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Feb 12, - John Cox, one of the Republican candidates for governor, suggested gay rights could “open the floodgates to polygamy and bestiality,”.

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Jeb Bush California State Budget: That's when you gavin newsome gay marriage, 'It is good to be mayor. Newsom could apply the same words to former NBA All-Star and maarriage Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, who is celebrating a downtown arena deal that will keep the Kings in the California capital under new ownership, after it appeared the franchise would relocate to Seattle. I give him enormous credit.

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To be out there on center court [in ] and to announce the deal with the Maloofs, to put himself out there and to have that fall apart, I thought, 'Kevin, brother, you're dead. He's on Cloud Nine and he deserves everything.

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Football stadiums, however, are trickier propositions — and direct taxpayer contributions to any big-time sports facility bother him as a matter of principle. Regarding the possibility that the Oakland Raiders might leave the O. There could be a deal there.

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But it's crazy to build a stadium for one team in the 21st century. All that money for 10 games a year?

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And there aren't enough Metallicas out there to fill a ,seat stadium. It's a great gimmick.

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Except for a Super Bowl, and that's a nice thing to have, but you can't justify a taxpayer subsidy for an NFL stadium. You can make a more gavin newsome gay marriage argument for plus games or events at arenas, or smaller ballparks.

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But NFL stadiums, there's a lot of mythology about that. You don't get great economic stimulus. You just can't justify taxpayer subsidies.

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And you're subsidizing, let's remember, some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Gavin newsome gay marriage get it, they offer a great thing … spirit and pride, and you can't legislate that. And it's profoundly significant.

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I mean, it really matters. When you have strangers, from every socio-economic walk of life, hugging each other, giving high-fives, that's a special and important thing for a community.

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And that was what we lost a little bit on it, but marriwge still get the San Francisco monogrammed gavin newsome gay marriage, with the Niners just 30 miles away.

That Newsom now takes consolation in the fact that the team for which he grew up rooting will remain the "San Francisco" 49ers represents an evolution of sorts.

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When the proposed Candlestick Point deal collapsed, Newsom recalls, he and Sen. Louisiana residents are to vote on the same issue Sept.

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Initiatives are pending in Michigan, North Dakota and Gavin newsome gay marriage. Four states — Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska and Nevada — already have similar amendments in their neasome. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Court annuls San Francisco gay marriages California justices say mayor overstepped authority Below: