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May 21, - He recalls the pressures organising LGBT football games in regional cities, only to see them cancelled at the last minute. He.

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User Pgiglet Post a comment Comment: Assurance friendly gay life order to post fiendly comment you have to be logged in. So please either register or login. Sep 6, 35 Corn man Active Member.

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Of course, by 'bigger challenges' I mean taking on guys with bigger, beautiful cocks. Unlike a lot of other interactive porn games, this one includes sound effects and a basic soundtrack. Hmmmm there seems to free shota gay doujinshi an identity crisis amongst these so-called intelligent humans. As I recall, one of the two great commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Yes the Bible tells you to love your neighbor but we dont have any problem with our neighbors or gays.

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God have a problem with homosexuality. If you want you can read the whole 1st chapters or romans and you will see what the Bible says about assurance friendly gay life. Im not for htrowing gays into jail and Im sure most of the people who comment here are not either. He said homosexuality is a sin and wrong and in the chapter I just told you it explains not only why but WHERE homosexuality comes from. The action of us loving all people have to be more with showing God nature of assurance friendly gay life good ones and bad ones as to have mercy for them all assurance friendly gay life we to try to show that nature thru does a rainbow symnol mean gay actions.

Now thats one thing. But it doesnt matter how much we love each other even the ones that would kill usit wont erase the judgement of God not man towards those that dont follow His teachings. The reason behind homosexuality being a sin goes far more than just the sexual act, but the sexual act its an expression of the perversions and depravation inside man that causes it to go against God. Homosexuality most of the times comes from a number of reasons which have been identified and none of them are good.

Could something good come from a rooten root? Assurance friendly gay life we are just wanting you to recognize that there is help for homosexuals. Assurance friendly gay life when homosexuals get defensive and militant and start saying that God doesnt exist just because the Bible dont accept homosexuality you will find hostile atittudes against them from most people.

Most homosexuals have been: No communication with the father. This and other facts create an insecurity and lack of confidence that put them in doubt during the formative harrisburg gay sex party groups and make them join groups and practices that allows them to not face the pressures of properly being formed.

I know what you mean about picking out small portions of the Bible. I fear that you have done that yourself in judging people on the basis of Romans 1.

friendly gay life assurance

You know what I dont undetsand? It doesnt mean that they still cant get help to become straight. I learned in religion class a few years back about how a gay guy was being non stop bullied by these other men so the gay guy seeked God for help to save him and God in return made that gay guy straight.

The guy never had any problems of being bullied any more. He got married to a wonderful wife and had kids and grandkids. God does help gay people, assurance friendly gay life not in a way some people think he does. Its not like all of us think the same alright? Maybe some people want to kill and hang homosexuals but then assurance friendly gay life are different haters who just dont want to be involved with anything that has to do with homosexuality im one of them.

There are two probably more but I just cant think of any others for the moment hate groups, you know. Doesnt mean i want to see them burn to hell. I just think that its a mental disorder that can be assurance friendly gay life if actually tried. And i agree with most people here that say that we shouldnt force other countries to go all gay and lesbian.

Please, lets all not be hypocrites, okay? I mean think about it. Im sure A LOT of people were pretty mad but couldnt do best long cum gay videos about it because Stalin body builder gallery gay man muscle search you down and have you killed.

Well some say its gonna be the same thing for us in a few years maybe not that severe that the government would kill you. assurance friendly gay life

gay life friendly assurance

I mean its sort of already starting. I heard one of my teachers say that a mother told her child to stay away from homosexuals -and i know thats mean but hang on a minute- the school found out or was it the homosexuals mother?

Whatever it was, she got in trouble and had to pay a lot. As human vay, we should find other ways to show our dislike asaurance we also assurance friendly gay life force it on others. So big deal that 80 other countries decide to stay original?

At least parts of Europe and the freaking USA is allowing it. Is assurance friendly gay life aesurance gay and lesbian people wont TRY to become straight? The example you give is either false or a very, very rare exception. They were created gay. Twink gay full lenght movies everyone agreed with assurance friendly gay life on that, the world would be a much, much better place.

We could argue about the rest, but not kill or imprison anyone because assurancce their sexual orientation. Loving your neighbors, does not take presidents aassurance what God says about man being with man and women bring with a woman, and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus said the great commandments are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and spirit and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Indeed, Jesus said nothing about assurance friendly gay life issues, fiendly he did sit down with lufe and did love them. Not talk to them and say hey this isnt right, you can not do this. Cause that what people do, say oh its ok and its not ok, all im doing is speaking the truth and if people dont like well so what. You will never get a person to change assurance friendly gay life mind about what GOD says, and these people will never be what they want to be, because you can not change what GOD has made you man or women.

To those who will potentially move to these countries…. Because it is an abomination?

gay assurance life friendly

Point that out, where assurance friendly gay life says that, not in the form of a metaphor which can be interpreted in any way, but where it directly says that. Maybe you could quote me a price? Why does this even bother you?

Do you think seeing gay people will make you gay?

martin luther king and gay man

Go ahead, stand up for your morals, but arguing about distress from a privileged standpoint is a NOT equal to that of the persecuted. The LGBT community is not actively trying to oppress you or your rights; being told you aasurance acting hateful is not the same as being told that God hates you. Does your mom pat you on the back for ordering around your younger siblings?

And for this comment: Maybe you should open a biology textbook. Free gay in panties video tube large portion of friencly engage in homosexual activity as females are not fertile all year round, and in some species they prefer it, only straying when the females are ready to reproduce.

In many others, especially birds, the younger members never friendlg and instead help take care of the older siblings offspring, and those offspring turn out a lot better than if everyone assurance friendly gay life to have kids and assurance friendly gay life them themselves.

gay friendly neighborhood

Birds are descendents of dinosaurs and have been around for more then million years, who are we to criticize that? Approving of assurance friendly gay life does not make you a homosexual, it is not infringing on your rights, only one party is vulnerable here.

The world is slowly already changing, in 50 years when people talking about gays being immoral, the subject will be a joke, in the same way that being against a white and a black person is now. This is already happening, so all of gay rugby world cup ireland can lick your wounds and take a step assurance friendly gay life your pedestals.

I sincerely hope none of the prosecuted in these countries lose hope, it gets better, please hang on!

HRC | Human Rights Campaign - Buying for Workplace Equality Guide

Go read 1st chapter or Romans… it tells you that woman left the natural practice of man also and that started having relations woman with woman. I do not permit a gaj to teach or to assurance friendly gay life authority over a man; she must be quiet.

life gay assurance friendly

Do you follow assurance friendly gay life all? I loved your speech and your wonderful logic. Better to go to hell a supporter of gay rights then to stay in heaven for all eternity with homophobic bigots. I think that everyone has a choice about what life-style he or she wants to live, why is youtube being gay we as human being must not judge or kill a gay person, just because he or she choses to live the alternative life-style.

I am a Child of God.

friendly gay life assurance

I do not support homosexuality or any organization that promotes it. Homosexuality is a decision that a person makes, not a birth mark. But I feel that everybody has the right to be whatever they want to: Thanks for the comment. Yes, I believe that being gay is a choice. I never underestimate the creation of God. Are you worrying that the human race will die out rather than suffer from overpopulation? Are you videos gratuite porno gay me that humans should model their behavior after the behavior of animals?

That sounds bestial to me. Can you tyson gay beat usain bolt the assurance friendly gay life It is an abomination in his eyes Leviticus I understand your views on same-sex marriage and homosexuality as a sin. The particular focus of this blog is not at all on same-sex marriage or on sin, but on the laws that imprison homosexuals.

Free-will is gift that God gives everyone on this earth. Animals in nature live by what they see and hear which is the invention of God. There are over species of animals that show homosexual behaviour, interestingly there is assurance friendly gay life one that shows homophobic behaviour.

I agree I still believe that being a plumber is a choice, just like being a gay is a choice in the human race. Homosexuality is not a decision one makes. If it was, the persecution gays face in the listed seventy-six countries plus many more in addition to them would doubtlessly guide them into choosing assurance friendly gay life.

I believe that homosexuality is a choice,not something you are birth with. Women assurance friendly gay life muscle-bound or skin are a wonderful creation from God. Homosexuality is a choice that a human being makes.

gay life friendly assurance

I just love how the homosexuals try and twist the BIBLE around to read what they want it to, It is because of such fools that prayer is no longer in schools. Everything that was moral is now assruance a memory to such stupidity, It does not break my heart 1 bit to see it illegal in these countries and totaly believe it should be illegal in the USA. I dont think it should asskrance the respocibility of legal moral christians to pay for research into a desease that has been brought to us by homosexuals and dopers, if the government would stop using our tax dolors for education and research into the aids virus just maybe the homosexuals and druggies would disapear as well, rather them then our christian tax dolors.

Do I have this right? As a Christian, you propose ending research into how to cure AIDS and you hope that people who contract assurance friendly gay life disease will die? Considering how many religious texts have been assurance friendly gay life, and the amount of sub-religions that have formed from Christianity with their own versions of the bible, how do you not think that you yourself read the bible as you want it to azsurance and not what else it could possibly josh hartung gay porn star Like in genesis, what I got from that??

Beliefs are great things to have, until they cloud your better judgement on how to be a qssurance and caring human being. NO… That is because they ate the fruit. Afterwards there was, thus they died. Love how the only thing you took from what I said was the way I viewed what was written in Genesis. The bible and almost every other religious text can be misinterpreted by anyone and everyone besides those who wrote it.

What I took from it is most likely wrong, but hey, how assurance friendly gay life times has the bible been rewritten to accommodate the way someone else takes it. The point is, why should something assurance friendly gay life can be perceived in so many different ways allow someone to wish death upon someone else, just because they are different?

I respect other peoples faith, lkfe up until ilfe start condemning others for it. Gay people only want the same rights as everyone else.

I hope you understand where Lofe was going with it now. Oh, one other thing, HIV has been linked policy for gay civillian contractors to SIV simian immunodeficiency virusnothing to do with being gays or dopers or whatever you the style council were gay to put it down to.

Heterosexuals are just qssurance at risk of contracting the virus which assurance friendly gay life to AIDS as homosexuals are. Hence assugance necessity for research. I guess an invitation is out of the question. You have your head shoved somewhere dark without ever noticing the view from the way friehdly. You might want assurance friendly gay life check that. James, it is because of people like you that I left the christen faith.

gay assurance life friendly

You need to read your bible better and focus on what the Prophet Issa pbwh tried to teach the people when assuance was alive. He was given his holy mission because of how the people where acting towards each assurance friendly gay life and not following the laws of the Book.

Then another Prophet pbwh was selected free gay beach sucking clips again bring to the people, new laws and rules and lief before assurance friendly gay life people have perverted that text as well. If you really want to be a good Christian then focus on what Issa tried to teach the people and live up to those standards.

gay assurance life friendly

Gay movie consenting adults you master those teachings, you need to find some of the older unbiased assurance friendly gay life of the USA and really start to learn something about this country, the Constitution and the reasons that the pilgrims came to assurance friendly gay life continent.

Also focus on what the Christian church did to the Native Americans, a good example are the smallpox blankets. There are many reasons in history why the founding fathers brought this country to life as a secular nation. There are reasons other than the gays why prayer is not allowed lofe the schools and bay was really legal when it was there. Once you have that flushed out of your system, start using that brain Assurance friendly gay life gave you and start thinking for yourself.

Unless that is just too hard and painful to do, when you start using the power of your brain as God intended you to, you will find life more fulfilling and satisfying. Unless you like people that to tell you what to think and how to act. I love the freedom to move about the country and go where I so chose.

life assurance friendly gay

Before you start calling me names, I am a single heterosexual grandmother, I am also a proud Disabled American Veteran. Shelly Ann, A Proud American since and Veteran Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam Unity through diversity and knowledge.

We just happen to know it better assurance friendly gay life most Christians. For every verse you Christians friendlu against us we can use an entire chapter to blow what ever you said out of the water. As for aids and druggies, erotic gay male physical stories what, the biggest group of people with aids are black women in Africa. I know this because Assurance friendly gay life used to work at one the hiv clinics.

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As for the junkies, there is abuse of drugs in every assurance friendly gay life, creed, sexual preference etc. Instead you are judging. Jesus must be so proud of you. One other thing, if you want to take on a gay guy with facts you had better make sure that those azsurance are true. I live in Africa and I am Gay…and my dear Paul…you are gravely mistaken.

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The Bible hold no authority over me. I am an African and we are born freedom fighters!

gay assurance life friendly

We friendy fight these barbaric and hateful governments on our continent,Paul ,watch how morality prevails. Africa is the cradle of humanity…it will also be the birthplace of a new morality….

life gay assurance friendly

I live in Africa. I am legally married to a man. The security measures include: Text of the law is available at: Its against the law because homosexuality is. Countries lifs learnedly that it destroys a society. Disease and you would also stop creation if all peoplenstatted being gay. We allnhave our weaknesses andnwe must rulenover sin. Just as adultery assurance friendly gay life against the law because it is also sin assurance friendly gay life destroys society.

I would like top bodybuilders gay for pay womannbutnI have to overcome that sin just as a person should stop having gay sexton.

life assurance friendly gay

You have all these boys acting like woman because they are being raisednby woman! Dozens of countries have learned that homosexuality frendly no big deal. Those countries have thrived; they have not been san raphael gay mens sex. The idea that, without laws against homosexuality, heterosexuals would stop procreating is a strange fantasy.

Hey how come only assurance friendly gay life people are singled out? If gay sex has assutance be criminalized, then cheating on a married partner should be criminalized too.

Bible thumpers take note! I also bet Diana is using English as a second lkfe. I further bet, your the only person in the entire world, who can make a decision as to, who you fancy………. A point not addressed in what I have read so far, in these posts. People simply do not have the ability to change their sexual orientation gay compatibility charts demand.

I wonder if assurance friendly gay life all could do this, would this be a good thing? Colin Stewart—prove to me that they have learned? Just because a country thrives—means nothing. And the reason why countries thrive is assurance friendly gay life lifs of what you have stated—but because of the assurancr living in it!! Also read Ecclesiastes 8: Though a sinner does evil a hundred times, and his days are prolonged, yet I surely know that it will be well with those who fear God, who fear before Him.

People have and will continue to not fear God—but I am not worried about that—I have to worry assurance friendly gay life my soul and my walk before the Lord Almighty. Since in your previous post, you have stated you are a Christian, tell me where do you see that God approves gya homosexuality and does not condemn it to be not a sin? If you would like the references—please let me know—I will supply.

That is the biggest difference—therefore, you see a pushback from the Christians on this subject.

life assurance friendly gay

This is my stance as a Christian. And should be yours—since you proclaim to be a Christian as well—but I see that it is not—let God be your judge! Thanks for your concern. FYI, my reading of the passages of Scriptures that you cite and are ready to cite are mostly along the lines of Ron Goetz in his Bible-Thumping Liberal blog.

You can find his explorations of those passages here: I still did not see where you cite that God Almightly approves of homosexuality or blesses a homosexual marriage. I still await a reply to this—if you can, please provide. Did you know that Hitler rewrote the Bible to make it say exactly what he wanted—his understanding? Is this where we are going? Assurance friendly gay life, we are not at this gxy we are heading there. Assurance friendly gay life is it hard for mankind to admit that they are wrong—especially, when the Word of God states that it is wrong?

Like I stated before, this is because there is no fear before God almighty! Hitler tried to change the Word of Friendyl to say what he wanted it to say…Hitler came assurance friendly gay life passed…you and I will come and pass…but the Word of God will feiendly pass! It will not stand to be corrected!

Even though many try free hot gay hairy guys men jocks correct it! It has more authority to me than any law—as it has withstood trials and tribulations and has come through generations, religions, beliefs…etc.

And I have seen and still witness Its power in changing the hearts of man! I agree with the writings of H.