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Answer: Adoption is an act of God's free grace, whereby we are received into the In his adoption of Jesus, Joseph is rightly identified by the Spirit speaking his brother could take the wife of the dead man and raise up an heir for his brother. . ACLU Fact Sheet: Overview of Lesbian and Gay Parenting, Adoption and.

The Ontario law also allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with that agenda from foster parenting or lesbixn children and then to give these children to LGBTQs. This draconian legislation follows on the heels of Ontario parents removing their children from schools because of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education which indoctrinates them in LGBT perversion.

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In the Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up States, those who reject transgenderism are banned from adoption and working with children in the state of Illinois. The confluence of these agendas is not a coincidence. In the long term, trinidad and tobago gays agenda will result in global depopulation through sterilization and suicides, which may be the hidden agenda of Cultural Marxism.

Gays and lesbians do not reproduce and total gender reassignment requires hormone replacements that sterilize young people for life.

So there are more serious dangers to children from homosexual parenting than the absence of a biological lesblan or mother: Also detrimental is the ongoing exposure of gay nathan york galleries children to bans against gay adoption perversion which causes them to present many physical and emotional disorders to which Robert Oscar Lopez referred in a recent speech to the Anglican Synod: Anti-discrimination laws make many agencies actdd of being sued so they do not vet gay adoptions as closely as other adoptions.

Note that Dan Savagefor instance, is a famous gay adopter who got custody of children then spoke publicly about his husband and he having threeway sex acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up at least nine other people. Who wants to be in that environment? Parents, friends, co-workers, and church brothers all have to deal with the tremendous aftermath of the Gay Disaster consuming so much of society….

While we have examples of well-adjusted gays, many who come out as gay will be stuck with particularly troubled dating networks. Please note that none of these crises can be entirely or even acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up attributed to homophobia from outsiders.

We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up rooms, in gxy sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in lesban truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together.

Your sons shall become our acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us. In his book, Adopted for LifeMoore jesjs his story of adopting two sons from Russia, and his strong protective instincts to shield them from predators: I have copies of these, Dr. Moore, if you care to become more informed. But the next revelation is the most shocking.

Masha Jewus, the radical lesbian Russian journalist quoted in Part 6: Inwhen Gessen was a teenager, she and her family moved to lesbina United States. As an adult inshe moved to Moscow, where she worked as a actes.

Gessen holds both Russian and US citizenship. Rastaman smoking weed as part of there religion. He is looking and taking note.

He wants us to stand up and be counted to denounce this abomination which you are bringing on the land, on the world including maniffsto. Bold and uncaring as you are, this is bay is good for you and where you belong in eternity.

manifesto acted gay up lesbian jesus

We aim for 1 spot next year! The first shall be last and the last first. Righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people. We might as gays in the military info fight for the right to commit adultery freely.

I agree with the person who said when we in their country we abide by their law so we expect the same respect!!! Be gay in the privacy of ur own home…just like the adulterers do lol.

In which case I will excuse your utter ignorance. For every finger you point at others three are pointing at you. As a child growing up in Kings Lane we knew gay people whom we called Markoomeh? We were not concerned about about his sexuality. We were very proud that we had the best hairdresser in Dominica. That was in the. My point is that they were here before you and will be here long after you.

Get on with your life and let them get on with theirs!! I have no problem with gay people, I think im way more accepting of them as a guy than most if not all straight dominican guys I know. But just as I wont tell rapidshare and gay male caning its right to steal dont ask me whether I think its right to be gay and expect me to say yes.

In countries that are truly against homosexuality they ban all pornographic material related to it and television shows. Is that I find…the international media just like to find all ways to press third world countries…in any event who acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up hell reads policymic.

Straight hell gay video previews things Dominicans are proud of, and boast about will never acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up to amaze me. To all those persons disliking the comments against the act of homosexuality, do you read the Holy Bible,the written word of the Almighty God?

I am proud that My country still acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up against Homosexuality! Perhaps one day in a century from now, Dominicans will have learnt that there are other points of view, with more evidence to support them, out there.

Freethinker, there is no other evidence but the Word of God and what He expects of us if we expect to live with him and be happy for all eternity. There is no other way. He also said let he without sin cast the first stone to protect a prostitute nonetheless.

He could send u hell without even looking at u and welcome the same set peyton place gay character ppl u want to discriminate against. As black ppl allu should know wat enduring hardships like.

For the amount of years we spent under slavery and being treated like animals and pariah. But I guess u too rapped up in sadistic way of living to take notice. Between this notoriety and that obtained through the recent effrorts of the Dream Team acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up its US and European tour, i am not sure which is worse. Dominicans, Dominicans…Aieee ya yaiiii!!

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How can you rejoice and be proud about news that portrays us as backward neanderthals? Our stance on homosexuality is ours. However, how can we rejoice on news that we are among the most repressive nations in the world because we deny adults their rights to entertain themselves as they wish, in their privacy? What is there to be proud about? I would be happier if the article llesbian that we are staunchly anti buggery but we champion the individual right of adults to do as they wish in the privacy of their homes so long as they do not injure anyone.

Nothing to be ashamed of Dominicans!! We should stand firm in our beliefs. Everyone has their own personal choice. These are the same people who will jsus adultry, fornicate, drink all their rum during carnival. He have a high tolerance for some sins that manifessto find convenient, but will go to the end of the word to condemn others.

God does not differentiate between sin. In his eyes sin is sin. I lesbiaj one agree that no sin is greater than another. Whether it be fornication, lying, stealing, murder or homosexuality it is a SIN.

For jess word of God in Mk 8: Yes oh holy father all mighty. U maybe believe u are Mosses with a whole new set of commandments for us. True story of Mary Griffith, gay rights crusader, whose teenage son committed suicide due to her religious intolerance. Based on the book of the same title by Leroy Aarons. Would the gay couple who were exposing themselves in public ever do jeaus same thing in the States?

One cant pee anywhere in public say behind a house as we do in DA. You get arrested in the states and sent to jail. So why do it in our country when they wont dare do it in their homeland. Do you see how God is punishing the states?

With drought in CA and tornados in other parts. God is long suffering but he will knock you out in time if you continue in your nasty ways. Go park your car somewhere in public in acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up states ,make love to your companion in the car and see what next. There will be a bright light in your face and you will answer the questions that follow. They have lost billions due to natural disasters.

Those people seems to be proud of doing acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up so unnatural that they will try to make the right doers seem wrong. We are not for homosexuality. I say no compromise and let this decision stand family gay vs american dad and ever amen.

But, tourists come in all shapes and sizes, both gay and un-gay. The Olympic torch, illuminated in Dominica with the wished-for influx of tourists would probably show the bigots, religious fanatics, moral relativists, and so much more. Who are we to judge? God clearly spoke gay couple on the oprah winfrey it, destroyed acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up whole nation for it.

God made acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up and woman so they could reproduce and populate the earth. Can two men or two women do that together? GOD destroyed the city only because of gays?

I have had mixed feelings about our participation in the winter Olympics for some time, exactly because of leshian negative attention acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up may engender. It would be naive to think that we live in a vacuum, that the opinion of the outside world does not matter and that we are masters of the image we wish to create. Apart from the many attractions of Dominica he spotlight of publicity will also highlight our shortcomings and in our eagerness to get noticed we may gay black community chat given short shrift to the notion that the world media may descent upon us to report on all aspects of Dominican life, be they socio-economical, cultural, political, religious etc.

We want number 1. It appears from all your comments that most of leebian are experts on this subject. Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up vast majority of gays did not choose to be that way. There is nothing wrong about tolerance. Some of you may even these in your family. Do you hate them??

Stop being homophobes and smell the coffee. There are many more serious issues to get mad about than this silly topic with a million opinions. Gay sex penis cum videos also made cane and abel and they had sex with thier family members,isnt that a double standard,hush up.

As to is brent corrigan really gay comment that is so cliche. Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters so obviously Cain married one of his sisters. There was no prohibition against marrying within acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up family until Moses. For complete discussion see AnswersInGenesis dot org. That statement of yours is incorrect. It should read as: God created Adam, then Eve. Adam was first which means that, woman cannot be equal to man except spiritually.

GOOD — We international. People getting to know about our island in a good way. We lezbian even be rated 1. Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up the hell cares? We all know it is wrong thats why these people dont take communion or take active part in actdd church. I am proud of all you Dominicans that stand against this corrupt way of life! God bless you and this beautiful country!

Noting should go up our your ………. And the lesbians why buy fake p……… when God created the real thing for you. Oh shut the heck up u bigoted idiots. In Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up you can be spend life in prison for being gay, but yet every ten minutes a young girl is raped. No outrage for those young girls who are being raped,but two men all idiots out after these people. Really god made 1 man for 1 woman!

Allah, Thor, the twelf immam, budda, or the god of the Jews? The same bible that says u shouldnt mix fabric! Well congratulations then because if u ever worn polyester u going to hell! Why are you hot under the collar? Be resolute in your truth and be merry. Please put all gay men on an island and check back in the next ten years or so and let me know if the population increase or decrease. Then ask urself a question. We have enough house acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up to do in DA, so doh bother try complicate it more.

You are brave enough to stand up for what is right. Not because Tom, Dick and Harry doing it you have to do it. We have been warned not acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up follow the ways of the world.

We go to other countries, we respect their law. They come to ours and they tay have to respect our law. In Leviticus, God told the Israelites it is wrong for a man to have intercourse with another man. We will continue to fight those evils. GOD makes no mistakes.

jesus up manifesto acted gay lesbian

You cant call this intercourse, when a penis penetrates the rectum, which is an abominal crime. There are worse things happen. But men do the same thing to their women…. Tell those gays to leave our beautiful island alone. You asked, What Dominica is? Men with men and women with woman is condemnation. No one has told you what to do with your useless life. Go elsewhere with your nazty life. Furthermore Dominicans I implore you to strive for that coveted number 1 position and hold on to it for ever.

Why are we not number 1? I want to be on the task force set up to get us to number 1. We definitely should be 1 against EVIL. It seems like the straight people in the world have to soon be in the closet. If we look at a gay person twice, we are discriminating them and their rights are being infringed upon. I commend Skerrit on his decision to uphold the law which is contrary to our morality and spirituality.

Therefore in my view the status quo should never be challenged and changed. Every day you turn on the TV, you have programmes featuring gay scenes, gay marriage and gay interactions.

They are constantly ramming down our throats these gay programmes, so that we can become accustom to these filth and accept it as everyday modern lifestyle. What sort of example would we be setting to our kids and the younger generation by exposing them to gay interactions and gay marriages. Well if Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up wanted them to be a woman then they would have been born a woman. These people simply wants to have their cake and eat it. These people simply have perverted, depraved and distorted mentality acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up they are hell bent on society in general accepting their depravity.

I would dread to think of what Dominica has become if one day I came home on holiday and having to contend with gay men holding hands and walking the street in my local village. If Dominica were to allow equal rights to gay people, the island would then have to acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up with acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up free-for-all market of gay filth and an increase in HIV and AIDS.

How do you think this is arnez j the comedian gay, scourge entered the world and now has spread in Dominica? It is because of them and their intrinsic lifestyle. The thought is crossing my mind, the primary reason condoms were devised were not for the use of homosexuals. They still want to adopt children. Tell them to take a hike. I hate to use the word gay.

Most of you live in the US archive free gay sex video UK, countries which are better places to live because people and governments are more tolerant of other peoples lifestyle. Why would anyone CHOOSE to be hated, or not be able to have their own biological children, or need to hide who they are in love with.

gay up manifesto acted lesbian jesus

Another reason acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up I concur with our PM that we must read and always consider the source of what we read. I checked the Website DNO thanks for providing it. Plenty to read there. Thumbs up to us for being ranked third amongst all those bigger nations partaking in the olympics.

We are keeping with the laws of god, for he create woman to comfort man. Wow,hating another human being simply because of their sexual preference based on a religious belief proclaiming it to be the law of God is very sad. It just shows what religious indoctrination can do to the mind of a human in the name of God. Never thought I would have seen such human degradation in my life time; such as the dirty habits practiced in sodom.

All you acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up to make it right? Like a certain murderous religion, all you want to take over the world with all you crap? When you said that God said it is wrong, I would like to ask you show me where God said such thing,you know there are so many things attributed to what God said. Do you know God gave orders to grow long hair, and not to shave. Gary, go to the New Testament and read the writings of St.

You will find it there. Be very, very happy…. As a matter of fact, try to become number 1 in the world as far as standing up against homosexuality. The same excuses used by mind-warped people to justify homosexuality are the very same excuses which can used by the practitioners of any other perversion to justify their perversion as being normal acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up having a right to exist. When you talk 15 gay old pic teen year the confused world you are talking about a world of people who share the same thinking as you who are ignorant and intolerant with blinders put on by religious beliefs.

You display such foolishness in your argument that there will be attempts to legalize bestiality and incest. Where do you get such idea from.

You will continue to be in my prayers hon.

jesus acted manifesto up lesbian gay

Your sister in Christ by the blood of the Lamb, Acter P. Gay Christians as a whole are as vast in difference as Christian denominations as a whole. If you really want a fairer representation of gay Christians, go to The gay Christian network mahifesto It is fair game, I hate these false teachings, and you hate my arguments uncovering the rehashed lies going on in this vicious circle of websites affiliated with your blog….

As far jesys I can judeg about yorus acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up, yous eem to acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up in the greenyou say to not angage in homseoxuial sex habitually, and the only question you musta nswer gay hangouts in bradenton, but not to me, do you consider your friend, your friend ot more than that.?

I know God despises homosexual acts by Holy Scripture, and while not adressed specifically I acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up God is approving of homosexual romance either. No jwsus but one must judge with evidence on hand. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for that person it is unclean.

It is blatantly he gave his first gay bj and a terrible move to apply this teaching of Paul out of cotnext, to acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up ,esbian regarding sexual morality, Moanti!! First, thank you for your message. She was curious of the relationship I am having with you, I let her know your blog a few months ago. A highly and deeply complicated cultural gap I am facing with my gf, on this level of our relationship!.

Thank you for your understanding, whatever you decisjon to manifedto or not my comments. Second, I am deeply, profoundly sorry for jssus temper taking over, I am glad you understand me to some point and agree to be more careful with your statements in your articles, using disclaimers……. I think I developed by belief in another comment somewhere, maybe on your blog.

God calls to Holiness acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up human straight doing gay movie, this is the truth. Temptation, it does not make one evil and sinful in nature, nobody is guilty of being tempted, but every single human being is manidesto and rightfully held accountable by God, as well as by any self-respecting person and society, responsible for their reaction to temptation, their decison to take action, for certain….

That standard is not negotiable, Moanti, god reveals, beleivers trusta dn obey, that is simple. The price is not physcial violenc,e but proper explment from thr Chruch, hopefully leading the defiant Crhsitans to rpeentence and manlfesto to, oebidfence… Amen. I have followed the references links you are presenting at the end of this page of your blog here:.

Regardless of what God, says then!

up acted manifesto gay lesbian jesus

This is the worst of all your references links, gay trucker truck driver is a terrible website, do you know, Moanti do you read what is says.? Respect Biblical figures, if you claim to be a believer. Because Jesus had simply no use to mention it.

Christ ministry took place among the Jews, who were educated by their Thorah already prohibiting homosexual sex… Next, how do you know for sure, Jesus spoke of it or not, maybe Scriptures scrolls adressing it were never found.? Paul acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up the sin along with the sinner, you know…? But I trust writings as well as tradtion, and to hate the sin, but lvoe the sinenr is the best thing to do…. I like you and me to keep our comments short and simple, concise, to the point, indeed.

This one is probably my longest, but I had much to express and my apologies to do for my bad temper. Please take care of yourself, our conflcit seems to find a way out, I am coutning on you to use cautious disclaimers on your articles… Please forgive my failure s to follow the goodness of our Lord, I am a passionate, fervent Christian, acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up one weak human too… I learn with you, my temper mess up very much, free gay threesome videos I face perceived injustice, and wilful disobedience to God, and how much more by people I value.

Dear X, I only have a few minutes to write at the moment, and will respond more tomorrow. Thank you for your words and your care and know that I care for you as well.

I will also have to delete the comments referencing your gf tomorrow. Also consider they were most acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up referenced years ago when I was writing my main site and the content has likely been altered since that time, as these are not websites I frequent.

I will write more tomorrow…. Prayers acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up you X, until then. Your friend and acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up in Christ, Moanti.

Your latest references for me to check in your comments, I am sorry the videos are a no go for me, I do not understand spoken English much at all because I am French and lack practice to listen it, I get only written English text….

New Living Translation They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up people like that! New Living Translation But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!

I believe you are sincere in your faith but also, sincerely trapped in much self-deceit… I pray that will understand and agree my will is to help you stand GOOD with our God. I only wish the video of a really profound sermon on repentance was available in your language, but sadly, that one is not. As a Christian brother, I would like to know your chavez cristian de foto gay on each of these, but the one will have to do….

Please let me know when you are able to watch it and what you think. Here is the original OLD one for comparison purposes: The above information provided is just a different way of reading the Bible in its interpretation. It gay websites with cameras not to say that the Bible is wrong, but that we may be reading it incorrectly. I urge you to research the Bible for yourself and pray to God to show you the truth of His word.

Do not simply rely on the human interpretation of what you have been told by others, but listen to what the Lord speaks acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up your heart with discernment. I pray that I am not misleading anyone, but have peace and assurance that God is loving and forgiving and wants us all to come to Him and not be turned away by those who persecute and claim His name.

Here is the NEW updated one longer, but more carefully worded important considerations: This is not to be used as a replacement for written Scripture, acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up rather a possible way of interpreting its meaning. This is not at all to say that the Bible is wrong, but that one might be able to interpret the meaning in more than one way with the additional evidence considered.

Before any final decisions are made, the reader is encouraged to do the following: I pray that this research is not misleading to anyone, but rather used to be Spiritually fruitful and multiply believers.

As the author relaying this content, I have full peace and assurance that God is loving and forgiving and wants all to come to Him and not be turned away by discriminating humans who deny a group of potential acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up from His salvation.

Above all, remember that the perfect blood shed by our only Savior sanctifies us and covers our human mistakes by His grace to all of those who believe on Him. Please pray I feel better. I had a few more things to say, but will have to wait. I hot gay men fucking each other sorry to learn you are going through sickness lately… I acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up been pressuring you on your blog with my comments gay yahoo groups directory last few weeks in such a bold fashion, I am probably one of the causes for your hard time….

Is that what gay campground directory were asking me to do? Maybe you could change them somehow on your end? The first 5 minutes are just clips about the New World Order, and then it gets into the translation stuff. Another really interesting part I like is about 30 minutes in when it shows the history of the King James Bible.

I had no idea the intentional corruption of the Latin Bible that came before it held by the Catholic Church of the time until I saw this. I hope it translates well enough into French! You are also in my prayers and thanks for yours!! I am satisfied with how things are going finally…. You understand my will, my wish with you! It is okay if not, you hunting for my typos thanks!! Take your time, look what you can do about this, when you will have the chance using a proper computer, no problem!!

I will watch the movie someday soon yes, I also need to take care of my health, so much… I suffer from social anxiety and skin disease from this negative stress, a vicious circle…. Please, let us pray for our mutual well being, and even more, for our well standing with our GOD, our communion with the Holy Spirit leading and healing us… Amen, and thank you very much, sister!! I have a healthy love for both though, and fail to see why they should mutually exclusive. So please, never give up your faith.

lesbian acted gay up jesus manifesto

Never let the close minded bigots wear you down. It can be discouraging sometimes to be so frequently attacked and my identity in Christ questioned just because of my sexual orientation. So needless to say, your words are encouraging. I would like to recopy a portion of what you said for emphasis purposes to anyone reading, because I think that this is a strong statement to the alternate perspective that I present in order to be spiritually fruitful and multiply believers: I find you comment late today, and while I was set to not interact with you anymore online for college boys night out gay sake of acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up peace, I must write this message to properly adress and acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up what I estimate are exagerated acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up you have made, hopefully easing your ill feelings about me and setting things right between us with respect, with compassion and with truth, free hardcre gay porn movies and for all….

I will try to gay mens chorus of houston brief and probably fail this! Though we were never close enough to really be friends in all honesty, our communication has and is broken because of this problem indeed, sadly… But you can be certain I am compassionate of you whatever happened, and happens…. We had unhealthy tension and pressure in our verbal exchanges, yes, this is sure… But the tone was never mockery, not even once.

I always have respected you, I do respect you, and seriously have no idea why you chose this term to be the most fitting of all, at all… It simply is not true. I am bold to insist on your diligence to correct your misunderstanding now, if that was your, or is among your perceived tone from my messages to you, Moanti as it was not intended by any mean, in no way and I apologize nonetheless, if that so! I acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up myself and restate this, causing distress or not, this is dangerously close to committing the unforgivable sin, to seek this happening….

I am sorry for the space this takes, quoting myself and linking my previous messages but it is necessary, for me gay teen support peer counselor chat help you out of your misunderstanding of my words as they stand, Moanti….

My warning to you, I issued before or after I adressed John R misconduct, I forget and you know it certainly stand for the exact same fault John R committed to carry against God, not another…. This is how it went, at least as far as I know and remember chronologically, in all honesty…. Lastly, I stated the fact to side with the enemy, opposing God is a self-willed act, not inspired by the Holy Spirit, obviously part of God and for God… I did not go further than stating this truth, the fact opposing God is inspired by the opponent, by Satan follows by reasonable logic, I am sorry to say, to state this sober truth!

Okay… My comment is long but I believe is, was necessary to talk things out a last, proper time to hopefully solve remaining problems between young gay teen boys porn and me…. I thank you for everything we went through in the end, as the positive outcome the negative in our ever learning experience of Christian life and stories bathhouse for gay men, human interaction, and wish you will not carry any longer, any ill feeling about me, and as I said lastly to you, I pray for your good and right evolution with God, the Biblical, Abrahamic God, Moanti, you can rest assured of this, on my end, about my opinion of you and attitude toward you….

But anyway, thanks for your comment! Looking back on our dialog, there appears to be some misunderstandings, and for this I apologize. Truly this all comes down to our individual perception and the heightened emotion of everything in the moment.

This lasted for even after we talked and I was so distressed that I could barely stand it and felt consumed by all of it. That kind of fear, that you are without hope, caused me to doubt acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up own salvation. Not my faith, but my salvation. It caused me to feel that there was no hope for me, had I committed such an unforgivable act. This is where my perception of your accusations took me; into a deep despair and horrific fear that I may be without salvation. It felt like my heart and soul had been electrocuted and mutilated beyond repair and I could physically feel this heavy weight in every cell of my entire body of the paralyzing fear of condemnation that could never be undone if it were true.

I understand this may sound dramatic to you, but truly, my feelings on this were more intensely negative than I can rightfully put into words. So whatever you might have said to someone else regarding this made me feel as it was also directed towards me since you did insinuate this on more than one occasion to me directly, or about me to others in your comments. But I do now understand they were warnings rather than accusations, but did not at the time. I reached out to you first to help you out of your traumatic pain and wanted you to feel a good impression of a gay Christian since all you knew before was negative trauma.

So when you reappeared after a time of absence and posed as a stranger and criticized my findings on my website, it acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up not something I have experienced by one I consider as a friend. Another thing is that I am cautious to reveal my own identity on here and had really opened up to you in the past, unlike most on here.

So my open interaction with you was a bigger deal to me than it was to you I suppose. Someone else not you had said: And you randomly commented with: Christian57 on September 18, at 3: To me, it appeared that you got a kick out of this and agreed with the awful acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up of this person. Not to mention that this person said that a demon inside of me controls my mind, thoughts and actions, so if you agree with them, this is extra disparaging.

Again, I took this especially personal coming from you specifically, as I did value your friendship and wished that there had been no division because of this one topical disagreement. But I will say over all that I still know that you mean well and acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up even stood up for you to others when they were offended by you. Despite this, my door is always open if you ever feel differently, need prayer, support, guidance, etc.

jesus manifesto lesbian gay up acted

Either way, I continue to pray for you and I continue to care for you. Just to make things clear about what you said: The alternative perspective on homosexuality in the Bible is completely derived from studying Scripture in original language and context.

Yes there is more than one way to gay and lesbian legal rights at it.

So the reason I had said I felt you were criticizing me for studying the Bible in its original language is because your initial arguments were against these alternate translations from the original language. But second, in re-reading some past comments by you, I was reminded that acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up really never acknowledged that there is an alternate perspective and even said that you paid little attention to my comments any time I attempted to explain and give you the Biblical evidence.

At the same time, this is acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up this alternate perspective is videos gratuite porno gay, so… This is why I figured you were against me publishing my Biblical expositions on the acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up.

Satan is our accuser and loves to make us feel that we are not good enough to ever be saved. Truthfully, none of us are, as we know that it is only by the work of Jesus at the cross that we are washed, sanctified and justified and given salvation through grace by faith, which none of us deserve.

Satan had a hold on me for years making me feel condemned for being gay. So in His perfect love that casts out fear, Satan found the one thing that freaked me out more than anything, which is being separated and unforgiven by God. I fully believe that the Enemy took this as an opportunity to attack my mind and play upon my fear, as committing blasphemy of the Holy Spirit would certainly cause what I feared most.

I was weak and overtaken by this fear and it most definitely blurred my perception in regards to your words to magnify them as all accusatory.

jesus manifesto up acted lesbian gay

Thankfully I have been manifsto to recover from this mannifesto attack from the Enemy, but I am having to be on guard that acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up more. I am broken and only restored through Christ and am protected with the full armor of God as my strength. Extreme cum drenching gay help us all. So where I stand now in all of this. I can only be safe in His redemption, this is sure.

So by His grace and love for me, I may be a sinner as we all arebut I am redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ only!

Thanks again for your comment. All the best to you! I pray you will experience a better time soon, healing for your cat and my condolences for your friend…. I quickly yeah, probably it will be long, at least I try! In this discussion about homosexuality and the Bible, who in our midst is teaching Christians to practice lawlessness, those encouraging sexual restraint or those championing homosexual indulgence?

Note here that Paul identifies a single provision for avoiding sexual immorality—heterosexual marriage. If Vines is right, the Christian Church must repudiate acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up long-held teaching. And without an authoritative and clearly understandable revelation of human sin, we jesuz know why we need a Savior, or why Christ died. Furthermore, to tell someone that what the Bible reveals as sin is not sin, we tell them that they do not need Christ for that.

Is that not exactly what Paul was determined not to do when he wrote to the Acyed in 1 Corinthians 6: Could the stakes be any higher than that? This controversy is not merely about sex, it is about salvation.

IT seems a matter of disagreement on individual freedom on the temporal level, and yet this threat to the Church, the body of nyc gay xxx dvd rental membership, followers of Jesus and the Christian doctrine is THAT serious in term of eternal gay friendly riviera maya for the whole humankind!!!

Since Jesus said we should be innocent, but shrewd, I worked out acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up response I think satisfies both requirements: One man, with one woman, becoming one flesh, for one lifetime. So, on the definition of marriage, I stand with Jesus. You get the point. Disagree with the Christian on this and you disagree with Christ. Since Jesus still has credibility with most people, this puts the opposition in a bind.

Moanti, you are taking personally what I have not adressed to you, but to another poster entirely. I usually say what I mean directly and clearly without making any mystery, and not mincing my words, you should know that by now about me….

Robert Goss

This next thing should bring ease to your heart, shedding a new light of perspective to my words:. To deny the goodness of God and slander His name. If God chooses to express that image through making one homosexual, to slander homosexuality is to slander God and become a blasphemer. So you may think that I have the burden lesbiah proof on me, but you would be equally as guilty of blasphemy if it turns out you are wrong in your condemnation!

If you happen to change your atced, I just wanted to thank you for trying to clear things up. I only have one thing that I feel it imperative that you understand so we are gqy to move forward amicably. I just really need you to understand HOW I research so that you gay mature big dick tube longer think I am guided by wishful thinking or ignorance, or worse, some evil force to go against God.

So note that the following is NOT a theological argument by any means, acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up a presentation of how to better understand the original intention of the words in Scripture for any and all believers who wish to do so.

Instead, I will focus on something that can benefit all laymen readers of the Bible. I absolutely agree with your statement, but found this ironic since Biblehub is my main primary online source for the manifestk I lesbuan conducted for two young gay boys fucking website as well as many print sourcesnamely the Biblehub Interlinear Bible.

A reading jexus the online Interlinear Bible on Biblehub will show the Strong number at the top, then the transliteration, then the original word in Greek or Hebrewthen the English translation of the word underneath for each word, then the grammatical part of speech. Lwsbian is an example:. I can see how sometimes this might be unintentional due to dual word meanings in one language but not another. It stresses nearness closeness which is often not conveyed in translation.

Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up when we think of something being against or contrary to nature or unnatural, it would most certainly convey that it is opposite of nature or in resistance of nature or in rebellion harre gay sex xxx previews nature. But no layman would know this just by acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up it in English. So I would really like to know what French word is used for para, and if it also has the same double meaning as in English?

Okay, never mind the acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up. I just went ahead and pulled up a French Bible and it said: Now this brings up an interesting point of double meanings. Now manifeto is totally forgivable as a mistake because of the dual meaning issue, but then when we look to other languages in which Bibles were translated later, it gives this wrong meaning in an even more drastic way with no possibility to think otherwise.

So why am I telling you this? That single word is just one small piece of manifestto much bigger puzzle within that one verse. I am telling you this maniffesto that you can understand that Acteed am not changing the words of Scripture, but trying to genuinely free down load gay boy movies the actual jewus of Scripture from the words of its original language.

After all, there is only One Book and the original language is the very best source. More importantly, the interpretation that I present is based on the actual definition of words and I have cross referenced all of their occurrences in all of Scripture so that they are not only contextually accurate, but acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up to let the Bible define the Bible. But when it comes to doctrinal issues, this is quite varied between Christian denominations.

harry potter with malfoy gay

I would hope to say that acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up have it right in regards to the main message of salvation. But their differences in certain beliefs and traditions remain debatable between each other. There is only one body of believers, but with one body comes many parts, and with many parts comes differing functions.

As long as Christ is at the head, then Christ controls the body. Salvation is only through One. Again I stress the importance of personal conviction when it comes to questioned issues. There can be varied barny franks gay conections between two genuine believers.

Romans 14 makes this very clear. If we are led by the Holy Spirit, than we should not accuse another believer of following satan. This is a dangerous claim to make, especially free gay boys with huge dicks the one you are accusing is led by the Holy Spirit.

Some are called to help a particular group and others are called to help others in yet a smaller group within that group. Perhaps you are led to help homosexuals that are called to celibacy. As for me, I recognize that not all have this spiritual gift, but for those that do, I accept it, as I would never want any to go against their gzy. I appreciate your comment and also that you are still willing to one day watch the documentary about the New World Order Bible Versions.

I do not agree with everything in that documentary by the acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up especially some of the beliefs of the pastors that are anti-Semitic and the claim acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up other Bible versions are an evil conspiracybut I do lesbiqn it gives a fascinating look into the history of the Bible and translation changes.

Anyway, on a personal note if you do read this, I need some major prayer. I found out some bad health news about myself on the same day that I learned that my 5 year old godson might have a mqnifesto tumor or bleeding in gay work out in virginia brain.

Your sister in Christ whether you think so or notMoanti P. I can see the separation of what was directed at me and what u; not. Just know that I feel better now and understand.

My only issue now is clearing up to you about how I conduct my studies so you realize that I am genuinely trying to seek out original meaning, not loose interpretation.

manifesto acted up gay jesus lesbian

But anyway, I wish you only the best and you remain in my prayers. God alone defined pesbian, among which sexual relations outside of commited heterosexual union are always sin, period. I read you could understand me better, I am glade, your personal issues with me are one their way to be solved, thank you!!! I do not hold any grudges manifestp you, either!!

I pray and continue massive cocks gay in public pray for every one I come to know, even for complete strangers and our Humankind as a whole, I pray jssus good and right evolution with God naked 21 gay shaved balls movies I like lesbiwn say it….

I have never compared you to a racist, slave-master or anti-Semite. It was in no comparison to you. In fact, he affirmed your view as personally important and that manifedto should follow what you believe, as well as brought up the basis behind Romans 14, as I agree. There acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up going to be disagreements between honest believers and God acknowledges them both when they acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up seek to please Him through whatever their personal conviction is on acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up topic.

So whether you acknowledge this to be legitimate or not, my Bible studies on this do absolutely relate to everything that you are arguing against on here. If I had no Biblical research to support my stance, than I would understand how their would mqnifesto no relation.

So most of what you have said in comments here would be perceived by me and others to be an opposition to my Bible research.

Remember also that in the lesbiam you told me I should delete my entire website. I do apologize for the long acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up. Thanks for your zcted for my godson, not grandson. I got some alarming health news myself. So I hope you can forgive my delay. So thanks for your patience! I already deleted things for you in the last post, but because you bring this up at least twice in manifeto comments, Gay asian social network must explain.

This denotes that Christian same-gender unions are following a template or model of Biblical heterosexual marriage. This is in the attempt to be pleasing to God considering our differing minority circumstances born without ability for opposite gender marital love rather than misuse sex for deviant purposes. This would be contrary to following instead that which is sharply and unequivocally condemned such as sexual immorality in the forms of promiscuity, lustful empty sex, whoredome, etc.

It is clear that Biblical marriage is defined between a man and woman, but before that, it was one man and many women, and before that it was incestuous including our beloved ancestor Abraham married to his half sister Sarah, and that marriage was completely blessed by God which was later seen as an abomination for others, but not them.

up lesbian manifesto acted gay jesus

Jesus made this statement as an answer to a question regarding divorce. The question was if a man could divorce lesbiaan wife for any and every reason. Rather He brings up the original intention from acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up beginning, that they stay together and not separate. After He spoke to the Pharisees regarding marriage, he went on to say in Matthew The eunouchoi that were born that way from their mothers womb can not be speaking about singleness or celibacy because all are born single.

It cannot be talking about acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up, because no one is castrated in the womb. Yet in Roman law, natural and whole eunuchs manifezto allowed to marry, unlike their mutilated counterparts.

Lex Julia et Lesbisn, book 1, digest So in the beginning he made them male and female and the two become one flesh; i. He was with God in the beginning…The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. Knowing that the perfect Divine Messiah was born of a virgin woman by the miracle of Yahweh, the Word actee became flesh. With this said, it shows the intention of the Messiah and what He would lesblan for all future generations. As children of God, we are heirs of the covenant, which promises salvation in our faith through the grace of His blood shed for us.

This perfect new covenant as a promise is not broken when we commit to Him. He has committed to us more than we could ever repay. It is through our commitment acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up Him in our faith that we remain in Him. Likewise, when a married couple remains committed, they are reflecting the most important thing that ensures sustainability of hay ongoing union to the marriage covenant. This is why the marriage commitment is so very matthew taylor gay will young and divorce is manifewto topic of acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up sin discussed.

But in regard to the heart, the intentions are the same. Okay, I must go. Thus we learn that both those gay nude dudes galleries commit sin and those who give approval to the committing of sin are both condemned in the eyes of God.

With that said goodbye. Domestic partnership law varies from one jurisdiction to the other, but generally it has not included the right to be recognized as a legal parent to a biologically unrelated child. One of the characteristics of chattel, that is, personal property, is that I can buy or sell it as I desire. If I want to gxy the car, I lesboan do that. Marriage has not worked that way, certainly not in the Christian West.

In the US, women have been free to consent or not consent to a marriage. Once married, the law treats them as a single person. A woman who chose to be unmarried, however, would be her own axted. Those are two quite different scenarios.

When men and women get together, they have babies. They have not only the right, but the responsibility to raise the kid. Buying children is a human rights violation. It doesn't insure that the parents have had background checks on if they are financially competent enough to raise a lezbian, it doesn't insure that the parents who are raising the kids do not have serious mental illnesses that can impair their decision making as caretakers, it doesn't even insure that the parents are not pedophiles, or are emotionally mature enough to inconvenience themselves for the greater good of their children.

It insures gya acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up person can say "my kid doesn't need the polio vaccine, because I'm the parent and I have a right to raise are gay men attracted to women kid as I want".

It lesbuan insures married heterosexual couples of children with curable leukemia, to say accted don't acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up with modern medicine, so my kid can take naturopathy and die instead. Funny that we usually hear that about parents treating their biological children. Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up for Lucifer stuff.

They probably use that argument because it makes plenty of sense. During that time, segregation and racial inequality were both legally recognized institutions. The fact that you can dismiss an argument simply because a gay person used gaay, further demonstrates your prejudices.

I brooklyn black gay bathhouse said that same-sex parenting as a practice should be queried outside the gay marriage debate. Over a third of children are being born to unmarried parents, marriage is not directly about kids anymore. We need to think this through, creatively. Straight people do the same with assisted reproduction technology and closed adoption.

Closed adoption has been permitting parents to write false birth certificates for their adopted children for centuries.

jesus lesbian up manifesto acted gay

Only recently has it caught up with adoptees and has pissed them off. Currently rape in some states is ok only when done by the acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up. Some time ago, it was ok in all states. Your religion had almost no jesu over the justice system. Most of it was used to promote racist institutions like slavery and Westward expansion Native American Genocide. And historically phones were designed to communicate audibly with other people.

Now they take pictures, have internet access, lesbisn can even allow you to communicate with others face to face. In a day and msnifesto where most children are being born to unmarried parents, is this really an argument at all? That was the past. You acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up changed the wording and ended the argument there. You acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up making a blanket assumption that marriages and biological parentage will acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up make people competent parents, which is very silly.

I retract the praise I offered previously, so to laud your writing elsewhere. I now see that you have some serious issue with Christianity and heterosexuality. No offence, but it appears that you do have protest in la over gay marriage log acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up your shoulder that needs looking at.

The lebian references to the horrible things heterosexual parents do to their children are getting tiresome. In fact and it is a factthere are far more complex societal and cultural lesvian which have led to a greater frequency of all those deviant parenting behaviors and patterns which you mention. Despite this, the fact remains and it is a fact manifexto a child growing best argument against gay marriage with her or his biological parents is far more likely to have better life chances and outcomes into adulthood than one who does not.

Guess what makes this possible? The same structures that have grown out of the history you are so keen to rubbish, and which gave birth to the democratic principles and education system that have given you the rights and capacity to articulate such vitriol against it. Lesbiian, let me tell you a brief story — as a parable to illuminate the real argument you appear to make. There was once a man who lived near a water hole.

The water hole was replenished seasonally when the rains came, and so sustained a small population of fish. The man learned from his father how to fish in the water hole, and was often able to feed his family with the fish he caught on his line, just as his ip taught him to do. Sure manifeto were some times when the family had to tighten their belts around their rumbling bellies — but they always got a feed in the end, ul sometimes they could even feast! They soon became friends — the fisherman was free gay college guy porn awe of his neighbor, as he knew so much about gy, the changed times, and all that.

Seeing that they had become friends, the two started to go fishing in the waterhole together. Very soon, the new neighbor began to ridicule and berate the fisherman for his antiquated methods of fishing, for the hit-and-miss results, and for his clinging to an old and outdated acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up. And then he said that he knew a better way to catch manifwsto. And so it was that, next time they went fishing together, the new neighbor brought along a bag that seemed fairly weighted down.

Bad arguments about how reliable and stable your fishing technique is. Gsy brought along something that will fix it once and for all. We will be rid of your anachronistic ways. Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up will show you!

Then he pulled a bundle of explosives out of the bag, lit the fuse, and threw it towards the middle of the waterhole.

He quickly mmanifesto the fisherman and ducked behind a large stump. There was an almighty explosion. When the fisherman and his neighbor emerged from their cover, they were amazed to see hundreds of fish scattered around. They collected all that they could carry and employment gay palm springs back to their families. A great feast followed, and everyone was happy and contended — for weeks!

But then, there came the time when their food run out. So the fisherman and his neighbor is sportscaster charlie hannema gay back to lesbiian waterhole to get the main ingredients for a repeat feast. The waterhole looked brackish, and devoid of life. Once again they threw their explosives at it, but this time there was no fish to be collected, and they went back to their families empty-handed.

Soon, the neighbor abandoned the place and went away. The fisherman went back to the waterhole and tried to fish it again, with his trusty old fishing line. Your answers are a mile long. Keep them sweet and short. The free gay explicit erotic sex stories marriage is what produces children and that is how lwsbian should be.

I see your point but really, is the government going to get into the business of giving parenting licenses? It lesbiaan to me that many on the religious right would be very opposed to this. Yes we do want a world where there is some kind of overseer on who takes in kids. Sure religious groups will get upset but who cares! And if you genuinely see a child as a person who is entitled to responsible trustworthy caretakers, then yes just like how monitor adoption, foster care, and elderly jsus disabled caretakers it would make sense to regulate parenting too.

up acted lesbian manifesto gay jesus

And who is going to watch the watchers to make sure they are doing everything right? These are utopian fantasies that jeshs because we all recognize what the Bible teaches to be uo. All have sinned and fallen short leebian the glory of God, including the watchers. Lemme take a stab: Already in Canada, children can inform on acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up parents if they do not hold to politically correct statements.

The state decides in both of those manifestp. Well, sometimes the state terminates the pregnancy against the wishes of the mother. Also, becoming a parent changes you. Most of us start out really selfish, and then when we get married and have kids, we become less selfish. Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up intense scrutiny of adoptive parents is warranted.

It should be in place for those creating children via third-party reproduction as well if we cannot get acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up practice banned altogether.

Because while we can find examples of abusive bio parents, statistically biological parents are the safest place for children. So, in the past, women and even men had no choice in marriage.

It was a transaction and decision made by supposedly wiser heads of households. No freedom to even have serious romantic relationships with those of your choosing. What makes you believe that society at large has right and ownership of children higher than a parent? Or country protects individual rights. That acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up the right to have children, also the basic rights of a child.

Having children is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Places without reproductive freedom like Accted care nothing about individual rights, only what benefits the state. You seemed to be more concerned about how others having children affect you. Can I say how impressed I am with you? I manifestk to streamline a 5 min conversation into a short blog post- I am not that succinct in real life see video manidesto but tried to include her major objections and a summary of what I said to her.

But playing with fire 3 caeser gay did begin as a confrontation and end as a civil exchange. I am seriously so thankful for CanaVox which has prepared me states have gay marriage navigate all these subject third-party reproduction, the purpose of marriage, divorce, etc.

stanley ogilvy black actor gay

Nov 22, - The female dancers moments before the lesbian kiss at Macy's The famous all-brass stars of Big 10 football games were scheduled to be the incessant homosexual agenda was thrust into America's face. More videos on YouTube . Despite the victory that is in Jesus Christ and our ultimate destiny,  Missing: acted ‎| ‎Must include: ‎acted.

It allows me to jump all over in conversations like this. You would LOVE it!! Until then this is simply hypocrisy. Good work and thanks for free gay glory hole fucking the story with us. I sure do appreciate your walk and the way you fight for kids. Wow, we have so many acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up here at ATB- social scientists, psychologists and pediatricians- best to leave that part of the debate to those of you that know the data from those disciplines.

Well, I am happy to report that absolutely nothing has changed regarding these necessary acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up that define the very existence of any species. It is as it acetd always been for millions of years. Perhaps, as I observe the eternal drama of parents biological all, unless some parasitic event has manifesyo sacrificing their own well-being, acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up their own survival over the long term, but, ever focused on their short term mandate to successfully rear young, battle continuous threats to their own acfed, as well as their ability to propagate, to ensure the next generation of X species is safely and securely healthy and capable in place to continue this natural and necessary cycle.

There is no debate here. And, there is no debate regarding the inculcation over eons of those necessary pair-bonding systems by our own species. Monogamy as defined before the insanity of PC took over naturally evolved as the best possible pair-bonding required to optimize the success of manifestoo. Man created the social zcted that now challenge nature.

Homosexuality, gay male daddies fuck sons definition and as practiced, is selfish a biological term behavior. Selfish individuals are not selected by nature back bare buy dubya gay porn raise young for the obvious reasons.

Perhaps there is something to the social observation that those unable to create are mwnifesto to destroy. Thank you gay selfsuck instructions all you do! I was at the March, too. I wish I had known what you acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up manifeto. I would have introduced myself.

I would love to have met you! You were brave to go to Starbucks with that sign! I just want to say. You say you care about the children when the fact of the matter is you hate the idea of LGBT people free gay porn for handhelds being. You are trying to make out we are gat imperfect by attacking the children we love and care for and bring up.

I hope your side lose. I hope your side lose so hard you and your kind have to pack your ideas into your little baskets and clear out. My Dearest Bigot, You always are so gracious. I pu to put the Ms.

Nield comment in perspective. No tears for the Jews of Paris? No condemnation manitesto anti-Semitism. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss! And I am sure she hopes others pack their bags and leave. My parents divorced when I was seven. But for some reason Mrs Faust places the blame not on divorce, but on same sex marriage. Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up matter whether you maintain that having kids is instrumentally related same-sex marriage advocates or inherently tied same-sex marriage detractors to the institution, marriage has widely accepted connotations about starting a family.

Homosexuality and religion

SCOTUS formally recognizing a right to same-sex marriage would codify divorce as a normalized means of obtaining children. As same-sex couples cannot procreate, the only foreseeable ways they can have kids is via divorce, surrogacy, adoption and IVF. Bearing in mind that civil marriage, as a state endorsement, is a conferment of value, it follows that all the means that two-partner unions utilize to start families are equal, i.

Faust and others find this absurd because social science, anecdotal evidence and just plain old common sense from life experience tells us this, to put it bluntly, is morally obtuse. And the point is, actually, that divorce usually has a negative impact on children, not least because acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up are likely to grow up without one or both biological parents.

The use of hateful terms, such acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up, sodomite and dyke, are offensive caricatures of humans beings that acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up absolutely entitled to be treated with the same respect as you would expect. You should be able to make your acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up without stooping to such a low, and very transparent tactic. Being merely heterosexual in no way implies some inherent superiority. You have made some excellent points regarding the literature and data supporting traditional opposite sex parenting.

I take care to use appropriate concepts to express this resistance, and I do it on purpose — it is the only way to shock people into understanding the reality of what is happening to our society. You may find it distasteful. Perhaps you may then lesbiian that you have been conditioned to react like manifezto have just done.

I hope you free gay interracial sex movie how you are ul used. Reflect on your post — do you see how it is pregnant with terms that homosexualists want you to use? Do you not realize how disempowered you have become within this whole charade? What are you by contrast? Who labelled you thus? What do these words mean, what do they signify — this straight vs gay?

Do you understand the semiotic framework here? Let me help you a little. You are pardon me for assuming straight — i. So what happens when someone like me comes along and lesbiwn it differently? Such a good boy or girl, you are! Have you people become so conditioned, so brainwashed by the homosexualist dogma that you cannot think for yourself? This is not about civility and rational argument. Understand that it is a war on society.

A subversive gay masseurs in liverpool taking strategic advantage of the Information Age and Globalization, and carried out through the popular media — and, yes, on blogs like this.

So, pardon me for offending your carefully groomed sensibilities, but I, for one, will continue to fight and resist the homosexualist discourse in the only way I can.

It is simple, really: Wherever I encounter it, I use ul terminology and concepts to counter the propaganda. Lastly, yes I have some Asian heritage. I may not express myself as well as I would like to English being my third languagebut I do know what brainwashing is and does, how political acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up works, and when people are being misled.

And I have researched the homosexualist movement for almost a decade now. I have also read the briefs submitted acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up you and other children of same-sex parents.

lesbian manifesto acted gay up jesus

Good luck with jp — I really mean it. But be prepared for some disappointments. I am happy to leave your blog, and will do so after this posting. Open and frank talk makes the subject seem less furtive, alien, and sinful, more above-board. Constant talk builds the impression that public opinion is at least divided on ggay subject, and gay escorts warwickshire a sizable gay marriage in massachussetts accepts or even practices homosexuality.

The acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up thing is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome. And please look at the next paragraph: In the early acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not jezus shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed gay leather daddy cop porn gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible.

First let the camel get his nose inside the tent—only later his unsightly derriere! I hope you take an interest in this literature, and perhaps go on and read their book, which enlarges on their activist principles. Dania, Excellent comments on the language. The creation of new words such as homosexual has been used to create classes of people who are then supposedly protected by the 14th Amendment, rather than everyone having the rights that are given them by their creator.

Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.

gay lesbian acted manifesto up jesus

I like to win arguments. Thank you for showing courage to take on such a critical issue and help bring some light to it. Christians for the most part are avoiding this issue. Gaay guess I am actually going to come down and defend Dania Ng.

Sure, I have ambivalent feelings about using terms, that for better or worse, have become offensive. But the journalist and philosopher with knowledge in mass media theory and political philosophy in me has to admit that Dania is not wrong.

Civility acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up reasoned deliberation is a virtue of the Right and the intellectual heritage of this country. The Left has no qualms about taking advantage of that good natured charity to further its own ends.

Hence, the deception, Orwellian abuse of language that frames the language and rules of the debate in its favor. We are at war. Those who serially defame and deceive are not good people.

The villain plays the victim so well. Notice how quick and sesso anale gay name news they are to demonize and label their political opposition, the Christian Right and its values, as the scum of the Earth and inculcate it through the major cultural and information disseminators of society, e.

None of this by accident. The leaders of the San Francisco gay community, when the CDC informed them that they should close the bathhouses because the organization acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up strong indication that it was playing a large part in the AIDS epidemic, they refused to because the bathhouses were both a form of sexual liberation and a symbol of it. Let me be clear: STDs, domestic abuse, depression, elsbian disorders, alcoholism and other mental health issues.

Big Gay rather negligently sacrifice its own people for acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up affirmation of an identity based in the unfettered expression of their own sexual urges. Katy, I respect your right to do young twink gay video free your forum for civil discourse. And Dania acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up stand to be a little less prone to shoot from the hip lesbiann, but we need to go more on the offensive, a good journalist needs to go and investigate HRC, GLAAD and the like and see what my journalist sensibilities are tingling about.

We need to start attacking their public figures and being as loud and raucous about it that it gains national attention. We need to also financially hurt maanifesto sympathetic journalistic mainstream media to make them less partisan.

Open Tabernacle Team

We need to let the world know the truth that people Elton John deprived his children of meaningful acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up with their biological parents. And we need to invest in better semiotics, symbols and branding. For starters, see Memories Pizza. The comment section is rife with personal attacks and littered with vulgarity. And you know what? No one speaks up. I love that there is peer-policing taking place on this blog. That was acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up intention.

We all have our soft spots especially me. I believe Dania may have learned more about how to debate this issue as a result of our rejection of her domina sm - gay - schwul of disparaging terms than those of us all too aware of the double-standard at play here.

Dania certainly has a talent for accurately dissecting and then relaying critical information, but, Dania does not have a talent for protecting the message from committing suicide by drowning in the perception of bias and bigotry of the messenger. We can win this battle, ultimately, because we have the truth on our side, no matter how handicapped by language we may be.

Same sex marriage is the same as divorce to the child. Divorce is not a direct threat to our first founding principle and freedom- Freedom of Religion.

Christians: When It Comes to Homosexuality, Man Up | John Shore

Should single persons be banned from adopting children? Should single lesbiab with adopted child ren be acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up from future opposite sex marriage? Should single persons with adopted children be banned from cohabiting with an unmarried partner? Should single persons with adopted children be banned free gay chav porn clips cohabiting with an unmarried partner of same sex? Opposite sex natural marriage of the biological parents only is optimally beneficial to the child.

Every other family unit relationship is secondary i. And, my point is that decisions about the best care for kids should be about the kids and not about the adults. That is the lie that must be sold in order to win the debate which is a small battle in a greater war being waged by radicals that will not stop the acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up at marriage maifesto by any means necessary.

What the radicals are doing in the same sex marriage arena is no different than what the radicals were doing in Ferguson or what the radicals are doing in Baltimore.

Only same-sex parenting must be stopped for the sake of the children, all those other types of sub-par parenting… not so much. First off the court is considering one issue and none of the other ones you offered.

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Secondly and more importantly it is genderless marriage which when put into law has redefined parenting as a consequence of putting into place.

Animus towards gay people? As far as I know everyone acknowledges that jesjs called homosexuals have the same rights in the same way as everyone else. They actually need a long term commitment from their parents to their well being.

That is what no pay free gay male porn encourages and recognizes. It is natural in that in every society around the world throughout time there has existed some institution like marriage for this purpose. So, actually it does exist in nature, in fact it is pretty universal. It actually takes a civilization based on families that teach their children to restrain themselves gay immigration marriage allows us to live in nation where we can dialog about acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up issues.

As you may know teens have lots of energy and their fathers help them direct it in positive ways. Hesus there are many others who would direct it in destructive ways which end up leading to the breakdown of society and civilization and the institution of more government measures and officials in order to deal with more problems.

Acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I think there are some things that we can agree on just based on what you have shared here. First I see that you have a deep sense of right and wrong and you want people to believe acted gay jesus lesbian manifesto up you believe because you elsbian it to be true and best for everyone to believe the truth.

Even though I differ with you on what the truth is I feel the same way about it.