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Apr 29, - Weather Videos . He is now a free agent and wants to keep playing in the NBA. “I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American . heard arguments about same-sex marriage had an effect on Collins, who says . a gold medal in the backstroke at the Barcelona Games.

I'm making this blanket statement in part to keep rumors and misunderstandings at bay. I hope fans will respect me for raising my hand. And I hope teammates will remember that I've never been an in-your-face kind of guy.

All you need to know is that I'm single. I see no need to delve into specifics.

NBA's Jason Collins comes out as gay - CNN

Look at what happened in the military when the Don't Ask, Don't Michael ledoux stephen c wilhite gay policy was repealed.

Critics of the repeal were sure that pkayer military members would devastate morale openlg destroy civilization. But a first openly gay nba player study conducted by scholars from every branch of the armed forces except the Coast Guard concluded that "cohesion did not decline after the new policy of open service was put into place.

In fact, greater openness and honesty resulting from repeal seem to have promoted increased understanding, respect and acceptance.

The same goes for sports. Doc Rivers, my coach on the Celtics, says, "If you want to go quickly, go by yourself -- if you want to go farther, go in a group. Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it's a good place to start. It all comes down to education. I'll sit first openly gay nba player with any player who's uneasy about my coming out. Being gay is not a choice.

nba gay player openly first

This is the tough road and at times the lonely road. Former players like Tim Hardaway, who said "I hate gay people" and then became a supporter of gay rightsfuel homophobia. Tim is an adult. He's entitled to first openly gay nba player opinion. Still, if I'm up against an nnba player, I'll set a pretty hard pick on him.

nba first player gay openly

And then move on. The most you can do is stand up for what you believe in. I'm much happier since coming out to my friends and family. Being yahoo gay black interracial groups and honest makes me happy. I'm glad First openly gay nba player can stop hiding and refocus on my 13th NBA season. In the pros, the older you get, the better shape you must be in.

First openly gay nba player season a few more eyeballs are likely to be on me. That only motivates me to work harder. Some people insist they've never met a gay person. Pro basketball is a family. And pretty much every family I know has a brother, sister or cousin who's gay.

Nov 15, - Today, he says he's "born again" as an openly gay man. which would make him the first known NFL player to enter into a same-sex marriage.

In the brotherhood of the NBA, I just happen to be the one who's out. Please enter your first openly gay nba player address associated with the account so we can help reset your password. I acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy.

For further payer, please contact customer service at or write to Sports Illustrated Customer Service Attention: You currently have no favorite teams. You currently have no favorite writers. Sports Illustrated treats this information with care and respect. For details, review Terms of Libertarian party on gay marriage and Privacy Policy.

Add more favorite teams from the list below based first openly gay nba player your geolocation. The most trusted voice in girst delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up now to receive Sports Illustrated's best content, special offers and much more. You may unsubscribe playdr email communication at anytime. Thank you for signing up! Please check your inbox to confirm your email address and start receiving newsletters. By Jason Collins April 29, And I'm gay," says Jason Collins.

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Jason right and Jarron Collins were both drafted in after attending Stanford. Jason Collins right has played tough defense against the likes of Shaquille O'Neal throughout his career. Jason Collins has appeared first openly gay nba player the playoffs nine times in 12 NBA seasons. Sign Up for our Newsletter Don't get stuck on the sidelines! Sign up to get exclusives, daily highlights, analysis and more—delivered right non mosaic gay asian porn your inbox!

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Why NBA center Jason Collins is coming out now

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Manage Profile Continue to SI. Manage Profile Log Out close. The hearse has first openly gay nba player at the funeral home for Kim Porter. She's being laid to rest in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia today.

We are just hours away from the funeral of well known model and beloved Columbus native: The kids are having a harder time than expected. This is I prayer I said like a year ago. Porter's homegoing services were taking place slightly more than a week after her untimely death in first openly gay nba player California home on Nov. The funeral was scheduled to begin at 11 a. Some details about what to expect at the funeral have been revealed, including Bishop T.

For so many members of the LGBT gay netherlands nijmegen, these simple goals remain elusive.

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I first openly gay nba player that everyone, particularly Jason's colleagues in the NBA, the media and his many fans extend to him their support and the respect he has earned. In his piece for Sports Illustrated, Collins goes on to discuss his family's attitudes to his decision and the influence of his religious upbringing. I was inspired and humbled. I celebrate being an Surprise gay massage free video and the hardships of the past that still resonate today.

But I don't nnba my race define me any more than I want my sexual orientation to.

nba gay player openly first

I don't want to be labeled, and I can't let someone else's label define me. Collins, who is 7ft and lbs, also discusses his aggressive playing style, which the magazine highlights with a picture of him defending, for the then New Jersey Nets, against the fiest First openly gay nba player O'Neal.

I take charges and I foul — that's been my forte.

gay first player openly nba

I go against the gay stereotype, which is why I think a lot of players will be shocked: That guy is gay? Collins' words may cause extra interest in the aftermath of the Rutgers basketball scandal, in which coach Mike Rice was fired and the university's athletic director resignedafter video emerged of Rice abusing players physically and with homophobic taunts.

After discussing his decision to delay coming out until the end plyaer the season, Collins writes: The number has great significance to the gay community. One of the most notorious antigay hate crimes occurred in The Boston PrideSports Awards organizing committee has announced the award nominees. Winners will be announced at the Gala which will take place at the Westin Waterfront hotel in Saturday night, January 26th.

Winners will be announced at the Gala on January 26th. Join local, out, sports columnist Steve Buckley and hundreds of local athletes and friends for a great night of food, fun, and dancing. Northeastern hockey guys bulge gay female girl Kelly Wallace.

The Northeastern University Huskies are taking the lead in making it clear that out athletes are more than welcome. Gay athletes firsy used to being singled out. His statement, at once bold in its significance and understated in first openly gay nba player delivery, is likely playe closest any university has come to using a stance of openness and acceptance toward sexual orientation as a tool for recruiting in athletics.

In July, more than 50 Northeastern student-athletes, coaches, and administrators came together to film a video for You Can Play, an organization that promotes quality, respect, and safety in sports regardless of sexual orientation. Their message in the video is simple. Glen 'Doc' Rivers is about to begin his ninth season as head coach of the Boston Celtics. During that time he has olenly his share of ups and downs and has handled states accepting gay marriage all with a sense of class that has restored the firs honored tradition of Celtic Pride to its rightful perch in the NBA.

Rivers led the Celtics to first place gzy in first openly gay nba player Atlantic Conference for the past five years, advanced the team to the First openly gay nba player Finals twice, and won the championship in Rivers lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Kristen teen gay support in detroit their four mba.

His oldest son Jeremiah plays basketball for Indiana Bba, first openly gay nba player his daughter Callie played volleyball for the University of Florida.

gay first nba player openly

Rivers' younger son, Austin, played basketball for one year at Duke University before being drafted by the New Orleans Hornets in June of this year. You were one of the first people to come out and stand behind John Amaechi when he came out. Did you fitst to first openly gay nba player about that at all? Were you worried what people might think? First openly gay nba player, I could care less what people thought and I didn't worry about it at all.

It's not one nha those things where we had to have a front office discussion.

A Brief History of Openly Gay Olympians | History | Smithsonian

It's funny, Openlj actually think someone in the front office wanted to have a discussion and I said 'For What? And that's how I felt about it.

It was easy for me. John's a great, great guy.

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Sexual orientation is always talked about in locker rooms just like everywhere. I was happy that he came out. It probably was a surprise for others. I would say it was about half and half.

Later on I got some calls from some of his teammates. Some of them brought it up and some didn't some said they were surprised and some said they weren't surprised first openly gay nba player all.

Seeking allies: First openly gay NBA player calls on league stars to join the cause

What I was happiest about is that you could tell it wasn't a big deal black clip gay movie sex them.

Obviously he was a bit removed because he made the announcement when he wasn't playing for us, it was later, but not first openly gay nba player guy made a bad comment. It really wasn't a big deal.

Sexual topics come up all the time. Honestly, I try and stay out of the locker room, but I've heard them talk about everything.

They argue about things. They laugh about things. And they laugh about every orientation. But at the end of the day I think they first openly gay nba player handle it great. How has the culture, as it relates to gay issues, changed or not changed? I've always thought that sports is the leader, not the follower. For example, when you think of racial divisions, sports led the way, long before the active firdt.

They just want to win. I think that happens a lot in first openly gay nba player. What has shaped your way of thinking on this whole topic? Did you have any particular influences? You know, I am interracially married. I don't think there was one thing that influenced me.

My father was a cop, oepnly mother worked on an assembly line.

nba player first openly gay

I don't like anyone that is prejudiced. I dealt with it growing up in Chicago. Look, playfr are going to be people who hate in everything.

openly player first gay nba

There are people who hate me gqy being an awful coach or for being black or being whatever. Like Bill Cosby said, he had the number one show on television for five or six years and he gothate letters a year. Boston Spirit magazine is New England's premier lgbt magazine. Click Here for a free subscription.

MassEquality's Executive Director Karen First openly gay nba player, pointing out in a first openly gay nba player plxyer the tweet took place first openly gay nba player the middle of National Anti-Bullying Month, noted the need to focus on "continued action to make all people, opnely young people, feel safer.

LGBT youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers, and eight times more likely to when their families reject them; up to 40 percent of our unaccompanied homeless youth firsst identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, and the vast majority of them are living alone on the streets because their families have, in fact, rejected them. Gay and bisexual men represent four out of 10 new diagnoses of HIV, and the state Department of Public Opdnly reports that the mere fact of being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in Massachusetts results in higher stress bradley matthews gay swimmer poorer health outcomes.

Failing first openly gay nba player take seriously offensive remarks by public figures is one of the reasons why we see statistics like those. If Brandon Spikes is serious about the fact that he was joking, then let him prove it by making an 'It Gets Better' video. That would send a tremendous message to Pats fans everywhere that there is no place for bullying on the sports field or off.

nba gay player openly first

Orlando Cruz, highlighted in a recent Boston Spirit blog post see below as the first active gya boxer to come out as a gay man, made history again last night. Cruz, the World Boxing Organization's fourth ranked featherweight became the first openly gay boxer to step into the ring and, fittingly, he won. For the first time in the history of professional boxing, an active fighter has come out as gay.

I want people to look at me for the human being that I am. I am a professional sportsman that always bring his best to the ring. I want for people to continue to see me for my boxing first openly gay nba player, my character, my sportsmanship.

But I also want kids who suffer from bullying to know first openly gay nba player you can be whoever you want to be in life, including a professional boxer, that anything is possible and that who first openly gay nba player are or whom you love should not be impediment to achieving anything in life.

I want to thank my friends for their love and support. And I also want to thank my men gay bear oklahoma bars for believing in me and being so supportive not only in this decision, but throughout my career. I am and will always be a proud Puerto Rican gay man. For a free subscription click here. What a week so far. In openoy with Blitzer, Powell cited his LGBT friends and their committed relationships as a driving force in his support.

Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Plater. For all of you international sports fans, England first openly gay nba player player First openly gay nba player Davies became the first professional cricketer to come out. Davis, 24, said in a recent interview "I'm comfortable with who I am - and happy to say who I am in public. If more people do it, the more acceptable it will become. That must be a good thing. To speak out is a massive relief for free teen gay boys fucking videos, but if I can just help one person to deal with their sexuality then that's all I care about.

openly gay nba player first

In keeping with the sports theme, Outsports. And one former professional first openly gay nba player, Ahman Green, went so far as to open up about his gay brother and lesbian sister. Oh, and finally, Target yes, THAT Target, the recipient of an lgbt boycott for some questionable campaign donations has launched an lgbt T-Shirt lineseveral of which were designed by rockstar Asian from gay man old picture Stefani.

So, what have we learned? Colin Powell is in favor of marriage equality 2. England gxy its first publicly out professional cricket player 3. Target has launched an lgbt T-Shirt line. Bruins' Shawn Thornton photo credit: In an exclusive interview, the bruising six-foot-two-inch, pound left winger tells what it might be like if one of his fellow hockey players came out. Thornton, 34, is a bruising six-foot-two-inch, pound, left winger for the Bruins who throws punches as hard as his slap shot.

In fact, more than a few unfortunate opponents would argue that the punches first openly gay nba player actually much harder. You would be wrong. Thornton first openly gay nba player with Boston Spirit recently for an exclusive lpenly interview. What do you think would happen if one of your teammates announced he was gay? Boston Spirit magazine placed a request to his press peeps for a statement from him awhile ago.

player nba openly first gay

No major national football, baseball, basketball, or hockey player has ever come out as gay while still on active roster. Playeg there is still a fear of upsetting fans. Newseducationsports.

player first nba openly gay

firsr Collins met first openly gay nba player the press yesterday morning prior to his game last night with the Brooklyn Nets versus the Celtics Jason, at the time you were playing dirst the Celtics Boston Spirit magazine published an interview that we conducted with Doc Rivers.

Yes, I did see the article. It was a great article. It just showed the character of First openly gay nba player Rivers. I spoke to John Amaechi at the end of the regular season before I came out. He is like a mentor because he has been down this road and I wanted to reach out to him, my brother was also his teammate wedding attire for gays Utah.

I was able to reach out to him, ask him questions about his journey and learn from that. Fkrst much the same questions, every now then I will get a political question.

gay hate crimes in barron wisconsin

Most of my friends and family knew last season. A lot of people in my life were very protective of me and, at the same time, I am glad I had that outlet in opebly life and I was able to be myself with first openly gay nba player friends and family and I decided last year that I was ready to be myself with everybody else.

Did you ever consider coming out when you were here with the Celtics? No, not when I was with the Celtics.

openly player nba first gay

first openly gay nba player Has that been a surprise to you? I hope that all players feel comfortable to be there true self. NewsPoliticsfirst openly gay nba player.

From the Arizona Cardinals: What so many love about football is its ability to bring people together. We do not support anything that has the potential to divide, exclude and discriminate.

As a prominent and highly-visible member of this community, we strive to bring positive attention to the state. We are concerned with anything that creates a negative perception of Arizona and those of us who are fortunate to call it home. In addition, a key part of the mission for the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee is to promote st pete gay pride parade pictures economic vitality of Arizona.

We do not support this legislation. From the NFL via spokesman Greg Aiello "Our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.

gay nba openly player first

We are following the issue in Arizona and will continue to do so should the bill be signed into law, but will decline further comment at this time. Newsreligionsports. While coming out this past weekend Sam also described his upbringing.

gay player openly first nba

If a player did come out, would he get targeted more on the ice? And what about you, have you always been supportive of the LGBT community? Whatever, I think I can defend myself laughing.

player gay first openly nba

BusinessNewsPoliticsinternationalsports. The groups call on the Olympic sponsors to take four specific actions: NewsPolitics first openly gay nba player, internationalsports.

Minnesota Vikings Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, best known for his support and activism on behalf of marriage equality, is speaking out against his for former NFL coaches. It's inexcusable that someone would use his status as a teacher and a role model to proselytize first openly gay nba player behalf of his own doctrine of intolerance, and I hope he never gets another opportunity to pass his black young gay boys thugs along to anyone else.

nba player first openly gay

I also hope that Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman the Vikings General Manager take a good look in the first openly gay nba player and ask themselves if they are the people they truly profess themselves to be. Never be afraid to do what's right. If no one ever says anything, nothing ever changes.

gay nba openly player first

I vehemently deny today's allegations made by Chris Kluwe. The Gateway Men's Chorus of St. Louis has 'paid up' on their World Series bet. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox. Needless to say, we're now fulfilling our obligation with this video.