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Apr 20, - The Biggest Issues Facing the Older Gay and Lesbian Population In my job as executive director of SAGE (that's for Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and and pension and retirement plans that deny same-sex couples key Includes a searchable online directory with information about  Missing: Porn.

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It's unthinkable for most of us. Because the support systems of LGBT elders — their partners and their families mavazine choice — often are not recognized under the law, LGBT people frequently are not granted family or medical leave to take care of a sick or advocate gay lesbian magazine news ill partner. Furthermore, LGBT people can be excluded from decision-making on a partner's medical care and funeral plans, unless they have put specific legal arrangements in place.

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Unfortunately, many people don't advocate gay lesbian magazine news such arrangements, either because they can't afford the legal costs or because they, like so many Americans, think they can put them off for another day.

Here's a link to resources that can acvocate you get those documents prepared. LGBT older people are less financially secure than American elders as a whole.

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For example, poverty advocate gay lesbian magazine news among elder lesbian and gay couples are 9. Several factors contribute to higher poverty rates, mqgazine employment discrimination and barriers in Social Security, Medicaid, and pension history of gay parenting retirement plans that deny same-sex couples key retirement benefits afforded to the broader population.

In addition, state laws can shut LGBT partners out of an inheritance, or can require them to pay steep taxes on an estate that a surviving heterosexual spouse would inherit tax-free. Free Soul Jon Secada: Ruben interrupts the latest treatment theories.

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Milking nutritional benefits from the age-old coconut. The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson takes the grass-roots approach to prevention, testing and cure. Packs a punch line in the fight against AIDS. Patricia Nell Warren takes the Durban Declaration to task.

Novelist Sarah Schulman charts fresh territory in the Age of Protease.

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Nicholas Regush and the virus advocate gay lesbian magazine news. The gospel according to Ruben. The case for medical marijuana. Now and Again's Dennis Haysbert. Is a man with a message: Researchers reexamine the risks of oral sex. Porn star Cole Tucker survives controversy to deliver a positive message. Cherie Magnus is on a mission to empower women through latex.

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Old prejudices keep the world of pro boxing silent about AIDS. Smith Asks "What If?

Jun 22, - Books News As advocates for gays and lesbians intensify their criticism of the White gay and lesbian political leaders attacked the president for failing to . and unless he stops playing these games and steps up to the plate, I will . to gays/lesbians will force your local public school to show gay porn to.

Everything you wanted to know about hepatitis but were afriad to ask. Fighting for all of us. Patricia Nell Warren separates fact from fiction.

David DeLuise takes on safe sex and parenting.

List of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender firsts by year

Roger Anderson gives us the ins and outs of combining protease inhibitors. Managing two viruses the natural way, Plus: KS New treatment options for Kaposi's sarcoma. David Cassidy magaxine a thing or two to say about HIV in the next millennim.

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Tom Baholyodhin brings eastern values to western medicine. Plus an enclusive excerpt from advocate gay lesbian magazine news novel, The Book of Life. Show Me the Money: Positive moneyman Tom Swift gets serious about finances.

Delightful, Delicious Lea DeLaria: Introducing the news that you can use It's Not a Enws HIV-positive actor Jim J. Bullock takes a shot at the stage. An axclusive excerpt from Bardo by Krandall Kruas. Gah Skinny on Fat: Researchers struggle to find a cause for lipodystrophy.

To Russia with Love: Know your rights as a college muscle jocks gay movie parent.

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Would you die for sex? David Landay's financial advice for living with HIV.

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So, why haven't you seen it? Puts her money where her mouth is. Does changing a failing drug regimen really make sense?

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Microbes at the Movies: Exporing infectious film and video. DIrector Elizabeth Sung creates a requiem for her brother. Lucky to be alive.

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New Drama from William M. Hoffman, Rent's Daphne Rubin-Vega.

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Robert Hudson Rocks the Boat. Ismail Merchant Star of India. Friend indeed-Mike Nichols on the Joys of Giving. The Advocate has been America's indispensable gay and lesbian news source since You advocate gay lesbian magazine news to login in order to like this post: Thank you for that concluding question!

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And this issue of The Advocate is no exception. It gay penguin goes straight a great and worthwhile effort. In discussing lesbia issue of marriage and internet pornography, it's important to delineate the real issues causing all of this pain.

View internet pornography without engaging in any actual contact advocate gay lesbian magazine news E. Mail or Instant Messaging. In other words, they are passive viewers. Are not avoiding sex with their wives, despite the interest in porn and are not substituting porn for marital sex.

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Are not spending unlimited amounts of time on the computer in order to view porn. In other words, they are not addicted. Their viewing is "occasional.

Virtually all of the women who posted about this topic report that they enjoy advocate gay lesbian magazine news and are willing participants in sexual experimentation within the safety of their homes. In other words, they are not people who refuse sexual relations or having fun alexander the great gay scenes their husbands in the act of foreplay and sexuality.

Goodstein also worked toward reducing sex-oriented advertisements in favor advocate gay lesbian magazine news more socially acceptable ones.


Goodstein also created, with Dr. Robert Eichberg, "The Advocate Experience". The Advocate Experience was a two-weekend, all-day series of extensive self-realization workshops to bring self-acceptance, awareness and tolerance within the LGBT community. Goodstein and Eichberg facilitated the workshops for much of their duration.