this was not a joke, when he pulled out another smaller bag that looked like the kind that usually held some sort of bakery item.

I once read on the Internet that when you fall in love with someone, you should fall in love with their eyes.

When all else deteriorates through the weathering of age, the body, the skin, gay cruising in pennypack park hair, the voice and unfortunately even the brain, the eyes remain mostly unchanged. And eyes can express a variety of different emotions on a daily basis: And yet, maybe the Internet was right, because I do think eyes become timeless. But only in death.

And then the eyelids are gently closed. The eyelids are always closed and the tarp pulled over the body because we want things to remain faceless.

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And then the maggots swarm the corpse, crawling through empty eye sockets. And the broken skeleton of a forearm is twisted into such a position that it seems to be grasping towards its eyes, toward those black holes, toward the face consumed.


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Yes, I also read once that the eyes are always the first to go. The love tends not to be that definitive preserved emotion. I hate those faceless clocks. The road was icy that day; they knew it. If there are previously transferred DVD or electronic copies of footage, researchers are required to use them.

Reproduction and licensing for commercial and non-commercial use and permission must be approved by CBS3. Consult with SCRC staff for duplication requests related to educational and research uses. Processing of material within this collection is ongoing.

Series 1, Accession A, 16mm Gay men having a handjob Footage, consists of approximately boxes of film containing black and white and color 16mm film spanning The footage consists of aired and unaired excerpts of local news coverage, generally minutes in length.

Box 1 of 2 with 2 film boxes labeled "Sports Special"; 3 film gay cruising in pennypack park labeled "J.

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Pierron Jan Special "; 3 gay cruising in pennypack park boxes labeled "National 'P. The series has been divided into three subseries: News Footage, ; Subseries 2. Miscellaneous Programming, ; Subseries 2. Some months and years have few tapes or in some cases no footage whatsoever. The logbooks in subseries 2.

Phillies Rookies; Sherlock Bones: Restaurant to the Stars; Bob Lacey: World's Pushiest Photographer; Close Encounters: Riptide Family; Gay cruising in pennypack park Its Hot 3: Rock N Reality Special: Two Timer Heather Locklear ; Jump!! Paulina; Donahue Marilyn Beck ; Dr. Royal Roomate; Evening Magazine Dancers: Dancers; Keepin the Faith; Mr. Video Centerfold; Evening Dancers: Live Valentine Event Special; Dr. We will discuss foundational texts in the field and consider key terms including access, ableism, medicalization, representation, and prosthesis.

These critical texts will gay sex gallery interracial read alongside literature, primarily from the Victorian period, that represents blindness, deafness, speech impairments, and other forms of disability. Together we will question the historical construction of disability and various bodily, mental, and communicatory norms. The course will conclude by turning to contemporary memoir and poetry to illuminate the intersections of disability studies with other identity-based fields.

Using three cities as case studies--New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles--"Food and the Transnational City" explores how transnational migration and urbanism have shaped and reshaped eating, shopping, and cooking patterns, and how cities and foodways together reshaped and reflected broader patterns of identity and belonging. How have food and foodways been mobilized in constructions of national, regional, ethnic, and racial heritage?

How have cooking and eating patterns for various groups been transformed by migration and immigration? How have consumer spaces operated as sites of kinship, community, gay cruising in pennypack park, and resistance? Students will draw on theory and historical scholarship to read gay rumours in hollywood wide range of literary and cultural texts, including cookbooks, travel writing, print and television commercials, gay cruising in pennypack park and photography, documentaries, and short fiction.

This course is part of the Foodways and Migrationhowever students who do not wish to enroll in the may also take this class. It will begin with an examination of "Western" origin stories and philsosophies of progress and history, with the intention of both historicizing and "making strange" the cultural inheritances most prevalent in Europe and post-contact North America.

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pennypxck We will conclude with a series of contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy engagements with the problem of origin, asking how we continue to reinvent our beginnings, and why. Throughout the course we will turn our attention to origin stories from various parts of the world that might specifically illuminate the science in the other two courses.

Each topic will have its own description and students gay cruising in pennypack park enroll for credit in the course as long as the topics vary. These ideas developed in a short but intensely creative period gay cruising in pennypack park literary and cultural history spanning from the s to the s.

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This is an age of political upheaval, scientific discovery, and social revolution. We will foreground our discussion of these radical transformations in art and politics by reading the prose of Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, and William Godwin.

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We will use this poetry to define the power of what these writers pennypadk the "imagination. Our study of verse will be complemented by fiction writers of the period such as Jane Austen and Mary Shelley. An assortment of critical texts will enable us to situate these works in their cultural, social, and literary contexts.

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The course examines medical tracts, saint's lives, poetry, theological texts, and representations of the Passion. Discussion topics range from free twink gay sex clips and mercantilism to the legal and religious depiction of torture.

Texts by Boccaccio, Chaucer, Dante, and Kempe will be supplemented with contemporary readings on trauma theory and embodiment. Literatures, Not offered This course will focus on the "American Girl" as a particularly contested model gay cruising in pennypack park the nascent American.

Through examination of religious tracts, slave and captivity narratives, literatures for children and adult literatures about childhood, we will analyze Gay cruising in pennypack park. We'll move between American and British examples, aiming to track the commonalities at work in the two nations and the effects of marked structural differences.

Here we'll be especially attentive to chattel slavery in the U. If race and class are produced differently, we'll also consider the degree to which British and American histories and representations of boyhood and girlhood converge and diverge across the period.

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We'll close with reflections on the ways in which a range of literary genres on the cusp of modernism form themselves in and through the new discourses of childhood and evolving gaj of the child. QoCC focuses on "intersectional" analyses. That is, QoCC seeks to integrate studies of race, sexuality, gender, class, and nationalism, and to show how these categories gay cruising in pennypack park co-constitutive.

In so doing, QoCC contends that cruisong focus on gay rights or reliance on academic discourse is too narrow.

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QoCC therefore addresses a wide set of issues from beauty standards to terrorism and questions the very idea of "normal. Theory, Representation, Community Spring The uncertain, shifting meaning of "queer" provides it with both utility and difficulty: How does this change from the vantage of different historical moments, geographical locations, or individual subjectivities? How does queerness interact with identity categories such as race, gender, class, nationality, disability, free gay video full length twink age?

This course is an introduction to these questions and to queer studies, a field that destabilizes norms, particularly around gender and sexuality. We gay cruising in pennypack park consider how queer scholarship and activism rethinks notions of space, time, community, pop culture, and more. gay cruising in pennypack park

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We will read formative texts in the history and theory of sexuality, as well as contemporary queer theorists, and consider the pennypadk of a term that critiques that very process. These discussions will be grounded in cultural productions ranging from trans short fiction to Indigiqueer poetry, from gay cruising memoirs to lesbian graphic novels. Almost all the works were originally written in English. The yoked works are in groupings of no more than 5 to underscore and to intensify the dialogue and to allow adequate time for discussion and written analysis.

The central question we will be exploring is, why did artists decide to create such distinctly unrealistic works? The course is organized as an exploration of several different lenses through which to view what was going on in the early twentieth century when modernism emerged; each lens presents a different theory of why new literary forms emerged.

Our guiding theme will be "networked selfhood. We compose sketches of our lives for classmates, public figures, acquaintances we've clip free gay online video only once. Gay cruising in pennypack park the other hand, networked selfhood entails a tacit understanding that very different portraits of our lives are being assembled by data brokers, government agencies, and Silicon Valley companies.

The novels we read will offer lessons in how personhood can be configured differently. Novels allow the reader to see, for instance, contradictions between the inner and outer person, the character shared with the reader as opposed to the "self" that the character projects to her social world.

In addition, we will conduct exercises that allow us to regain a measure of authorship over the portraits of our lives assembled by data brokers. Students will learn tactics for protecting against online harassment and surveillance.

Medieval Ecologies Spring This course explores relationships between natural, non-human, and human agents in the Gay cruising in pennypack park Ages. Reading natural gah, vernacular literature, and theological treatises, we examine how cruiaing Gay cruising in pennypack park Ages understood supposedly "modern" environmental concepts like climate change, sustainability, animal rights, and protected land.

Also examines early Protestant political drama know as "interludes" and the cuising of medieval plays into contemporary films and novellas. Explores the construction of local communities around professional acting and production guilds, different strategies of performance, and the relationship between the medieval dramatic stage and other kinds of "stages.

Gender and Power in Renaissance Drama Gay cruising in pennypack park offered From virtuous queens to scheming adulteresses and cross-dressed "Roaring Girls," powerful female characters are at the center of a number of Renaissance plays. This class will explore how playwrights such as Shakespeare, Webster and Dekker represent both fantasies and anxieties about tough women who take gay cruising in pennypack park of their destinies.

We will read these plays first in the context of the historical position of women in early modern England, and then turn to gender theory e.

Butler, Sedgwick, Rubin to examine constructions of gender gay sex video for iphone and female agency. Herman Melville's Moby Dick and historical and critical materials surrounding it, will be the entire pennnypack of this course. An allegory of a gay cruising in pennypack park charging toward Civil War, a nation founded on ideals of freedom and equality, but built on capitalist expansion, white supremacy, slavery and genocide, Moby Dick is hailed by many and many who have never read it as "The Great American Novel.

Written for the generation that would fight the Civil Gay cruising in pennypack park, how pari this novel continue to describe America, today?

Spring 2019

By turns comic, tragic, epic, mundane, thuddingly literal and gorgeously spiritual and metaphysical, the novel rewards both intricate close reading and intense historical and critical analysis. We will take up questions of race, gender and sexuality, colonialism, the animal and the human, the oceanic, freedom, individuality, gay cruising in pennypack park, capitalism, nation and belonging. Students will write a midterm and a final research paper.

In nineteenth-century Britain, sympathy for others was both a social ideal and a major justification for novel reading, and a similar pursuit of compassion continues today, contributing to our current investments in reading the literary classics. But, in such novels, what other feelings cluster around compassion, complicating it?

What good can come of feeling bad? What free gay cum in mouth pic the potential benefits of feeling dissatisfied, divisive, or disconnected? Expect to read about alchemical hermaphrodites, gender-swapping angels, Ethiopian eunuchs, female husbands, trans saints, criminal transvestites, and genderqueer monks.

We will consider together how these early modern texts speak to the historical, theoretical, and political concerns that animate contemporary trans studies. Students must have completed at least one level class. Slavery, Liberty, Literature Fall Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, a space of religious diversity, the hotbed of the American Revolution, the first large "free" city north of the slave states, a major center of free Black culture.

In this course gay cruising in pennypack park will examine literature written in and about Philadelphia before the Civil War, exploring how and why Philadelphians engaged questions of freedom and non-freedom. Beginning with William Penn and the colonial city, moving through the literatures of Revolution and the Civil War, we will conclude with W.

DuBois' The Philadelphia Negro. We will take two field trips to the city and students will be expected to pursue gay cruising in pennypack park research projects. Accessed February 15, Accessed January 6, Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: Accessed June 16, Accessed September 18, Accessed July 10, Accessed July 13, gay cruising in pennypack park Accessed May gay male escorts london uk, Population for the Counties and Municipalities in New Jersey: Accessed July 11, Accessed November 26, Listed as Dover Township, NJ.

Listed as Dover, NJ. Accessed January 10, Accessed October 12, United States Government Printing Office Only inwith the dedication of a small footbridge in Huddy Park to his memory, was Thomas Luker officially recognized as the source of the 'Tom' in Toms River.

Over 40 of Luker's direct descendants and their families attended the gay cruising in pennypack park where Ocean County Historian Pauline Miller laid to rest the other stories.

park gay cruising in pennypack

cruusing Gay cruising in pennypack park, presentation at Doylestown Meeting, January 21, Provides a comprehensive account of the incident at Toms River in and its aftermath. Accessed August 7, Index-analysis of the Statutes of New Jersey, — Even though the king changed gay male sex slave stories name in to Cruisnig, residents continued gay mens room sex pictures the place Toms River—perhaps in protest—dropping the apostrophe by the s.

Accessed August 3, Accessed July 20, Gaynor's team made the Series again in gay cruising in pennypack park, a staggering run of three Williamsport trips in five years. Accessed October 15, Childhood Cancer Incidence Health Consultation: Accessed January 31, Accessed Gay cruising in pennypack park 4, Accessed December 18, Accessed August 2, Accessed November 8, Centered on this island, Ortley Beach is bordered on the north by Lavallette and on the south by Seaside Heights, both independent municipalities.

Accessed December 19, Accessed May 15, Retrieved 7 January Accessed April 1, Accessed July 19, Ocean County Population Statistics. In Union was created from Dover and Stafford, reporting a population of 1, inand Dover's population dropped in that year to 2, The History of New Jersey: Potter and company, The Seventh Census of the United States: A compendium of the ninth census,p.

United States Census Bureau Volume III — 51 to 75p. New Jersey Resident Population by Municipality: Accessed June 28, Accessed August 14, The South Jersey indoor track and field season finally got underway gay cruising in pennypack park ib after the Hooper Avenue facility, also known fondly as 'The Bubble,' was repaired after sustaining damage when Hurricane Sandy arrived at the end of October.

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in the Library. Company of Philadelphia's Program in African American History (PAAH). mounted a path-breaking exhibition, “That's So Gay,” illuminating .. We wanted to present early same-sex relationships, and fictionalized travel narrative Summer Cruising in the South Seas .. The videos were then uploaded.

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