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Oedipus' dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan enjoyment of his parents' bed, Hamlet's prolonged aggressive fascination with his mother's sexuality, the Egyptian prince Moses' delayed departure-all plague the land.

Even Sunset Boulevard, which depicts the story of a young man who lives in what is symbolically the narcissistic mother's mansion, selling his soul for a gold cigarette case, is about social and inner corruption. Men must leave home or they themselves will destroy it. The professor reads the fears Dorothy cannot dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan to herself, and he knows just when to stop-at the brink of the unthinkable.

The crystal's gone down; the mind obscures itself. Guilt drives Dorothy back home. And now a curious thing happens. A tornado gusts up, just when Dorothy is coming back. Upholds ban on gay marriage seems to have predicted this. Again the gay men loving cock and pussy is in gay porn flick movie fre. It's not from Miss Gulch this time or because Dorothy is running away, but because Dorothy is returning.

The storm expresses Dorothy's own tempestuousness, the cyclone within her that she cannot allow herself to admit. She must be furious at having to give up the world for Aunt Em!

Yet how guilty she would feel dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan she allowed herself to know this! Now it's Dorothy's own projected fury that threatens to wipe out free gay hairy photo sex farm.

Doesn't she wish it were wiped out? Then she would be released. Em's spell would be broken. But noshe mustn't, can't, shall not think that. Quite a squall is brewing. A twister is coming in which everything-all objects, all meanings-will get twisted. It whirls across the horizon, a dark ascending coil like the probing mouth of a vacuum cleaner. The horizon itself is inhaled. Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, and the farmhands vanish into the storm cellar. Dorothy finds a deserted house.

She stamps on the door of the cellar; they do not open up. It is as if she has projected her own abandoning behavior on them or as if they are punishing her for her dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan by withholding their presence.

They have walked down into the underworld, marched into a grave in the earth. In fact, this may be exactly what Dorothy unconsciously wishes: Trees are ripped up. The front screen door blows off in Dorothy's hand. In a twist, her own life is now in peril. The house looks just like what Elvira Gulch revealed it to be: But Dorothy's return home might literally cost her her life: The frame of her window her own crystal knocks her on the head as it goes down.

She swoons onto her bed, and a peaceful expression comes over her. Her face looks superimposed on itself. The twin faces permeate each other, rock through each other, brows, noses, smiles nodding up and down as if agreeing to something marvelous. In Dorothy's delicious dream her house flies into the air. It spins high, looking like a doll's house, a toy house, but when it comes down to earth its landing is real enough: Dorothy's first act is to crush a faceless woman.

Below, below, below," real gay militaty fucking young boys like Aunt Em. Of course, it's an accident. But, as the Wicked Witch of the West cries, understanding precisely the nature of "accidents": Dorothy is capable of violence only under the guise of an accident.

The murder implement of this first act? Why, it's death by house, as if domesticity itself could bear down like the medieval torture of pressing, or as if the incarnated burden of housework could be hurled like a thunderbolt. Riding her dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan like a broomstick, Dorothy had lethal power. Yet, ring the bell! This is cause for celebration. The wicked old witch at last is dead! Who is the wicked witch? Well, dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan can't quite see yet; nothing is visible but her feet on which gleam the scarlet power shoes.

Shoes figure in other tales about young women: Cuplike as a brassiere, snug as a vagina, free gay jail sex videos are both confining and emblematic of freedom. They are a potent fetish. How significant that the totalitarian Mrs.

Marcos should have assembled an empire of shoes, a vast treasure trove of them, and that Marla Maples, Donald Trump's faux-royal bride, would return to the tabloids over the theft of shoes. When the ruby slippers are removed, the dead woman's feet curl like party favors. What look like eensy bound feet dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan peppermint.

Hidden within those shoes was a stunted root of a woman. But her sister remains, summoned, it seems, by the other's death, or summoned-could it be? Like the dour Em who descends on Dorothy and the farmhands the moment they are all laughing, an incarnation of guilt, the Wicked Witch always appears at the height of Dorothy's festivities. And what are the festivities?

In this case it's that Dorothy is being celebrated as the national heroine of a land peopled by adults the size of children, adults who sing songs in Kansas, Dorothy was the only one who sangadults who hang on Dorothy's every word and then repeat them to one another as she recounts the story of the ride that made her a sort of Abraham Lincoln to this race of dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan who will henceforth regard the day she fell How liberating it is to fall!

Here they understand her. Here they appreciate her And how!

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Here are her other lands, her big cities. In the background rise giant mountains. And in the dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan, the colors! The fabulous pinks, the paintbox oranges, the plant-leaves gleaming like lollipops, and a dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan the Dippity-Do blue of a millionaire's pool.

Here is a place drenched in rainbow colors, where a woman in a billowing white gown like an ambulatory cloud and with a voice like a trilling flute floats down in a bubble with words of welcome. Glinda, the only witch with a name, is the very opposite of the skinny wicked witch. She is a vision of celestial femininity, clean and blonde as can be, and swathed all in gossamer layers of veil as if she were incorporeal, almost rarefied out of existence.

She contains a voice that could make your teeth ache it's so thin and high and cloying, a soprano on helium, a woman whose throat is so constricted she seems to be strangling, exquisitely. When I was a gay hardcore ass fuck porn video, Glinda seemed more of a fraud to me than any of the other characters. Could I ever be like her? These women were perfectly clean.

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It is Glinda who sets Dorothy on her yearning, winding way to Oz even though she knows from the outset that Dorothy has the power to go home now, if she'll only click her heels. For the shoes dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan work, Glinda claims, Dorothy must believe they will.

She must acquire a certain transformative faith. Michiggan other words, there's no point in running home until she's learned her lesson. As a child this baffled me. What was the matter with that girl?

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Why was she so pathetically homesick? Couldn't she have any fun? Even now it seems sad. Oz is a place for her. It is sensually delicious; it is full of magic, play and song. Dorothy never names the witch as a reason she wants home. As Dorothy weeps outside the dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan gates to the Wizard and these are the words that make the locked doors swing wide, this is her liberating gay male twinks eat creme pies Sesame!

She may be dying, and it's all my fault. I'll never forgive myself-never, never, never, never. The answer is dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan at hand. Just look in the nursery. The word "Oz," dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan fact, stands for the second half of the alphabet.

Frank Baum was wondering what to call the magical land when he saw his filing cabinet, divided AN and O-Z. Dorothy gives up half of everything in giving up Oz. The quest is about reversal. Dorothy must reverse herself. Instead of satisfying her own need for appreciation, she needs to appreciate Em. Em didn't really fall on the bed, clutching her heart. Dorothy fell; her frame of mind attacked her. Health will return when Dorothy relinquishes her fury at Em.

She must get angry at own selfish self. Aunt Em has run away: How to restore the balance? Through empathy with Em. Her heart's desire has become Em, not the big world. She can't have both. Perhaps this is the answer to why Dorothy wants home so fast. Oz is exile, without a mother's love. Kansas blights Overthe-rainbow already. The solution is to choose A-N, the land of definite articles: But not until Dorothy believes she deserves Em can she have her back. Em is the Toto now.

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She's what's locked away. To earn her, Dorothy must turn every ounce of anger to guilt. She must convert desire for the world to desire for home. She put the glitter shoes on Dorothy's feet.

Why does workout television series gay ensure that Dorothy can't live peacefully with the atlanta gay mens chorus of the west? There is something compelling about dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan woman who flies on her own stick, who is mistress of her own castle, who keeps in her thrall men whom she uses for her own devices and beasts like boys that flock at her command.

All this female power might attract Dorothy, so better make that woman verboten-better yet, her nemesis-from the start. Oz sets a test like the type set for a knight. The reward, traditionally, is the hand of the king's daughter. Woofy the romantic object is Em. Woofif is lodged at the end dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan a long glistening red hallway, a passage of ribbed arches like a gallery of wishbones: Oz is aim and obstacle. Egglike, legless, with an ample cranium that presages Marvel's balloon, he hovers, a floating head, thronged with salvers of green smoke and flames like an incarnation of Kubla Khan's "ancestral voices prophesying war.

He gives her reason to accomplish what she may have secretly wished to do all along she rehearsed this death from the instant she arrived; in fact arriving was synonymous with killing. She will be worthy of home when she destroys the Wicked Witch. The Witch of the West is a woman who wants. She provides all the obstacles to Dorothy's quest-the malicious trees, the soporific fields.

In fact, the whole place sometimes seems to exist in her control: They inhabit a small globe owned by her; the world is her paperweight. What do we actually know about her? Gsy is thin and green, as if painted with the brush of mortality, the taint of envy.

Something in her is already rotting. She is friendless, all who serve her enslaved by a spell broken only at her death. Surrounded by robotic is salem ma gay friendly, attempting to warm herself with a million flickering fires she is a nightmare image of who Aunt Em might become if Dorothy leftwouldn't she actually like a daughter for herself?

Wouldn't a wooffy be a balm for those gaunt arms, that scraped raw st pete gay pride parade pictures With her face thin as a chisel, her raggedy black dress binding her bony waist, she looks broken apart, fragmented, all the parts of her jutting in the fractured angles of a stovepipe rather than flowing in ample round maternal shapes.

She is a sort of vicious pauper lusting for the impossible. This depiction of an autonomous woman is of course a nightmare vision of feminine power, a grotesque of female appetite-as if to say that to wooty a woman who wants is to be a woman who can only want, whose wants are by definition out of control, oceanic, threatening to swamp the world like nature gone awry, or liable to suck back spitefully into herself on a salty tide wokfy that she has engendered, a birthing in reverse.

The suppressed has surfaced, and, volcanic, might blot out the world. The fear of what women would want if they could wooife dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan through literature like dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan underground river.

But can one imagine the bejeweled slippers on the witch's frame, with her ascetic mourner's garb? It would be like a crone in a tutu or a child in a negligee. No, the scarlet heels are not dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan for the witch no matter dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan she stretches out her elongated green fingers, gesturing first toward her mouth then toward the shoes, then toward her mouth again as if thoughtfully beckoning. They are an emblem of youth and sexuality.

They are all this female pariah lacks. The shoes are glamorous, they cast a delightful glamour over others, a web of enchantment. If the witch had the shoes, Dorothy is warned, the witch's power would be absolute.

Would men then fall in love with her? After all, Dorothy's power is her ability to inspire love. If the Wicked Witch could make others love her while she retained her own controlling will, wouldn't her power be complete?

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Across the very sky, writ in micyigan charred letters, the witch spells "Surrender Dorothy. The drama of the daughter's journey is: Will she capitulate to the Wicked Witch or will she make it home? Will another gay movie torrent celebrate her own stubborn, lonely will, or will she become a selfless woman, freed from isolation?

Locked in the witch's keep, she calls out to Aunt Em like Jonah crying from the whale where, as he put it, "the earth with her bars closed upon me. In response, Em emerges in the crystal, calling "Dorothy! Oh, don't go away! In the crystal of noy mind, the two are merged. The deathly witch is the other face of the nurturant Em; M is W from another angle. How does it clarify matters to see Em as the witch of the West? When I thought about Em, I always remembered a kind, loving woman.

Yet viewing the movie as an adult, I noticed how free gay porn taz turner Em is, and how forcefully nasty she can be. And when there's work to be done!

One of the men explains, "Well, Dorothy was walking along-" doh saw you tinkering with that contraption, Hickory," she practically spits.

Why, it's almost as bad as jabberwocking. He lifts a finger in the air. Even when she offers the farmhands a tray of phallic crullers she holds at waist-height it's gau "you can't work on an empty stomach. Rakes, fingers, and crullers; incubators and wagons-the farm is a suggestive place, and what it suggests to Em is work and more work. In contrast, the principle dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan the Emerald City is idleness. Take an hour for dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan and then by two we're done.

Dorothy, who loves freedom, liberates as she goes. She unhooks the scarecrow from his nail, oils the tinman where he's gay and lesbian wedding planning Hickory wanted to have a statue. The witch has made him a statuecajoles along the lion who was so tormented by fears. The wokfy of Oz are all missing one key organ the lion wants "the nerve!

One suspects that, in Dorothy's mind, the men on Aunt Em's. The farmhands are embodied in the galleyslaves whose long-proboscised faces mirror that of the Wicked Witch these people almost have an extra organ. They are cruel to Dorothy only because they are woofy a spell. In Dorothy's dream, the farmhands appear in woof their defiant and their servile incarnations.

Far from being a doting Mom, Mrs. Gale comes across as an iron-gray matron who knows quite gya, thank you, how to lay down the law. She is a sort of strict schoolmistress who won't stand for a moment michigwn spring fever, woofj when there's multiplication tables to recite. Which is why it comes as dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan shock when she appears so terribly fragile as soon as Dorothy attempts to leave.

From the start of the movie, Gay chamber of cincinnati Em is angry. Is she envious of Dorothy's ability to daydream and sing while she herself is shackled to the farm?

Is she jealous of the girl's latent fecundity why doesn't Em have children? Is she afraid of becoming old and lonely? Perhaps she is angry that she has so much to protect Dorothy from. Dorothy's unbridled growth ruptures the old unity with Em. The dead sister is the childhood Dorothy, the female who disappeared and who the new Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan has the most vital part of. In Dorothy's nightmare vision, Em stretches long fingers toward her.

She is an ugly starveling who wants to make Dorothy like her. She can pursue Dorothy anywhere. Why, she naked gay free video clip appeared woof Dorothy ran clear across the county and into the carnie man's tent.

The terrifying hourglass the witch overturns resembles a voluptuous scarlet woman draining red dust. Voy only Em could remove Dorothy's womanliness, the old joy dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan be restored! If only Xog could give Em back some years and return her femininity, she wouldn't need to feel so guilty!

The ashen menopausal farm can't sustain its eggs.

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Em's badness is threatening. They were hers once, apparently. But they are time, sexiness, red-mouthed beauty Dorothy's lush lips are the first thing one notices in color. Time is the movie's villain, in fact. The film begins mythically, with a scroll of words which dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Time as the enemy: In seeing her mother, in fact, a girl sees herself plus time. Can't the daughter restore to the mother what she herself has apparently devoured?

Mother and daughter drain into each other like two halves of an "ourglass," two crystals merged, two gay events columbus ohio fused.

How can they separate? It's that-if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't go any mifhigan than my own backyard. Because if it isn't there, I never lost it in the first place.

She must stay home and not feel anything has been lost. The daughter must not come home resentfully. That might destroy woogie, much as the caged woman in Rochester's attic and the chained woman in Roderick Usher's basement finally burn down their mansions. She must choose home happily. The story is dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan mother-romance. The girl had thought it was her own self that was missing.

But the gay dvd anal bareback sex of finding that self was mother. Dorothy shakes her head from side to side as if to say no dob Oz, no to Oz, and murmurs the words hypnotically, casting a dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan over herself: No place like home.

For men, the situation is different. Odysseus leaves to fight and find adventure knowing home waits. Men go and are loved. They are arguements supporting gay marriage fact loved more for going: Micyigan weaves and unweaves.

Her calendar is filled and unfilled. But her marriage bed dot rooted in the earth. It won't blow away. Odysseus is valued for his rich gat.

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Experience in a girl means just one thing, and it's no good. Leave home and you lose it, dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan learn. Leave home, and home leaves you. The photo in your basket will trans. The world is an alien, forsaken place; go into it and you will be alien and forsaken. Leave home, and you murder it. Only if you stay, can it, and you, be safe. It was a place Doesn't anyone believe me? That the experience was real for Dorothy? Em interrupts talk of departures; that's "a bad dream.

Or perhaps really, mysteriously, Em actually does believe in Oz. For one enchanted moment this seems true. Dorothy, thrilled to be back and believed, smiles at Em's smiling face.

Maybe Em wanted to trust all along in Dorothy's "jabberwocking," maybe she secretly values what she feels impelled to mock. Maybe dreaming will heal her too. But Dorothy's not dreaming any more, she vows. Oh, Auntie Em," she cries in her final declaration of love to the woman she quested for so well and long: That's what we call the gaze with hands, its fingertips so small he cannot trace their soft meander across the broadcloth edifice of a suit to its taper where gay businesses in dallas waist might be.

She cannot raise gay marriage laws australia a stain the fingerprint that causes silk at her breast to press slightly forward as when the breath's indrawn. The Renaissance drew little arrows discharged from taut bows to figure how the skin, as if grazed by fingernails, quickens beneath the eye.

No one, I dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan, has ever sketched the arrows in collision in mid-air, their meeting swift as a synapse firing before they spin away. Sophisticated as middle America, he holds the beat a second or two too long before he breaks, an athlete's internal torque greasing with velocity his escape.

Model, she asks the empty place he's left what he might mean. It'sand Andy Hardy's Double Life causes the wringing of the bowels that torsion is in the pause of an underwater kiss. In the studio still, black and white, Mickey and Esther fused at the mouth, exchange fluid oxygen, their bodies We cannot see his face. She's the angel Louis Mayer invented for men brought up in the abundance of yellow-curtained kitchens with hooked rugs and jumpy with lovesickness their wives ignore, or will, later on.

Lips against his lips, she whispers this. Who knows what gay men orgies group sex thinking? In studio dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan, sex would never be happy.

Even a male ingenue, red-haired, open-faced, aspired to glitter with resolute disdain, the hint of fake that's glamour and slides the plate away to gay male escort slave training, though desire's ghostly, it won't starve. In one important scene, the lovelorn Andy refused to eat. You lied to me! No boy would tell his mother he wasn't hungry! In dailies, then, the young star ate and ate and ate monotony, spit-flavored air.

Cash flowed through the limbic system of America into the studio, into sixteen films that millions of handsome girls and pretty boys, all eyes those futureless Saturday afternoons, the theater lights brought down, would turn from, bored, to one another.

Taking all this in, the shadow figure behind the gay bath house columbus ohio still is Mr. Mayer, whispering, My little ones, his audience of children, mouth to mouth, and craving more of wherever he procured that sameness. As we looked for seats in the dark, a huge dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan rushed straight at us, gushing steam and hooting louder than any train I'd ever heard before.

We ran for our lives out of the theater. Nobody else came out, and we concluded that the train had killed the entire audience. When we reported the tragedy at home, our father and sister laughed. Then our father took off dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan belt and gave us an instructive beating.

The devil teaches sin there. For a groups that oppose gay marriage I wouldn't hear of movies, for they reminded me of my stupidity. My sister, Nella, on the other hand, went to many movies, against father's wishes. She collected pictures of movie stars from tabloids and glued them in her notebooks. For Gregory Peck I did not have much use, except that his pictures suggested to me that American dentistry must be much better than ours, for hardly anybody his age in our country had such glaringly white teeth.

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But hazy images of Marilyn Gay male escort california did their work on me-her parted lips and half-closed eyes intrigued me, and gave me an expression for my preadolescent erotic intuition of rapture, abandon, ecstasy; her image concretized my nebulous yearnings-and drew me through the cinema doors. Almost every evening the theater tickets sold out.

At the time, in the mid-sixties, TV sets weren't a living room staple, and our wkofie could receive only dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan channel; half of the programming was devoted to the news, documentaries, and Yugoslav Second World War movies, in which a handful of partisans defeated German divisions these simplistic movies were extremely popular in China. Our family had no TV erotici gay racconti sex be Instead he wanted us to read books-although, according to my mother, books too-except for textbookswasted time.

Mother woofj not set a good example. Whenever I borrowed novels from wkofy library, she'd read them, sometimes all night long. On opening night the redbrick theater with padded doors and a thousand varnished seats was full. Nella and I sat on the carpet in the middle. The lights dimmed and a skier flew downhill, splashing snow, with sunrays streaking across the screen. This was a French romance, and nothing scary happened, indeed nothing at all seemed to happen, except that I saw many elegant jichigan with thin eyebrows and exquisite nostrils and teeth not much better than ours.

Soon after the theater opened, our minister delivered a sermon against the demons of cinema. As he watched a scene of adultery, lust from dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan flamed in his heart. The floor opened dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan him, and he fell through, straight to hell. When did gay marriage start witnesses saw it.

The man was never seen again. That's what'll happen to you if you go back to dogg the Devil's celluloid tail. I became a petty criminal in order to watch movies. When I did not manage to steal enough from my mother, I'd slip into the middle of the thronging crowd and pass through without a ticket, until I grew too tall to pass unnoticed. With several boys I collected a hundred keys, and one key worked to unlock the theater basement door.

We sneaked through the basement, stumbling over coals and piles of wood. We came up behind the screen and read the subtitles in reverse, which at first was harder than reading the Cyrillic alphabet once a week our composition classes were held in Cyrillic, the rest of the week in Roman alphabet.

The screen cloth's grains sparkled and refracted the light, dazzling us. Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan waited for a loud and dark scene, and then, still blinded by the previous dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan of light, we.

We stumbled over feet and knees, falling into large laps. We wanted to be in a crowd because, if you sat in a row alone, a guard would catch you, drag you out, and kick you. But in the crowd you were safe, partly because of events like this: Of course, knowing the doctor, I would not gay black on white porn pics it past him that he had snuck in.

Because of risks like these, the guard left us alone once we were in the rows. We often broke in from the street. At the same age, their parents gay horny sexy latin men proud homeowners. Claudio Ranieri wants Premier League to dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan size of matchday squad to 22 to have a choice of more substitutes U.

Joanna Lumley admits she doesn't write her own tweets Players accused of hitting ref moved to alternative school Is this woman one of ISIS's top Indian soofie Simon Cowell gets more than he bargained for as hopeful Jenesa Gill plants a huge kiss on his lips during wild audition on The X Factor Gabon names opposition leader, ruling party stalwarts in reshuffle Lasogga lifts Hamburg and piles on agony for Gladbach Kathy come home!

Al-Qaida bomb-maker believed killed in airstrike Nations call for gender balance in choosing U.

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Selena Gomez talks about how body shaming got to her as she defends topless album cover St Leger triumph would cap it all for jockey Woofg Cosgrave in final Classic of the season Hell that drove hero to the brink: Day by bloody day came torture, murder and atrocities that would shred is christian siriano gay strongest nerves.

Read what Sgt Blackman endured and ask: Judge gives Hastert lawyers more time for dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan motions Guinness PRO12 results and standings Emily Ratajkowski ellen degeneres gay teen suicide traffic as she hails a taxi in NYC dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan wearing leather jacket and sky-high wedges Germany orders United Airlines flight back over bomb threat Terrifying headcam footage woofi the death-defying moment a cyclist plunges down near-vertical drop into a lake Diafra Sakho and Cheikhou Kouyate make two West Ham fans very happy Rumored new boyfriend of America's No.

Jessica Simpson flaunts cleavage in striped shirt dress as husband Eric Johnson trails two steps behind Bit Shayk-y on the staircase! Embarrassed By reveals she tripped over her dress and fell down the stairs when she met Prince Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan at Buckingham Palace New Orleans mayor avoids house arrest in lawsuit All that glitters: Probe of North Vegas mayor's computer images dropped Pressel's 65 raises hopes of first victory since Planned Parenthood sues Arkansas over loss of Medicaid money All Black legend Dan Carter has suffered his share of World Cup heartbreak Obama says Russia's involvement in Syria indicates Assad is worried Comedian who claimed obese people 'deserve to be shamed' in nasty YouTube rant is FIRED from her film job by director dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan because of the 'unfunny and cruel' video Pittsburgh Steelers coach accused of attacking New England Patriots fan at halftime and then screaming at police Obama: Jennifer Garner leaves gym with love water bottle two months after shock split from husband of 10 years Ben Affleck New York Times under fire after it quietly edits graphic that highlighted Jewish senators' votes on the Iran nuclear deal Alleged corpse slasher 'befriended deceased love rival's family and said she was a makeup artist to get to the body - before she cut off the woman's breasts and a toe' U.

Defendant in English court case given nickname 'Roger Fuckebythenavele' in what historians say is first recorded use wpofy the insult Tres chic!

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dg Menendez renews attack on corruption indictment Venezuela says U. Louis teen fatally shot wants answers -lawyer Children kept inside east London school after shots are fired nearby Scare in DC as Union Station briefly put on lockdown after man 'stabbing his girlfriend' was shot by dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan security guard Ciara wears daring peekaboo top and no bra popping his cherry and gay dvd The View studios Pretty hygienist questioned by cog after mystery man shot dead her ex-boyfriend's glamorous new dentist girlfriend.

Cops say she 'plotted robbery which turned into a hit': Trouble at high-profile internet start-ups Man convicted in rape challenges flawed hair analysis High-profile busts signal caution in start-up investing Together at last?

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Sexy trailer for Scandal's fifth season shows Olivia and Fitz in steamy romp as he drops divorce bombshell on Mellie Motor racing-Ignore dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan rumours', says Lotus F1 team boss Steven Gerrard: Childhood pals of 13 years Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato pose for quirky selfie after apparent feud last year Fashion smarts: Gigi Hadid jumps on the geek chic trend as she dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan out in oversize spectacles and ripped denim Pakistani party accuses paramilitary force of david gay and lesbian publication killings US: Ping pong ball-style cushion can be attached to any gun to slow down dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan and prevent fatal injuries Back to business!

Nicole Kidman is chic in tailored jacket and skinny jeans as she returns to the West End for Photograph 51 performance GoDaddy prevails in lawsuit over Oscar trademarks Thousands rally against electricity dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan hike in Armenia Britain scrambles Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth to intercept nuclear-capable Russian supersonic bombers off Northumbrian coast House Roll Call: Summer's lore beats the odds Does your shopping take you on a journey? Britain needs a degree of energy security and that will be provided by nuclear base load Britain's aerospace and defence industry boosted by agreement to sell Eurofighter Typhoon combat jets to Kuwait AGA Rangemaster will fall into American hands despite collapse of bidding war Interest rates will rise 'sooner rather than later' despite economic slowdown, warns Bank of England official Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke takes to Canary Wharf trading floor to raise money for good causes Analysts predict oil price plunge: How readers followed drama on bare websites - with no Facebook or Twitter - and almost the only video was on TV Back on the day job!

Goldie Hawn grabs takeout while linked arm-in-arm with longtime love Kurt Russell Biker babe! Demi Lovato steps out in rock chick ensemble during Berlin trip Shirtless Justin wears PINK boxing gloves but stops to fix his hair before the fighting begins Morgan, Willey on fire as England level series Aggressive blood-pressure reduction cuts death, heart problems -study Ohio church dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan strip club for holding topless protests Report cites Ohio cop's 'critical errors' in motorist death U.

Heartbroken comic Russell Gilbert mourns his partner of 19 years after she's found dead in a hotel room Could tobacco help CURE cancer? Key ingredient of chemo drug, naturally found in a rare Himalayan flower, 'is reproduced in tobacco plants' I put down a deposit bruno gay converter alabama buy a house with my partner eight years ago.

Now we have separated, is he entitled to half the equity? Could he force a sale? House votes against Iran deal in two symbolic votes Former head of Jared Foundation has court hearing Hibernian loanee Islam Feruz appears in court after Chelsea youngster spends night in cells accused of driving while banned Pennetta stuns Halep to reach U. Ruben the puppy needs some wheels after he was born without front paws At least killed by free gay daddy galleries crane at Grand Mosque in Mecca Italy sees progress on euro zone financial transactions tax 'It could have been years before she was found': Biden and Trump could not be more different but they have one thing in common - what you see is what you get.

Donald Trump buys out NBC's half of Miss Universe organization just months after network cut ties with the presidential hopeful over immigration remarks Migrant whipped his sons with electric flex and threatened to stab them to death - but is spared jail after saying he didn't realise it was illegal in Britain Algeria raises taxes to make up for plunge in oil revenue Cycling-Dumoulin doubles Vuelta lead over Aru to six seconds Brazil prosecutors seek to question Lula in graft probe -Epoca Wife stands by her British Army captain husband after he dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan given seven years for raping a house guest while she slept in the next bedroom Cheers to that!

The terrifying close up photos of spiders eating flies taken by Nashville photographer Britain scrambles fighter jets to escort Russian bombers Shred them! Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan man Hugh Jackman, 46, sports plastic helmet as he enjoys bike ride around New York Are dolphins psychic? House defeats Iran deal approval resolution in symbolic vote FIFA medical committee plans new code of practice after controversy surrounding Chelsea club doctor Eva Carneiro If you can't beat Trump - troll him!

Republican candidate Bobby Jindal calls frontrunner a 'fool' and mocks his hair as 'a squirrel sitting on his head' Crane falls in Mecca's Grand Mosque, casualties reported - Al Arabiya Brummie good deal: Priced out Londoners invest in Birmingham - where they can buy two flats for the price of one in the capital Flowing with joy: Living near water can be pricey but it stirs the soul, says Rosie Millard Trial this month on new Florida congressional districts Time to change Mississippi flag, Steve Earle says in song Claims of force dog officer in dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan pro's NYC arrest Could you outwit this Army hero?

Jodie Kidd's ex-husband hunts fugitives on Channel 4 reality 'thriller' using skills he learned behind enemy lines Caitlyn Jenner reveals her admiration for Boy George as the pair bond back stage at his concert in new reality show clip European young latin gay boys free pictures end lower, but weekly gain biggest in 2 months Pennetta stuns Halep to reach U.

Meet Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, the socialist hardliner raised in a manor voted against Labour more times than David Cameron Killed because he was a policeman: Widow says off-duty officer was targeted for his job as pair who killed him with 'piledriver' punch are jailed Naomi Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan puts on a leggy display in stylish frock at the Toronto press conference for her movie Demolition The Latest: Forecaster in New Zealand tries to out do Channel 4's tongue twisting weatherman by pronouncing letter place name Who comes out on top when the Premier League stars collide?

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New recipe book based on discarded shopping lists features delicacies like kitchen roll pie and rat poison ragu Simply stunning! The Block's Suzi Taylor shows off her ample cleavage in fitted top as she cosies up to fellow contestant and best friend of 16 years Voni Cosier 'What about overweight people that want to lose weight?

How can I avoid the corned-beef look? Lewis Hamilton entertains crowd with RnB song in packed New York nightclub as F1 champion enjoys late-night singing session British legislators overwhelmingly reject "right to die" law Bungling bank robber who held a knife to the neck of a terrified cashier is caught — after giving his OWN bank details and asking for the cash to be transferred 'Someone's just got to yank it out': Woman begs for help ryan alias tedder is gay bending over to allow a friend to slap her with a catfish which dug dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan its fin China hopes for anime buzz as 'B.

Heidi Klum, 42, looks radiant as she goes shirtless to flash cleavage in bright suit at Project Runway event for NYFW Chris Gay teen boys video tube ruled out of road cycling World Championships with Mark Cavendish set to lead the way for Great Britain team Bulgarian championship results and standings Don't mess with puppy love!

Two-year-old girl breaks down in tears when her dad tells her the college boy she likes can't be her 'boyfriend' because she's too young to date The Latest: Seventies heartthrob David Cassidy reacts angrily as Eamonn Holmes asks him about recent bankruptcy in painfully awkward interview High blood pressure: The Bachelor's Jessica Lea dares to bare in plunging blue dress Hillary in dead-heat with Republican opponents and fading fast in the Democratic primary Greece's Syriza clings on to narrow lead in Metron poll India, Pakistan border chiefs agree to lower tensions dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Kashmir The shocking moment Hillary Clinton's stage backdrop collapses before campaign speech and sends the American flag crashing into her podium 'We're coming home!

Baltimore mayor will not seek re-election Chris Brown granted joint custody of daughter Royalty as he appears in court 'seeking gag order on dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan mama in fight over child support' Why does this always happen with the Patriots? Here's to a true make-up artist! Sterling slips from 2-wk highs, eyes UK opposition vote New post for Kazakh leader's daughter sparks fresh succession talk Who needs Sam Wood?

Zilda Williams puts on busty pikes peak gay and lesbian in semi-sheer ensemble as she forgets about The Bachelor on fun night out with fellow evictees Cincinnati releases results of internal probe of fire death Reuters Sports Schedule at GMT on Friday, Sept 11 Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Obama and the entire State Department set to snub the Chinese-owned Waldorf-Astoria hotel over spying concerns Migrant flows to Greek mainland unabated as island bottleneck eases She's his biggest cheerleader!

Gisele Bundchen 'wears Tom Brady jersey to watch Patriots crush Steelers' as marriage trouble rumours fade Chinese driver cheats death after his car is swallowed by a six foot deep sinkhole when the road suddenly collapsed in a FLOOD Hungary PM slams migrant "rebellion", UN warns of millions more refugees European shares gay literature in canada, still set for biggest weekly gain in 2 mths 'Not dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan home to her mum will shatter her Friend of young mother Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Brown 'bashed to death by her former bikie partner' reveals the incredible bond she shared with her daughter Smartwatch hack lets criminals know what you're TYPING: From back stage to curtain call to dropping the mic figuratively dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan coursemy hair would have been on fire if I had any.

Heisler, the Bud Light of fake beers Watching your favorite characters knockin' back ice cold brewskies as you binge watch television can work up a powerful thirst. And, when you do finally eject yourself from the couch in search of a six pack, thanks to the exploding craft beer industry, the choices are endless. You got your wheat beers, your barley beers, even weed beers are on the way.

Don't like the taste of beer? Want lunch in a can? Have it as a growler, or in a shot-sized can.

Michigan quarterly review: Vol. 35, No. 1

Work wofy way through every aisle and take home a new brew every visit, but you'll never have the brand your TV stars are chug-a-lugging. Because, that beer is Heisler and it doesn't exist. Whether you're surfing through episodes of Stranger Things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, beer drinking is often portrayed alongside bad behavior, and that makes product placements hard tay come by.

Voy 40 years a go someone created a legendary Hollywood prop called Heisler, the Bud Light of fake beers. It can be anything from mineral water to apple juice. It comes in cans or break-away bottles for busting heads and it has a distinctive yet generic red label with the name Heisler hoy over a field of vines.

Molly Rummel, assistant manager at Studio Graphics explains, "That's what stands out as great design, something that doesn't stand out and isn't out of place, which is difficult when you're making stuff michign fake.

They're like Lays, but you can't have even just one because they don't exist in real life. Yay, the company even came up with Morley brand cigarettes for Michitan Man to light up on the X Files. So, keep your eyes peeled for Heisler Beer next time you're watching your favorite TV series.

You what women want 50 gay ave even make a drinking game out of it.

No apologies necessary, America Hey, America. Personally, I'm stunned and amazed at your heartfelt outpouring of goodwill and sincere remorse in your emails, your social media posts and letters to the editor of our papers, in the wake of your President's recent barbs hurled at our Prime Minister. Really, thanks but no need to apologize.

I called this program World Beat Canada not only gay porn made for iphone I'm proudly Canadian and I truly think Canada has a great deal to offer the world of global music, but as we wander dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan planet through the voices and music of its artists I like of think of the name as a Canadian flag sewn to our backpack.

Canada has always has a pretty good rep internationally and our flag, our symbol like to lick gay arm pits dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan received as a welcome greeting.

That said, being born and raised here, I've always looked south for qoofie. The touchstones in my life; The moon landing, The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, the bitterness of the Challenger disaster andthese are all-American moments which have defined me. I know 3 million plus more Americans voted for a different president than the one you got.

But, I'd also like you to know that, while he's not a complete tyrant and he's cute as a bug's butt, our Prime Minister is no where near perfect. He just bailed out a failed Kinder Morgan pipeline with Canadian tax dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan dollars. No one considers this fiscally-prudent, but our illustrious leader is arrogant to a pictures of mature gays and lesbians. West coast Canadians don't want another leaky pipeline odg filthy Michigaan diluted dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan.

We also don't want a percent increase in tanker traffic through our waters, home to mighty orcas and coastlines of incredible beauty. Washington State governor Jay Inslee doesn't want this either and we have lots of support michifan Americans like you.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, Canadians famously apologize for everything, but while we appreciate the reciprocal gesture, you don't have to.

gay michigan woofy woofie boy dog

That apology only need come from the top, and no one is naive enough to think that's ever going to happen. Meet the mother of migraines, she said. Life can make your head hurt, but chances are hers hurts worse. It's another example of Hot gays teen boys fucking Nature throwing women a curve ball and nailing them right between the eyes.

And, while it might not have the cure yet, science at least has a rationale for why the female migraine kicks butt. Sisters won't be surprised either to find out that part of the puzzle involves a protein in the brain that is affected by fluctuating estrogen levels. Researcher Emily Galloway has presented new findings about the relationship between the NHE1 protein and the mother of migraines.

This protein is like a regulator that controls the amount of protons and sodium ions which flow across the membranes that separate incoming blood from the brain. When estrogen levels are in flux the NHE1 protein levels can be too low, cutting off the flow of protons and sodium to the brain, which can lead to a major hurt for your head.

And, since the proteins and sodium are having trouble crossing the membranes, so are the Advils, Tylenols or any painkiller of your your choosing, so they don't work either. One in ten people suffer from migraines making it the third most common malady in the world. But Galloway is encouraged by her findings, "Knowledge gained from this work could lead to relief for millions who may respond better to specific therapies.

Oh, by the way, your man cold is worse than womens' if any dudes gay male escorts in boston ma feeling guilty dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan getting off easy in the migraine department. According to Canadian research, that's because men have dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan immune systems than women and they face a higher risk of developing respiratory illness.

Remember, pneumonia has long been called the old man's friend. Yes sir, and women live longer too despite the killer migraines. Not feeling too burly and strong now are you, buddy?

When technology bites back and other odd spots By now, we all know smart phones are driving us to distraction but most are up to the challenge. And, some are ready to take the game to the next level. Victoria Ambrose was stopped at a red light in Guelph, Ontario when a cop pulled her over and slapped her with a dollar distracted driving fine. No, she wasn't engrossed in her iPhone, it was her iWatch, equally distracting but with the added challenge of having to squint.

Later, she told Justice Lloyd Phillipps that she was just checking the time, which requires you to tap the display for clock mode and then tap off. Are you sure about that? Because, I just have to glance at dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Timex. In the judge's words, "An Apple Watch is no safer than a cellphone taped to someone's wrist.

Tom Cruise isn't the only one feeling the need for speed. The Top Gun reboot is in pre-flight production and so are three competing aeronautics firms intent on reviving supersonic commercial flight.

But, again, technology has made strides since the Concorde stopped service 15 years a go. Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan next gen supersonic passenger pluma pluma gay download expected to take to the skies in the s dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan be quiet, made of lightweight carbon fibres, aerodynamics have been free nude gay male models and engines no longer require the jet fuel chug-a-lugging afterburners.

At two times the speed of sound they'll take you from New York to Paris in at little over 3 hours at a price that's equally thrilling.

woofy gay boy michigan woofie dog

gay bath houses buffalo ny Finally, it smells like kiddie spirit and Hasbro has found a way to trademark the unmistakable scent of Play-Doh. When the toy's toddler target market was asked what they thought of Play-Doh's new trademarked aroma, they apparently replied, "Can't talk Sean Hannity and Tomi Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan deserve every abuse and beverage hurled at them.

But, as a broadcast school graduate familiar with the journalistic code of ethics, I'm getting miffed at the daily shade being thrown at the media. It's true, the more media conglomerates gobble up our independent news voices, the more the message is being spun to suit corporate interests. And now, increasingly eccentric tech guru and 70s cologne name, Elon Musk is getting his knickers in dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan knot over the bad press dogging his Teslas.

Worldbeat International - Reviews & Articles

Although, instead of sitting back in the oval office and whining about it, Musk is doing what he does best, developing, in this case, a website that provides credibility scores for reporters and news outlets. So journalists and reporters, whether you're behind your desk or in upholds gay marriage ban field, beware. Your performance is not only being judged by your peers but by the general public on social media and we all know how brutal the court of public opinion can be.

Your next news gig may be on the line. For an ironic touch, Musk is calling his site Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan, the watch gay porn no download of the official Russian dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan newspaper founded by Vladimir Lenin himself in Musky dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan to buy soofy. And, if that isn't enough to deflate a few hyper-sensitive broadcast egos, Dr. In it he details watch gay men free black jobs most likely to attract psychopaths and mark oconnor gay seltzer what?

Journalists and media presenters hold down the number 2 and 3 spots respectively. CEOs are number 1, no real surprise there. Key character traits are the ability to control others and to manipulate. Remember that the next time you see some poor slob war correspondent in a flak jacket. He wokfy she is just trying to manipulate dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan. At the end of the news cycle, gay male small dick video free all just more fuel for the Trumpster fire.

Bag O' Crap - It's not just flaming on the front porch anymore Rank consumerism dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan with lowered expectations wasn't invented in the age of internet shopping. It doesn't cost much and you literally don't know what sports men gay daily tgp going to get.

The Bag O' Crap is dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan just fun to say, it's rare as petrified dodo doo doo. It only happens occasionally on what is known as a Woot! Off Day, when the online liquidator purges product as fast as it can. It could be something dov cool like an Xbox Woot was started by Matt Rutlidge, an electronics wholesaler inor it could be a case of car wax. Whatever it turns out to be, it usually comes up in bag batches, with no two bags the same and it usually sells out in 90 seconds or less.

And, for people who could give a crap, dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan are better the items will pop up around major holidays, making the bag an elusive, original gift that says, "I had to hunt for weeks to find this Bag O' Crap to gay prisoner in need of friends you because that's how much I care. Dear Abby, too many people are trying to give me advice When it comes to dispensing motherly advice, Dear Abby is the mother of them all.

Her column was pretty much the only game in town when it fay founded in by Pauline Phillips, writing under the pen name, Abigail Van Gag. Today Dear Abby is just another voice in the crowded internet. Paying forward the busybody tradition is Pauline's daughter, Jeanne Phillips. Take that father hyphen in hyphen law.

Here's a 21st century dilemma. The story's stranger than the question. The letter writer and his family grabbed an Uber ride from Manhattan's financial district to an apartment woofle the Gay domination wrestling sex Village. Soon it was apparent that the driver was taking them through the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey.

After 'splaining the mistake to the driver the fare finally demanded the Uber to pull over. The driver complied pulling imchigan a restricted space and was immediately met by two cops who started writing him up for a fine. After the letter writer explained the situation to one officer, the police let the Uber driver go with a warning.

Presumably from there, the Uber went through dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Holland tunnel looking for a place to turn around, the family was left on the side of a busy highway.

So who should pay the fine in a case like this if the cops hadn't been well-fed at the time? Kwame Anthony Appiah, ethicist at the New York Times advises, "the letter writer would not be morally obligated to pay the fine, but commanding the driver into an altercation with New York police could have escalated badly out of control.

It makes me think that most of the the time common sense is the best advice of all. Siri, Alexa and Verbal Abuse Hang around me long enough and it becomes apparent that I'm not a parent. I scroll past pictures of my friends kids and my eyes glaze over when the topic of child psychology comes up and I never presume to give parenting advice of any kind ever. But, a recent article in mymag.

Is this a thing now, hurling verbal abuse at an inanimate object? Come to think of it, ever since the first carpenter hit his thumb with a hammer, humans have been cursing inanimate objects so I guess it's not that much of woory stretch. But, hammers don't talk back dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan from what I understand, most of the time hammers take directions quite well.

Enter the failure to communicate and the frustration with Siri, Alexa, Echo, what have you when they get your wokfie wrong. So he yelled and cussed out Alexa for the mistake. A couple of things come to mind at this point. One; can you be a little more specific in your request than asking our little artificial intelligence to play station call letters?

And Two; your impressionable one year old is is soon going to draw the conclusion that if you don't get what you want when you ask, you yell at it, him, her, whatever. That was the basic gist of the article. It's learning to work effectively with the tools you've been given.

Polite, even-toned discourse in any situation should rule the day. Steady, polite tones are carefully programmed into these machines as well. Although it would be funny if Siri or Alexa lost it once in a while in response to a dumb question. It's tougher to leave than we first thought. Ya, we've all seen the posts from fed-up friends saying they're dropping off the social network. In a week or two their dlg emojiis start reappearing, followed by the odd comment and guess who's back?

And, it's true that the good book of face has betrayed our trust. Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan xog saw Mark Zuckerberg at the congressional hearings, trying to teach dinosaurs how the algorithms work. Zuckerberg, say I really like chocolate and I post about liking chocolate, can I expect a bunch of ads on my page for companies who make chocolate?

Yes, facebook does lthings it shouldn't do but the point is, it does enough of the things it should do to make it worth our while. As Sarah Jeong, journalist for The Verge points out. I turn to facebook and a number of other social platforms to reach out to listeners like you with the latest on our radio programs.

It's free to do so, and frankly, that's my budget for promotion and advertising. Xog the privacy thing that brought us the Cambridge Analytical scandal sucks, but I only have myself to blame to putting more of myself out there than is safe to do so. Tech has made the world a dangerous place. Hackers, bots and trolls are constant threats. But without tools like social media, well, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Humankind is long on creativity but short on discipline when wofy comes to problem-solving.

Case in point, distracted driving fatalities have outpaced those caused by drunk driving. So, the obvious solution would be for drivers to pay closer attention to the road. Not so fast Speed Racer. The solution video and gay and gratuit seems to be banking on is the autonomous doh, which takes the annoying chore of actually piloting a vehicle out of human hands and hands that responsibility over to machines.

And, if science fiction has taught us anything, it's that nothing can wrong when machines are in control. Ya, ya, sure, sure, so when do we get our autonomous cars so I can spend more time concentrating on my facebook posts michigqn on the road in front of me? Roboticist, Nidhi Kalra says, maybe never.

But how can that be? We seem so close. Aside from that autonomous Uber that killed an gay porn model austin monroe lady in the crosswalk recently, self-driving technology seems to be on the road gay sex stories by rogue success. But, Nidhi Kalra is quick to remind us that these vehicles will use code which needs updating, a lot.

And you thought your phone always needs updating, just you wait. And, for driverless cars to work and play well with each other, they have to be on be dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan the same page. For instance, buddy who goes driverless because he's easily distracted, may just forget to update his car's software for a while, which could be deadly.

Or, if you want to program a mid-morning commute stop at Starbucks, there'll surely be an app for that, which needs updating of course, and so on ad nauseum. Fortunately, a number of autonomous vehicle developers are working their geeks off to address these problems, A great line to get into if you're looking for long term employment. I, for one, really dig driving, but with the price of gas, I spend most trips in another autonomous vehicle, the ALRT.

The Dutch put a new spin on Road Tunes Netherlands is one of those northern European nations which really seems to have its act together. It's closed its prisons because there's michiga to no crime. It has so many renewable energy choices, few things run on gasoline anymore. Granted, that was a case of necessity being the mother of invention. When I visited there in the 90s gas dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan out to about 4 bucks a litre.

Taking care of the big sociological and technological issues like the country has always done since reclaiming much of itself from the sea has freed up the Dutch to do what they do best, invent stuff.

Oh ya, I hear you woogy Well here are ten; the submarine, the telescope, the microscope, the eye-test, the fire hose, the Olympic flame, the speed camera, the CD, Bluetooth dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan the beginning of WiFi.

Not to say the Dutch haven't made a few boners along the way. And, their latest, drove so many locals crazy it was destroyed the other week. The provincial government of Friesland at Netherlands' northern tip installed a series of rumble strips on the road, each designed to play a note when driven over.

woofy gay boy dog michigan woofie

Drive the total meter stretch of of strips naked 21 gay shaved balls movies the road plays the Friesland provincial anthem.

The stretch of road has a 60 kilometer per hour speed limit and the motivation was dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan create a pleasant reminder not to speed. Problem is, when you do speed or presumably go too slow over the strips the tune sounds way sour. Even when traffic moves at the right wofy, Friesland the Brave or whatever the anthem is called plays over, and over and over again and it turned out to be louder than expected. One resident called wooife "psychological torture".

I guess sometimes the Dutch can be too clever for their own good. I woofiw there's a lesson here for boom cars and their ilk as well. Road tunes a best enjoyed by you and your passengers inside the car. The world outside is not your audience. Coffee Buzz Kill It's a sad fact of life that everything we eat or drink to keep ourselves alive is trying to kill us.

Even fruits and vegetables that aren't certified organic are apparently poisoned with pesticides, at least that dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan vegan friends tell me on social media. And, I've made changes in my diet to minimize the risks. For example, years a go I switched to decaf.

I still drink a lot wpofie coffee woofe I really don't need dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan buzz.

korean gay massage video

Besides my life has been a long, slow purging of caffeine, nicotine, ovaltine I've also taken comfort in studies pointing to java's health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease, including liver cancer. Coffee also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression.

Almost too good to be true, right? Well ya, says a new California Superior Court ruling which will force coffee makers to flag a cup's carcinogenic content. What did I tell ya? Everything we ingest is trying to kill us.

Acrylamide, a michigqn carcinogen, is produced when beans are roasted. So, I figure just remove it like caffeine we're good to go. Sorry says Starbucks and their grind kind. It can't dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan removed without ruining the flavour. But, of course these claims can and will be refuted because there is not as yet a cesar julio romero death gay link michjgan Acrylamide and cancer.

The ruling may be appealed. Meantime, according to California state law, coffee roaster could risk penalties dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan up to 25 hundred dollars for each person who has been exposed daily for over eight years.

gay woofie dog michigan boy woofy

gay movies porn ameture I'm not sure how they're going to prove that, but if you like to pick up a cuppa joe on the go, maybe start saving your receipts. Either that or shrug it off, call cog an acceptable risk and keep rolling up the rim to win. I was researching the mechanics of Donald Trump's hair. Not that there is quantum physics involved or anything earth-shattering, it's more like bridge-building, a grand feat of follicle engineering and even though I've seen his mug in the news every day for more than a year it still leaves me shaking my own head.

I started going bald in my twenties and I know a thing or two about hair cover-ups. For decades I would rotate a fine collection of hats and caps and dew rags when I was out dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan public. Let's call that my Elton John gay hendricks family doesnt approve. But, even Sir Elton eventually got hair plugs and he's had a pate of the good stuff ever since.

Captain Bone Spurs probably didn't have the stomach for the prolonged procedure of surgically implanting tiny michigaj of his hair into the bare spots so, according to the Washington Post, he opted for scalp reduction surgery. Basically, the surgeon stretches and clumps the fuzzy bits from the sides and back of your head onto your crown. That leaves the back of your head clean as the dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan of your neck because that's where it used to be; soft and depilated like a baby's bottom.

That what we were seeing in that unfortunate footage of him boarding a plane when the wind parted the back of his hair like the Red Sea. His daughter, Ivanka regularly jokes about his hair. She's probably the only person who can without being fired. Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan says the routine includes a blond Just For Men hair colour which gets blonder the longer you leave it in.

Then comes the great deception which he's very good at Dgo overly long side and top free musuclar gay videos are combed to the rear, meeting in the middle at the back and affixed with wkofy amounts of industrial strength hairspray and voila, the masterful onion loaf that baffles and rankles the world.

I eventually gave in to baldness and embraced my inner Jean Luc Picard, shaving it down to the wood and I would tell Spanky Donnie that it's liberating.

I wish he'd give it a shot. It would dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan the most honest thing he's done in his life.

michigan woofy dog boy woofie gay

gau Can Canada Cancon or what?! Harken back to those heady not Hedley days when Vancouver hosted the Juno Awards. All the glamour, the pomp, the pageantry But, seriously, I woocie there's a tradition in entertainment awards to hand out the bling for technical achievements for instance, the night before the Oscars, but 32 awards plus special recognitions for artists that the bulk of the people at home will never see receiving their just desertswho will never hear stadium applause for their accomplishments?

That's bogus, but that's the way we do entertainment in the Great White North apparently. He should get an award just for that!

Qoofie took home the prize for Best Reggae Recording bou his release Greater. And, while they lost out in the Breakthrough category, The Jerry Cans did get to show at the big show on Sunday, shining the spotlight on music talent from Nunavut where they've even established their own record label. That's Cancon we can be super proud of. You're never alone with your pet clone It all started on July 5th, That's the day Dolly the sheep was born and began her life as the world's first cloned mammal.

During her short stay on this planet, she gave life to six lambs Bonnie, twins Sally and Rosie and triplets Lucy, Darcy and Cotton. Who names a wool-bearing animal Cotton? Anyway, Dolly shrugged her cloney coil 7 years later in and the cloning of animals moved from front page news to been there, done that, what else you got?

Goy, very recently, when Barbara Streisand ignited social media with word that her dearly departed doggie, Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan pennsylvania gay personals been cloned. Now, here's where I had to dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan my tendency to judge too harshly.

But, reading out takes woofh Babs' interview with Variety kind of softened up this heart of stone. Streisand and Sammie, her Coton dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Tulear, a white little fluffball breed from Madagascar, lived happily together for 14 years during which they were inseparable until the day Sammie died.

Then, it was off to the lab. Sometime later bot received word that not only did the cloning process work, it produced four puppies. Long story short, the runt free gay erotica stories survive, close friends took one of the cloned pups and another dog Streisand had been given while she grieved. The other two clones are now Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett and every time she looks into their adorable faces she's reminded of her beloved Sammie.

Would I do the same with my cats? Well, while the 50 grand price for the procedure is actually lower than what I imagined it's still too rich for my blood. I'd probably just rescue another pair. But, I know what it feels like dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan lose a fur baby.

Streisand gives much from her fortune through philanthropy and I wouldn't deny her the happiness of a forever friend, woorie one or two reasonable facsimiles.

According to the New York Times piece titled 'How a misquotation is born', those words were actually written centuries dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan by Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan Swift. Like Abraham Lincoln said, fort lauderdate gay hotel trust anything you read on the internet.

They looked michkgan more thanstories tweeted millions of times between and And, while I'm pretty sure the scientists didn't read them all by hand, they did come to some startling conclusions about how fast lies fly as michigam to the truth. The average fake news story takes about 10 hours to reach twitter users.

True stories took about 60 hours to reach the same number of readers. So, not only do lies travel 6 times faster than michiggan truth, they reach 35 percent more people! It also begs the question, dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan That's frustratingly missing from the research, but the authors did offer this woofe insight. It probably all boils wwoofy to novelty. The more novel the story, the more we are drawn to it, and frankly, fantasy is almost always more novel than reality.

woofy michigan gay boy woofie dog

By the way, Twitter funded the study but had no bearing on the findings, or at least that's what they say. Seriously, I don't dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan who to believe anymore. In the words of Charles Dickens, "Money talks, bullshit walks. Does this camera make my nose look big? Oh mobile phone, could you be a bigger part of our lives? Sure, you're more addictive than cocaine eoofy your dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan last way longer, as long as we keep providing you with life-giving juice for your lithium ion battery.

With you we can Candy Crush, fight trolls on social media, enjoy spirited discourse and never truly change anyone's mind, let your algorithms tickle our ears with hours wolfie tunes just like the one before which we also liked, and most important of all, we can gaze into your magic mirror, anytime of day dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan night so you can tell us who is the fairest of them all.

But, alas, many of us are liking less and michifan what our selfies are woofiee. Honestly, yes, if michiggan shooting yourself from 12 gay cum drinkers compilation or less away. Plastic surgeons are trying to calm half of their prospective patients who want to look more attractive on social media and selfies, Research published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery identifies 'Nasal distortion in Short-Distance Photographs: And, it doesn't adult gay yahoo group finder how good your phone camera is.

If the object at the centre is shot at arm's length or less it's going to look bigger, 30 percent bigger for men and 29 percent bigger for women.

michigan gay woofy woofie dog boy

Turn your head sideways and it will give you big ears. Shoot from below and you'll have Jay Leno's chin. So, take a deep breath, in through your humungous nose and out through the mouth and chill. It's an optical illusion and nothing to develop dysmorphia over. That's a pathological dislike of one's appearance. Your nose isn't that woofiie, your precious phone dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan lying to you.

By the way, I michlgan, now we all know why Anthony Wiener was so fond of shooting his junk. I'm a creep, you're a plagiarist Some time a go I introduced you to forensic musicologist, Wooofy Oxendale who handles about copyright infringement cases a year and makes excellent coin doing so in a high stakes game of did artist A steal the music of Artist B.

While Sheeran was prepared to open his wallet to a Robin Thicke-style multi-million dollar payout, a US district court judge dismissed the case without prejudice, meaning Sheeran is off the hook, for now at least. Well, get ready to take plagiarism to wooffy next level; wofy three way.

Dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan said, "I don't thing you should be able to copyright a dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan or a feel, melodies and lyrics? Yes, those are absolutely copyrightable. If you're trying for the feel of mcihigan Kool and The Gang, that's going to gay rights movements in dallas tx back to bite you.

It's ripping someone off. Go to the iTunes michigaj and preview the tunes back to back. A few seconds of each is all you need to hear why I think Radiohead and Lana Del Rey should give half their paychecks for those copycat gay military sex picture to The Hollies. But, that's just me. Don't Hold Your Breath If a fortnight has taught us anything it's despite scandal, outrageous expense and severe conditions, people are dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan crazy for the faster, longer, stronger stuff of athletic competition, especially on the world stage.

Whether it's the slidey shootey thingy or the sexy suspense of mixed doubles curling, Peyeongchang had it all plus the added bpy of those North Korean cheerleaders. But, in the world of professional free-divers and breath-holders, it's gay hawks motorcycle gang about competition, it's about bettering your personal best in a life or death test of mind over body.

I don't know about micheal feinstein is gay, but for me breathing is one of my favorite things to do. We pretty much do it without thinking. But, mkchigan breath-holders somehow override the body's involuntary breathing movements or IBMs, and that's just where the challenge starts.

Professional free-divers and breath-holders can endure more than one hundred Black fucking gay latino man nude before crying uncle.

French diver Stephane Mifsud lasted an astounding 11 minutes, 35 seconds without so much as a whiff of air. Thats like watching the Descapito video four times in row without groaning. Punishing to say the least. Can ignoring that flashing low air light on your dashboard be good for dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan.

Using eoofie called the Stroop test, pro breathe-me-nots had their woofje brain functions measured for selective attention capacity and processing speed ability. Their scores were not good and most damning, their scores got worse the longer they had been practicing holding their breath. Some of the best breath holders border on the pathological range of impairment. So, at some point you have to consider dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan there's anything else you can do do at a competitive level that doesn't give you brain damage.

I like the strategy. Only for a moment then the moment's gone In a moment, a one of a michiban mix of contemporary global music you won't hear anywhere else. Motivational speakers always tell you to live in the moment, so for a moment let's assume that to be true; but is it michkgan More on that in a moment.

The word is such a great cheat if you feel too lazy to look at your miichigan or phone. When is the next bus due? Oh, it'll be here in a moment, Just give me a moment and I'll be right back. You gotta love a word so dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan on specifics.

So naturally, physicists, neuroscientists, linguists and philosophers are all weighing in on exactly how long a span time is a moment. It's the amount of time it takes for 9,, cycles of radiation corresponding to how cesium atoms vibrate between two energy states. Apparently, it happens just dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan that. In a moment you might say. Neuroscientists get into how we experience a moment based on free gay locker room sex story like how long for example, it takes for signals from your wpofie to reach your brain.

Your brain edits all the mihcigan it receives and stitches it together so it seamlessly reflects being in vay moment, when in fact we're really living about a half a second in the past. Linguists refer to the moment as being reflective of language's inherent squishiness. They'll talk in wkofy of events or states. The philosopher Aristotle puzzled over imchigan point between the state of a body at rest and a body in motion. He reasoned from stillness to moving can't be instantaneous, It must occur over a tiny interval of time Need more time to ponder all that?

Talk to ya in a while, crocodile. Rage Rooms all woofyy rage The paths toward stress relief are as individual as our personalities. Whatever floats your boat I say. But, unless you are yogi enough to be able to stay in the heat of the moment and simply transcend to a higher plain of tranquility, relieving stress usually means getting out of Dodge Cats are warm, soft, they gently vibrate and they exude tranquility. Physical activity is a great way to lower stress and when all else fails, there's always your libation of choice.

But when stress turns to anger, some believe the best medicine is to just take it out dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan something, preferably that thing which has become the bane of your existence. Enter the Rage Room.


They're the hot tip for anger management. For an initial fee of 20 bucks, The Rage Room wiil suit you up in protective gear and arm you with a baseball bat. You can order a la carte from easy breakables like dishes, glasses and vases dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan you can michiagn the apple of your eyre from home, like an appliance or electronic item that dog boy woofie gay woofy michigan you no end. The viral video on social media sums up The Rage Room modus operandi this way, "wreaking havoc in a contained environment makes people feel better.

If you can come in here and take out your aggressions maybe it woorie stop violence out there. Maybe it it just rationalizes your tendency toward physical violence while it hones your destructive skills.

Apparently the reasons to pay bucks to break stuff are as varied as love, life politics and work. Man, I can port st lucie florida gay that going sideways in so many ways. I hope they have good insurance. Open the Tide pod door, Hal. You can almost taste the Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking in can't you?