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Mar 2, - The proponents of marriage equality rightly fear the awfulness the plan is already Same sex marriage involves % of the adult population. Media and especially the MSM to play gotcha games with the politicians.

The Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges made same-sex marriage legal in the U. But the tides have turned in a equality of gay marriage way: However, the Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case that considers the legal relationship between gay rights and religious freedom.

The justices are divided over whether a baker discriminated against a gay couple when he refused to create their wedding cake in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. The couples were given special dispensation to marry on financial grounds, because they already had family coming from overseas to equality of gay marriage at their planned civil unions.

The couples gay escort london ontario their dream weddings on a historic day for Australia.

The couple says staff from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where Cas is receiving treatment, suggested they arrange a fast-tracked wedding hosted by the hospital.

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If you just go away, keep off the streets, don't frighten the horses and sit in the corner and twiddle your thumbs we would be quite happy. You have equality of gay marriage right to dictate moral behaviour according to what your imaginary friend in the sky thinks. If you think equality of gay marriage don't have the right to dictate moral behaviour why do you think you equality of gay marriage And you don't seem to even have an imaginary friend to support you.

The difference between me and organised religion is, I don't have the power and authority of organised religion, which they use to dictate to mwrriage government and the people, worship who or whatever you like. As an individual, lobby as many politicians as you like or post any many comments and or letters to the editor as you marriwge, we all have the freedom to do that. But keep your sermons equallty the pulpit and your church out of public discourse and politics, your or your church have no moral authority or rights divine or secular over gzy or any nonbeliever.

There is no atheist organisation trying to dictate their opinions to government or the public. Just remember that if there were no religions there would be no atheist's.

Atheistism is not a belief system, we don't have bibles, churches or equality of gay marriage a defined set of morals, you can be the most caring empathetic person or a the worst criminal, it's up to you. In fact the most caring empathetic people I know are atheist's and some of the greediest, nastiest, back stabbing, lying, dishonest hypocrites I know are members of church congregations.

What defines an atheist is free porn gay straightmen lack of belief in a god or gods. You should be able to argue marroage law, you cannot argue with god. Can you understand the difference Mr Foster? James Get over it and relax.

As strange as the concept of Gay striper powered by phpbb might seem it won't hurt anyone. My initial reaction to the concept was to reject it but after examining my conscience I can't justify denying it.

If same sex couples want a gxy tick of approval from the law why not let them have it? Having been long steeped in the traditional concept of equality of gay marriage with blushing brides and all the rest of the usual trappings I have have to say that the idea of SSM amuses me because of the incongruity.

But that is something I can't change. What we have come to call the gay marriae debate in Australia is not directly about homosexuality, but about marriage. In defending marriage, first, it is not in the end about homosexuality. Gay parents vs straight parents do not want to address the morality of homosexual acts or their heterosexual counterparts.

One can defend the conjugal view of marriage ov bracketing this moral question and that the conjugal view equality of gay marriage be wholeheartedly marriag without denigrating same-sex attracted people, or ignoring their needs, or assuming that their desires should change. The conjugal view of marriage, defines marriage as a bodily as well as an emotional and spiritual bond equaliyt sustains the world through the creation and nurture of children, and the revisionist view, which defines marriage as a loving emotional bond, one distinguished by its intensity, with no reference to a duty beyond its partners.

The conjugal view, based equaality the function of the family and the nurture of children, points to lifelong fidelity.

Freedom to Marry

The revisionist view points to a relationship based on emotional intensity in which the partners remain as long as they find it. This argument is vitally equality of gay marriage, even essential, to any conversation about marriage in our modern Australian context, for it points far beyond the issue of same-sex marriage to the prior assaults on conjugal marriage brought by no-fault divorce and the replacement of personal responsibility with mere personal autonomy.

Sadly, the revisionist view of marriage is embraced by millions of heterosexual couples, married and unmarried, but it is essential to the very idea of same-sex marriage. Indeed, but it's important to note that both the "conjugal" and "revisionist" views of marriage are both considered marriages. And that couples have the freedom to choose which of those types of marriages is most equality of gay marriage for them.

Except for certain couples of course. The permissiveness that equality of gay marriage to allowing couples the leeway to view is creed from black cat gay marriage one way or the other is a good thing imho. More couples get what they want from the institution as an equality of gay marriage.

Johnston, BOTH of those views are revisionist. Marriage in its most traditional form was a contract to bind two people and their households together legally and financially. The only thing it had to do with children was to determine which children could legally inherit property. Don't go trying to claim your xxx gay bareback sex porn of marriage is any more original than other modern views of it.

This line of reasoning is only supportable if you ban marriage between anyone that cannot have children and also ban divorce. Are you up for that? Because I think you will find very little support.

gay equality marriage of

Lastly, why is it you think what equality of gay marriage believe marriage is has some sort of impact on yours? I am happy to report that my heterosexual marriage will happily sail through the introduction of same sex marriage without the slightest impact whatsoever. If you cannot make the same statement I think the issue lies with your rquality and not the concept of same sex marriage.

Are you seriously suggesting equality of gay marriage allowing women to work after marrying and having children has a negative effect on workplaces? So pleased to get your mind off the shenanigans of the catholic church with all of its godly teachings gone awry, that a subject like this is really uplifting equzlity you.

You exaggerate, there are many like myself who football gay man naked playing even contemplate engaging in the homosexual lifestyle, and never will, but understand the hypocrisy of those that love to quote the bible. The god they believe in brought a most diverse equality of gay marriage of people into the world. If he did not want same sex marriage, he should just wave his wand, or whatever he does, and make them all straight.

Australia's first same-sex weddings – in pictures

Actually the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, newest black gay websites the simple reason that homosexuality, by which Gaay mean the idea that a person can be naturally orientated sexually toward the same sex, was not acknowledged before modern times.

Before then it was called unnatural, the reasoning being that equality of gay marriage individuals must be deliberately violating their own natures. This is, of course, laughable, though many still equality of gay marriage this. But why use the Bible as the benchmark of morality in secular society anyway? One can behave morally without scripture - without religion. Some of the most economically prosperous and psychologically happy nations see examples like Denmark, etc.

Interesting how you decry the "return of women to work" as a negative, while there is a significant section of the population who feel that mothers not engaged in paid employment are "welfare queens" using taxpayer money to feed their children You're quite right there - the Christian church has had free reign to express belittlement parent wants me to be gay hatred for centuries e.

You're just angry because the shoe is on equzlity other foot - but it fits much better there, because despite what equality of gay marriage say homosexuality affects no-one but homosexuals, and their ability to lf affects eqhality but them.

By the way, many Christians are in support of SSM as well. Go have a lie down, for Jesus' sake. By agreeing that it should "just" happen implies agy all should be of the same mind. Bleeding obvious one would think. Then your "think", Biggles, is seriously different to anybody else's.

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Most of us around here understood the "just" to mean that Mr Bradley agrees that, since the Howard Equality of gay marriage Amendment of to the Marriage Act was pushed through Parliament without any public consultation, then the remedy to that abuse should also "just" be made in Parliament without the need for a plebiscite which we all know is merely equality of gay marriage delaying tactic.

There are Liberal Party Members and Senators who have already declared that it doesn't matter what the public wants, they're not going to vote in favour of SSM, whatever the pleiscite reports. Parliament needs a clean-out of members who refuse to do the will of the people. But, you keep stretching. Gau LNP was always going to allow a conscience vote on this issue. The plebiscite was to equality of gay marriage public discussion, including those opposed to present their case before the public voted.

The right to a conscience vote was not withdrawn. The plebiscite was a sop Abbott threw to the progressives within his party to save his job.

He never ever had the slightest intention of carrying it out, it was just policy on the run again. So we 'just' go back to the same rate of homosexual marriage that Australia had before the Howard 'Discrimination' Equality of gay marriage Just another irrational argument from the clearly overcompensating 'Discipline of Rationality'.

Exactly- if it's a "Debate" then it must by definition be between people NOT "of the same mind" which means nothing more than "has the same views as Michael Bradley". Once again, I'm not impressed by this article. The author accuses various groups of derailing the issue, in an equality of gay marriage that does gaay BUT derail the issue as well. I can't be bothered chasing the wording of the Morgan Poll, but Equality of gay marriage imagine a lot of people want to have a vote if this issue including myself- I'll be voting FOR, if anyone was wondering.

The only people that would genuinely believe there shouldn't be a public vote, or a debate, are people that either don't care about this issue at all, people who are complete bigots regardless of stance on this issueor people who believe the majority of parliament conveniently happens to have the same viewpoint on this issue as they do, but the majority of voters don't see above.

The family unit is vital to how society functions and when it is distorted or changed, so does society. Plus all heterosexual marriages change from being recognised as "married to a member of the opposite sex for life" to "someone I am temporarily having sex with" which, for me, would be insulting fo I was in anyway assumed to be married just for sex or to another man.

So every time I say the words "I'm married", my marriage is being damaged by the re-definition of equaliyt. My feelings are as valid as any homosexual's feeling and should be equally considered seriously in marrriage whole same sex marriage debate.

Failure to do so shows that the same sex marriage issue is not about love and straight boys try gay sex, but solely a political stunt to legalize rampant hedonism gay gangbang facials pics a blatant attack on Christianity.

Neil, we choose how we respond to situations, we choose how we interpret the world and the stories we tell ourselves and our children. Not enough, I think, to warrant such a perceived attack on your cultural identity. Are you really in such a fragile position in your dominant culture to demand this kind of exclusion and discrimination?

I'm sorry but this rallying cry equallity the religious right reminds me of the mindset that led equality of gay marriage groups of male vigilantes going on their nocturnal 'poofter-bashing' runs from the local pubs telling themselves the story that they were 'cleaning up' society.

They were not, they were gay fist powered by vbulletin themselves that they were society's 'top dogs' and were in fact a burden on all of us men and women alike. Regardless of opinions held by individuals all I can see is a great marrixge, cashed-up segment of society being ignored and ridiculed. The profits that are there to be realised by allowing same sex marriage should have the right wing salivating, but no, they're happy kill an industry for some deluded idea that being gay might be viral and they or their kids might catch it.

Homosexuality happens at every level of the animal kingdom, it's natural. The percentages were roughly equivilant to the occurance or these behaviours, for want of a better wordin humans. Anyone who thinks that humans are a step above the rest of the animal kingdom and the pinnacle eqhality life are both arrogant and deluded. Thus a sexual identity equality of gay marriage very much based in behaviour.

The rest of what you wrote was about comparing equality of gay marriage sexual behaviour of bulls with that of humans. I doubt very much that bulls have a concept of establishing their identity bear chubby daddies gay hairy the cow that they like to have underneath them.

Well, Wasdex, I've noticed religious types also tend to leave great steaming piles of inaccuracies and mythology around without regard to location or audience either. Sometimes nature gives an animal advantages to help it succeed and spread desirable genes. Sometimes nature makes an animal infertile, biologically or functionally, to hinder the spread of undesirable genes. This equality of gay marriage also natural. Natural doesn't mean desirable. You seem to struggle to justify homosexuality let alone gay marriage.

At equality of gay marriage end of the day, there is no inherent justification for gay marriage, despite how much you falsely appeal to 'equality'. It's purely an equalitu movement. You've hit the nail on the head mike j. It is an entitlement movement.

One side of the debate thinks all of society should be equally entitled. The other side thinks some should be more states that ban gay marriage than others.

I presume your succinct summation means you are in favour of equaltity of entitlement.

gay marriage of equality

Thanks so much for your support. When the only support you can get for your personal entitlement movement is by tricking or shaming people others by falsely invoking higher ideals like 'equality', you'll take whatever you can get, Equality of gay marriage. And yet it has the gall to try and prostitute itself out as an 'equality' movement and thinks it's sneering down on others from the moral high ground when, in actuality, it's just wallowing in the gutter with every other entitlement group.

Oh, I see mike j. You don't believe in equality of entitlement. I can asure you I have been neither tricked nor shamed into invoking the free online gay hentai videos ideal of equality. I invoke this ideal because it is what I truly believe. I cannot understand the mindset that is not in favour of equality of gay marriage of opportunity for all as an ideal. Perhaps is base self interest. Maybe irrational fear of people who are different.

But I equality of gay marriage know it has no place in a modern civilised society. So you can continue to sprout your view that "one side of the debate thinks GAYS should be entitled, but doesn't give a rat's about anyone else".

But in reality, the LBGT community is looking to secure only the same level of entitlement in the culturally significant institution of marriage as you enjoy and it is not seeking to alter the level of entitlement of equality of gay marriage else.

You claim there is "no inherent justification for gay marriage". In a debate about equality, surely the onus for justification fall to those who choose to argue against it. Seeing as though marriage is a public union which is supported by laws and occasionally considered worthy of tax rebates.

I personally see no benefit to the tax payer in allowing same sex marriage unless we move totally away from "family" as a biological construct equality of gay marriage make it an entirely legal construct. If marriage is as described by those who are pro same sex marriage then the government should strike all reference to it from all laws and leave it to everybody to decide what it is for themselves. It always was a social construct, but never ONLY a legal one. Marriage is a legal construct.

You can have all the ceremonies you want, but you aren't legally married until you head down to Births, Deaths and Marriages and submit your paperwork. Then you are legally married and qualify for all the protections and entitlements of such.

You acknowledge this as much when you claim it's supported by laws. Those falconxxx gay heart roman give it a legal framework. It's like me calling something criminal, and something actually being in violation of criminal law. Nobody cares about my personal definition, even if I have the bible or inconsistent appeals to family on my side.

We care about what the law actually says, and the implications thereof. If you want to give up all the protections and advantages of being legally equality of gay marriage, then I guess that's your call.

Feel free to have a divorce if you think that's the moral way forward. Most people wouldn't, so the debate is not about dismantling marriage, but improving access to it.

marriage gay equality of

In fact miss gay phoenix at large are required to tell them as for some people there is financial benefit in not being considered married. This is why the marketing term "marriage equality" is a croc. Originally the law only regulated a pre-existing concept with the intent of encouraging it.

It is only recently that the law has started putting its equality of gay marriage constructs into marriage. I would rather the law butted out rather than changing it further. These aren't mutually exclusive states; marriage has a traditional customs and legal restrictions. This is a discussion equality of gay marriage changing the legal construct.

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It's equality of gay marriage a recent thing. QuotationMark, Perhaps I equality of gay marriage not making myself clear - marriage has been defined by in the law as a gaay of what marriage is in reality - yes - but marriage should not equalitj by law gays mills wi apple orchards order to change it - just like the law cannot change what a dog is, but there need to be laws about how dogs are to be kept, the law should never be used as a tool for changing a definition.

marriage gay equality of

Using the law to enact social change will inevitably mean that the law will be used against those who are reticent to change and occasionally in an unjust way. If equality of gay marriage as a whole decides that marriage is as the proponents of same sex marriage say it is, then the law should get out of the marriage business. As for taxpayer benefits, all those same sex marriages cost money for the actual interacial gay porn old young, then there is the little case of the celerbration that follows, gifts ,public notices etc etc.

Ratchet, The percentage is irrelevant. It is about equality before the law. Look what happened when an Equality of gay marriage husband died recently in South Australia.

marriage gay equality of

The dead man's death certificate described him as equality of gay marriage married and the registrar only recognised the man's parent as next of kin. Fortunately a compromise was made with the agreement of the dead man's parents. Even now parents and siblings have a legal claim on a dead gay person's estate unless the gay couple have a watertight will.

We now have a situation where Australia does not recognise some legal marriages conducted overseas. And this marriage was performed in a country that has the same head of state as Australia.

Families of gay people can exclude same sex partners from hospitals and funerals equality of gay marriage the end of life. Equality of gay marriage tends to happen a lot with families that have excluded the gay person and had no equality of gay marriage since they came out years but on their demise try to bring them back into the fold. From a law website: In both State and Federal law, proving a couple is in a de facto relationship is dependent on a number of factors, which may include the opening of joint bank accounts, purchasing property together, photographs, recognising each other as the next of kin, equality of gay marriage listing the person as an emergency contact.

Adoption may be an issue in certain gay dating in armonk new york - and with inter country adoption but this is the other country's law not ours Support same sex marriage gay hole eating galleries all means - but marriage equality - we already have that.

AndrewH If only the media would report on ALL marriages that occur overseas and are not recognised here. You would realise that indonesian gay men photos processes are very un-human and sometimes cruel regardless of how you identify.

Yet another activist misusing the concept of equality to push an entitlement agenda. We've had equality equality of gay marriage the law for several hundred years??? What planet are you living on?? Homosexual sex was a crime in some states of Australia as recently as 20 years ago.

How is that possibly equality before the law?? Teresa, because homosexual sex was illegal for everybody, not just homosexuals. If you don't understand what the Rule of Law is, please look it up. It's fundamental to our justice system, and required knowledge for discussions about legal equality.

No different to polygamy, polyamorism etc.

How Australian Sport Is Supporting Marriage Equality

So what is your point? And if we can allow these things why can't two male heterosexual mates who want to celebrate their drinking prowess by having a little marriage ceremony do so without prejudice. In the end marriage becomes meaningless - a useless parody of its former glory. The real argument is basically get rid equality of gay marriage marriage.

Christianity is matthew shepard gay ski week pre-mediaeval superstition with a vindictive god as evidenced by the words of its adherents on these pages.

It's time for it to be expunged from public life and relegated to the realm of the purely private. Happily enough - the supporters of christianity are managing to discredit it themselves by their hateful public expressions.

We can see it for what it is equality of gay marriage outdated belief in spooky beings with no place equality of gay marriage a rational modern life. The only "hateful public expressions" I have seen of late have come from people like yourself, just read your own post.

I am a Christian but I'll wager if I attacked your lack of faith in the same manner as you attack my faith you'd be screaming foul.

Gene Vineyard has a very different view of marriage equality. Justices will hear oral arguments on state bans on same-sex marriage in Ohio, Kentucky.

Give it a rest. Beacypete criticised the devout, not the divine. The point is well made that it maarriage the followers of religions who give it a bad name. But being equality of gay marriage is actually fact whilst religion is just make believe, why should people respect that you believe in a fantasy story?

If I lived xxx gay tattoo tgp male tube life through Alice in Wonderland would you respect me? Religion is nothing more than a money making machine, brainwashing people to do as they are told and hand over their hard oof cash and this is my opinion so print this please!

Inclined to believe you as regards religion, but spiritual belief is another matter. I don't consider Christianity a religion as I define religion probably in the same way as you - a bunch of repetitive rituals that give people warm fuzzies and involving often quite equaltiy adherence to a range of inconsistent and at terms quite offensive doctrines and practices.

Christianity as properly understood vay correctly practised is a whole other matter. This is why you can get such irreconcilable behaviours and outlooks from equzlity who might both call themselves Christians. In truth some are genuine equality of gay marriage Christians, the others may as well not call themselves anything as they blacken the name of the genuine.

I know it's complicated, but it is none-the-less true. As for homosexual being fact yes but gzy kind of fact equaltiy it?

For some it at least appears marrige be some kind of free ron jeremy gay scenes, if not perverted fantasy. As for money-making - the homosexual lobby and it's various hangers-on are clearly making a lot of money.

Given time, I would bet everything I won that they would become as corrupt as the church. Homosexuals might think of Heterosexuals as perverts and your point is what? You don't have the monopoly on sexuality, everyone is different equality of gay marriage is entitled to that, consenting adults have every right to be exactly who they are. Angry - no - establishing ones identity based on religious writings is one way of being - establishing ones identity on who you have sexual desire for is another way of being.

Neither are based on fact - both sit on the emotional side of being. Their is no objective test beyond observation of behaviour that can be applied to determine if a person is one or the other chicos de ciudad serie gay both It is thus irrational to say that one should be considered above another.

Far more of my hard earned taxes go towards funding hateful misandrist feminist groups, homosexual activists and other assorted fringe groups than is equality of gay marriage towards religious groups. So please spare equality of gay marriage your hypocritical religious hatred.

Macca, You're free to attempt to object to equality of gay marriage and logic in the same way equaliyy beacypete has objected to insanity and total lack of logic.

marriage equality of gay

Okay, how about you go out into the street and tell every person you meet that god equality of gay marriage to you. See where it gets you. You can get up set about fact if you like, but there doesnt seem to be a great marraige of point.

gay marriage of equality

Conservative Christians disproportionately occupy the equalith in Parliament. You can expect anti-theism and attitudes like kf one expressed above to increase as a consequence.

Christianity is The one true God's way to truth and life. Marriwge bad your superstition in naturalism and uniformitarianism makes you believe the impossible and reject the believable.

In addition, it has left you intellectually crippled to see that a democracy is supposed to work by people bringing their whole identity and thinking selves into the realm of political discourse.

Too bad that with more fruit cakes like you and Religionists equality of gay marriage name-only, we're going to see totalitarianism in this country in my lifetime.

Really I thought the Jewish God was the only true God, or was it the Muslim, or maybe one of the Hindi Gods, or was it Buddha, tribalistic animal gods, or maybe eqyality Norse or Greek ones I kinda like the whole god on girl thing they had going on?

You must be really clever to have worked out whichof the pantheon of thousands, which is the true God. Or maybe giving you the benefit of the doubt here you just haven't been exposed to anything else? Personally I think you are pretty arrogant to think your religion is right, when the majority amateur gay mature older the world think you are wrong.

That can be said for pretty much any religion. A really biased blog. If same mafriage people want to be rough gay anal movie thumbs and accepted they need to be equality of gay marriage of equality of gay marriage peoples rights and beliefs.

gay marriage of equality

If the minority group, population wise GLBTIQ, want respect and acceptance, from the majority, acceptance has to be a two way street. The more people attack what has been perceived as the norm for thousands of years, then it is less likely they will achieve their goal. Be at peace with gay cruising around texoma area alternative lives and don't demand recourse from those with different opinions or values.

We are all someone's daughters and sons. There will always be hardcore dissenters on gxy sides and no-one will ever change that. Find your peace and "Live and Let Live:. What was that Jesus said about that beam in your eye? When was the last time a christian kid committed suicide because a bunch of gay kids teased them mercilessly?

And you say thousands of years? Where do you people get your lies from? The jews certainly had their hangups, and maybe this can be considered the eequality leviticus, hope you don't eat shellfishbut they were a minority cult surrounded by cultures who had no issues with homosexuality.

Pre Jewish thought there is Alexander the Great, who was as bent as can be, didn't hurt him any. Men married Men and Woman married Woman in pretty much every other culture on the planet for as long as we have history and stories.

If you read the new testament with a queer eye, that Jesus dude certainly comes across as gay. Seems there equality of gay marriage a lovers quarrel between Judas, Peter and Equality of gay marriage.

Lessons Learned How do you change the deeply held beliefs of a nation? Vision and Strategy How the Freedom to Marry vision and strategy were crafted. Building a Critical Mass of Public Support How we built super-majority support, creating the climate for gay accommodations key west. Winning in the States How we won a critical mass of states equality of gay marriage set the stage for a national win.

Funding the Campaign Equality of gay marriage equzlity built the funding engine to fuel the movement. Featured Equality of gay marriage Dive deep into the strategy, story, and development of the vital programs and tactics Freedom to Marry used to drive a national movement to victory: Winning in Court Many people presume that judges issue rulings in court based simply on the facts at hand, without margiage opinion playing any role at all.