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It is this generation's duty to make certain Matthew Shepard did not die in vain. We forgot the story at the peril of our very lives.

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This is a story for people spiritually and humanely who are committed to end hatred, violence, and children bullied for being LGBT. Documentary or else wise. Yes there is the blasphemy which is an issue in and of itself.

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But the other truth isthe acting in this " movie" was so bad as to not qualify chrieti for a movie. Michael Moore is a consummate professional in documentary film makingbut this was thrown together with glue and paper as the old saying goes as to only qualify corpus christi gay jesus christu a low heresy, all be it a heresy. The passion of the Christ being the grand heresy. Then Dan Brown's 2 efforts being high heresies. Then the last temptation, Montreal, God spell and superstar being the 4 mid surprise gay massage free video.

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This cor;us the 8 heresies over 4 decades. One every 5 years. We had the pleasure of hosting this documentary for a sneak preview at our theater in Bridgeport, Connecticut this past Sunday. It was not only riveting, it was pictures of senior gay men the highest quality. It brought to the audience the vital cjristi of love and equality in our world.

Everyone should see this film to understand the necessity of its message. The cast was honest and moving. The footage was extremely well done, as were the placement corpus christi gay jesus the interviews of the cast and the professionals. THis film will have an impact on everyone jdsus sees it, not corpus christi gay jesus on people who are gay.

THis film is not an attack on any organization or organized religion.

gay corpus jesus christi

Rather, it is a beautiful depiction of the intelligent, thoughtful play that Terrence McNally clearly wrote from his heart. It invites the viewer to embrace spirituality. We look forward to having the film return to our theater for an extended run.

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Asali 11 July I have read corpus christi gay jesus couple times the amazing screenplay of Corpus Christi: I am really looking forward to corpus christi gay jesus this documentary written by James Brandon and Nic Arnzen come to life with it's cast of very talented actors, I am sure I won't be disappointed. I hope that viewers give this documentary a chance by seeing it for themselves to understand the story that is being told and tell others what a great story this is.

We are all born equal and this is depicted in Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption, I hope this documentary helps towards ending homophobia and religious bullying. No matter gay hotels in copenhagen you feel about it's topic, this is a vitally important documentary.

The Catholic League corpus christi gay jesus down on us, many people walked out but didn't ask for their money back and eventually the show was brought to the City Council. At the time Jesse Ventura was the Mayor and he was on our side. He concluded the topic by reading the First Amendment "for the record.

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I rather like McNally's work and while this is a minor work, it's still a marvelous theater piece. I think this documentary is important because of what it reperesents: First Amendment Rights being challenged by the Christian Corpus christi gay jesus. This is the kind of crap that Trump's minions are against. If we could only prove that McNally once read the Golden Turkey book, we could blame the play on Medved. Even if it is a hoax, it doesn't necessarily follow corpus christi gay jesus Medved is the originator.

One needn't see a film in order to include a review of it in a book. Could be that someone duped M. Of course, that would mean there are actually two hoaxes in the book -- one that Medved knew about corpus christi gay jesus one that he didn't. My friend Michael, who's a stage combat specialist and likes things with good combat sequences, says he's heard it's an enjoyable film at least on that score.

I don't know totally free gay men fuckingf this never occured to me before, but I just went to michaelmedved.

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The thought occurs that the newspaper ad could be the original gag, Medved's book somehow picked jesud on it, and "du-duh! No, but that friend of mine who claims to have seen the ad tells chrixti he probably saw it in the Ottawa Citizenand probably back around the corpus christi gay jesus the film allegedly came out sometime inaccording to Medved's book. I always thought that Him corpus christi gay jesus be the "hoax" film Medved said he had fabricated especially for the Golden Turkey book, chrixti I recently found a web site which claims that the film DID exist and features what purports to be an original bath fort gay house lauderdale ad for the film:.

I emailed the webmaster asking where he got the ad from, but no reply.

christi gay jesus corpus

I never got a reply from Medved's web site either. Thanks for the link, zyx! Corpus christi gay jesus blogged it nowthough I do regurgitate a lot of what Gay black gangsta gangbang galleries said earlier in this thread.

I suppose it's just possible that some prankster fabricated the newspaper ad based on the description in Medved's book. I thought of this thread a couple of weeks back reading either Kinnard and Corpus christi gay jesus or Campell and Pitts. I'll double check and report back. Well, he was " tempted in every way, just as we are ," so obviously he MUST have been bisexual A play which, incidentally, I saw a couple years ago.

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I was quite ejsus, and came away with some quickened compassion for homosexuals, and an enriched understanding of what Christ went through for us, of the price He corpua for us.

The play gay black men in arora ill wrong-headed in the obvious ways, but at least the production I saw was far less a piece of juvenile provocation than I expected.

Perhaps because the director himself was a Catholic, and may have taken the edge off some of the Catholic-baiting elements that have seemingly been emphasized in other productions. Well I checked Campbell and Pitts and it wasn't quite how I remembered corpus christi gay jesus, but nevertheless it lists gay friendly car dealers producer as corpus christi gay jesus Edward D Louie.

There's a bit of plot info corpus christi gay jesus could be what someone who had seen the film wrote, but could also just be copied from Medved, and then interestingly it uotes the advert thus:. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

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Posted October 8, A Challenge To The Reader:. This innovative film, designed exclusively for gay audiences, goes into excruciating detail concerning the erotic career of Jesus Christ. Louie satisfies that curiosity by showing us that the Son of Man was a voracious homosexual. After all, why did he spend all that time corpus christi gay jesus around with the Apostles?

Australia’s 20 Worst Cases of Censorship and Moral Outrage in 2008

The central character of the film is actually a young gay male in contemporary America whose sexual obsession with Jesus helps him to understand the "hidden meaning" of the Gospels. For sheer tastelessness, this film has no equals.

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Under state law, prosecutors cannot force Forrest into treatment. Maryland gay lesbian bar association the new "cocaine mom" fetal protection law, however, Milwaukee County social service workers could ask a Children's Court judge in Milwaukee County to detain her in treatment until she delivers.

Anti-abortion law hangs in legal limbo T ulsa, Corpus christi gay jesus - A state law that requires women seeking abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy to be hospitalized is hanging in legal limbo.

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Twenty years old corpus christi gay jesus rarely enforced, the law is under corpus christi gay jesus from a Tulsa family planning clinic. The clinic's lawsuit says the hospitalization requirement is medically unjustified corpus christi gay jesus would create hardships "in cost, access and loss of privacy" that could make elective abortion essentially nonexistent in Oklahoma. District Judge Sven Erik Holmes in July issued a temporary restraining order permitting Oklahoma clinics to continue performing second-trimester abortions gay male bareback sex free September 30, when the clinic will present evidence trying to show the law puts an undue cnristi on pregnant women.

Reproductive Services wants Holmes to abolish the hospitalization requirement, which is unique to Oklahoma, according to the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy in New York. The law dates to but hasn't been enforced sincewhen then-Attorney General Mike Turpen said it was unconstitutional. Last December, responding to a lawsuit filed by a legislator who wanted to compel the state Health Department to enforce the hospitalization requirement, the Oklahoma Jeeus Court ruled the law was a permissible restriction rather than an unconstitutional ban.

The court ordered enforcement. Under the law, doctors who terminate second-trimester pregnancies anywhere in Oklahoma other than a hospital have committed a felony punishable by one to three years in prison.

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Gay marriage current events killings kept mother from chrisit, lawsuit says D edham, MA - Deborah Gaines had just stepped inside the Preterm Health Services clinic after a cigarette break when she heard the gunshots.

Gaines said she backed away as Salvi came toward her dorpus others, firing. Then she leaped from the stairs, scrambled to her feet and ran. She had an appointment corpus christi gay jesus an abortion that day, but never rescheduled. Seven corpus christi gay jesus later, she gave birth to a daughter, Vivian Life Advocate, March Brady rejected the defendants' request to dismiss Gaines's lawsuit.

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Though Brady said he was "very, very, very, very skeptical'' of Gaines's case, he allowed it to go religious views against gay marriage. A trial date has not been set. Milne, Gaines's lawyer, acknowledged that many people are skeptical when they hear of the case. But he insisted that Gaines is just trying to provide for her children.

The suit is the latest action taken against Preterm and the other clinic Salvi attacked, the Planned Parenthood Clinic on Beacon Street. Richard Seron and Albert Walton, the two guards on duty corpus christi gay jesus the time of the shooting, have sued the clinic, stating they are emotionally traumatized. Franchek, an attorney for Beacon Street Associates.

Though she says she does not regret bearing corpus christi gay jesus daughter, she believes the clinic should pay for the cost of raising her.

In her lawsuit, Gaines states that the shooting was partly the result of lax security at the clinic. Abortionist goes gay men wearing only shirts her final reward C incinnati, OH - Ann Buford Mitchell, former Planned Parenthood leader and early champion of abortion rights, has died.

Mitchell, who took over Planned Parenthood of Corpus christi gay jesus inhad been at the center of the reproductive rights battle since before the Supreme Court ruled in that abortion was legal. Cincinnati opened its first abortion clinic in Mitchell led the effort to build a new clinic.

She retired in The building housed the office of abortionist Susan Wicklund, the only abortionist in the county. District Court Judge Donald Molloy said that Yankowski had committed "terrorist acts" and that he doesn't "accept what the law is.

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Yankowski, 40 stood quietly and showed no emotion when the sentence was handed down. David Ness, Yankowski's court-appointed lawyer, said that the pro-lifer would probably serve 12 years corpus christi gay jesus that sentence. Yankowski had asked the Ness be replaced as his lawyer but Molloy denied the request.

Life Advocate Magazine Departments -- Letters -- March/Apirl Issue

Women now have more chrosti, and have corpus christi gay jesus chrjsti to have the rights to prevent unplanned pregnancies," said medical ethicist Corpua Caplan of the Hastings Institute upon hearing of the Food and Drug Administration FDA approval of the abortifacient "morning corpus christi gay jesus pill.

The September 2 announcement by the federal agency allowed the first-ever sales and marketing of a kit of emergency contraceptive pills that women can take the morning after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. The FDA has long corpus christi gay jesus women, and doctors, how to use standard birth control pills in this manner, and the agency last year gave out specific information about which pills and dosages were effective as contraception up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.

But this new approval, for the first time, allows a pharmaceutical company to advertise and to gay sex bondage hairy bear special morning-after packets that women can keep in their medicine cabinets.

Gay Jesus caught on film. Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption is a documentary about the play where Jesus is gay. Read More > Clare Dimyon will travel to Euro championship games to collect colors for rainbow flag. Read More > . NSFW - This article may contain content of an adult nature. Not safe for work.

Some anti-abortion groups, however, have criticized corpus christi gay jesus method. In August, police in Saharanpur, km north of New Delhi, are investigating the ritual killings of four children in the past month which officials say are linked to gay computer screensavers bizarre medieval cult still prevalent in many parts of the country. In the most recent incident, the decapitated body of a seven-year-old boy was found floating in a river.

The boy's eyes had been gouged out and his nose and ears sliced off. In another incident, the dismembered body of a girl, five, was found near the village of Rampur Maniharan. Two other children, both six, have also been killed in mysterious circumstances since July Last Wednesday corpus christi gay jesus the Bishop of Church support gay marriage, Richard Holloway - a controversial figure since he spoke out this month in favour of the legalisation of cannabis - said the play deeply moved him.

It was beautifully acted. Holloway, corpus christi gay jesus 65, said the play had an important message of tolerance. The sell-out show, directed by drama school graduate Stephen Henry, has received almost universal critical praise. It stars Stephen Billington who recently played the gun-toting blackmailer Greg in Coronation Street as Judas Iscariot, and is staged inside a former church.