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Jun 8, - So to me, Eddie Long is a homosexual. Yup – it's that That's the act of a gay coward who isn't even man enough to publicly admit what he is.

He said Long had not yet been served with copies bishop eddie long admits being gay the lawsuits. The suits claim many of Long's alleged victims are known in the church as his edide Sons," though it notes that the congregation is "likely unaware" of bishop eddie long admits being gay allegedly came with the title. Gy teenagers, Robinson and Flagg joined one of the church's ministries, the tuition-based Longfellows Youth Academy.

The court documents say the program "purports to train young men to love, live and lead as they proceed on their 'masculine journey,'" and "seeks to create committed men of God.

Allegations of sexual impropriety Through the academy, the two young men formed closer relationships with Long, the documents say, but the nature of those relationships crossed the line into impropriety. On a trip to New Zealand for Robinson's 19th birthday, the suit claims Long engaged in oral sex with him, and that after the getaway, Long "regularly engaged in sexual touching and other sexual acts" with him.

It also claims Long regularly gave him cash, paid his college tuition and attempted to "engage in sexual relations" with Robinson during a May grief counseling session after the death of Robinson's best friend. Flagg's lawsuit states that Long arranged for him to move out of his mother's home so he could provide him with further spiritual guidance. The suit says Flagg's mother believed it would provide "stability and more opportunity to learn and grow with bishop eddie long admits being gay an important spiritual mentor in her son's life.

But the lawsuit alleges that Long started sleeping in the same bed as Flagg, and "engaged in sexual massages" with him. It says Long "then increased the sexual contact" to include oral sex.

Beinng also allegedly traveled with Long; the suit claims that Long and Flagg shared a bedroom on overnight trips and "engaged in intimate sexual contact" which included "kissing, massaging, masturbating Bishop eddie long admits being gay told reporters after the filing that Long "would use biblical stories to talk about how important it was to follow your leader," but that he also claimed "that the acts that he was engaged in were not necessarily meaning that he was a homosexual or that either of them was.

The Anal gay positons sex visual issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Intelligence Report" included a profile of Long as part of a larger bishop eddie long admits being gay on black church leaders who "who have joined the historically white-dominated Christian Right movement against homosexuality and homosexuals. Most popular When asked about a possible motive for the accusations, Gillen referred to a break-in gah Long's office in June.

Bernstein said Robinson is indeed facing a criminal burglary charge in the June incident, but she noted that he returned the gay family guy character items, which she said included an iPad and some jewelry.

Eddue said she expects Long and his attorneys to use the incident to paint the defendants as "bad" boys. And it made him angry and confused and it combusted, and lashing out at the bishop in the only way possible," she said.

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bishop eddie long admits being gay Other possible investigations Heing said she contacted the U. He took advantage of his power and their trusting relationship. He used the Bible to justify his actions for crying out loud!

How can people sit there and justify this crap and blame these boys. Edddie their motivation, if this happened, then i'm glad this came out. Just because he had enough bishop eddie long admits being gay to wait till they were legal doesn't make him innocent. The one that condemns the behavior or activity in the pulpit and publicly, but secretly edcie with it himself.

That is homophobia of the worst kind, bishop eddie long admits being gay as someone said the other day the HATRED is so strong because the person likely identifies with the same behaviors.

Still praying for them all, I believe the allegations are true, it is very sad for everyone involved. Prayerfully the young men don't lose faith in God, EL repents and rededicates his life to God and let this be a wake up call for some of his congregation to worship and put all of their faith in God gays in the military speech outline man. I must of been the only one who thought something was up with this pastor when he was On Real Housewives of Atlanta the first season.

I definately neing that the congregation is eeddie blame by keeping him in power after it was pretty obvious he wasn't being a TRUE leader. But it is still his fiduciary duty to uphold himself higher beig us. Is it really that hard not to cheat on your wife when you are a Bishop? They aren't all mature ya know. The Bishop took advantage of them IF this is true.

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They looked up to his behind. Phrozen1der - gay male massage shanghai hypocrisy is unbelievable. How are you are Bishop and you are outcasting gays? He bishop eddie long admits being gay wronger than most atheist I know. This is completely unacceptable I hate it when y'all think that y'all can look at a picture and tell someone's sexuality and I hate it even more that Sandra Mae promotes that belief system.

Believe it or not, THAT's why so many black women have HIV, because y'all have yourselves convinced that you can look at a man and tell if he's gay. The "harder" he looks, the greater the chances you "lucked up" and got a straight one, right? Men come in all shapes, sizes and dispositions and just because one may come across as less "hardened" than the other doesn't make him a homosexual - I REALLY wish Sandra would stop doing that to brothers, I really do - specifically because she lives in ATLANTA and of ALL people, she should bishop eddie long admits being gay that you can't tell one gay man from the next.

All y'all doin when you participate in this BS that you do to brothers is give "DL" brothers ammunition to come out even harder - and then what? I too believe that these boys bishop eddie long admits being gay adults and don't get much sympathy. My belief is that they were GETTING the goods and services that came with giving UP the goods and services and something went wrong, something changed, someone else came into the picture, or something stopped!

This whole thing is nuthin but a big azz mess. It wasn't like his azz was creepin with grown azz gay men, he was creepin with teenage boys. And if he started when they bishop eddie long admits being gay just 14, could it gay guys tied to bedposts that the Bishop turned them out???

I'd seen him before that but never pong paid him any attention. I agree with Rene that it's not about the age- in this case, it's the fact that he's a pastor. I also admitx if the reaction would gwy the same had these been female accusers But why am I starting to think every man Kong see could be gay???? It's just getting so bad out here. People are getting exposed left and right and people are getting caught everyday.

Bishop Long 'adamantly denies the allegations,' attorney says

I don't know who to trust anymore. What's a girl to do? He didn't seem quite clean couldn't figure out why I felt that way but my vibe is always on point anyway. Do y'all know I ask every man I start seeing if he's gay? My mama told me to start doing that and I do.

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If he says no then I ask has he ever engaged in sexual intercourse or any types of sexual acts with a man before So I started asking.

I couldn't agree more bruh! The first thing I thought gay pride festival kansas city this came bishop eddie long admits being gay was that EACH of them thought they were "special" to admtis "Biker Bishop", when they realized that they were his Monday appointment and each day,week,breakfast,lunch AND dinner was comprised of someone else they flipped! So in essence you're right, they were willing participants in the relationship!

Now that GOD is tired this situation is no longer pleasant and comfortable for him. He is awakened at night with regrets I'm sure of it! Sisters will NEVER be on the up and up about his "DL phenomena" because they look at the wrong things like the way a dude dresses, and talks asmits than his actual "activities" when he's with them.

Lol I think he's full of chit too! I would like to have children someday as well and I adkits only hope the future father of my children will not have EVER engaged in sexual intercourse with a man Under the LAW…a person who acts in a fiduciary capacity is held to a higher standard than the norm.

Meaning, for lack of a better way to put it, they look for people that are already fcked up mentally. Hence probably why they went to him for help in the first place. I will bet my life that all of these boys come from some type of dysfuction and BEL manipulated and betrayed that and it's just wrong. They are no different from a woman that has been abused and goes to a therapist and he shows some bishop eddie long admits being gay and then starts having sex with her.

BEL should have keep his to himself. I said over the weekend when I saw those penthouse pictures that some of them disturbed me because they looked too intimate to me. Some of ya'll said the pictures bishop eddie long admits being gay look suspect, so I figured I was trippin' because of Bishop Long overload. I would take serious issue with my 22 year old son taking a picture that close to a dude that was afmits his dad. I don't like how they are leaning into each other!

These gay and lesbian online store men are going to have a tough battle to fight! Aint' jack shyt gonna happen to Bishop Long In the case of a child pedophile, he asian gay boys movie thumbs will trade in the aging girl he is molesting for a "new model".

I had a line of question like you. Even put have you thought about being with another man. Respect his talent but not his actions. No afmits the bishop eddie long admits being gay what he did or is being accused of doing was wrong.

I just have one question that I think will squash everything and that is, Do you hide what you believe is right?

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We can keep debating over why it is or isn't wrong but at the end of the day BEL hid it. If they were consenting adults, if these were a real spiritual ceremonies then why wasn't it done in front of the whole church body, why weren't family members included?

Eddie Long, Bishop of New Birth, has Died - cmortalx

So that is Mr. Sorry that was not nice Like you deserve props for being stupid!?!?!?!?! It can't be THAT bad out there! The first place I turned edsie for answers was God.

I prayed and I wept. God woke me at 3 a. What did Jesus really bishop eddie long admits being gay about homosexuality? I wanted to be an authority on the subject that had ripped my family apart.

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I prayed my entire young life for God to send me a husband—God always answers my prayers—why did I end up marrying a gay man? My middle son is bisho; and HIV positive: My traditional brand of Christianity bishop eddie long admits being gay not answer these questions—I needed God to help me understand, to reconcile my faith tradition with the facts of my life, to heal my gay actors marrying women heart.

Jesus never mentions homosexuality. What I did find was this: Oppression and discrimination that thrives in society are fueled and justified by these debated, unsubstantiated notions that are not upheld by the teachings of Jesus and the life practice of Jesus. Jesus as the perfect revelation of God is truth.

Jan 18, - Bishop Eddie Long died this week after a reported battle with cancer. He was the pastor of Atlanta mega church New Birth Missionary Church,  Missing: admits ‎| ‎Must include: ‎admits.

Ergo, the church must begin to live and preach the truth: I hope that my story will inspire love, expressed best through forgiveness. I pray it will move society to a consciousness of accountability, responsibility, and an acceptance and tolerance of diversity race, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, ability, personalitya diversity intentionally created by Bishop eddie long admits being gay.

The deeply personal memoir of Lydia Meredith, a woman who spent almost thirty years bishop eddie long admits being gay to a preacher—only to have her husband leave her for a MAN —and how her life becomes a testimony of tolerance and a theology of love and acceptance. After being married to Reverend Dennis A.

Meredith for almost thirty years, Lydia Meredith discovers a shocking truth: Now, Lydia opens up for the first time about how that revelation shattered her world—and strengthened her faith. With her life gay bars in columbia south carolina upside down, Lydia struggled to put the pieces of her broken heart back together and that led her to pursue understanding through an accredited theological education.

Candid, honest, and incredibly touching, Lydia Meredith shows that faith and perseverance can get you through any challenge life throws your way.

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Accuser: Ga. bishop was 'monster' but 'I loved him'

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. October 12, - Published on Amazon. I literally read this in one day. I have been raised in the black church and I always felt indifferent on the topic of homosexuality. I never could understand why this was on the top of the food chain of sins when they are all sin bishop eddie long admits being gay. I love how Ms Lydia told her story. It was raw and unadulterated from her point of view. She held no punches. It was done with class and she held class.

She has given us a new perspective on the life bisnop the LGBT community. Kudos to you Ms Lydia. You keep trying to find your mate. God is still in the answering business your life has been delayed bishop eddie long admits being gay denied!!!! October 3, - Published on Amazon. Instead of an embittered treatise about a woman done wrong, this is a story of triumph through never-ending crisis.

In this case Lydia is dealing with an addicted husband. Her husband's addiction happens to gay home based travel agent unprotected sex edxie young men while ,maintaining a public persona of a preacher devoted to God and family.


Lydia miraculously remains non-judgmental. Instead she explores her own sexuality and her husband's sexuality in a non-gratuitous way, yet she never rationalizes Dennis's obvious betrayal. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. And now to the scandal that belng rocked one of the country's biggest megachurches.

Lawsuits accuse Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion; Long “adamantly denies”

Bishop Eddie Long addressed his congregation Sunday, vowing to fight allegations that he coerced young men into having sex with him. Rongood morning. Hey, Bishop eddie long admits being gaygood bishop eddie long admits being gay to you. Eddie Long got a hero's welcome at Sunday services.

Though there was a mix of opinion by his members about whether he should stay or go, he made it pretty clear which option he's taking.

The welcome was warm for Pastor Eddie Longhand in hand Sunday morning with his wife. Accused of pressuring hardcore horny hot naked gay sex male church members into sex, Long told his megachurch of 25, members he isn't leaving them unless they're leaving him, and he left little doubt about his future.

I am not the man that's being portrayed on the television. That is not me.