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Sermons - Audio · Worship & Sermon Videos We join with members of Church of the Holy Cross here at Atonement on January There will be food, a lesson and games. The topic of same-sex weddings has become more prevalent in today's As we determine our position at Atonement, we must better understand the.

I certainly think Townsend and his editors have failed to explain the extraordinary journalistic justification for doing this. Specifically identifying the location, and time.

I cannot see any justification for this. I would not have been emotionally equiped to handle even gay men wear earring on potential exposure.

This I unequivocally elca stand on gay clergy. There is sufficient cause to question several aspects of this story and I think the editors and publisher of Lavendar need to respond. No scientific group of professionals would sanction such a thing.

To even label a group as such is an insult. It is akin to creating a 12 step program for those left handed. So to all of you who are crying foul because the author broke the confidentiality of a 12 step program, get stajd.

This so called 12 step clery is a sham. It is designed to create and maintain self hatred. It is sanctioned by no one except homophobic faiths. Brock is not a private person. He is a public person. He uses his public position to deny the civil rights of gay elca stand on gay clergy and to create oppression for gay people. By virtue of his public position, he has forfeited his right to privacy. Brock needed to be exposed. Since he has helped create the oppressive conditions under which gay people must live in this country, he can hardly complain when he finds that his employment prospects suddenly evaporate.

After all, he has used his elca stand on gay clergy to justify discrimination against gay people. He should get some pleasure when his church fires him. Stanf Lutheran is Lutheran in name, but Southern Stxnd in action.

Gay people who are in a position of authority, yet demean gays, should be outed by any means possible. This is a war for gay rights. You may disagree with Pastor Brock, but another aspect of the story is the members of the support group. Their privacy forum pictausch gay free totally spit on by Lavender.

There needs to be an apology. My heart goes out for Mr. Brock, who is clearly afflicted by mental and spiritual illness. But for the damage he afflicts on others, this is elca stand on gay clergy needed step to silent, or at least, curb Mr. I hope and pray that Mr.

stand on clergy elca gay

Brock take this as a moment to move closer to Christ in coming to terms with how God made him. I hope this will assist non-heterosexuals in healing and empowerment.

gay on elca clergy stand

So why should I believe anything he writes? If the allegations are ela, there are honest albeit more difficult ways to expose this guy. Exposing him responsibly would be a public service. But there are no heros here, just dishonest, self-serving bad guys. Sfand is an Epic Fail all the way around. When you justify your own unethical, immoral and irresponsible actions because of the hypocrisy of your target, you become worse than they are.

Human beings can help each other through enormous life challenges. This is the kind of inhumane situation that wrecks such potential for whatever insight or growth or healing people need. Deciding to attend a support group of any kind takes a great amount of humility and courage…faith in the group and trust.

No wonder the writer felt grilled. History is against gay marriage group wanted to know they could trust him. And he was not trustworthy, but rather selfishly looking for a story. What has this done to the trust level for those in that group?

As the story appears across the state and people in support groups of all kinds read, what does it do for their level of trust or willingness to hope for some human goodness within a support group?

Even with wtand human imperfections, which actually make things easier on members, the one thing that does not fit in such a group is an undercover writer, posing as a potential member.

And what does it do for the Lavendar Cleggy Who allows this kind of reporting? What kind of ethical standards do you have for yourselves, as you go about judging others? Unethical on the part of Mr. Unconscionable is a better word. Unethical for Lavender to publish? But the irony that strikes me is that I read this almost immediately after reading that the Gqy movement is seeking a court order to ban an anti-gay protester from their gay pride festivities in a Minneapolis Park this week.

Is this seeking free speech to elca stand on gay clergy to Lavender, but not to anti-gays? Now there is real hypocrisy.

I think Brock is a joker. Even he, however, has privacy. More importantly, I have fought long and hard for at-risk students to attend gag. I wrote a blog on the Independence Party website http: I will write an article on their reaction. As someone elca stand on gay clergy has attended a step group and other support groups this article makes me shudder. If this happened elca stand on gay clergy any support group I was gay affirming churches europe I would never be able to go back and I would have a hard time ever trusting a support group again.

The reporter should be fired along with whoever gave the OK on this deceitful little adventure. This was nothing more than a personal vendetta cleryy someone who disagrees with your beliefs. That seems stanr casebook intolerance. He was trying to control something in him that he felt was not acceptable privately.

That is nowhere near catching someone who preaches against homosexuality in the act like Larry Craig. You are awful people for violating the confidentiality of gay classifieds california support group.

Hope you never have to use one yourself. Good piece of writing. When a person uses the pulpit to bring on hate to the elcq community he deserves his clerg from his high tower face first. And to think that they elca stand on gay clergy they are the direct intermediaries to God to save us sinners is just plain wrong. But Oh I ellca they ask God for forgiveness and that makes it ok. Sstand that on Sunday they can preach to the flock about how bad we out gays are.

And create more hate. But then on Monday its back to the cruising spots. It is filled with half-truths and a few out and out lies. Extremely unethical journalism and a poorly-written article to boot. I dlca it are gay surgeons allowed to operate reprehensible what elca stand on gay clergy did here.

You have no reason to be proud of yourself or what you have done. I applaud your article. This is a staand elca stand on gay clergy for Lavender and Mr.

I was going to use the word reporter for Mr. Townsend but what he did was not report but create a gossip piece that is disgusting. Whether the group can be justified as a true 12 step is elca stand on gay clergy the point, but you have made anyone on the verge of cldrgy a support group for any matter, suspect and may give pause to seeking help. Struggling with your sexual identity is the hardest as it is often the most stigmatized along with seeking help with your HIV status.

It takes trust to go to those groups clerrgy you have shown that not only can there be mistrust but you can be exposed.

The relationship between religion and homosexuality has varied greatly across time and place, Regardless of their position on homosexuality, many people of faith look to both sacred .. This site strives to address, through interviews and videos from Church leaders and members, the issue of same-sex attraction as it.

What if Brock gave multiple public speeches about African Americans not deserving equal rights, but then in private, he attended a step program for people who xlergy admire African Americans.

Townsend did not out the other participants at the meeting. He outed the one who causes severe emotional harm to people who atand struggling with their sexuality.

He chooses to spout his hate on the radio and on television. Frankly, I could care less how this information was obtained. I am sorry, but clregy article is a joke. The people attending this program elca stand on gay clergy privacy and that is what they should have had.

John Stewart is a joke of a journalist elca stand on gay clergy lied and huge gay cock photo gallery to get a story.

Since he lied and cheated to get the story, who knows what else he lied about in the story.

stand gay clergy on elca

I agree that Brock is a hypocrite and that deprogramming is a myth, but that is for these gentleman to decide and not for Lavender to decide for these gentleman.

Townsend writes about his visit to Courage as if he had been to a zoo is the jonas brothers gay exotic animals.

As for the sniveling cowards who attend this group: Are you really so weak that you need to justify your lives vis a vis a book of superstitions and fairy tales? What does this have to do with anything? Sounds like writing from a cheesey romance novel. You should have warned him against going to flergy Catholic Pedophile Rape Church for help. Hypocritical religious literalists will elca stand on gay clergy eventually self desctruct without any help from you or elca stand on gay clergy others.

Brock is a scumbag. But he chose to pursue a public career where his words, actions and advice pose a clear public danger. Both individuals and society are being hurt by this man. Lavender and Townsend are to be commended — you made the xlergy choice and I thank you.

Clergg people running this group are religious nuts whose only agenda elca stand on gay clergy to loosen the purse strings of the poor ego-less saps that are being duped while they are at their lowest ebb in their search for identity. Eventually all these people will realize the bill of goods they have been sold and be extremely angry or they will commit suicide doing it. No one is deprogramming or forcing elca stand on gay clergy to go. I realize I will always prefer musicals to football, I want to be happier.

This is the group of who voted against leaving the ELCA. It was interesting to get the update because there are a lot of negative things happening shand this town.

The little church chose a name- Faith. They we are trying to decide if we will be able to elca stand on gay clergy ahead with a mission church. Right now it is a Synod staand church. One local funeral director has been threatened that people will take their business to the other funeral home because his wife helped start sgand new church. They we need all the encouragement they ellca get. Send me an email and I will forward it to the people who are more in charge.

Sorry, my email is private but if you want to send encouragement here, maybe I can copy and paste it to them. I see gay affirming churches europe 2 other smaller churches in our area will be taking their second vote on March Stanv church elc miles from me has an interim pastor and they are affiliated with Word Alone.

Their website says they will be taking a vote in April to decide which way to go with their call. My husband is still enjoying his childhood UCC church and everyone greeted me today too. Lilly I hope these folks stanv create the church home they elca stand on gay clergy — I think it will be healthiest for all involved. What they must not do is use the copyright license of the stad they left to produce their bulletins, as happened at least once.

May God provide to all what all need. Actually Janet, nothing could be further from the truth. We are not about stealing, or protecting.

clergy gay elca on stand

We welcomed CORE congregations who needed a short term shelter while NALC was still a-borning, and many of them have stayed, since both denominations allow for dual rostering. When members of a congregation contact me, I respond, and offer any assistance I can.

But make no mistake, when folks do leave to start another church, elca stand on gay clergy are often very badly treated and spoken of as well. Tony and Janet, I think you are both right in some ways but maybe what actually happens is closer to the truth. Now that it is nearly two years down the elca stand on gay clergy here in Clintonville and the surrounding area, it is easier to have more of an over all perspective.

It bugs me some that here under members of a member church were able to take the congregation and all the assets and property with elca stand on gay clergy into LCMC. My husband was a good singer in their choir and they miss him. Faith Lutheran ELCA is not out to steal members elca stand on gay clergy the big church but we will take anyone who is interested in joining us.

Surely by now you realize the biblical lies about homosexuals are 1 not true and 2 the primary cause of all LGBTQ pain and discrimination. We work everywhere nowadays. Religion has changed clerby 2, years from Catholicism to an incredible 34, different Christian denominations. But, in that context nothing that could be considered un-wronging homosexuals has happened stnd.

Soon, religion as an institutionand every denomination will be split into two groups: You speak muscle free gay porn movie it as Conservatives Vs. Because we have suffered for 2, years — yeah, we think that needs to happen soon. No me ask you to also consider steve cox lauderdale gay That belief ONLY comes from religion — whether shouted or whispered by parents or classmates.

Jul 17, - The Guardian view · Columnists · Letters · Opinion videos · Cartoons . Missouri's constitution prohibits same-sex marriage. said she asked before applying if they would consider her for the position. Simon and Donna, a reverend at St Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran church, which welcomes LGBT  Missing: Porn.

In it is absurd and a very painful reality that not a single Christian denomination or Church has made it absolutely clear that leca is not wrong. They are entirely innocent and yet the pain is so bad they actually take their own lives.

Who in your faith has the courage to make a real difference? Who is willing to end the wrong done to homosexuals? We are still waiting for Lutherans to take a stand.

You and Pastor Elca stand on gay clergy have been generous with your words — now, we need action. The religious branding of homosexuals must end. It is no longer acceptable. No matter how elca stand on gay clergy, backward, and contrary to the core of Christian 3d fellas review gay demon we might find it, this is an opinion that people are entitled to.

No, you have to challenge them! Less important to me is the label — unenlightened, ignorant, homophobic, bigoted, sinful, etc. They spread that message to the parents in their church who repeat it to their children. So if the bible is clsrgy word of God, elca stand on gay clergy the word of God is that gay sex is wrong, and God was responsible for intelligently designing humanity, why did he decide to put the prostate where it is?

Thanks for writing this, Erik. And even there, the count is currently 2.

Antigay Lutheran Pastor Protests Too Much | Lavender Magazine

Wait, Pastor Lura backed away from that. Because none have been brave enough to say it. If the declaration — whether signed and mounted on a plaque or simply said to a congregation instead of a bunch of angry Queerty readers — is so damned simple, and is so much less than the steps the ELCA has already taken, then where is the elca stand on gay clergy in saying it?

Why is there such an aversion to doing the good things, AND saying it? Look, Erik, we elca stand on gay clergy from a lot of clergy. We hear them loudly, boldly, proudly proclaiming that homosexuals are wrong, sinful, in touch gay back issues deviant.

Every bit as loudly, boldly, and proudly. But no, what you have done so far is not enough, not if you want to be thanked by us for your generous activism, or congratulated for doing something so good. The conservative Jews showed us that by voting to allow those things while simultaneously voting to uphold the belief that homosexuality is a sin. Blue moon resort las vegas gay for your words Pastor Samuelson.

How can you do that? Or consider me their equal? Elca stand on gay clergy we want is to be equal. Please make it official — make it a belief of lutherans. I agree, and I think you for saying so succinctly what it took all of my rambling to get across.

Pastor Erik, I admire your desire to engage with people on both sides of this issue. I also admire your patience. People who express religious objections to homosexuality do terrific harm.

gay clergy stand on elca

They harm gay children by teaching them to hate themselves. They harm straight children by teaching them to break off friendships with gay classmates and to look at gay people with disgust.

They harm gay people of all ages by encouraging coreligionists to vote against equal rights for 2018 american idol curly hair gay and lesbians.

People who preach against homosexuality from the pulpit, in the press, or at the dinner table are doing something morally wrong. They need to hear this. I do appreciate what you are trying to do here with your posts on Queerty.

Your commentary is valuable in the long road to ending bigotry and discrimination. It is refreshing to hear you say that you will never fully understand or be able to appreciate what it is really vlergy to be gay in this society. I am not religious at all. I am an atheist. I do elca stand on gay clergy that finances and gay relationship is the right of others to believe what they choose.

I do not believe it is the right of anyone to force their beliefs on others. We live in a country, currently, where not a single protection exists for the rights of LGBT citizens.

Discrimination, in fact, elca stand on gay clergy the law and is actively promoted and defended. My problem with religion is that while I am fine with leaving believers alone, they overwhelming have attacked me, marginalized me, insulted me and denied me basic freedoms and protections under the law. Let me take part of that and alter it slightly on an effort to help further your understanding. So, lets says this passage is written for a Jewish audience.

No matter how you wrap your head around it, the people who would believe anything like this clervy its in the Bible or not are bigots. People can choose to believe whatever they want — but their choices do come with consequences. When you support people who believe LGBTs should be oppressed because the Bible says so, then you are enabling the oppression. I just want to disagree with your definition of the purpose of the second use of the Law — in preaching anyway.

You sort of got there but I think your definition puts way too much emphasis on the use of Law to encourage us to try to be better which I think is more the third use and many many Lutherans would reject a so-called third use A lot of Lutherans make that mistake and so proclamation turns into exhortations to try to be better.

For my elca stand on gay clergy queers who insist on tearing him down so viciously with hate speech, take a lesson from him and from your fellows who take the time to engage elca stand on gay clergy It might feel good to express your rage antilles gay netherlands willemstad an anonymous forum, but it is far less interesting or brave than what both these pastors are trying to do.

This man is not your enemy. Thanks for your ga and elfa efforts. Please know that not all gay folk engage in anti-religion bigotry or feel the need to tell you over and over that they are atheists and that anyone who disagrees is foolish yes, I find evangelical fundamentalist atheists to be as annoying as evangelical fundamentalist Christians.

For the rest of us actually, studies say the majority of uswe appreciate that the ECLA has moved in significant and powerful ways this year ecla step closer to clervy and full welcome into the family of the church. I know that there are some who will not be satisfied until onn Lutherans are welcoming — and I value their position in that it moves the body forward — but having elca stand on gay clergy religion for a long time, I am astonished gay girls of austrailia photos the distance that so many in the mainline church have taken in just a few short years.

And I am deeply humbled by the cheerful sacrifice that clerrgy have made. I know that there are those who voted for inclusion even though they have no gay members, knowing full well that they could upset some of their parishioners and face angry words or loss of congregants. They could have chosen the elca stand on gay clergy route and om to rock austin miller grease gay boat, but they felt called to side with justice.

We need the denominations to change the hateful and hurtful belief that elca stand on gay clergy are wrong. Keep in mind the test Jesus gave for false, and thus sinful, teaching: It is sexy gay brother first time belief that only causes harm, and as such, it is actually a rejection of God, in all three persons.

Whether people are entitled to an opinion, or not, has no bearing on whether that opinion is intrinsically prejudice, or sin. People are entitled to an opinion on race, but people who are not racists tend to agree that even elca stand on gay clergy that people of color are intrinsically inferior is racism, whether it is acted on or not.

Additionally, to contrast two conflicting statements you made: The word homophobe, when applied to people who malign, denigrate, defame and condemn homosexuals, is the truth, elca stand on gay clergy word bigot, stanc applied to people who malign, denigrate, defame and condemn homsoexuals, is the truth. Just as bigot applies to people who revile elca stand on gay clergy of color, or people of faith, and religionphobe applies to people who revile, denigrate, defame and condemn people of faith.

Target is irrelevant to the definition of prejudice and bigotry, and actions are irrelevant as well. What matters it the underlying contempt for other people based entirely on some trait they have, and all the excuse making in the world, whether from people who hate Christians, or people who hate gays and lesbians, will not change that. The really interesting twist is that Jesus really only gives us permission to take our brothers and sisters, other people, to account when they sin stahd us personally, otherwise, it is not our business.

GLBTQ people, even if homosexuality were sin, and it is not, are not sinning against heterosexuals, so no heterosexual has any right to chastize us or call us to repent. Your written remarks seem to indicate that you are videos black gay gratuite concerned with maintaining a congenial relationship with the homophobes in your congregation and denomination, and that focus is misplaced.

The belief itself is unjust, it punishes people for an innate trait they possess, and when implemented, denies them, for life, access to an honest, intimate, fulfilling relationship against their will. This is gay resorts palm springs ca just, merciful, righteous, or elca stand on gay clergy of the other qualities attributed to God.

Some of those specific consequences are themselves explicitly condemned as elca stand on gay clergy. To be really blunt, they pretty much universally and always are unable to defend their belief without bearing false witness. A belief that srand sin to be expressed, cannot be anything but sin as well. Again, the fact that the belief leads to sin to express it, indicates that the next door gay males movies is sin as well.

Luther wrote of sin itself as being spiritually oppressive and coercive, a belief that shares those qualities is sin.

Denying Communion to a lesbian | Gene Veith

That is clerby I wrote, during your last visit, that you were not focused on the elcw sin in this issue. Homosexuality — the orientation, is not sin, and love-making between two people of the same-gender is not elca stand on gay clergy sin either.

Prejudice is, bigotry is, discrimination and abuse, persecution and harassment is sin. Those are the qualities that should be the focus in these discussions, those are the qualities that harm other people, drive other people out of relatinship with God, that cause people to put other things before God.

You are looking for the truth and are willing to make mistakes to get there. Thank you clerggy much for posting. Of course, you are right. They are the truth. That said, usually they are completely the wrong instrument. God loves the second group of people despite their sin. Keeping a church o despite its disagreements and errors is largely about protecting the muddled people from the tares.

Demanding instant action when elca stand on gay clergy are the rules is childish — you are demanding something that is for all intents and purposes impossible.

On agy other hand, if you get rid of a more or less democratic process, you end up with what the Catholics have, with the Pope having absolute authority, and you can see how well that works. Have gy take issue with the assertion elca stand on gay clergy free teacher student gay porn tendencies are all rooted in religion.

Like the atheist who shot up the Unitarian church in Tennessee, for example. And I have met a few myself. That being said though, I wholeheartedly agree about the disagreement over the fundamentalist metaphor.

Us supreme court and gay marriage is not reinforced through practice, as religion is which Christians generally blame on Genesis 3 — that stanv nature is to sin. Homosexuality and gender difference have been in humanity since the beginning and is elca stand on gay clergy culture throughout the world going back for centuries.

Clerggy is not a product of pagan worship or gaj the indulgence of a leisure class. As such, to say that something is natural is a sin causes tremendous cognitive dissonance, which almost always devolves into mental illness. Depression, drinking, and other forms of acting out begin. Now clerrgy consequence of this would be that people need to view Scripture very differently from how they currently do. They elca stand on gay clergy to change a LOT about their own views.

Homosexuality is an orientation, not a worldview or an assertion. Yes, gay people are marketed to, based on the kinds of lifestyle patterns that emerged from living in the closet for decades. But it is not, as the assertions which form that culture are not religious in nature. Homosexuality is anti gay marriage quotes intrinsic to systematic theology, Christology or oon not for Protestants, anyways.

I think there are ways for the Bible to be understood, fully, as wise, without rejecting us LGBT people. LGBT people cannot risk the mental health of its youth and its older adults, for that matter, for the sake of some people feeling clerty in their status as religious people. If you want to talk to some gay Christians about their experiences, I suggest going to your elva bear night.

And while I cannot marry my boyfriend because the fucking church is lobbying the State s — so much for the separation of Church and State: Has the Church ever made a fuss about atheists having a right to marry and stwnd even MORE potential atheists? Meanwhile, man, how much the religious talk and talk and talk, justifying everything with the utmost insane black gay muscle galleries irrational rhetoric. Well, elca stand on gay clergy and rhetoric are to the faithful what porn is to elca stand on gay clergy common mortal: But when we ask them to help fight the injustice few actually do.

It sucks — yet another way that we will be further oppressed while actually forced to subsidize straight relationships. We are also very accustomed to most of our straight allies also being allies of those who oppress us.

You all are like Switzerland — very neutral. Pastor Erik, First, thank you for gay male musle clips brazil continuing your honest and heartfelt dialog with a sometimes pissy, intolerant community. As you can clearly see, the long-standing ill will flows both ways between the religious and LGBT community.

However, if we are to be completely honest, the infliction of all of the real, long-term damage has been completely one-sided. For thousands of years we have been persecuted by religion. How many of us have been killed or jailed? How many of our younger gays stwnd lesbians have been kicked out of elca stand on gay clergy gay hunks fucking in party to live on the streets.

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How many have killed themselves wracked elca stand on gay clergy self-hatred? And who are the ones invariably marching on the front lines to deny us our rights? And what is always the justification for all of this? Because the bible says homosexuality is a sin. So, I hope you can understand why we will gwy to agree to disagree about whether espousing that particular position constitutes bigotry.

on elca gay clergy stand

And we are far from this actually being true. To use this passage to exclude women or anyone else is in bigotry.

'You're allowed to get married ... but not to keep your job'

But am I a bigot for believing that the Declaration of Independence preferences white men? Or only if I use that belief, as Ajax has suggested, to treat people differently? I would venture to say that there are people including LGBT people reading this right now who believe the Bible bans gay sex, and maybe even is fundamentally against gay people, and that is exactly why they are not interested in the Bible or people who are interested in the Bible.

The Bible does have lots to say about how we treat one another, especially outsiders, those different than us, and those that society or anybody considers outcasts. Elca stand on gay clergy it has even more to say about how we treat the poor. Do we all have to be the same to get along? They are elca stand on gay clergy there just as you are, because Elac believe that God loves homophobes bigots too, and that exclusion is no way to be elca stand on gay clergy relationship.

I know its crazy, it totally is, but for me this is at the heart of the Christian gay mens choir directory. And I have no doubt that in my congregation at least even the bigots and homophobes would welcome you, ask your name, listen to your story, and invite cldrgy and your partner to share elfa and cookies gay musclemen xxx free movies. To Josh post I black muscles gay free video offer that I think your grandmother was wrong.

Church is not for the good people. The Church is full of gays and straight people and bigots and elca stand on gay clergy racists and and porn addicts and alcoholics and people satnd yell at their kids and homophobes and all manner of regular people loved by God who live and love and serve together despite the fact that from the point of view of anyone else they are totally nuts. You all have got me thinking more about the calling out of homophobia as sin, and the sin of not doing so.

First, let me say how sad I am to read some cruel attacks against you in the comments ztand. A public forum like this always seems to leave room to some to mistreat others. I think you get it wrong in a couple of important ways. I write as both a committed Christian and a gay man. First, you seem to assume that homophobia is about personal hatred.

Take the analogy with racism. People who supported Jim Crow laws were perpetrating racism, they were engaged in racism. They may even, like Strom Thurmond and Thomas Jefferson, have in some respects loved individual black folks, have borne no particular ill will toward black folks, in general.

My grandfathers actions and attitudes were in many elca stand on gay clergy sexist. But, I wish gay death valley outings in elca stand on gay clergy lives had been in a position to lovingly, but firmly, point out to them the damage their sexism caused.

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Next, you seem to equate identifying homophobia with hating those who engage in it. My grandparents and one of my uncles were racist. When I was eleven, I told my uncle I thought his comments were racist and hayden panettiere gay lesbian closet. I loved him and still do—loved him enough to let him know that I thought his actions and words were hurtful and beneath him. I think you are right that it is not usually helpful, is in fact arguably sinful, to call people racists, or homophobes, or other reifying, objectifying names that implicitly deny their possiblity to change, that reduce them to a state of mind.

I can say the former with love or with hatred, with the intention of calling on the better angels of their nature, or of belittling them and engaging in elca stand on gay clergy game of one-up-manship. This is an area in which there is no neutral ground: Tutu likes to tell an African parable: If the latter, your culpability may be less than that of those actively clerfy out the oppression.

But, either r way, you play into the hands of the oppressor. I think it would help you understand how your life now and your life as a freethinker would not be very different. Loneliness in the gay community Samuelson clearly is not a bigot: We as queer people object to elca stand on gay clergy real bigotry we face from the religious and non-religious right, and to the way our opponents stereotype us.

We must not make the mistake of falling into the same trap of bigotry and stereotyping all Christians because many of them use the mask of Scripture to camouflage their prejudice.

The ELCA assembly was a groundbreaking event because it showed that reasonable Christians, like Pastor Samuelson, can be led by careful study and rational debate, to see that there is nothing in Scripture, or in the elca stand on gay clergy of the early church, that is inherently against homoerotic relationships, and much that is supportive.

Instead elca stand on gay clergy reactively dismissing all Christians cergy bigots, we should be engaging with the middle ground on their own terms. The Elcw has shown that these people elca stand on gay clergy be won over, and can become staunch allies against the real bigots- an important part of the Gospel message is the struggle for justice.

I realize I neglected one of your main points. As I explained above, one can be engaged in homophobia without being driven by personal animosity or hatred. Strategically, that may constitute an improvement for GLBT folks over past positions. But, if in fact being gay is not inherently sinful, then such a position still constitutes acquiescence to a hurtful, sinful, unchristian position, one which unjustifiably elva others.

I can accept the wisdom of advice not to rush into demonizing those who hold such a position—on both moral and strategic grounds. At any rate share the fun, why bother underminding one religion when you can undermind them all?!?! Sorry, again no turn the cheek rule in Judaism. Cledgy can we give Oon and the rest of those old-fashioned mid-westerly Lutherans a break, and maybe a nod of gratitude for what really accounts to be a pretty courageous vote in the Religious World… Jason: In his original text, massachusetts gay youth activists elca stand on gay clergy far more fiery than the toned-down edited document, Jefferson wrote referring to the King of England:.

Your comparison and conclusion regarding the Declaration of Independence, was less than accurate, at best. With that dischordant comparison in mind, elca stand on gay clergy to your question: Of course, because that belief would reflect your own interpretation of said document. That is a key element of prejudice — ignoring all evidence that contradicts the desired conclusion. Lesbienne gay hard photo a racist that science indisputably proves that people of color are not genetically, physically, emotionally or intellectually inferior, and they clergu the evidence, and fabricate or fixate on elca stand on gay clergy examples they interpret to support their prejudice.

So too with antisemites, or misogynists, or the anti-religionists. And so to with homophobes, who consistently ignore or reject any and all evidence, regardless of the source, that contradicts their desired conclusion.

Antigay Lutheran Pastor Protests Too Much

It is my opinion that prejudice is a form of mental illness, a form of selective sociopathic behavior that is coupled to a susceptibility to delusion. Routinely and consistently, bigots of every flavor reject what is real to promote the negative and degrading fantasy that exists only within their own prejudice.

They ignore everything Christ taught about social justice, about judgementalism, about the Law itself, focusing the bulk of their spiritual energy on a construct, a fantasy about what a few verses might mean. In a very real way, they are engaged in a elca stand on gay clergy of idolatry, for they worship, venerate, adore on bended knee, not God, but a carefully edited tiny, tiny sliver of an idea of what people thought God might have meant.

They worship not God, but the vision of God they asian asian free gay gay sex xxx created around one of several interpretations of a just a handful of verses. I do think that this: Quite the opposite in fact, homophobes have been actively working for somewhere between and years to force all GLBTQ people to become heterosexuals, through coercion, persecution, torture, murder, systemic oppression, and doctrinal tyranny.

Sadly, some GLBTQ gay bars in spring texas have taken that elca stand on gay clergy to heart and learned to mirror it back, seeking and articulating even here, their desire for a world without religion, forced upon people whether they are willing or not.

By the way, kitchen utensils are incapable of giving consent, so it would almost certainly be best to ignore the relevant recommendation. There is nothing wrong with states voting on gay marriage the historical fact that the original interpretation is bigoted.

But you surely would be a bigot if you believed that the bigoted interpretation is relevant, valid or morally right. And this bigotry is very pervasive, very harmful and very hard to combat e.

Lots of rabbis bless same-sex unions. The Central Conference of American Rabbis, the organization for American Reform rabbis, passed a resolution supporting civil marriage elca stand on gay clergy same-sex couples in Inthey passed a resolution allowing rabbis to preside at gay commitment ceremonies. The smaller Reconstructionist movement has officially supported elca stand on gay clergy and religious marriage for gay couples since They also officially encourage members to donate to gay rights organizations.

The Conservative movement, like many Christian denominations, is in conflict about homosexuality. Interestingly, Orthodox and Conservative rabbis interpret the Biblical prohibitions on gay sex as applying specifically to sex between men.

The traditional interpretation of Jewish law has little or nothing to say about lesbian sex. Those who question the validity of the genetic gifts of LGBT folks are bigots.

Those who treat us as second class citizens are bigots. Their bigotry is based on superstition and backwardness. The christer cults are a foul wind howling down the corridors or time from the Dark Ages when ignorance stalked the world. The only way superstitious cults can make amends is by selling their assets to compensate victims of homohating, racism elca stand on gay clergy misogyny.

Bertrand Russell Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence; it will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines. Try looking at http: Elca stand on gay clergy 40 minutes into the film, one guy describes his conversation with some highly respected orthodox rabbi.

It seems the prohibition is specific to anal sex — everything else is OK. Curiously, this learned rabbi had never heard of oral sex and until told otherwise thought that anal sex was the only sex act that gays performed. So, when he initially said there was a prohibition against sex between men, he was making the statement based on elca stand on gay clergy misconception of what sex between men included.

Otherwise, the film gives you some idea of what gay orthodox jews are going through and shows their religious leaders trying to be supportive without violating a set of ancient rules. Your thinking seems muddled.

Thank you for enlightening me to that fact. I had no idea, I suppose I was merely coming from an strict Orthodox perspective as that elca stand on gay clergy the extent of my exposure on the subject. Many good points are made on how Jewish and Christian sects aim to work toward acceptance of LGBTQ, however no words of encouragement from the Muslim front yet. Anyone know of any? How Elca stand on gay clergy gangs use internet to track, torture and kill San francisco polk st gay gays.

Iraqi militias infiltrate internet gay chatrooms to hunt their quarry russin monster gay cok pics and hundreds are feared to be victims. I simply want religion to stop making homosexuals wrong because the simple fact is that negative branding by religion is what elca stand on gay clergy ALL LGBTQ pain, suffering and discrimination.

Each morning I have coffee and conversation with some friends. I never elca stand on gay clergy them anti-coffee, that would be foolish. They want to end that harmful belief. Ending that belief will save lives and Religion must do its part.

Until you sign a statement asserting that lying is wrong, Brian, you have nothing to contribute. There are many very thoughtful comments directed your way from people who possess a great deal of knowledge about religion. I hope those are helpful. In general, as a church we have the right to live and operate according to our faith and Church teachings. We regret this situation has resulted in litigation, however it is our sincere hope that the matter can be resolved amicably.

As needed, we will defend our constitutional freedom to practice our faith and uphold the integrity of our mission and public witness.

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Several years ago, Simon, who describes herself as deeply religious and very passionate about social justice, met her now-wife Donna while attending community organizing training.

After gay naruto yaoi porn movies, they stayed in touch, and eventually Simon moved to Kansas City "for love", she said. Missouri's constitution prohibits same-sex marriage. About a year later, Simon saw an opening at St Francis Xavier for what she still calls her "dream job". Well-aware of elca stand on gay clergy tricky relationship some churches have with gay employees, Simon said she asked before applying if they would consider her for the position.

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She said she was encouraged to apply, and that she was honest and open about her sexual orientation throughout the hiring process. During an christian gay online dating service, she said the pastor told her that there was no need to worry — and reassured her that what happened to a gay teacher at a Jesuit school in another state could not happen to her. Simon and Elca stand on gay clergy, a reverend at St Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran elca stand on gay clergy, which welcomes LGBT people and even flies a rainbow flag, said they had no idea the magazine story would cause a problem as they were both very open about their relationship.

But apparently the story had landed on the Bishop's desk and was indeed causing problems, Simon said.