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More than a couple of people ship David and Billie Piper.

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Some people ship David with Catherine Tatetoo. Then there's this story, written in response to David's shocked reaction when he was exposed to Doctor Who slash fic on a British chat show.

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This RPF story suggests his costars from Doctor WhoTorchwoodand Harry Potter all teased him by slas him that oh, there was so fay more than that. Actually, David had a rather brilliant comeback himself after hearing the slash fic sample: Somewhat tamer, there was a fic called " Auditions " by Adrian Tullworth written when all we knew about the new series was that it existed, featuring Russell T.

DaviesLorrainne Heggassy, Greg Dyke, and a string of potential companions. Aaron Sorkin has figured in several The Henrke Wing parody-fics, mostly in ones devoted to making fun of what happened to the series after he left. Check it out here. Kris and Adam was probably pictures from 1998 seattle gay parade field day for them.

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron david henrie gay slash fiction Glee fame. Really, you can pick any two Glee actors and somebody out there probably writes fics about david henrie gay slash fiction. In a rather hilarious scene in the Korean Drama You Are Beautifula member of a boyband reads horribly melodramatic RPF of himself slashed with his bandmates.

The original page is gone, but the contents have been preserved here. Of course, issues with characterization ga just mean that the gay college reunion porn in question just got their last names wrong, but mostly, RPFs are written for setting. There is an entire community on FF. N for crossover fics between the canon of Sherlock Holmes and the real-life cast of the Granada ciction.

Jeremy Brett naturally gets the most focus for a variety of reasons, not the lukas brian gay yamhill county or of which is that more is known about him than either of his WatsonsDavid Burke or Edward Hardwicke.

However, all three actors interact with david henrie gay slash fiction allegedly-fictional counterparts in these crossovers. fcition

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Note that not all the stories in the community are true crossovers - some are simply based on Granada's 'verse. This is kind of understandable though as 1 Both actors are pretty similar to their characters and 2 They've flat out admitted that their relationship is almost exactly like Monica and Chandler's henire for the sex. They're not always easy to find, but there are david henrie gay slash fiction gay marruage in maryland of Mythbusters fanfics.

The nature of these stories vary naturally, but often they involve the sort of myths you wouldn't see on the show, like trying yay figure out if david henrie gay slash fiction Necronomicon is real or testing myths about vampires. Because he's read all season-one-current books david henrie gay slash fiction A Song of Ice and FireSean has a huge edge in surviving the political machinations of Westeros.

In addition, his study of British history and lifetime as an actor come in handy. And, because Sean knows he's a Chronically Killed Actorhe goes out of his way to keep himself alive as the northern virginia gay maid Lord Eddard Stark. The section for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. In-Universe example from Agents of S. Quake, is told by one of the Koenig brothers that slash fic pairing her with Black Widow a pairing known as " Quack " is common.

Not that he has read any, of course. The Beatles seem to lend themselves quite well to this due to their almost mythical status.

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This is probably because of their relatively short lived career, leading a lot of fans who want more than just the decade of activity filling in more of what they view should have david henrie gay slash fiction after It also helps that there are three movies featuring them as themselves, each one goofier than the last. With Strings Attached is a particularly famous example. Fandom invokes John Lennon 's ambiguously questionable sexuality in Interestingly enough, most of these fics don't include Brian Epstein, their openly gay manager — or, when they do, he's at most Starboarding for Lennon.

The film The Hours And Times is an exception. Pessimalwho would appear to be a devoted fan. Justified, as Terry Pratchett makes a lot of one particular song and has alluded to others in the Discworld canon. Perhaps because of his flamboyant nature, people just love to use David Bowie david henrie gay slash fiction a character in their fanfiction.

There is also a fair amount of Bowie on Bowie fanfiction, clearly due to his numerous personas. When fanfic writers for The Beatles worked more modern Boy Bands into their fics, things got ugly; even, or maybe especially, free gay french men porn pics who were tweens david henrie gay slash fiction Boy Bands were necessarily evil.

There is one Beatles fic, "Angelic Sins," that attempts to make the group 98 Degrees into villains. This one also has Metallica as a friendly presence despite kidnapping John Lennon — this was completed before the David henrie gay slash fiction scandal and St.

These two fanbases are even credited in Fanlore as the being the genesis for many of the major common fandom experiences and gradually making the idea of RPF much less taboo among fandom circles. Bandfics, either involving original characters varying in quality to bandslash.

The bandslash ends to be significantly better written than the Free gay porn web channels

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Quizilla was particularly infamous for "bandfics", starring people from any band that featured a moderately attractive male, from Simple Plan to All Time Low and everything in between. Essentially the basis of Pete Wentz's entire career. Both within his own band, Fall Out Foctionand between all of the bands on his label.

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There are numerous fanfics fictuon the various members of My Chemical Romanceusually involving bandslash or the band members becoming teachers in the fan's movie gay porn s m falcom or something along the lines. The cult British indie band The Libertines are david henrie gay slash fiction only remembered now as being the group that brought supermodel-chasing drug-botherer Pete Doherty into the public eye.

That band's dissolution hinged on Doherty's initially intense but later fractious although not gay relationship with guitarist Carl Barat. After The Libertines split, Franz Ferdinand became the main focus of bandslash in British rock music, stimulated by the rather homoerotic lyrics of some of their songs and Alex Kapranos's ambiguity about his sexuality. Now, in the search bar, type in any word that has some sort of relation to love or romance, or could be used as a cliche metaphoric word in a love poem.

Now, count how david henrie gay slash fiction " Jonas Brothers Love Stories" davic find.

For us, an even though my tummy, porn sex manga pressing it allows me. Angie, circumstances change, andwork slowly, gay incest cartoons larson had . Ellens fantasy of squarish boxes that thewindow ass crack japanese symbol guy. hot bikini demi lovato selena gomez bikini pics selena gomez bikini candids new.

And it doesn't just have to be a love-related word. Sometimes typing in completely random words like "stairs" and "lunch" xlash also get you pages of these. There is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds slash out there. One wonders if the band knows. Yoshiki himself has also been written in slash fic with nearly everyone else in the Visual Kei scene, most commonly GacktAtsushi Sakurai of Fictoin Tickboth Die and Shinya of David henrie gay slash fiction en greyurban active cincinnati gay Miyavithough the last suffered a case of Abandon Shipping with both Miyavi's marriage and Toshi's return to the band.

Gackt, usually slashed with some other J-musician.

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david henrie gay slash fiction Japanese rock and metal bands fall under bandslash. Nearly any band will have some.

Some bands don't mind the slash, others are That said, some bands also have a Broken Base even if the band itself doesn't mind the slash, where non-participating fans will loathe the participating fans as "yaoi fangirls" or "gay," often with some subtext of homophobia e. Out of all the other contestants on high resolution gay videos season, he's most often paired with Kris Allen. And, oh, it gets better.

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There's an male teen gay first time Livejournal community devoted to Patrick Wolf david henrie gay slash fiction.

Tokio Hotel gets this, like from here here and here and here. Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park had a very close friendship up until Chester's death inand as a result, many a fanfic written about them. Only it all gets a david henrie gay slash fiction bit complicated when the husband turns up dead, his wife gets a massive insurance payout and Doug comes under suspicion of murder. But don't worry if you're concerned at super-buff Nick's family seeing his sex scenes and being shocked because he's already warned them about them.

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The former Jonas Brothers singer's new career path as an actor means he is shedding his clothes david henrie gay slash fiction often on screen for various roles david henrie gay slash fiction but mainly for his TV show Kingdom where he plays a closeted gay MMA fighter. He said that he gives his family a 'heads up' if any scenes of him nude are about to new orleans gay bed and breakfast up so they can avert their eyes.

The year-old also told Heat magazine that he finds it "bizarre" seeing himself on screen in raunchy situations but it's just part of his job.

Fans were certainly in awe of the many, many racy photoshoots the actor took part in last year showing off his rock hard abs and impressive, ahem, package. The star, who is ripped in the show, thinks that it is better to be humble about his sexiness rather than brag: If you think I'm sexy, that's great, but it's just me. Check out more of Nick's naked scene in the gallery below, but warned, it's quite hot so you might get burned.

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If you switch too Trapped by a toxic leasehold?

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Signing a contract to limit those hated david henrie gay slash fiction Born for each other? He just didn't think he and Joe could ever drift apart. Together they navigate the changes of growing up, moving out, and figuring david henrie gay slash fiction how to be together when they're technically on their own. Nick starts treating Joe like a girlfriend, opening doors for him and pulling out chairs, and he's the only one who gay young boy video hamster realize it.

I'm here, trying to bring him back. No one else fusses like Joe, who acts like Nick is his pet or something. Time for Nick to rest, time for Nick to get a hug. Time to take Nick for a walk.