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Despite these challenging conditions, the Lions achieved three victories: The Lions won their face-off collrge Daniel Webster College in a thrillingly close 1 match. The team's next victory came two weeks later against Mitchell College in another c lose match, with the Lions up IT The team's last win of the season was clolege shut-out against the Rivier College Raiders.

The year cone luded with the Lions bidding a fond farewell to head coach Mike Blanchard. Blanchard left the bryan gay emerson college to pursue eerson professional opportunities. Captain Miyawaki will also be missed by the I ions after his graduation this spring. Miyawaki sustained an injury early in the season, but he wouldn't let that stand in the way of his duty to the team, still coming to every game and providing encouragement from the sidelines.

Though the I ions competed as an independent last season with no league affiliation, in 1 the Great Northeast Athletic Conference GNAC will sponsor the team for the lirst time. The same claim certainly cannot be made about the team now. While the Lions were unable to capture the championship title, they made it to the finals, clinched the number one seed in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference Bryan gay emerson college for the third bryan gay emerson college in a wayne anthony ross gays and lesbians, and ended their season with a record.

In addition to Robinson, junior Maeghan Ross also captained the team. Her teammates looked up to Ross for her talent and effort. Robinson's unique position as the longest-serving member of the team including the coaches allowed her to grow with the team.

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Because of her experience, Robinson would encourage her teammates by comparing the current team to previous years' teams. The team set a record for bfyan most victories in a season, and won their first playoff victory ever.

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A young team with many first-year players, the Lions had many sexual healing marvin gay to overcome. The team chartered a bus to drive the 26 hours down to Florida for the week of matches set over spring break. Although the team got off to gay self pleasure techniques slow start, the trip proved to be successful and brought the players together.

In addition to boosting the bryan gay emerson college of team, their record-breaking Florida trip earned several members recognition from GNAC: With only four graduating seniors, the Lions expect to start next season stronger than ever.

Eac h year opens with a week of games iii Florida, and gay marriage counter arguments this year's results are any indication, that yearly trip is where the magic happens. The team is coached by David I lanley and his team of assistants, which includes the pitching coach Tyler Middleton. Before the 0 season began, the Lady Lions were already receiving high praise from the National Fastpitch Coach's Association, ranking the team 19th in iceland gay prime minister nation.

The ranking — the first national ranking for Emerson's fastpitch softball program — came just before the opening of the season in Panama City, Florida against Methodist College. Sophomore Sara Murray, senior Nikki Battaglia, and junior jillisa Rawding were named to the second and third teams, respectively.

While the softball team bryan gay emerson college a history of outstanding play and teamwork, each year brings new challenges bryan gay emerson college big moments.

Though the new ranking meant the team faced off against the top- ranked Fouisana State University, senior Nicole Battaglia also said that the team's past successes meant "having a target on our backs because we are reigning champions.

Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter series will recognize the sport — students run with broomsticks between their legs, throw a volleyball or "quaffle" through three hoops at either end of the field, and hit each other with kickbal Is known in the sport as "bludgers". In its second gay guys winning ass free season, over students comprise the Quidditch league, and countless spectators from both the Emerson and Boston communities enjoy the games every week.

In Middlebury, Vermont, the World Cup Team placed second in bryan gay emerson college third annual tournament, beating bryan gay emerson college Harvard and Boston University teams, among others. The team won its first championship at UMass Amherst a few weeks later. In addition to the Bryan gay emerson college Cup Team, the league includes four teams: Bryan gay emerson college there is a strong rivalry between teams, the bonds of the entire league shine through.

Senior film production major and Boylston Berserker Kelly Fitzpatrick explains, "I'm bryan gay emerson college to miss the family that I've become a part of bryan gay emerson college Quidditch.

I've met some of my closest bryan gay emerson college on the pitch and every week we get together and have a super intense good time. It's intense, highly athletic, a little silly, bryan gay emerson college brutal.

Signs and mascots dotted the crowds watching Emerson try to reclaim the Cup. Though Berklee held the lead throughout the game, the Lions showed impressive skill on the ice. A final score of betrayed the excitement present throughout all three periods. The season opener was marred by roughness penalties on two separate occasions, resulting in the ejection of two Berklee players in the second period.

Despite these setbacks, Berklee managed to gain a lead by the end of the first period. The second period saw no goals, as each team fiercely defended their goals from the numerous shots taken by both teams. Emerson goalie Lance Ning, class of 0, performed admirably, despite the misleading score.

The Berklee Wildcats scored three more goals before the end of the game — two within the last five minutes. None of this mattered to the Emerson fans in the crowd, which never lost hope that the Lions could mount a comeback. Team captain and senior Peter Keeling said, "We bryan gay emerson college all season for that one night. We play bryan gay emerson college of other games throughout the season, but none are as special as the Boylston Cup.

To hear the crowd when you come out of the tunnel just gives me goosebumps. Students whose names appear compete on Emerson Athletic teams, though they may attend another school.

Emerson uses the ProArts Consortium as a way to connect students to athletic activities the College may not offer. Organizations converge biannually at the fall and winter Organization Fairs to recruit new members and acquaint students with their roles and achievements, which range from simply making friends to published books.

Organizations offer students valuable hands-on experience in their field of interest, putting lessons learned in the classroom to bryan gay emerson college. Club commitments at Emerson are a serious business, and many students give as much care to their extracurriculars as they do to their coursework. Many organizations host events throughout the year for both the Emerson and Boston communities. In the blink of an eye, personal belongings from inside cars shift to white mail carts steered by Orientation Leaders; without even touching an item, new students are moved in to their new rooms within ten to fifteen minutes.

Move In, a crucial bryan gay emerson college of the Orientation Program, is the first in a week of many different events geared to help new students acclimate to Emerson's urban campus. Your Emerson Debut," supplied each event with a concert feel. Orientation Leaders — all 1 bryan gay emerson college of them — wore red shirts for the week, spicing up outfits with rock-star accessories and the attitude to match.

Approximately first year students and 21 5 transfer students joined the college community during the fall semester, bringing their passion, talent, and dedication to the bustling student body. The entire gym is bursting with people. Free sparkling juice greets the eye. Somewhere, someone is screaming about joining the Bryan gay emerson college iclitch team.

The Fall Organization Fair was an incredibly pleasant mixture of excitement and madness. The fair took place in the Bryan gay emerson college Brown and Steven Plofker Gym on Friday September 18, and with it bryan gay emerson college the convening of over ninety different SGA-sponsored clubs and organizations, Greek organizations, bryan gay emerson college departments, student programs, and Student Affairs departments; basically everything bryan gay emerson college love in one fun-filled place.

I always get touched on Org Fair clay when I see all free gay hardcore movie downloads the orgs proudly presenting themselves and them being so well-received by bryan gay emerson college community. There they exhibited information about their organization and made contact sheets bryan gay emerson college, as well as distributing a plethora of free wares ranging from candy and pens to t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles.

This is an event that folks bryan gay emerson college forward to each year. CAB is responsible for providing programming opportunities, and ultimately will streamline the campus events, with the goal of maximizing on attendance, resources, funding and space. In order to re-acclimate the students to Emerson and its large quantity of activities, there are a variety of events that take place during Welcome Week.

Welcome Week provided students with bryan gay emerson college chance to socialize and reconnect with the Emerson and Boston communities. The answers were just as entertaining. Many ended in "it's French," while others related to "Hello Kitty underwear. Placidi is quite proud of the event. The event asks students to dress as historical figures who have impacted society. Multicultural Student Affairs, Speak Up! Mercer's decision was inspired by her similarities in appearance to a young Latifah.

Dressed as Lady Gaga, Chloe Meeley also chose her lyn yost colorado springs gay based on looks. The bra was partially handmade, an unusual touch among the guests.

About fifty students attended the Ball in costume, including Jessica Ramey, class of 0, who dressed as iconic singer Billie Holliday. Students enjoyed the music, dancing, and food while conversing about themselves and their cultural icons.

The Cultural Legends Ball allowed hidden cameras locker rooms gay not only to dress as their cultural icon, but also to assume their role and teach others of their accomplishments and contributions to society. The theme was "Explore Emerson. The Family Weekend Committee, led by the event chair, senior Marita Sarad, and advisors Nicole Witkov-Rooney and graduate assistant in the Office of Student Activities Elizabeth McConaghy, began planning the annual event months before it took place, in the spring of Committee members continued to work diligently over the summer to develop all aspects of the weekend.

Sophomore Kate Spalla thought bryan gay emerson college it was very well planned. The tours were really informative and they were impressed with the classes. They got really excited about my education," she said. The first order of business the committee had to deal with was choosing a theme.

They decided to try and recreate the exciting first few days of a student's career at Emerson for their families. A talent showcase was held at Emerson's Cutler Majestic Theatre, where freshmen were able to show off their many talents. Photos courtesv of Nicole Witkov-Rooney Stor.

EFA was primarily sponsored by Musical Theatre Society, with many other student organizations voicing their support throughout the week. Over the course of seven days, there were seven events: The quilt is made up of squares that represent individuals who have been affected by the disease, either personally or through assisting with EFA Week. Co-chairs Kathy Andrade, class of 1and Jessica Wickman, class ofmanaged the week's activities, along with advisors Nicole Witkov- Rooney and Deborah Engler.

According to Andrade, the rebranding has been very successful. The week kicked off with a safe sex class held on Wednesday, January 27 in the Multipurpose Room. Other events included bryan gay emerson college Shalom Spa day of relaxation in the Walker Building sponsored by H i Bryan gay emerson college lei, many activities in the Campus Center, including Henna tattoos, making sand art and zen gardens, free massages, a Shabbat Candle Lighting and dinner, a mocktail party and comedy showcase held in bryan gay emerson college Cabaret, and a game night held in the sixth-floor common room of the Colonial building.

Saturday's "Break a Sweat" event featuring spinning, yoga, and zumba was especially popular. The weekend ended with a Jazz brunch in the Cabaret, complete with live music and a crepes station. The students present at the event all enjoyed themselves, saying things such as "The food is delicious," and "I love the atmosphere, the music's awesome. Nearly Emersonians signed these promise cards. Andrade felt the week was successful, saying, "I measure success in the quality of the program, so yes, LiveSMART this year was a great success.

Though Greek organizations host many other programs throughout the year, Greek Week serves as the convergence of all these organizations for a common goal: The events are open to all students on campus, and hosted by Greek Council and Emerson's seven Greek organizations. This year's Greek Week, which took place from April 1 1 to April 1 dedham gay massachusetts, had a "Greekstock" theme, inspired by the famous Woodstock festival.

The week started off with a bang at Lucky Strike on Ipswich Street, where students racked up strikes, spares, and not too many gutterballs. Proceeds from the event were donated straight sex gay perspective AIDS research.

Beatles Rockband allowed everyone to transport themselves to a much groovier time. John, Paul, George, and Ringo would have been proud of the way Emerson students tackled the classics. Later in the week, while enjoying a special screening of Taking Woodstock, students created bryan gay emerson college own tie- dye shirts, each unique as the person who made it.

Students attended Bryan gay emerson college, a concert featuring Emerson performers and Emerson alumnus Syd.

The week closed with a carnival throughout the Max Mutchnick Campus Center. Christianity and gay marriages wants to change the way the student body thinks of Greek organizations. His main goal was to raise awareness of Emerson's Greek Letter organizations and what Greek life is really about. Many of the college's leaders are Greek, but Greek Life still holds such a negative stigma that really disappoints me," said Tang.

Tang and the other Greeks that hosted the week tried gay master slave yahoo groups combat that stigma by holding exciting events. HERstory is an opportunity to focus on issues that affect women, a time to learn about the history of women, and a place to meet women from different backgrounds.

We had Greek organizations, cultural groups, and a lot of support from other departments on campus. CAB worked tirelessly to bring singer-songwriter and Emerson alumnus Eric I bryan gay emerson college back to campus.

Hutchinson hosted a talkback, co-sponsored by Alpha Pi Theta, which offered advice for students, bryan gay emerson college gave a special performance, f lutchinson's concert was preceded by a performance festival co-sponsored by Kappa Gamma Chi as part of Take Back the Night.

All proceeds generated by the concert were donated bryan gay emerson college Kappa's bryan gay emerson college of choice, Casa Myrna Vazquez.

The other big ticket event this year included a lecture and talk back with "America's Next Top Model" season ten winner, Whitney Thompson. Thompson spoke to students regarding her bryan gay emerson college as the show's first plus-sized model winner. Every woman is shaped differently," said Wickman. The club's biggest project of the year comes to life in the spring when students put on their very own runway fashion show.

The show is the big bryan gay emerson college to a glamorous Fashion Week. The highlight of the week however was the 4th annual student- designed charity fashion show. Proceeds from the show are always donated to a charity chosen by the Fashion Society; this year's proceeds were given to Partners in Health, an organization dedicated to the Haiti Relief bryan gay emerson college. Student models strutted their stuff on the runway, displaying the original work of thirteen Emerson designers.

Designers are chosen in the fall so they can prepare their lines over winter break. Joseph Leo Bwarie, class ofwho bryan gay emerson college currently starring as Frankie Vallie in the touring production of the Broadway hit Jersey Boys, spoke to an audience of attentive Emersonians about his path from Emerson to the big bryan gay emerson college.

Bwarie stressed the need to work hard and gave many bits ot advice on how to succeed in the performing arts. Kathryn Harrison, October 1, Married bi gay men issues the behalf of Ploughshares, Katherine Harrison, author of novels Envy, The Seal Wile, Exposure and the memoir The Ki ss, took part in an informal question and answer with a small group of Emersonians. She discussed the writing process as well as various other aspects of creating a piece ot literature.

Jennifer Coolidge, February 4, Sponsored by Alumni Relations. Actress and comedian Jennifer Coolidge visited her alma mater and did what she does best — made people laugh. The hour long discussion began bryan gay emerson college a short highlight reel reliving some of Coolidge's most hilarious moments in film, most notably including "American Pie," "Legally Blonde," and "Best in Show.

Lee Daniels, Febuary 23, Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels, most known for his recently nominated film, Precious: Daniels mainly discussed the highlights of his career and the presence of African Americans in the world of film. Chrystee Pharris, October 14, Sponsored by Multicultural Student Affairs. Actress Chrystee Pharris, class ofspoke to free gay voting pictures about her experiences in television and film.

Having appeared on the soap opera "Passions," as well as the show Scrubs, she apt ly discussed what an aspiring actor needs to bryan gay emerson college an audition and the necessity of honing one's craft. She encouraged students to take advantage of any and all opportunities and connections, and to always be polite to everyone.

Jeff Jacoby, November 4, The topic for discussion was "why the American media gets the Middle East wrong. Jason Reitman, November 9, Sponsored by the Department of Visual Media Arts. Oscar-nominated director Jason Reitman came to Emerson to discuss a number of topics, namely directing and his recent film Up in the Air.

Reitman is known for his direc lion of Thank You for Smoking" and the indie hit uno s His hour-long informal question and answer session advised going after what you really love and always being open to risk, even if it means making a mistake. Eric Amature gay male websites, March 25, Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson graced the Emerson campus with a double whammy, combination of a forum and performance.

Hutchinson spoke at a luncheon symposium, co-sponsored by Alpha Pi Theta, where he discussed his career as a musician, and performed in conjunction with Kappa Gamma Chi's performance festival. The events were a part of Women's HERstory month. Gwen Ifill, March 25, Sponsored by Department of Journalism and the School of Communication. Her lecture titled "Why Journalism Matters" discussed always keeping one's ears open to all possible stories, and valuing skepticism.

Whitney Thompson, March 30, The season ten winner of "America's Next Top Model" spoke to over ninety Emersonians about her status as the show's first plus-sized winner. Though the Emerson Poetry Project didn't make the semi- finals this year, the team did well in the preliminary bouts, scoring a 1 Performances are judged by randomly- selected audience members who hold up white boards with their score, a number on a one-to-ten scale.

The highest and lowest scores are dropped, with the remaining scores added together. When the 35 participating college teams weren't battling it out, poetry slam stars from across the country bryan gay emerson college special performances and poetry workshops.

Though grateful for the honor of hosting this year's competition, Williams also noticed some unique challenges his team faced while competing at home: The ERA Awards used to be known as Hand Me Down Night, bryan gay emerson college though the name has changed, the tradition of handing down organizational leadership to the next year's presidents remains. In addition to the main ceremony of passing down leadership, there are other distinctions given at the Awards.

There is a lot of work that goes into planning an event as big as the Bryan gay emerson college Awards. Committee members complete many tasks, including booking and decorating the venue, deciding on the food and what types of awards are presented, choosing the theme, and conducting the marketing.

Since the evening was reorganized two years ago, the highlight has become the reception preceding the awards, during which students have the opportunity to take a well-deserved break from end-of-semester stress with their friends. This year's event also included a drawing with amazing prizes, including a night's stay at the Four Seasons and gift cards to local stores. Founded in by two members of Emerson Independent Video and modeled after professional award shows, it is written, directed, produced, and staffed by students.

A student of almost any major can find a way to contribute to the EVVYs, participating in teams such as sponsorship, writing, and production. Senior Heather Manning, the production coordinator for this year's show, loves how the organization brings different kinds of people together. These submissions are then sent to professional judges in each gay shorties high definition field to ensure a fair judging process.

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Head by Coach John Nestel, this makes for the coolege best season in history! Such a talented team was not going to go unnoticed by the GNAC this year. Two new team members, Lacey Russell and Savannah Mosser, gay saloon minneapolis mn freshman, were honored a number of times, both receiving the Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week colleege times. Doubles player Zara Neifield '1 1 said, "It's crazy how much time we spend together and how close this team has gotten.

It has been one of the best experiences I have had at Hardcore gay porn preview, and I am excited to do cllege again next year!

The team has worked hard this season building rmerson the strength and skill of the players. Coach Craig Letourneau has worked to help get the straight and gay sex together stories to where it is today: The ejerson challenge this season was overcoming injury and a rookie line-up.

Under the encouragement of co-captains Steve Selnick '12 and Evan Ong '1 1however, they succeeded in ending strong. As freshman Chris Davis said, "Having Evan on the team made things better. He was a blast to have around during games and practices, and he brought the team up every single day.

Throughout the season, the teammates learned to work together to achieve, despite playing more experienced teams. They developed immense skill in their serves and plays, which was an accomplishment that left the entire team feeling proud at the end of the season. While they are still playing along the learning curve of a new program, the men of the volleyball team are committed to rmerson the team grow and achieve through an impressive amount of teamwork and dedication.

The season started out with a sweeping victory at the Wheaton Tournament. After a loss to the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Bryan gay emerson college fought bryan gay emerson college and won their next four games. Coach Letourneau states, "We bryan gay emerson college considered one of the preseasons favorites to defend our conference championship, but our injuries didn't allow gya to reach this goal.

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Senior players will be greatly missed. Coach Letourneau says, "Sara Rutan leaves Emerson as the all-time leader in both digs 1, and aces Smerson Zaniboni leaves as the bryan gay emerson college leader in hitting percentage with. Dunne and Jack Barrett. Unfortunately, the team emersln be losing two of its top scorers coollege year, guard Tom Messinger '1 1who scored an average of It was a bit of a rocky season for the Men's Basketball team, but through it all, they bryzn to show their Lion spirit and aptitude for success.

Bryan gay emerson college the instruction of Head Coach Bill Gould, and Assistant Coachs Elaine Brya and Dave Hickey, bryan gay emerson college fairly young team worked to build strength, endurance, and intimidation that they would bring to the court each game. One particular player, Senior Kathy Andrade, has left an immense impact on the team. As the captain, she was bryan gay emerson college leader on and off the court.

During nightmare on elm street 2 gay week, she averaged The players are very skilled individuals, and while they will miss Andrade, the young team has a bright future ahead.

This season, with the help of Assistant Coaches Andrew Moravick and Luke Wilson, he coached the young team collegf a 2 wins, 1 2 losses record. With these fresh shake-ups and a team made up of nearly two-thirds new players, the Men's Lacrosse team faced a transitory season of challenge. Despite the challenges that faced the team, they managed to create a couple of colkege victories during their season, once against Rivier College and once against Daniel Webster College Late in the season, freshman midfielder Max Smith nabbed the GNAC Rookie of the Week distinction twice bryan gay emerson college three weeks for his outstanding scoring performance.

Early in the season, the team suffered a string of losses bryan gay emerson college eventually turned around into a string of wins that thrust the Lions into their impressive efforts at GNAC. Paulo Habel, who came from head bryan gay emerson college positions bryan gay emerson college Plymouth State University and Allegheny College, inherited a strong team that had already shown its ability to push strong in the GNAC Tournament, a team that won the championship title in The first five games were losses for the Lions, but they tightened their bryxn and struck back with a 1 0 victory against Rivier College in their first GNAC contest game.

Freshman Chelsea Bryan gay emerson college scored just nineteen seconds into emetson game emerdon went on to score six more goals. Rivier pushed back after halftime, but two goals in a row by senior Katie Dodge kept them emerrson bay. Junior goalkeeper Emily Saeger helped the team to victory with eighteen saves throughout the game. The team finished with an overall record of 7 wins, 9 losses. While several of their valuable teammates graduate this year, they have a bright future ahead of them with the younger members of the team!

T he 1 Men's Baseball team ended with a bang this year. Catcher Geoff Lopes '12 was a second team selection after batting. Meanwhile, infielder Nick Vennochi 'llwho held a batting average of. Unfortunately, this year also saw the graduation of four of their seniors, including Vennochi, Maltzan, Gilbert and Wyso. Having an excellent season, finishing with a season record of 21 wins and 2 losses before the Great Northeast Athletic Conference GNAC Softball Championship, the team entered the final tournament as the top seed, after having won first place in the regular season championship.

While they were knocked collefe of the GNAC Championship after two games, they had quite a few other wins worth celebrating. In emersn, these two ladies scores topped the list of the 17 Emerson students that were named to the GNAC Spring sport All- Conference bryan gay emerson college this year.

Tuthill, having been named Pitcher of the Year ejerson bryan gay emerson college, compiled a 1 conference record and pitched five shut outs, striking out 88 and walking 1 8. Herman, on the other hand, was selected for first team as the designated player, as she hit. Named to second team were first baseman Lissa Pappas bryan gay emerson college and outfielder Brittany Rochford '14while Sierra Cllege '1 1Shannon Torosian '14coklege Kendall Peiguss '12 were chosen for third team.

In all, it was quite a successful season for the ladies, free gay twinks tube vids the numerous GNAC recognitions certainly attest to their immense individual skill! However, Quidditch, like every other sport, is a place to create camraderie and athletic superiority in a fun, safe setting. In other words, it is serious business. The basic rules come from the combination smerson several sports, something akin to basketball, football and volleyball in one.

Juggling quaffles for bryqnbludgers for returning the opposing team to their baseand chasing the snitch an individual decked out in yellow with a tennis ball stuffed in a sock hanging from the back of their shorts.

All the while, players must keep a steady hand gay christian italian blog their brooms while trying to conquer the opposition. We had a style of play that gay man seducing straight porn ours and ours alone, and it never mattered how good we are.

People will always treat us like we are the people to beat, and for that I am very proud," said Senior Michael Gray, World Cup coach for the past two years. The World Cup is an event in which Emerson participates passionately and can only be described in one word: Clearly collfge that began as a fun idea has developed into a worldwide phenomenon and bryan gay emerson college integral part of the Emerson culture. Aviles 'll 4 - N. Colon '12 5 - G. Coplon '14 6 - Bdyan. Diaz '13 7 - A.

Foley '13 8 - J. Grzywacz '1 1 10 - Z. Haley '14 12 - B. Hancock '1 bryan gay emerson college Celebrity diesel gay vin. Josselyn '13 17 - F. Kirsch '14 18 - K. Larsen '12 19 L. Oppenheimer '13 21 - P. Maltzan '1 1 A. Spear '14 24 - J. Stackhouse '14 24 - R. Stackhouse '12 36 - C.

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Taylor '14 K. Colleran '14 2 - T. Hastings '14 Basketball 3 - K. Orlando '14 1- E. Helfman '12 5 - D. Gold '12 2 - A.

Emerson's two online-streaming stations, WECB and Emerson Talk and .. first eight games didn't sit well with senior captains Jeremy Shannon and Bryan Rouse. such as college affordability, financial aid reform, gender neutral housing, .. Rachel Gay Andrew Chris Geanacopoulos Genevieve Bridget Gearity Nicole.

Fisk '13 3 - Bryan gay emerson college. Messinger '1 1 8 - E. Helfman '12 10 - E. Wahl '13 9 - Josh Anderson gaj 1 11 - A. Venter '12 11 - D. Haber '14 N. Firn '12 13 - B. Darragh '14 15 - J. Rhodes '14 15 - P. Shore 'll 20 - B.

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Kalilou-Mack '13 M. Smith '14 bryan gay emerson college - B. Smyth '12 18 - B. Campbell '1 1 24 - C. Negrete '12 19 - B. Leopold '13 35 - D. Gainforth '12 22 - M. Ulrich '13 42 - A.

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Dempsey '12 28 - C. Trahan 'll 44 - D.

emerson bryan college gay

Emmerson '12 50 - C. Taylor 'll 55 - K. Moss 'll 29 - D. Welch '14 Soccer Vollevball 00 - D. Price '12 2 - S.

emerson college gay bryan

Selnick '12 1 - A. Drescher '13 4 - F. O'Sullivan '12 2 - D. Castano '14 5 - G.

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Mercer '1 1 3 - S. Baston 'll 6 - E. Dabdoub '1 1 7 - N. Swarttz '14 5 - K. Nikravesh '12 8 - C. Davis '14 hryan - C. Murphy 'll 9- J. Chun '13 7 - C. Sporer '14 8 - J. Ossa '12 11 - J. Ackerstein '12 9 - L. Parolin '13 13 - K. Tarlow '12 10 - M. Carroll bryan gay emerson college 11 - C.

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Walls '12 12 - S. McNamara '1 1 13 - K. Peters 'll 14 - B. Picco '13 15 - J. Lawrence '13 16 - A. Sypsomos '14 18 - J. Bennett '13 17 - E.

Carrillo '14 18 - B. Gouveia '14 19 - J.

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Havens '14 21 - D. Peugh '14 23 - D. Haber '14 25 - A. Snipes '14 99 - J. Graham '13 Tennis M. Mercer '1 1 M. Sherman '13 1 1 - E. Chojnicki '14 15 - P. Wyman '12 20 - O. Connoers '14 22 - K. Andrade 'll 23 - M. Smeaton '14 24 internet dating sudbury ontario gay S. Norton '13 33 - E. Willinsky '14 boy dildo european gay movie - K.

Brya '12 44 - O. DiNucci '13 Soccer 0 - M. MacDonald '14 1 - J. Guerra '13 4 - C. Jablonski '14 5 - M. Foehl '12 6- Bryan gay emerson college. Stafford bryann 7 - T. Bryan gay emerson college '1 1 colege - S. Washburn '14 9 - L. Corti '13 10 -C. Trobaugh '12 11 beyan E. Brownell '14 12 - K. Pantano '13 13 - A. Bigwood '14 14 - A. Toner '1 1 15 - M. Perkins '14 16 - L. D'Andrea '1 1 17 - L. Viccione '1 1 bryan gay emerson college - C.

Stefancyk '1 1 21 - R. Bisalti '14 Lacrosse 1 - M. Hofmaier '13 3 - K. Firkins '12 4 - M. Emerskn '1 1 5 brayn K. Dodge 'll 6 - C. Phillips '14 7 - K. Zoch '14 8 - M. Stufano '14 bryan gay emerson college - A. Corrado '14 N. Lecuyer '12 11 - M. Johnson '14 13 - C. Trobaugh '12 14 - K. Misra '14 16 - C. Riccitelli '12 17 - C. Chung '12 18 - K. Dowd '12 19 - D. Poland '13 21 - S. Mitropoulos '13 22 - L.

Miley 'll 99 - E. Saeger '13 Brokeback gay mountain scene G. Abbadessa '1 1 C. Eastman '1 1 H. Viglienzoni '1 1 Softball 1 - J. Rawling 'll 3 - B. Buono '14 4 - S. Murray '12 5 - B. Rochford '14 7 - S. Wood 'll 8 - K. Newell '12 10 - Gay shemorry north dakota. Daniele '14 11 - L.

Herman '1 1 12 - S. Torosian '14 13 - J. Castellano '13 14 - L. Jacaruso '14 15 - L. Pappas '14 16 - A. Magistro '14 17 -C. Motevalli-Oliner '14 20 - K.

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