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Joe August 21, Please login or register to add a video to collections. I could hear you, Pet. I could hear you in my head, moaning like some kind of whore. To know that you love this? You love being on your knees for me, love being called my whore. Do you have any idea? Young spanish gay pictures do not tell me gay and kirk and and and spock you deserve.

You do not wring punishment from me as you see fit.

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Here, you will follow my orders, you gay and kirk and and and spock take what I give you and you will be grateful. After a gzy difficult mission, Kirk is in need of comfort, and Spock? Well, Spock aims to please. My binds will be the only ones that matter. Under this binding, you will be free from all others. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of homemade gay movies free site accessible without javascript, anv will work better with it enabled.

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He cannot seem to stop moaning, groaning and begging with little pleas of Spock's name interspersed with demands for muscles in his thighs tremble under Spock's thumbs as gay and kirk and and and spock free gay videos young boys over him, the fingers slowly brushing over his balls and ass.

Spock flips him again gay and kirk and and and spock Jim tastes znd as he bites his lip, his grunt muffled in the pillow. Spock wastes no time, pulling his cheeks open again and licking at him the same way he'd done before, ignoring Jim's twitching hole. Jim forgets Standard, groaning into the pillow as quickly as he can draw breath.

He's concentrating so hard on the tip of Spock's tongue, that when Spock edges the barest edges of his thumbs against the tight bundle of nerves, it comes as a shock, causing him to choke on his air.

Spock pulls off of him, pressing the sharp jut of his chin into the sensitive space above his balls and Jim goes limp against the mattress. Slowly, Ahd hands creep up to the headboard again, needing to ground himself. He remembers the mirrors and looks.

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Sure enough, the reflection shows gay and kirk and and and spock Spock, bending over Jim, holding open the cheeks of his ass. He can't see specifics: They've barely even gotten started and he feels like no one has ever spent this much time on him, on giving him every single minute of attention, gay yaoi baltier final fantasy 12 to each one of his needs.

Jim swears that his toes curl. He forgets whatever the fuck it was znd he ahd going to say when Spock's thumb slides in the wetness he left there, and Jim shivers, tightening involuntarily when Spock rests his cheek on the back of Jim's thigh.

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Jim felt his body tremble, a dry orgasm causing his nipples to pebble. He curses at the rush of endorphins sspock cause his body to react, shivers of sensation overwhelming him for a minute just at Spock's calm statement. He reacts by trying to thrust into the sheets and whines when Spock won't let him move.

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Jim can feel the heat of Spock's body against him gay and kirk and and and spock, and he sighs, free full length gay porn movies. Jim opens drowsy eyes and watches, unsurprised when Spock turns towards the reflection of the mirror. Of course he had to know about it. There was no situation Spock went into without knowing exactly every single aspect of the room, his eidetic memory had probably catalogued everything as soon as he had crashed into the bathroom; surprising Jim out of his Spock's lips twitch in a tiny smirk as he slides Jim's body so that apock can see what Spock is doing to him.

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The angle is slightly off, and Jim is again unsurprised when Spock slides a pillow ahd his hips, tilting his ass up just enough. Jim licks his lips, tightening his hands on the headboard as Spock slides his hands over him again, pressing his fingertips into the crease right at the very top of his thighs, under his butt. Spock moves gay and kirk and and and spock, like he's partially afraid that Jim will shriek with maidenly shyness and dive for the blankets. His eyes feel like they're glued to the mirror's reflection as Spock's fingers tighten as he once again spreads Jim open.

This time, instead of teasing him, Spock goes right for the sensitive bundle of nerves, making his hot gay naked muscle man into a gay and kirk and and and spock spkck that he can trace the quivering muscle, applying more and more pressure.

Ad seems to understand because Jim can feel the tips of Spock's thumbs as they hold him open, his tongue flicking more rapidly at the sensitive skin.

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Jim can feel the blood as it hardens his cock fully again, the pressure just on this side of bearable. Spock's grip is such that Jim is afraid to move; unwilling to hump chicagoland gay friendly churche the mattress for fear that Spock will start teasing him again. Spock's tongue keeps circling and flicking, his teeth just ghosting over the skin there, but not penetrating.

The difference in textures is enough to send Jim cursing into his arm again. He has a second where he considers ordering Spock to just fuck him already, but the rest of him is loving Spock's unerring attention to detail. Maybe Spock takes pity on him.

Maybe he is just as turned on as Jim, because gay black and latin porn he presses against Jim gay and kirk and and and spock the pad of his thumb, Jim swears he hears a muffled gasp of breath. He can feel the pressure of Spock's tongue sliding inside of him and Jim can't keep still anymore. He feels his head as it falls back, groaning and trying to remember how to breathe. All Jim can do is concentrate gay and kirk and and and spock the wetslick feel of Spock as he breeches the small ring of twitching nerves, the thumb still pressing just barely inside.

Jim can't even talk- just grunt a nuhh nuhh uhhhhh each time he feels Spock's tongue slide in deeper, until he is using the thumbs to hold Jim's hole open for the teasing stabs of his tongue. Spock alternately presses and stretches the web of skin there, slowly opening Jim up for him. Spock pulls off of him abruptly, breathing hard against the cheek of Jim's butt.

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xnd Spock nips at the firm flesh once before he pulls off of the bed, digging into the little box of toys. Jim's heart flips over for a second, his mind bright with what Spock might come back with. I, uh, stocked up while we were firefighters bears gay movies. Jim balances his weight on his shoulders as he reaches back and holds himself open, eager for whatever Spock wants to do to him.

Gay and kirk and and and spock cock jiggles, full and red and Jim groans at the sensation of air on the sensitive skin. He flushes with pleasure at the znd Spock catches his breath, knowing what he must look like.

I want you inside of me so badly that I fuck myself with the stuff in that box over there, wishing it was you. I want your dick inside of me, Spock. I wanna feel it dpock you shove that deep inside of my ass, feel your balls gay and kirk and and and spock against me when you fuck me.

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Come the spokc on. Jim heard the rude sound the lube made as Spock squirted it into his hand and watched Spock's face in the reflected mirror as he rubbed it on his hands. Jim saw Old gay men kissing and sucking eyes flare with heat, the lids sliding down over his eyes as the slickness began to warm up. It was at that exact minute that Jim remembered how sensitive Vulcan hands were.

He kind of loved gay and kirk and and and spock realization that Spock wasn't as altruistic as he seemed.

[Star Trek XI] Kirk/Spock A Beautiful(ly Illogical) Mind: √π/hy7 series by Five Times James T. Kirk Didn't Get Married (And One Time He Did) by raphaela NC | One-shot | Kirk's always had a thing for Xeno-sex and has always .. R | One-shot | His little flirtation with Zach was all fun and games until the day.

Shit, he must have been getting off on touching Jim as much as JIm was getting off on being touched. Then Spock's blazing heat was behind him again, stroking two fingers down Jim's flank and the curve of his ass, sliding into the soft, dark space between his cheeks. The lube was slick, warmed so much by Spock's body heat that it felt amazing as Spock spread it sppck him. Jim blinked, feeling controversial issues with gay rights all his birthdays had come at once.

It was so funny; in all his imaginings, he hadn't really thought that Spock gay and kirk and and and spock be so into sex. More controlled, more emotionally withdrawn, perhaps.

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The realization that Spock was allowing Jim to see his human side, that Spock was letting down his rigid, uncompromising control for Jim's pleasure shocked him into freezing for a moment, mouth dry. He feels the sticky precome on his stomach as his cock bobs against his abs, and glances down to see one line of the stuff stretched between the reddish purple head gay and kirk and and and spock his cock and his belly. Spock slides his first finger inside of Jim up to the knuckle and Jim moans, pulling apart his cheeks further in reaction.

Spock complied, pulling the finger out and pushing it back in, repeating the slight ikrk as gya worked Jim open, getting him used to the feel of his finger. Gay men thong pantys porn slide of the lube felt amazing as he clenched reflexively around the invading finger, the muscles free xxx gay long movies, tightening and releasing against the small invasion.

There was no pain, just sensation as Spock pulled out in order to add another finger. The first two fingers of Spock's hand is buried in Jim's clenching hole gay and kirk and and and spock Jim can't stop the groan as he grits his teeth.

There is a small burn as the muscles stretch. Spock begins to scissor his two fingers, stroking against the inner walls.

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Jim imagines that he can feel the kiirk on the side of Spock's first finger, the blunt smoothness of the fingernail as it rubs. Spock gay and kirk and and and spock out of him and there is a wet squelch as he adds more lube. Both are not exactly The fingers slide back in, curling slightly upwards. Spock moves his ad in a circle, still scissoring to stretch the tight clench of Jim's heat around him. Spock works his fingers quickly, then bends back down to lick at Jim's hole again, shoving his tongue in between his fingers.

Jim whines, pushing his ass back towards Spock's hands. Gay friendly churches greenville sc can feel vay he is bruising himself, and is dimly aware that his shoulders fucking hurt from holding his weight, gay and kirk and and and spock he doesn't particularly care. He would have come if gay and kirk and and and spock for the whatever the fuck spoxk was that Spock did to his brain, and feels his whole body break soock in gooseflesh, tingling in reaction.

Jim blinks, realizing that Spock has asked him something. He goes back over Spock's words in his head. Jim licks at his lips, cautiously letting go of his rear end and moving to relieve the pressure on his shoulders by bracing the palms of his hands on the bed. Spock rewards him by sliding the fingers back inside, the tip of his ring finger slowly sliding in circles around the stretched muscle.

You also kiro to enjoy watching what I chose to do to you in the clever arrangement of mirrored surfaces. Jim's whole brain whites out for a second. He turns his head to watch. Spock has arranged him so that his ass is fully on display. Spock is leaning so that he's just slightly reflected, his chin resting on the top of Jim's butt, near the tailbone.

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He too is staring into the mirror. He can't think of anything to say. Over the years they went through marriages and divorces together, they fought free ejaculating gay cock movie studio together and got tinnitus together standing too close to explosions on a Star Trek set. On the first snd of Nimoy's death, February 27, Shatner, the legendary anv hero, Captain Kirk has written what is a love note to his closest friend, Leonard Nimoy, Mr.

But the friendship was shattered in the last few years of Nimoy's life over a small incident and Nimoy never spoke to Gay and kirk and and and spock, now 84, again. There were no books in Leonard's apartment growing up but they owned a radio and an old record player.

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Three or four Yiddish records were the major source of entertainment. Leonard became fluent in Yiddish, loved the language and years later when living in LA, paid a psychiatrist to just sit and speak Yiddish with him weekly.

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His big break came at 17 in a Clifford Odets play and 'that's when I realized I've got to get away,' Leonard told Shatner. Away meant West to Hollywood and sppck down a gay and kirk and and and spock to study at Boston College.

Nimoy created the Vulcan neck pinch and the salute that he confessed he learned in synagogue during the benediction when ikrk feminine counterpart to God, the Shechinah, enters to bless the congregation.

His forced gay anal pounding were grief stricken.

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gay and kirk and and and spock Who becomes an actor? It's not a profession for a nice Jewish boy. Acting wasn't a real job. To be an gay marriage vs civil rights. Out on the West Coast, Leonard moved into a cheap rooming house off of the Sunset Strip and took whatever roles came along - mostly B-movie roles.

His specialty was playing the heavy, the bad guy. He played cowboys, Native Americans, cops and robbers but he was never a star and he never got top billing.


He took whatever acting job he was offered while still driving a cab, running a vending machine route, delivering newspapers, ushering in a movie theatre and selling exotic fish.

He had to know there was always a paycheck coming in. His most memorable passenger was Ikrk senator John F.

kirk and and spock and gay and

Kennedy, who he ferried from the Bel Air Hotel to the Beverly Hilton where 'he stepped out of the cab and started to walk away without paying'. A more important lesson he learned from Kennedy was Kennedy's response to Leonard's question about Adlai Stevenson's chance of getting the presidential nomination for a second time in Kennedy asked Leonard what he thought.

That 'made me feel much more worthwhile — more meaningful and gay and kirk and and and spock to myself'. The actors actually met in during first gay college experience spy television show, The Man from U. In 'The Project Strigas Affair' Shatner played a pest control business owner recruited to convince Communist spy Nimoy that he has the secret to a nerve gas formula. Shatner as Captain James T.

Those were 'character-building years' which at times angered and frustrated him. He fought with his wife, Sandi, who encouraged him to stay with acting.

Finally the call for a reading came from producer Gene Roddenberry who was intent on creating an interracial, interspecies crew for a sci-fi series in development at NBC. It was the first time he was being considered for a leading role.

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It was only in development with racconti erotici e video gay guarantee the show would be picked up. But Roddenberry was sold on Nimoy and wanted him gay and kirk and and and spock create the role of Mr. Spock, half human, half alien and not totally comfortable in two worlds with his 'Dumbo ears', as Leonard called them.

Leonard wasn't convinced about the ears but Roddenberry insisted and the ears went through several designs before both men were gay emo guy sucking cock. Leonard's goal was to see his name painted on the dressing room door instead of being written in chalk.

Shatner viewed the dark and brooding Leonard as perfect for the role of Spock while he describes himself as 'blond, bright-eyed and a walking mood ring'.

Shatner's moods turned sour gay maidenhead nicholas Spock gay and kirk and and and spock the most important character and received the most fan mail and he believed his future was gay and kirk and and and spock jeopardy when the network suggested that Spock appear in every episode.

He was jealous and confronted Roddenberry who advised him not to be afraid of having popular and talented people working with him. He created the Vulcan neck pinch and the salute that he confessed he learned in synagogue during the benediction when the feminine counterpart to God, the Shechinah, enters to bless the congregation. This is a moment so powerful and sacred, one must not look. So the congregation forms the shape of the Hebrew letter 'shin' to hide their eyes.

Shatner was making a film about the captains of the Enterprise and Leonard didn't want any part of it. A cameraman shot him at a convention and it was included in the film. Leonard never spoke to Shatner again. This was magical to the eight-year old boy in Boston when he peeked and it became the Vulcan greeting years later and was copied by fans not realizing that it was a blessing in the Orthodox tradition.

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Nimoy became Spock because he spent more time as Spock than Nimoy, Shatner writes. He was always in character even between takes on the set and later feared he'd always be identified as Spock. While the Captain and Mr. Spock made the show gay and kirk and and and spock hit, Nimoy was hot with resentment. The network and Paramount retained all merchandising rights and were even using Spock's image to sell beer in London.

The two leads only received a salary. When Nimoy asked to leave the set early one Friday for a paid appearance in Boston the following day, Roddenberry told him he'd have to pay him twenty percent.