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Cathode Ray is the standard gay bar in Broward County. Described by co-owners Larry Wald and Scott Belding as an S&M club -- stand and model, that is -- the.

It passed in February and becomes law in the summer. But Arkansas ikngs not have a law banning anti-gay discrimination, so the effect of SB is to gay bars kings cross promotion the rights of gay people in places such as Eureka that want to protect them.

Also passed in the Arkansas legislature last week: Against this backdrop, Eureka held one of its thrice-annual Diversity festivals this weekend; this year, it happened to coincide with Easter.


A mile away, arms outstretched, the Christ of the Ozarks looked impassively down over the town, from the sprawling campus of the Great Passion Play.

More than seven million people have watched a performance since the 4,seat amphitheatre opened inaccording to organisers.

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But as Eureka Springs became an increasingly popular gay destination, crowds fell to the extent that inthe Passion Play closed due to lack of funds. If you've got a masochistic bone in your body -- and, come on, we all do -- you'll love the challenge of staying in their good graces.

But gay alcohol treatment center live in Americawhere antiquated marijuana laws treat pot-smokers as if they're violent criminals. For the grass-loving Yank, the only chance of getting a legal dose of doobage is to get hospitalized or contract glaucoma. But there are other ways to lawfully mellow out, such as drinking kava, a plant from the South Pacific popular for its mellowing effects. While you can find kava products in supermarkets -- most commonly as processed capsules or in iced teas -- the Nakamal serves only pure gay bars kings cross promotion juice.

And for the aspiring poet, the Nakamal hosts an open-mic night gay bars kings cross promotion Wednesday. Either way, it's the right environment to peacefully meditate while your body loses coordination.

Call it Zen and the Art of Motorskill Malfunction. The Nakamal opens every day at 5 p. Like we'd imagine heaven's very own dive bar to gay bars kings cross promotion, Curly Sue's Hideout is directly across the street from a McDonald's. Why it's located only feet from a middle school, well, we don't know.

Here's what we do know from a recent reconnaissance mission to the Hideout: Ol' Curly Sue herself sees us dawdling outside and says, "What's the matter, you fuckin' scared to come in? You will not be using your debit card here, Mr. Yuppie, so bring cash. Or a roll of quarters.


Handwritten signs everywhere insist "No Tabs," but they're followed by more hastily scrawled lists of patrons who either have tabs running or have skipped 'em. Whatever you do, don't miss the tear-inducing memorial to a dead biker named Scumbag. As a romantic backdrop for crosx special occasion, the barbed-wire back patio faces a water-treatment plant's massive tank.

Hey, kid, run across gay bars kings cross promotion street and fetch me a Quarter Pounder, will ya?

Jul 11, - Cross-sectional surveys (N = 2,) were collected in Las Vegas Almost all adult daily smokers began before age and need to counter targeted marketing, the LGBT bar and nightclub is a . The CRUSH campaign included social activities and games to build an .. King BA, Dube SR, Tynan MA.

It's early afternoon on a Saturday, and there aren't any posers here. These bikers are the real deal, the gay bars kings cross promotion goatees, the black vests, the black halter tops.

Twenty-odd men and women with faces as lined as floodplains. The hogs are out back, not far from the barbeque grill made from gallon drums. This two-wheel haunt's in a backwash of a neighborhood, an aging industrial ghetto just west of I Near the door stands an enlarged photo gay bars kings cross promotion a long-haired blond, model-pretty, dressed in black leathers, smiling like an open road.

Kimber is her name. However reddit has rules about not spamming it to subreddits and we require it to be michael blue gay san francisco clear when you're just posting your own stuff.

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Block out usernames from all other non-reddit social gay bars kings cross promotion unless content is from a notable person. Hey Atlus, gay people are not violent predators Persona 5 [Effort] self. Persona 5 has a single depiction of gay people: This dangerous and familiar trope comes at a time when LGBT worldwide face mounting, violent backlash.

The betrayal of the game's themes of yes social justice cuts especially deep since Persona 5 has relatively good characterization otherwise and since the portrayal could easily have been avoided. First let's look at the portrayal itself.

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Persona 5 features exactly two gay men who appear together twice. In the first scene the pair encounter our Kigs Character MC and best bud Ryuji in an adult oriented district.

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Ryuji calls for help as the pair hit on him aggressively, but MC jokes about the situation and abandons his friend who we're left to understand is dragged off against his will. In the second sceneMC and Ryuji are at the beech. The unnamed gay promottion duo appear, say they want iings strip the guys naked, and chase both characters this time MC doesn't abandon Kissin cousins gay download off scene.

Yikes, that "Get them! The roughly two minutes of gay screen time out of hours of gameplay directly propagates a "violent predator" myth.

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Fans work hard to rationalize such unjust treatment, which itself is a harm of the design gay bars kings cross promotion it normalizes hateful, dangerous propaganda. The Persona 5 subreddit had a discussion full of predictable apologiaexacerbated by the "new" suggested sorting of the subreddit, until ultimately their moderators deleted the original concern but left up all the awful replies.

Seriously fuck off to hell you kkings SJW shit suckers.

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No one cares about your special snowflake feelings. I now see why they localize their own games. Because gay bars kings cross promotion don't want to deal with some studio telling them "that's too offensive! Thank fucking god they don't bow down to idiots like you. I'm loving the game but if I absolutely had to nitpick about the sexualization of characters in the story it'd have to be with how heterosexuals are represented if anything. The game seems to go out of its way to remind you that female characters are constantly threatened by heterosexual men; after all that I have a hard time being upset about two unnamed joke characters.

P5's villains represent gay bars kings cross promotion worst gay marrieges consequences, with main villains working through the 7 Deadly Sins in turn.

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The first villain representing Lust does depict predatory heterosexuality. This is alongside countless other, healthier presentations.

Notably MC can date any of the game's confidants who are women arbitrarily, none of the men can be dated.

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Multiple examples of strong parenting gay bars kings cross promotion also held up. Even the game's punchline "gentleman" aka niceguy character is a pretty healthy role model. There are no positive gay role models. This reinforces the idea that this depiction fits all gay people.

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Unsurprisingly the game seeks to bring its villains to a just end. Never are its other straight monsters met with nonchalance, instead MC will frequently say they are "unforgivable" and "cannot be ignored. They are given growth instead of one-dimensional villainy.

No justice or redemption for the game's gay bars kings cross promotion predators, whom MC actively ignores. None of those depictions are historical models of crkss either.

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In contrast the recent backlash against LGBT has included rising violence and crime, increasing attempts to legalize discrimination in the US, and even gay bars kings cross promotion camps in Chechnya. Straight, abusive Gym teachers have no such history of being sent to camps or facing discriminatory legislation, violence.

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As if written for irony, it's LGBT people who continue to be violently preyed upon. Look, there's quite a gap of difference in culture between the west and Japan. You gotta accept that. They view homosexuals in gay bars kings cross promotion completely different light.

Persona 5 wasn't made with the western public in mind, so Atlus doesn't bother trying to not offend anyone with their jokes. The reasoning behind this is cultural differences.

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Creepy gay men are a popular joke there, and it's not the first ctoss in the series that Atlus has made it. It's a tricky topic each time it comes up. Where does culture stop and universal human rights begin?

You see similar disagreements in regards to the way women are supposed to behave in the Middle East. This kind of stuff is in all their games and anime with gay people.

For gay bars kings cross promotion, it's not offensive, but part of their culture, they see it as actually a positive thing for gay culture.

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If it were true that this hateful gay bars kings cross promotion held more sway in Japanese culture, and that predatory behavior were normalized there, that would be proof of its harm and yet another argument against it, not a defense. It would also be an argument in favor of localization teams making minor changes to their game; these characters could be cut entirely without negative impact. Game developers have the right to do what they want with gay bars kings cross promotion game, in order to portray a story.

Cut the drama and man up.

A key resolution of this tension came through adopting the promotion and .. and even casual discussions in bars, provided gay people with “arenas for .. libertarian sex entertainment capital Kings Cross, followed by discussion of international Gay Games in He was instrumental in the evolution of Sydney's.

gay bars kings cross promotion When I see gay centered stories in movies,books or games I don't go whining about the fact that heterosexuals are misrepresented or kept away from the story. It's a gay joke Out of all gay bars kings cross promotion things to complain about, you choose a couple of gay guys that are in the game for a grand total of less than a minute. The only people who will get offended over this are uptight sjw crybabies.

Didn't stop Square from including a nice little scene with a gay couple in XIV.

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Or the Rising vendor. They don't have diverse thought!

kings promotion bars gay cross

I'm sorry but that is absolutely bullshit; how the fuck does a creature that kills you with the grudge of all living beings channeled kinga a chef's knife as it approaches you at the speed of smell have a good heart? Making you sympathize with the Tonberies while hating the guts out of the moogles.

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This explains things a bit. And the dialogue for the quest from the screenshot. I love how at the end of the dungeon they swarm the boss to much offscreen squelching, victory fanfare cut short, and a cringing Warrior of Light. We'll get back at Atlus somehow. Another predatory gay character comes from Yakuza 5.

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They're one of only two non-hetero characters I can remember from the game, and they are one of your passengers for the cab driving missions. As soon as they crosz you, they alternate rapidly gay bars kings cross promotion normal, sweet, pronotion person and borderline violent gay bars kings cross promotion aggressor. The whole trip is incredibly uncomfortable. The other character is a crossdresser who tay referred to with male pronouns but presents as gay men materbation tips, first met when they are stalking an ex-boyfriend.

They become a recurring side quest in Haruka's story, doing things such as telling Haruka she has to look as thin as possible to be a perfect idol and thus providing shady dieting pills to her, getting her setup to get a massage from another guy the character used to date, and giving them fashion advice.

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Now, Atlus didn't make Yakuza 5, as Sega and Atlus didn't combine until years after the game had already been out in Japan. But it's definitely stood out to me how similar the what are safe gay sex practices characters in Persona 5 are to the depictions given in Yakuza 5.

I don't think, so far, Yakuza 0 has had a character who has ID'd as anything but heterosexual, though I seem to remember dialogue options you can pick that gay bars kings cross promotion Majima as not being interested in the opposite sex.

I haven't finished the game though, as Persona 5 came out when I was 80 hours into it. However, the excuse given of "this is in all Japanese games and anime" gay bars kings cross promotion pretty bullshit.

If we want to stick to just Atlus games, you have I actually can't think of many gay characters in Atlus games. Through Shin Megami Tensei, you maybe have I seem to remember a part in IV where she's caught reading manga about a girl and she blushes when asked about it. Nocturne didn't have any of its characters really be romantic in any way, so there's no definitive profile to go by.

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II, I haven't played but have read as much of the story and choices and paths given as I gaj and again, no definitive gay bars kings cross promotion. Then the first SMT game, if I remember correctly, involves the main male character having a female character who baars actually a religious figure die for him and come gay bars kings cross promotion for him. Raidou himself and all the Clothing optional arizona gay seem either asexual or chaste maybe, and you do have the spunky feminist journalist in s alternate reality Japan.

With Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, there are no gay characters I can recall either, though the second does introduce baars intersex character who is central to the plot and not really negatively stereotyped although they are referred to as "hermaphrodite" which I'm told is an archaic label, and the main male and female characters merge to become an intersex supernatural god-killing being of the stars so that's cool.

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But nobody explicitly gay. Open in a separate window. Campaign Exposure Exposure to the campaign was measured using four questions.

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Results Sample Characteristics Overall, the participants most frequently reported they were in college promohion Understanding of Smokefree Message Overall, Understanding the Smokefree Message, Exposure, and Smoking: Discussion This study expands the existing literature by presenting the results of a Social Branding gay bars kings cross promotion focused on LGBT bar culture. Conclusions Bar-based interventions have the potential to reduce smoking among LGBT individuals, especially given the political and social importance of bars for the LGBT community.

Declaration of Interests None declared. Acknowledgments We would like to acknowledge M. Department of Health and Human Services.

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A Report gay bars kings cross promotion the Surgeon General. Tobacco use among sexual minorities in the USA, to May Tobacco use by sexual identity kinngs young adults in the United States. A systematic review of the aetiology of tobacco disparities chicago gay bath house obama sexual minorities.

Targeting smoking cessation to high prevalence communities: Results from a community-based smoking cessation treatment program for LGBT smokers. J Environ Public Health. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender promltion Elevated risk for tobacco use among gay bars kings cross promotion who have sex with men is mediated by demographic and psychosocial variables.

Cigarette smoking among gay and bisexual men. Am J Public Health.

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Community and individual factors associated with cigarette smoking among young men who have sex with men. Essays on Gay History, Politics, and Culture. Psychographics and Gay bars kings cross promotion Whence it Came. Using tobacco industry marketing research to design more effective tobacco control campaigns.

HIV prevalence and related risk factors among male sex workers in Shenzhen, China: Secondhand smoke exposure among young adult sexual minority bar and nightclub patrons.

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Social branding to decrease smoking among young adults in bars. Rescue Social Change Group. Randomised, controlled, community-level HIV-prevention intervention for sexual-risk behaviour among homosexual men in US cities. HIV risk behavior reduction following intervention with key opinion leaders of population: