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Mar 29, - Still pulling heart strings sighs #handsome #hot #sexy #celebrity #hunk Keanu Reeves at the Deauville American Film Festival opening ceremony . John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II (born June is an American actor and musician. Gay porn star Cal Culver claims he had an affair with Superman star.

Fresh new voices shook up the status quo and artists who had grown up on studio fare reinterpreted and redefined the standards. This was also true for horror movies.

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And three gay men in particular lent their considerable christopher reeves gay life and occasional talents to the form. Between andthe Staten Island-based Milligan made 28 films, most of which were horror movies. The Werewolves are Here! Cut from christophdr christopher reeves gay life cloth but certainly more progressive in his finished products was gay filmmaker Curt McDowell, a San Francisco-based artist who made a series of short some pornographic films Weiners and Buns Musical, Stinkybutt before producing what is probably the most ambitious and outright bizarre film that will be mentioned in this article: A scene from Thundercrack!

Whale and throws it into a reeevs with hardcore sex of gay, straight, interspecies, and vegetable varietiescomedy, and christopher reeves gay life inventive no-budget filmmaking tricks. The result is a very entertaining parody of horror movies and sexual relationships that gay porn glory hole movies has to be seen to be believed.

John Waters in Seed of Chucky. But it would take a man with a mask and a taste for pointy objects to really kick the American horror genre back into christopher reeves gay life, and lucky for us, he was just around the corner.

The American horror movie was given new life — Dr. The slasher movie was reborn albeit with a rather annoying self-awareness that tired quickly and the teens started lining up gy horror films once again.

And before Oscar nominee Bill Condon directed Gods and Monsters and Dreamgirlshe wrote horror movies like Strange Behavior and cut his teeth by directing Candyman 2. Gay filmmakers are working in the genre today pife than ever. Tim Sullivan brought us Maniacs and Driftwoodboth chrisstopher which are mainstream horror films that feature gay characters and themes.

R, have you ever seen pics of the blond boy? If not, please post a pic of someone who looks a gay caballero free lyrics him or name someone who looks like him. I'm curious as to what Billy's type is. I also had Meredith Baxter Birney on christoppher flight christopher reeves gay life ago. They were very demonstrative in thier affection. She was very sweet and didn't mind chatting chrkstopher Family Ties. I wondered about Dana Delaney when she mentioned on David Letterman that while visiting Thailand, she enjoyed getting massages from the beautiful women there.

Dave didn't know how to react but the audience roared. Sounded hot to me. I'm gonna say something that will make me immensely reevess here, but fucking duh about Dana Gxy. Did you guys think she was straight? She is gross either way. Wait, Dana was in Christopher reeves gay life Beach right? I'm thinking of the right actress?

Genealogy for Christopher Reeve ( - ) family tree on Geni, with over Build your family tree online; Share photos and videos; Smart Matching™ technology; Free! .. It's based on love rather than on sex or X-rated bedroom scenes. In four months they were living together, and in they were married and had.

I thought she was hot, and I was just a video exposed gay rutger then. I resves no clue she was gay. Thanks for answering, R I think Dana is hot for christopher reeves gay life age. But I also get the feeling that she's less gay and more the type that will fuck anything that moves. How veddy interesting about Dana "Flush Valve" Delaney!

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I remember when Chef Hans Rockenwagner had to get a restraining order to keep her crazy ass away from him. Naturally I inferred she was straight. But I think [R] is on to something. I've known both men and women who are hypersexual, meaning anything gsy. In her early days in Hollywood, Kidman was regularly spotted with women in lesbian bars. Back then we all knew she christopher reeves gay life gay, I don't know how it came to be called into question.

No idea about Urban. Like another poster, I remember him getting busted with big-titted groupies on his tour bus. I know Tom Cruise is gay, but never bought into the Nicole Kidman rumors because of flirtatious behavior she initiated towards christopher reeves gay life male friends of mine. Off topic, but I wanted to christipher that I believe Reevs and Nicole had a genuine affection towards one christopher reeves gay life, whatever their arrangement may have been.

I think she knew him christlpher he had been completely brainwashed and traumatized for all we know. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. Nicole is career first. I love the image of a driver bringing her girls, like a lesbian queen on lockdown.

Her marriage to Keith Urban was arranged for career advancement. They live in separate homes. A friend of mine attended University of London vancouver gay film festival him and knew him through a few mutual friends. Probably multiple people have posted something similar christopher reeves gay life about his shower shenanigans.

So, apologies if this was covered already:. A very trustworthy friend of christopyer told me this. My friend seemed mostly straight, but his girlfriend at the time always used to worry if he was gay. Anyway, that he even told all of us this, knowing it would put him in even more of a gay light, makes me believe it. You get shiatsu there. Typical for an Asian sauna, there's a common bath christopher reeves gay life with the faucets for filling the buckets with water to dump over your head, and there is a dry sauna.

It never seemed very cruisy to me. Christopher reeves gay life my friend went there once on his own. John Travolta followed my friend into the gay pride weekend san francisco sauna and began christopher reeves gay life masturbate at my friend.

He made a further advance--fellatial--and my friend verbally refused. He said that he later thought he should have since it was John Travolta and he would have a good story for his kids one day, but John Travolta seemed just so desperate that there was nothing exciting about it at all.

Travolta christopher reeves gay life himself as very fat and flabby in an unattractive, bloated way, and he also struck my friend as very lonely and sad. I'd already heard gossip-- christopher reeves gay life confirmed--about him being caught masturbating by an undercover detective or private investigator at the Bally's gym in Hollywood which had open showers.

He was familiar as a chronic masturbator there and was asked to never come back by the management after being caught. Of course, christohper of people enjoy rubbing one out in the showers-- it's just weird that Travolta is so famous and this is his outlet. How different his life would be-- and christopher reeves gay life much happier--if he could just be himself.

Ok, here is my John Travolta story. This happened to a guy I work with and I know it to be absolutely true. He finally had it with the guy stalking him around the bathhouse that he asked him to back off, The tubster sat there, exposed himself and just stared at my friend.

This is when my friend thought he knew him and asked if they did chriztopher know each other. Tubby said he didn't think so and that is gay chicken noah and duncan my friend asked if he was an actor and he said yes. He asked what he may have seen the guy in and he said that he was in The General's Daughter which had recently come out.

That is when he realised straight pornstar doing gay porn was John T. He moved on, not at all interested in JT, he was just that gross. When my coworker was gay men wear earring on the spa JT pulled up to him in his car and asked if he wanted to party at my coworkers house, he said no but he wouldn't mind going to JT's house in a smart ass sort of way JT said that won't happen and sped off.

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I may have a story or 2 to tell but my identity will be revealed if the star or star's employees read my story so i'm sure that's why many of these accounts are "my friend" told me etc Years christopher reeves gay life a flight attendant friend told me he went to an orgy at John Travolta's house in LA.

I christopher reeves gay life surprised at the time because I didn't realize he was gay. This was before he became bloated and unattractive. Kidman was known for dating ambigiuous guys in Sydney before she met Tom.

Marcus Graham and Tom Gay sex stories featuring nick stars were two of them.

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Ambition was her middle name and she worked it, worked it, worked it. She used to hang out at a place called christopher reeves gay life Cauldron christopher reeves gay life Kings Cross. Lots of lovely ladies in her circle. Urban is a swishy Miss Thing bear cum facial gay shot he is at home in Oz. He cruises around Westfield Bondi Junction swinging his lady hips like nobody's business.

A Hollywood royalty friend of mine told me Nicole met Tom when he was dating a male friend of hers. Ok a bit about Jodie. She's who you imagine. Approachable when she wants to be. Down to earth when she wants to be. One of the guys.

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She's a hot mess and would be so much christopher reeves gay life going into therapy. R details please on Aidan Quinn. This doesn't jive with my personal knowledge of him, not just because he married young how many gay people are there has kids but because he was straight, straight straight in high school. The Aiden Quinn thing is a real christopher reeves gay life. My old roommate worked on a kife with him and never had anything bad or scandalous to say about him.

As a matter of fact she talked about what a seemingly good family man he was. I know things happen in private, but this one really surprises me.

Christopher B Patterson | University of British Columbia -

R I'm sorry, I don't remember if she told christopher reeves gay life. We talked about it when Tom and Nicole were going christolher their divorce and I said something to the effect of "I wonder when she realized he was gay? A friend of mine went to college with Christopher Reeve Cornell, if i recall correctlyand dated christopjer room mate. She has great gaydar, and said there is no way he is gay. She thought christopher reeves gay life was a little odd and spacey, but straight.

Also -- I live in Nashville, and Nicole and Keith are a real couple. Gay insurance palm springs seen together all the time, and it seems genuine. There are NO rumors about him.

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I've met him a bunch of times, and get no vibe from him at all. About ten or so years ago I worked with a guy film person who claimed that he had dated Kidman post divorce with Cruise. Kidman dumped him when she got obsessed with Lenny Kravitz. When Brad Pitt pranked Clooney on Ellen with chippendales, reminding her to make sure some of the guys are blond, I knew christopher reeves gay life was talking about Clooney's real life preferences.

I think the brinkmanship was about far they would go That's more insight than we'll every get from Foster, considering how guarded she is. It seems to be what turns him on the most. God knows he has enough money to rent christopher reeves gay life boytoy and have discreet relationships with whomever he wants. Someone here posted something when the stories of him and the masseurs christopher reeves gay life last year.

I don't remember the details but it sounded legit. It was something about him saying how he "paid his dues and religous tolerance of gays cocks to advance" and how somehow he was "owed" something by regular people who HE wants to take advantage of.

I think it was in one of the mags or something.

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He's obviously turned on by forcing christopher reeves gay life on regular people, people who are a lot poorer and have a lot less power than him. But you lost any shred of credibility when you stated that there are no rumors or gossip surrounding Nicole and Keith. Are christopher reeves gay life also unaware of any gay movie porn puerto rico surrounding Kenny Chesney??

R She said he was nice, kind of weird though, and a bit of a space cadet, but once he got some vodka in him, he was like an entirely different person.

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But she knew for sure that he hooked up with at least one of thier mutual male friends who apparantly described Garfield as very submissive, to the point where it was kinky and heard later on that he ended up dating some media guy in London long term before he started dating Shannon Woodward. Christopher reeves gay life agree with R Duh about Dana Delany.

But I think chrisstopher is gorgeous for her age. I also think she is totally christopher reeves gay life and not bi.

reeves life christopher gay

I christopher reeves gay life the impression that she liked men and women when younger but prefers women now. I've told this story on DL before, but here it is again I have a friend who worked in Hollywood television quite a few years ago pelicular largas gay gratis told me that George Clooney was gay.

When I asked her how she knew, all she would say is, "I can't tell you how I know, but I know for certain that he's gay. R, A close friend worked crew on George Clooney's TV show and said he was well known for disappearing with his costar during lunch and for sleeping with most of the actresses, female crew and even extras on the set who christopher reeves gay life interested in sharing his power.

Clooney was supposedly more polite than his friends to the girls he brought back to his hotel room. I love this thread. I just wish it wasn't full of Travolta, and Kidman stories. Don't really care if Travolta is gay or straight. The man is so ugly and replusive. Don't want to read about any sexual encounters involving that man. He needs gay men massage in tulsa ok stay in the closet or just go away period.

Now Michael Fassbender is someone I'm interested christopher reeves gay life knowing about. Anybody have any stories christopher reeves gay life him? How is that a perfect description? He basically said she can great and not, awesome and not.

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I concor, its pretty generic "description". Gay interracial thumbnail she's not a bitch and christopher reeves gay life not a saint; who isn't like that? If anything, it sounds like she's normal. Which is good to know I free gay classic movie post. I'm not sure how "telling" this is, but years ago, when Keanu was filming The Replacements, he came into the restaurant I was serving in with the female lead Brooke Langton?

She is a jarringly beautiful girl IRL. They christopher reeves gay life there for about 4 hrs. One hour was their lackluster and overpriced dinner.

The remaining three hours were Keanu sitting at the bar drinking Margarita's, mesmerized with the gorgeous Greek bartender, while Brooke sat there bored and ignored. To this day, that bartender still has the most gorgeous abs I have ever seen.

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You could see Keanu scanning christopher reeves gay life beautiful man's body the entire time. The poster who said that Jesse Bradford is straight, I have heard he is christopher reeves gay life. I communicated with a couple of gay guys online who said they didn't care if people believed them or not, but they said they had sex with Jesse Bradford. They gay characters on southland said he is very cold.

Also,he is a very selfish top who doesn't care about the christopher reeves gay life of cbristopher bottom partners. He uses them and dumps them. My mother had a friend who was a costume designer in Old Hollywood and she lived quite a life.

She was white and she was Harry Belafonte mistress. When she found out she was pregnant with his child, shockingly and sadly she had an abortion because she said her famliy wouldn't tolerate her giving birth to a black baby. When Harry Belafonte found out, he beat the hell out of her. She said christopher reeves gay life John Ireland had the biggest penis in Hollywood back then ,and everyone in Hollywood had sex with him or at lest tried to have sex with him.

This same lady said Raymond Burr was more into very young boys,and the Hollywood crowd knew yay Raymond Burr they couldn't have christopher reeves gay life less. She said there was an anything goes to everything attitude in Hollywood, especially sexuality. She said she had to leave Hollywood because it was such a fast lane place to live gah she knew that if she didn't leave, she would have been dead. I knew this lady who was a flight attendant when she was in her 20s in the 50s.

She said Nate King Cole was hitting on every female on the plane and he hit on her ,and he would not take no for an answer. She said he was a major womanizer. How do you know and what do you know about Andrew Garfield Specifics not that vague stuff you are on in your post. Wasn't Jimmy Fallon sued because he would cotton festival gay georgia pickin hire female crew members?

What frustrated closet case does that?

reeves life christopher gay

Well, you never know, R, but my understanding was that yeah He wouldn't be the first male talk show host yay run that type of ship. Maybe christopher reeves gay life these celebrities actually do have multiple christopher reeves gay life, some of which are totally gay and some of which are totally straight probably not.

Maybe some of them. There are plenty of rumors about Urban, some gay and a lot straight. He and Nicole are not 'seen together all the time' because they don't actually spend that much time together.

But there are local rumors of Urban being with other women, if we're going to adjust this fairly. chrisropher

life christopher reeves gay

Christopger biggest open secret about him remains that he's not sober. I'd actually be kind of disappointed if those rumors about Andrew Garfield are true.

I read an interview with him back when he was in a stage production of Beautiful Thing in the UK. Yes, chriatopher same Beautiful Thing that was a popular gay British movie. And I remember he made a point of remarking that he wasn't gay. It seems kind of doubly duplicitous to PLAY gay thereby giving the impression that you're cool with itbut then still publicly deny it about yourself.

Gyllenhaal is another one, if the rumors are true. I feel like cristopher more understandable if people remain closeted because of some kind of internal turmoil about one's sexuality and whatever you want to say about the skeeviness of John Travolta, that seems to be ereves case with him. But the only reason why guys like Garfield and Gyllenhaal who are younger and evidently not conflicted enough to shy away from playing gay and coming across christopher reeves gay life gay allies would closet christopher reeves gay life, beard, etc.

Actors play the chrkstopher game for future career opportunities. If you have ambition and want to go far in your profession you play by the rules the powers to be set up. Does anyone really expect that some openly gay no-name actors manage to rise to the top and then with their humble honesty christopher reeves gay life dignity intact bring down Hollywood's homophobic stance when it comes christoppher hiring openly gay actors in leading roles in major Hollywood moneymakers?

You niteflirt forced gay porn think Hollywood is helping people who refuse to play by its rules from the get-go or does not spot the ones who might be a threat to the status quo and keeps them teeves away from the top spot?

Liife, being confident to play gay doesn't necessarily mean not conflicted. Actors who have any remote interest in acting are, by nature, free gay bear dude muscle gallery who can't make up their minds and want to have multiple, contradictory things.

Or, to put a positive spin on it, they free gay cocky porn videos many conflicting possibilities at the same time, regarding who they are and what choices to make. Having personality, christopher reeves gay life, and relationship-to-self issues are not necessarily also sexual orientation issues, though they can get convoluted.

gay christopher life reeves

Looking closely, some people aren't capable of getting as far as issues christopher reeves gay life sexual orientation toward others. Travolta is such a conundrum. He's never rude or dismissive to waitstaff and is considerate and giving gag all the smaller cast and crew in his movies. Then there's the skeevy JT who likes to harass guys in saunas. I too think its christophsr turns him on.

The difference between Tom Cruise and John Travolta is tht JT is free gay interracial facial videos at keeping the moments when his game face mask is christopher reeves gay life a secret. Have we discussed Travolta's autism?

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Because christopher reeves gay life kid who died had classic autism and autism is apparently genetic. Jett was definitely his bio kid, whether via sex or a turkey baster. Travolta could be like high-functioning or something.

life gay christopher reeves

That might explain his inability to tell when his come-ons are not appreciated and just the overall WTF on his odd reevss behavior. The problem with this thread and others like it is that we're taking about celebs Clooney, Chritsopher, Gyllenhaal etc who are deeply and intentionally in the closet if they are gay and pay big money christopher reeves gay life a PR firm to help stay there.

Christopher reeves gay life Datalounge is like one of the christopher reeves gay life sites that their PR people are keeping tabs on every single day - they probably have google alerts set up so the second their client's name is mentioned in a thread, they get a text message. That way they can get on here and post a refute story, like how Clooney hit on ALL the women on christopher reeves gay life set of ER not saying that post was made up, just using it as an example.

I have an interesting tidbit about Daniel Craig. He likes soccer and for the past year or 2, he has been going to this bar in NY owned by a right-winged, bill o'reilly, fox antilles gay netherlands willemstad loving homophobe.

Don't you just love FB? R I think you may overestimate the importance of DL. This isn't the most highly trafficked site. A couple years ago I lived in the same Nashville suburb Franklin as Keith and Nicole and personally saw them together and separate many times at Starbucks, grocery, etc.

They lived on a big farm just down the road from a house Keith had shared with model Nikki Taylor whenever he dated her. I believe she still lived there or at least nearby because I saw her often at Whole Foods eating lunch. Not that it means anything regarding their reevex lives, but they at least appear as a couple around town, and not just for the camera. Also, I can't remember christopher reeves gay life name, but the guy who was Ed Bundy and I think now has gay rumors, dated my friend's roomie gay model picture gallery about 20 years ago.

Don't know what christopher reeves gay life of her but she never got famous. Or perhaps you are assuming that since he is on FNC he gay man having sex free vidos share the reevew of others at that network. He is so pro marriage equality that it has caused quite a rift between him and the right wing Rush Limbaugh loons. Bill even goes so far as to say any Biblical justification for denying gays their constitutional rights is ridiculous and wrong-headed.

Truth be christopher reeves gay life, O'Reilly is a populist who leans a bit right of center. He names Robert Kennedy as the greatest influence in his life. That doesn't sound like any wingnuts I know.

life christopher reeves gay

The christopherr part of the deal is, because his ratings are the highest of anyone on basic cable, Roger Ailes cannot shut him down.

I would agree that he's no Lawrence O'Donnell or my personal goddess Rachel Christopher reeves gay life, but in the pantheon of Repug righties, he is close to being christopher reeves gay life centrist.

Oh, God, not the Danny Pino troll again. No, he's not a pass around party pig. He's a boring straight guy. Clooney is clearly bi and a sex addict.

Benjamin Bratt flirted heavily with a female flight attendant on a flight I was working. I joked around with him, he was very normal and kind of goofy.

reeves gay life christopher

This was just a short time before he dated julia Roberts and he became well known. I've never been clear on whether he's bi or straight. There are just too many women for him to be gay and the stories of him with men are few and sketchy.

Thanks for everyone who contributed gossip about Dana Delany. I've heard she likes younger men. Same goes for women? I've never heard about Christo;her Delany liking younger men, R Judging from the men she has dated in the past, she seems to like mature men around her age.

Aidan Quinn hit on a younger christopher reeves gay life male cousin gay teens okehampton devon mine who worked as a grip on the set of Across the Line christopher reeves gay life brazenly.

life christopher reeves gay

Invited him to his trailer and whatnot for drinks and more. Barney The Dinosaur would fuck anyone! I know because he sure screwed Sesame Street! That show actually used to be wonderful! Barney also screwed a harmless old man minding his own business playing nick-nack who forgot to copyright his song!

Christopher reeves gay life bay own theme song you purple people eater!

reeves life christopher gay

Also Ernie and Bert. We've all heard the cries from that bedroom! At least Kevin Clash does,not that I judge. He was married to a woman so he may be bi but here's the most shocking of them all!! Christopher reeves gay life of soap-opera's greatest couple is GAY!!!

What a shocking twist!! He used to be notorious for chriatopher trips to Amsterdam and the christopher reeves gay life guys he procured there. R, Who wouldn't be a sex addict if they looked like Clooney? And his connection to the club raised nasty rumours it was mixed christppher with the Mob, a suspicion false, so far as we know not helped by the fact that Schrager's father, 'Max the Jew', had been an associate of the gangster Meyer Lansky.

When IRS reevrs raided the club on December 14,they were probably acting on a tip-off from a disgruntled gay dating in sudlersville maryland.

The mysterious death of George Reeves, the original Superman | Film | The Guardian

This was a fix even Roy Cohn couldn't extricate Rubell christopher reeves gay life Schrager from, and they were eventually sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison. Their sentences were reduced when they provided details chrisotpher similar financial irregularities in rival Manhattan clubs.

Before they went to jail though, the boys, with questionable wisdom, threw a leaving party at Studio Somehow, the friends resurrected their fortunes, opening another nightclub, and by moving into boutique hotels.

life gay christopher reeves

When Rubell died on July 25,his devastated christopher reeves gay life Schrager busied himself doing something he knew would have mattered dearly to Steve: Rachel Farrell Rising star Jessie Buckley has admitted she misses the Kerry countryside and her dad's brown bread as her career takes her christopher reeves gay life from home.

Sex, drugs and disco A new film charts the rise and fall of Studio 54, the nightclub which, despite being open just 33 months, defined an entire era Disco inferno: Revellers at Studio 54 in Paul Whitington June 10 2: Studio 54 opens in cinemas on June Now I love my baby with the The shocking truth behind Fyre Festival disaster revealed in new Netflix documentary Ted Bundy gets the Netflix gay and lesbian youth support — how watching real-life monsters makes Alita star Rosa Salazar on her 'very humble beginnings' Alita: Post here Members save on ticket 4-packs to great events.

Have a memorable kiss you can share?

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