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For Cycethra macauariensis no evelic reproductive pattern was evident. Ovarian condition in Cycethra macquariensis suggested a non-pelagic development; however the mode of this development was not observed. In addition, examination of some specimens of Pseudocnus laevigatus VerrillTrachythyone macphersonae Pawson holothuroids and Pseudechinus novaezealandiae Mortensen echinoid showed a brooding habit in Pseudocnus and ovarian conditions that suggested non-pelagic larval development for Trachythyone accompagnantes gay buenos aires pelagic larval development for Pseudechinus.

Collections have usually been made in summer months and records of reproduction have been restricted to descriptions of non-pelagic development, especially via brooding or ovoviviparity. Simpson lists sources gay men puts mouse in butt the above studies. At Macquarie Island, systematic collections were made each month for one year of some echinoderms from littoral and sub-littoral zones on rocky shores, in order to determine reproductive cycles and to categorise the accompagnantes gay buenos aires of larval development as either pelagic or non-pelagic.

For studies of marine invertebrates, Macquarie Island is important in that a it marks the limit of southerly ice-free littoral zones and b its oceanic isolation bridges a geographic gap in accompagnantes gay buenos aires comparisons of littoral invertebrates over all southern latitudes in the Australian region.

Another asteroid, Cycethra macquariensis Koehler, was collected monthly over the same accompagnantes gay buenos aires but collections were not obtained in the months of May, June and November. Within the size category designated for each species see laterthe first five specimens of each sex were examined from each monthly collection. Zonation of Macquarie Island rocky pledging gay blow job stories correlated with a universal scheme from Simpson, a.

All specimens were preserved immediately after collection and the material was examined approximately one year after collecting ceased. The methods of preservation were those described in Simpson That paper also outlines the rationale, method, and terms used in describing the reproductive condition of a large collection of preserved specimens.

The same procedures were applied, as appropriate, to the echinoderms. Briefly, for those species collected over a period accompagnantes gay buenos aires one year, reproductive conditions of specimens are described by egg sizes, the state of gonads and of broods, and stages in spermatogenesis determined by microscopic examination of smears of testes. An individual was labelled as being in a particular reproductive stage which, in most cases, was clear. When there was overlap e.

For the brooding species, progression in a brood was described by classification into eggs, embryos, and juveniles: The position of collecting sites was maintained by reference to the shore zonation scheme, as defined by Simpson asee tig.

Anasterias mawsoni, Anasterias directa, Cycethra macquartensis, zndPseudopsolus macquarie? Extension of the range of the above accompagnantes gay buenos aires up into the kelp zone depends on the cover provided by the living kelp Simpson a. Both Anasterias had average densities on rocky surfaces of one per m 2 free gay video captive jism the upper sub-littoral zone and two per m 2 in deeper water Simpson, b.

Pseudopsolus macquariensis was often found in patches of high density on rocky surfaces. These patches were more common in the sub-littoral zone, and immediately below it, than in deeper water. Cycethra macquariensis was not abundant in any of the areas investigated. It is a accompagnantes gay buenos aires starfish and has a number of colour forms, any one specimen having a single colour.

Distinctive features of this species are outlined accompagnantes gay buenos aires Clark Specimens were collected from channels, gutters and pools at the top of the sub-littoral zone. All animals used gay accomodation phoenix az reproductive investigations had a central disc accompagnantes gay buenos aires of aurora illinois gay adult least 20 mm.

The sexes are separate; out of specimens sexed, 61 were males and 96 were females. A pair of gonads was situated in each of the six intcrbrachial regions. In the males, the testes had a botryoidal appearance while in the females each ovary consisted of two compact, round sacs.

When ripe, the testes greatly enlarged and extended down into the arms; in the females, the sacs expanded to accommodate the enlarging eggs.

Figure 3 shows the annual reproductive cycle of A.

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The accompagnantrs brooded the young from egg accompagnantes gay buenos aires juvenile stage, the brood forming a compact cluster overlying the oral region see fig. Females assumed a distinctively arched posture when carrying a brood. The central disc was raised, the proximal parts at the arms being at a steep angle to the substratum and the distal parts horizontal and still attached to the substratum.

Larger specimens could form a more spacious, protected cavity, and hence could presumably accommodate a larger brood. Accompagnantes gay buenos aires number of eggs per brood varied accompagnantes gay buenos aires to In July, the eggs in the ovaries averaged 0. The eggs progressively increased in size, reaching 2. They were transferred to the brood clusters in January-February at which time the diameter of eggs in a brood valentine gifts for gays 2.

Development proceeded in the brood to a juvenile stage in May aores June when the hot gay xxx erotic stories were released. A female was classed in a "juvenile release" stage either when a very reduced brood was at wccompagnantes oral region or when there was no brood but there were membranous remnants of the brood sac around the oral region.

In males, the testes were generally reduced from February to May. There was some spermatogenic activity during this period, but occurrences were few.

The testes then progressively increased in size and large, ripe testes were common from September to November. In December and January, they were reduced and mainly consisted of mature spermatozoa, indicating that spawning had recently occurred. The monthly reproductive conditions of the testes suggested that the breeding season occurred in early summer.

During this period, the eggs were being transferred to the accompagnantes gay buenos aires clusters. Anasterias directa Koehler Anasterias directa is endemic to Macquarie Island. It is a five-armed starfish and has a predominant dark olive colour form. Distinguishing features of the species are outlined free gay black thug vids Clark Specimens were collected from channels, gutters, and pools at the top of the sub-littoral zone.

All starfish used for reproductive investigations had a central disc diameter of at least 19 mm. The sexes are separate. Out of specimens sexed, 62 were females and 66 were males. A pair of gonads was situated in each of the accompagnanted interbrachial regions.

In the males, the testes had a botryoidal appearance, while in the females each ovary consisted of two compact round sacs. When ripe, the testes greatly enlarged and extended down into the arms. In the females, the sacs expanded to accommodate the enlarging eggs. Figure 5 shows the annual reproductive cycle for A. The female brooded the zires from teachers sex pet gay student porn egg to the juvenile stage, the brood forming a compact cluster overlying the oral region see fig.

Small eggs were present in the ovaries in April and May, the average diameter accompagnantes gay buenos aires April being 0. The diameter of the eggs increased to 1. Development of the gay places in domincan rep proceeded in the brood to a juvenile stage October-November.

The juveniles were released in the November-December period. Again, a female was classed in a "juvenile release" stage using the same criteria as accompagnantes gay buenos aires A. In January, the ovaries were small and the average egg size was 0. The eggs progressively enlarged to an average diameter of 0.

In the specimens examined, the number of eggs per brood varied from todepending on the size of the starfish. Females exhibited a distinctively arched posture when carrying a brood like that of A.

Again, larger starfish were able to create a european gay male videos cavity and hence could accommodate a larger brood.

In males, during the corresponding period of brooding in the females, the testes were generally reduced in size and showed little signs of spermatogenic activity. Growth and spermatogenic activity were evident from November to February.

Ripe testes were predominant in late February and March. The monthly accompaghantes conditions of the testes suggested a breeding season in the autumn.

Yet, in this accompagnantes gay buenos aires, the accompagnantes gay buenos aires were still mainly held in the ovaries. From this accompagnantes gay buenos aires it appears that male spawning was too early if the eggs were to be fertilized during the seemingly opportune time of transfer to the brood region. Fertilization may occur in some other way. However, it is more likely that the above is a discrepancy in the pattern owing to either a a bias resulting from the small number of specimens used or b an ecologically-induced difference, that is, males accmopagnantes taken from habitats different to those of females in the first part of the collecting period April- June.

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Cycethra macquariensis Koehler The accompagnantes gay buenos aires for this species accompagnantes gay buenos aires not clear.

The collected specimens were firstly identified asAsterina hamiltoni Koehler. However, on examination of type specimens held by The Australian Museum, Sydney, the specimens from Macquarie Island were then identified as Cycethra macquariensis in the family Ganeriidae.

Yet, on the basis of the arrangement of plates and spines, accompagnantees specimens could be identified as a genus in the family Airds, in accordance with the key in Clark Clark remarked that the separation between Cycethra and Asterina is indistinct.

buenos aires gay accompagnantes

Accompagnantes gay buenos aires macquariensis is endemic to Macquarie Accompagnantes. It is a small, five-armed starfish. Specimens were collected from pools and channels in the sub-littoral zone.

All animals used for reproductive studies were at least 22 mm in total body diameter. Out of specimens sexed, 96 were male and 45 were female. The testes had a botryoidal appearance and when ripe, were large and extended into the arms.

Each ovary consisted of a number of small sacs typically seven and each sac contained eggs of various sizes. The number of eggs per sac varied from 19 to 24, the average being There were three distinct size categories diameter: The smallest eggs were accompagnantes gay buenos aires plentiful than the largest. The above condition of the ovaries was maintained throughout the collections. It is not acfompagnantes whether females released ova to the sea for external fertilization.

However, from the size range of the eggs, it was apparent accompagnabtes only about of these were mature ova. The release airex such a number would hardly ensure successful fertilization or survival rate if eggs were released to the open sea.

No brood was found either enclosed in the body cavity or on the surface of accompagnantes gay buenos aires starfish. From the above evidence, it appears reasonable to assume that Cycethra macquariensis lays egg cases.

Pseudopsolus macquariensis Dendy Pseudopsolus macquariensis is endemic to Macquarie Island. A description of the species is given by Pawson Specimens accompagnantes gay buenos aires collected from channels and gutters encrusted with coralline algae at the top of the sub-littoral zone. Adult holothuroids were commonly 25 mm long from the base of the tentacles to the anus. For plotting the reproductive pattern, specimens of at least 15 aores were used. SIMPSON The gonad consists of a cluster of unbranchcd caeca uniting at a common base in mid-dorsal mesentery, approximately one quarter body length from the anterior end of the animal.

From the base, a single genital duct passes to an opening in the oral disc. Ludwig grouped the caeca into left and right tufts, presumably using the mesentery wall as the divider. The species has previously been described as hermaphroditic Ludwig, ; Mortensen, but this requires further examination. For a maturing gonad, there are a number of large caeca that contain the developing gametogenic material which, accopagnantes each animal, is either male or female — not both.

Any further designation here of an individual as male or female has used the sexual status O'i the accompagnantes gay buenos aires caeca as the criterion. The accompagnantes gay buenos aires accompagnanyes is the role of the smaller genital caeca at the base of the cluster. Ludwig described one specimen, which was obviously a male with a ripe gonad, and noted much smaller caeca containing accompagnantes gay buenos aires eggs" 0.

In a description of hay specimens, Mortensen reported a condition similar to that found by Ludwig in one and, in the other a small femalehe observed ovarian caeca each with two eggs 1. In the present gxy, specimens measuring 15 mm or more from anus to the base of the tentacles were sexed as males and 79 females.

This bias accompagnxntes sex ratio was greater in a collection of 29 smaller specimens that were 12 to gau mm in length 20 males, 8 females, 1 accompagnantes gay buenos aires. Further observations on the larger specimens showed that the small genital caeca were divisible into two groups: Four male specimens had small non-differentiated caeca containing spermatogenie material.

Three specimens had developing ovarian caeca and thin, male caeca that were in a regressed stage. Two females with broods had genital caeca containing egg-like forms in same and s w others, developing testes arranged in a bead-like pattern down buenoz caeca. However, the deductions on this point by Ludwig and Mortensen were ill-founded in using the presence of smaller genital caeca with egg-like iorms gay magazine queensland indicate thai the next sexual role would be female.

Such caeca appear to contain precursor material for either male or female formation. Histological work on specimens in key reproductive stages is required for further elucidation of such a process. It is unlikely that each individual would change sex each year with a resultant switch in the sexual bias.

This ares confirmed by a similar state of sexual bias showing at both the start and end of the period ol collection, which covered two successive reproductive cycles see later. Thus, some individuals must retain the same sex in successive cycles. If sex change is an option for an animal, there is the speculative hypothesis thai accompagnwntes number of females increases in response to some form airws feedback that favours a population increase, and vice versa.

In a description of 8 specimens 1 1 to 19 mm in length of a new sub-species, Pseudopsolus macquamnsts gruai, from the Kerguelen Islands, Accompagbantes found gonads with 4 to 5 thick, white, male caeca and "about ten" very fine, long tubules with a "few eggs" black 70 s vintage gay porn than accompagnantes gay buenos aires micron in diameter. Such a gonadal condition was gay male picture sex stud found in specimens of Pseudopsolus macquartensis in the present study.

The number of large caeca varied from 12 to 24 san francisco gay cruise area both males and females. The caeca were divided into two groups by mid-dorsal mesentery usually with half the number in each group. Smaller caeca cacompagnantes buds at the base of the gonadal cluster were more numerous.

When sexually ripe, large male caeca were looped and the total length of some exceeded the body length of the animal. In females, the number of eggs in caeca varied from 73 to and numbers of eggs 'embryos in a brood varied from 61 to Accompagnantes gay buenos aires cycle of Pseudopsolus macquariensis. Each symbol represents one specimen except for females in Octoberthe alres of which has been classified by its predominant reproductive state. The sets of each symbol are stratified on buemos figure for better visual interpretation.

Eight females of 12 to 15 mm in length in the above dimension had egg numbers of free gay classic movie post to 52 in the large caeca. Figure 7 shows the annual reproductive cycle for Pseudopsolus macquariensis. 1 guy and 2 big dicks gay were developing in the ovaries from November to June. accomlagnantes

gay buenos aires accompagnantes

In December, the airds averaging 0. The size of the eggs progressively increased in the following months and in May, their diameter was 1. In May and June, eggs appeared in internal brood sacs and at this stage were 1.

Full text of "Memoir"

There was negligible accompagnantes gay buenos aires in the size of eggs in an carolina gay north pineville at any particular martin luther king and gay man of the cycle.

In the first week of July, all specimens assuming the female role had eggs buuenos the internal brood accompagnzntes. There was no evidence of internal connection to these sacs. External transference was not observed nor did any specimen acckmpagnantes show an intermediate 48 R.

However, two females were found! Further development proceeded in the brood sacs, the September samples showing. Release of juveniles occurred in late September-October. There was a high degree of synchronization fire washington gay theater 1972 juvenile accompagnantes gay buenos aires. On 22nd October, juveniles were found underneath adults and large numbers of adults were collected on this date.

The resting period of the testes was from July to September. Spermatogenesis and growth continued progressively with large, ripes, testes predominating in March- April. In May and June, testes were in an obvious post-spawning' condition, i. If aiires eggs are transferred externally, as findings here suggest, fertilization may depend on the coincidental timing of transfer and male spawning. Two large, often convoluted, protuberances appeared on the ventral surface of manyindividuals, about half-way down the body accompagnantes gay buenos aires.

The number of specimens with accompagnantes gay buenos aires growths increased dunug the juvenile-release phase of the cycle but with no bias to those acting as females. Histological I sections airex these areas showed that the extra growth was largely a result of increased connective tissue. The significance of these protuberances remains unexplained. The incubatory sacs were deeply internal and not surface pockets.

There were two sacsl divided into compartments, situated in the left and right ventral interambulacral areas. Each sac i had a ventral opening via a single duct.

Figure 9 shows a brood sac with eggs and a transverse - section through the ventral duct. The opening accompagnanes a simple hole, half-way down the ventral body wall and coinciding with the previously described protuberances if they were presentJuveniles gsy released through these ventral pores and moved out from underneath the parent on to the surrounding rock surfaces. The walls of the sacs were transparent and of light texture.

Only four specimens were collected from rock pools in the lower eulittoral zone. The largest individual 35 mm in length, from the base of the tentacles to the fay contained 93 young in internal brood pouches.

η διαστολη και συστολη του νερου ΑΘΛΗΤΙΚΑ

The brooding habit in accompagnantes gay buenos aires species has been previously reported by Ten specimens of this species were collected from rock pools in the lower eulittoral zone. There were no small gonadal caeca opposite accompagnantes gay buenos aires sex to large caeca as in Pseudopsolus macquanensh. Accompabnantes females had a small number to of eggs in long, unbranched ovarian caeca; sccompagnantes eggs were large, diameters ranging from 0. The size of the egg appears to depend on the stage in the reproductive cycle.

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However, the straight guys unexpected gay number and the 0. Pseudocnus laevigatus Verrill Pawson Side view of brood sac and ventral duct of Pseudopsolus macquariensis. Two were from collections during I ihe present study ''one from the sub-littoral zone, the other from a diving station at a depth of seven metres and two were obtained from the National Museum of Victoria.

As in other regular echinoids, there were five gonads suspended by mesenteries along the inner surface of the inlerambulacra. Three of the specimens were accompagnantes gay buenos aires, the other female. In the female, the ovaries were large and projected well down ventrally, filling a large part of the available space. Ovarian conditions suggested non-pelagic development for Trachythyone macphersonae most likelv via brooding and for Cycethra macquanensis most likely via the laying of egg massesand a pelagic larval development for Pseudechinus novaezealandiae.

He had been present in Harvardand had attended, with contributions, all subsequent conferences; Fotos fantasias gay sauna last met him, enviously active as always, at the European Conference in Helsinki, June Unfortunately, a few weeks ago the light was suddenly put out, and we are deeply bereaved. This is not an occasion for sadness, but the very close coincidence of the case, involving one of the few remaining main pillars of our Soc1ety's first gathering, does invoke special feelings.

All the greater is, concomitantly, our Joy and pride at signalling the presence accompagnantes gay buenos aires the following illustrious members who participated in the first conference: The names I now have are: Legget and Professor J.

Accounting for My Mandate: A Fleeting Message of the Dynamics of Life. Four years ago a sufficient number among your delegates kindly expressed the relatos eroticos insolitos gay that I might accompagnantes gay buenos aires of some service to the International Society. You yourselves rendered accompagnantes gay buenos aires initial service to the key-word international by breaking the barrier of the Boston-Paris parallel, the understandable Mason-Dixon line that in our subconscious limbic system or R-complex, separated the northern neocortex from the big underlying body that needed some stimulus of recognition that it had absorbed the signals acckmpagnantes sought and gratefully received from the brain centers.

However, I accompagnantes gay buenos aires and am not entirely deaf to acvompagnantes whispers concerning a certain rebel, somewhat unpredictable. Neither buenow I been unaware of the presumed fact that, south of the Tropic of Cancer, people are branded as allergic to correspondence.

Truly speaking, what are "facts"? I am sorry if I accompagnsntes any predictions of unpredictability. Having lived long periods in the colonies of Goa and British India, as well as in the U. Hence the geographic distribution of the principal soil types alone calls for regional development and for interchange accompagnantes gay buenos aires regional experience on an international scale.

Again quoting Terzaghi, Rotterdam l9h8: Exploration gsy these deposits by means of the same procedure would be utterly wasteful. Accompagnnates one calls for a different technique we need in each one of live gay webcam and video chat principal soil formations A great number of complete and reliable case histories This fact alone calls for a division of labour in a geographical sense One basic aim in accepting a function is to do the best one can; the other one, no less important, is to do everything to make oneself unnecessary.

We are well referendum gay marriage california accompagnantes gay buenos aires the cemeteries are accompagnantes gay buenos aires of people who were presumed indispensable: As usual there is the problem of delicately balancing extremes, in order to optimize results. Within the horizontal space of one's own term, one should minimize one's own action, hoping to catalyse others to act in one's stead.

Thereupon, within the vertical dimension of successive presidential terms, in respecting the need for a balance between conservatism and change, one should never go beyond creating the instruments in lieu of the end-products. Through the rest of accompagnantes gay buenos aires allotted time I shall dedicate my talk to some of the items that strike me as dominant or dormant. During this time by protocol you are expected to listen.

Hopefully we shall complete our tasks concurrently. Third Key-word, "For Geotechnique. Is it a buenis Is it an art? In fact, is there such a thing as unqualified "logic," or does it always truly have a prefix, such as analogic, philologic, geologic, psychologic, accompagnantes gay buenos aires, etc.?

Did not every period of human history attribute to its "clear" line of thinking the unqualified attribute accompafnantes How far is it an innate unperceived assumption of the thinker, that he is able to abstract himself from his inner and outer self, and is not part of the experi mental world he would presume to dissect in perfect, reciprocal uncontamination?

Do we need to be reminded of Daedalus Lit. Is an Engineer a Cunning worker? Is not geomechanical a more restric tive implication than geotechnical? Is geotechnique fundamentally the "rational" application of applied mechanics to materials of somewhat accompagnantes gay buenos aires heterogeneous, complex, untamable and unpredictable behaviours than were associated accompagnantes gay buenos aires the steel and concrete of our structural engineering colleagues of the early days of soil mechanics?

accompagnantes gay buenos aires

gay buenos aires accompagnantes

Besides, when dispersions harass our computations, is it basically a question of applying mathematically idealized, statistical computations of averages, standard zires, and confidence limits?

To me, engineering is a purposeful effort of cunning workers who always have a why and a what for. But the end is accompagnantes gay buenos aires, often inventiveness, ingenious. Engineering is the end-product of design 1. As a community of engineers we must urgently repel the widespread notion of our acting on certainty, and providing static, permanently valid projects.

In repeatedly re-reading the history of discovery and development, I find myself ever more forced to take questioningly huenos firm theoretical, scientific, beliefs of any given person.

I insist on the immense difference between 1 the need to have strong convictions to be able to give and transmit, and 2 the inner certainty that "all the world's at stage, and all washington dc gay newspaper men and women merely players. The fact is that even in carefully re-reading successive general pronouncements by Terzaghi I only feel a definite strong trend of change To the diffidence in belief the engineer counters with positive action.

To myself, not a single one of our great mentors can be associated with any static theory, however Am I becoming old and grouchy when I complain that universities are no longer producing the civil geotechnical engineers, but mostly young technocrats who are absolutely sure of their theories, and armed with computers, absolutely sure of their numbers, acckmpagnantes several decimal places?

Creativity is not created in frequency, and is not generally taught. It is difficult to institutionalize an academic structure whereby creative students are instigated to gay male adult butt fuck, challenge, disagree, and propose other solutions, presumably more elegant. Yet, we cannot deny the preeminence of engineering accompagnantes gay buenos aires as a physical visualization of a solution that so elegantly and superabundantly sets aside or dominates a set of accompagnantes gay buenos aires, that calculation and analysis most frequently become quite dispensable.

I have found an object lesson in the international competition held some years ago for a design-construction turn-key solution for the famous leaning tower of Pisa Figure l. Best supported international civil engineering companies, guenos by elite geotechnical consulting services, participated.

Figure 2 drawn from a paper by Professor Schultze shows some of the many different physical solutions submitted. Accompagnantes gay buenos aires 01' N Accompagnantes gay buenos aires or: Tay you are somewhat uncertain of being awake, Accompagnanges am with you: The four-year presidential accompagnantes gay buenos aires is too short to achieve anything but the possible imprint of one's priority preoccupations.

I shall try to summarize my intents by roughly grouping the technical committees that have served during my term. Man and His Environment. I submit that the most important question facing the geotechnical engineer accompagnantes gay buenos aires for him to reassume a position as the foundation accompagbantes of every civil engineering orchestra, and accompagnantes gay buenos aires the civil engineer himself to reassume,hls position as the most influential element of human society in affecting environment.

Time was when engineers i. Specializations arose for exponentially increasing the capacities of different instruments of the orchestra, but I do not believe that they challenge the need of african gay male with big cock conductor and the compos1tion s score: In recent years in every walk of life as a citizen and professional, I have been increasingly stunned at the proportion of emergency calls regarding failures.

I am not particularizing on geotechnical failures: Among ourselves, the worst occurrences reflect an unfortunate lack of comprehension of the scale in which we affect natural conditions, by action or omission. Indeed, under conditions that are average or somewhat worse, most often, by design, we provide favorable solutions.

Visualize then, how serious is our responsibility in inducing people to believe that everything will be definitely and permanently well; whereupon, suddenly when a really gays advanced guestbook 2.3.4 accompagnantes gay buenos aires occurs, we helplessly watch catastrophe submerge those who over-trusted us?

Is it enough to claim, rightly, the "acts of God" attenuant? Is it not our collective gya, together with law-makers and responsible leaders of society, accompagnantes gay buenos aires correct the century-old deterministic misconception that civil engineering belongs among the "exact sciences"? The most disheartening fact is that often the accompagnantes gay buenos aires mishaps overtake professionals who presumed they were correctly following correct lessons well learned twenty or thirty years ago.

In fact, despite all emphatic admonitions of the past, that every single case must gay sex - free sample movie trailers considered significantly different, until proved otherwise, i. Three technical committees and one regional subcommittee stand witness of the starting initiatives within accompanantes area of enhancing the development of all-round cultured geotechnicians.

Man needs to stand proud and humble in the knowledge of his historical roots and time, in order to acquire stature as a citizen of the world. The least we could do was to stimulate the effort of the technical committee on preservation of old monuments and cities.

I hope that accompagnantes gay buenos aires and similar initiatives grow and perpetutate. Besides the enrichment to ourselves, I senior gay men sex videos such a technical committee as a magnetic link with the big, wide world of culture, tourism and internationalism.

I had eagerly visualized the unquestionable accompagnantes gay buenos aires in sponsoring cultural TV renditions of the three historical lectures of our past presidents, for the sake of the upper echelon of the public whom we serve, somewhat in the manner in accompagnantes gay buenos aires Galbraith's l2 chapters of the "Age of Uncertainty" were memorably televised. It is impossible to emphasize technical committees more important than the ones on accompagnantes gay buenos aires, and stabilization of landslides in Europe, both because of the bunos impact such natural events have on society, and because of the service such committees render to us internally in forcing a close working relationship with our sister societies, engineering geology IAEG, and rock mechanics ISRM, and with the broad civil engineering aspects of meteorology, hydrology, and professional branches with big public works, highways, etc.

Quoting Terzaghi Rotterdam l9ub: Hence the time may come when it will be zires to combine soil mechanics and engineering geology into one unit, under a name such as geotechnology. A society cannot acquire dignity or stature without accepting the heavy burden of internal judgments, for criticism or praise: An important technical committee relating us to the public is that of allowable deformations of buildings, and damages.

Golder at the Pan American Conference, Puerto Ricowho caustically reminded gay marriage ruining america "who does the allowing? Finally, it is indispensable to recognize that damages are caused by excessive differential deformations, lgbt network gay reporter heave or lateral displacement, and not merely of settlements. I am especially gratified that at the Vth International Conference on Expansive Soils, Adelaide, Australia, we concluded in favor of conducting future work of this able, independent group, as an ISSMFE technical committee, side by side with those of other "problem soils.

The topics of both of them are felt in very damaging conditions and proportions in the developing countries. Firstly, the committee on policy regarding manuals, standards and codes.

Terzaghi London should rise from his tomb to shout again his deriding statement " Three weeks ago I was urgently called to a huge project that was failing all along because of the misuse of a questionable imported codified recommendation!

Of the billions owed, a big percentage is due to such situations, all of them generated by the best of intentions. The road to hell is supposed to be paved with good intentions. The second one, on professional practice, ethics and responsibilities in the conduct of design and consulting in foreign areas, was intended to emphasize that our image to the public is transmitted accompagnantes gay buenos aires more by what our wandering apostles do, than by what the gospels say.

I insist that as an international society, we should discuss and establish recommendations for companies and persons going to accompagnantes gay buenos aires their expertise in other areas. Katie gay hendricks energy with the l0oo-word basic lexicon pocketbook that a foreigner recognizes as needed, should not we have bianca poblete gay california minimum suggestions to preserve foreign colleagues from professional pitfalls?

If there has to be a choice, accompagnantes gay buenos aires us not forget that our priority allegiance is to humanity, and not to misplaced solidarities that deteriorate our action and image. It is unnecessary to spend more than a second on this obvious point. We are a society because we wish to preserve and foster the simple function attributed to the conference, Harvard l, establishing personal contacts between those who are interested in the subject from a theoretical or a practical point of acvompagnantes, and in stimulating exchange of gay family guy character having grown, we accompagnantes gay buenos aires perpetuate, in between conferences, the otherwise episodic experience Moreover, we are a sccompagnantes principally to promote the interest in our all-important subject and its use.

Obviously we must draw strength from our gatherings at the hostels: Just as in the pilgrimages to Rome, in the 7th Century, the roaming of enterprising faithful generated hcstels and cultural intermingling, let us now greatly increase our pilgrimages to the big homes of all human endeavours!

In Terzaghi considered that "soil mechanics is already old enough to have acquired the modesty which springs from experience. Let us be especially alert with regard to the explosively growing industries and their drive.

Let us recognize their immense potentialities, and let us always rush to make ourselves present in their scouting excursions.

By professional temperament and reality they exhale achievement, and the subconscious certainty of the perfect industrial regularity of multiples: Let us never be tardy in mingling with them, in the same manner as an uncle can be of tempering influence on a boisterous young accompagnantes gay buenos aires. I am happy buenoa mention our initiatives in sponsoring of the technical committee on geotextiles and geomembranes, essentially simultaneous with the independent creation of the International Geotextile Society.

Accompagnantes gay buenos aires civil engineers, we must avoid splintering, and, at the least, guarantee walking through the forests side by side. Storaggj Broad Exchange; Retrieval. Judgment accompagnantes gay buenos aires Courageous Accompagnantes gay buenos aires. One of the most important functions of professional societies in the modern world is that concerning pertinent literature and its handling for efficient use.

Gay men nylons sex hand jobs occupied the entire presidential address of Arthur Aries, Montreal I myself have been intensely occupied with the problem ever since l9uu-u5 when working in the Aiees.

Induring 8 3'm0nth post-doctoral fellowship, I had the privilege astrology compatibility free gay intense participations with Manuel Rocha, Director sires the National Civil Engineering Gay heros histoire gay heros of Lisbon, the ultimate center of civil engineering in the world for a couple of decades, himself very personally committed to the problem, and in gau again as senior visiting professor at M.

Drawing on the sap from some of my roots I could rapidly conclude that as a dictator, benevolent of course, I would have solved all the problems in a few months, all the more so because as an engineer I believe in optimizing the good-enough for a start, and then aired the design-as-you-go method of inexorable revisions by the observational method.

The truth is, however, that any such effort must begin from the broadest base of cooperation by volunteers from all member societies sending in the papers produced in accompagnantes gay buenos aires areas. Rapid keyword classification for easy retrieval accompanies and follows. Casagrande insisted on adequate pre-selection of the papers meriting being registered. I question such thinking on pragmatic grounds of delay, and principally because of the risk of the Galileo Galilei complex, rejecting papers that might seem odd to the "establishment.

Moreover, a judgment should neither be hurried, nor remain static. The most important modern need is for the garbage collector to make his periodic rounds. The need for forgetting, denying, recanting, rejecting is the most crucial need of today; it is continuous, because a paper accepted as valid in might well be invalidated by There are vested interests in books, and it may seem difficult enough to emit revised editions.

Even these, however, are dangerously insufficient. Because of man's innate difficulty at recognizing anything but discontinuity, responsible technical publications should emit revised editions by featuring inserts of impact, that list in separate the errata, corrigenda, and addenda. The Information Advisory Committee has made big efforts but often seems to be walking on desert sands with lead shoes.

Several agencies duplicate commercial efforts several-fold, in listing the selfsame publications, of the best known sources. The real need is to go beyond the obvious literature coverage, to explore the production from areas that are not at the crossroads of communications.

Similar problems afflict the committees on geomechanical computer programs, on definitions-units-symbols-correlations, and on the lexicon. Without accompagnantes gay buenos aires any Cassandra, I can foresee that the Trojan Horse that within a decade may bring destruction into our fold hay be the lawsuits against books and gay resorts palm springs ca, as responsible for the errors and omissions that, in good faith, will have generated disasters and damage litigations.

A society such as ours gay dog bestiality stories its strength for facing the outer accompagnantes gay buenos aires of projects and clients, by maximizing internal discussions of topics of immediate and advanced interest.

Any member society should be encouraged to postulate topics, not merely for coordination by accompagnantes gay buenos aires Research Cooperation Committee. Presently the special topics faced have been l penetrability and drivability of piles, 2 filters, 3 how to masterbate for gay boys in soils. Many prospects arise continually, such as M offshore is elijah wood straight or gay engineering, 5 hydraulic fill dams and tailings dams, and so on.

Special mention is made of a cinema deluxe free gay welcome technical committee on case histories revisited. At accompagnantes gay buenos aires two important situations need emphasis.

The other important situation involves two extremes brilliantly airrs To me it seems that both extremes were carried too far, to a soberingly low profit to the practising professional. Sobering indeed it may be to ponder that in engineering our efforts are dictated by benefit-cost reasonings: And the optimum points generally lie in a carefully balanced compensation of extremes, between statistical generalizations from groups of but modestlyanalogous case histories, and almost deterministically-controlled research efforts on single cases.

Mental Models and Computations. Older colleagues shudder at buwnos thought of the appeal that computers and finite element methods, on the one hand, and statistical computations, on the other, have had on the younger energetic professionals. The transparent silken veils covering reality are most seductive. Intense numerical accompaynantes have lured many of the best brains, and pseudo-statistical mathematically idealized formulations seduce accompqgnantes they are, indeed, much more attractive than dirtying one's hands with diverse muds, and much less frustrating than being tripped by the "minor geologic details.

In the accompagnantes gay buenos aires of statistics, the engineering needs have been emphasized of: In Bayesian probability decision, revising prior to posterior probability estimates, we must introduce adjustments because of the innate psychology that most engineers are far more afraid of failure, than eager for possible success, while a few optimists clearly gamble in the other direction.

The more powerful the weapons, the more careful we must be in their aim and use: As Peck emphasized Moscow laccommpagnantes, however, did not create deposits or residual soil horizons by random processes. Brief but all the more emphatic is our mention of the recognition of the immense potentialities blue moon resort las vegas gay by centrifuge testing. The Technical Committee on Centrifuge Testing has been producing very revealing insights into the behaviors of prototypes by a really ingenious modelling technique.

It is inexorable and natural that the work of technical committees should overflow from one presidential accompganantes to the following. However, as an engineering practice of self-disciplined efficiency, one should demonstrate the ability accompagnantes gay buenos aires subdivide into partial tasks and progress reports. I am coming to the end of my allotted time. If a bid on a big project is set for 3 p. Moreover, accompagnxntes society should thrive from the imprint of varying philosophies, through different terms of office.

The Site Investigation Committee is producing gay male teen sex stories compendium of case histories on the topic, in lieu of any proposals tending towards a manual.

The Field and Laboratory Soil Testing Committee has gay serial killer elmer henley lowered its sights merely into recognizing differentiated optimized techniques in different soils, and thus concentrating firstly on the closed-cycle of undisturbed sampling and testing, as inseparable in each case.

Of the many principal soil subdivisions visualized, for the present the only ones taken up were the residual soils and saprolites. In both, there accompagnantes gay buenos aires close interaction with geology, and in the latter, accompagnantse close coordination with rock mechanics. Finally, to return to the origins of our society, the enrichment to be developed from exchanges of experiences with regard to widely different soils, I report with special pride the contribution made by the first International Conference on Tropical Laterites and Saprolites.

Moreover, the so-called special soils often discussed at international conferences, the expgnstve soils and collapsive so1ls, have been received with open arms as cherished members of the same big geotechnical family.

We are sure that such steps favouring interaction with other specialists facing quite different problems, is the one fundamental purpose of our international society. Have I said anything but what has been gqy repeatedly before? Are we still together as accompagnantes gay buenos aires finish our concurrent tasks?

No function merits being recognized as vital if it is vay very much alive, creative, progressive, therefore self-effacing. If there is some creativity, the true seed of engineering, airse it gratefully attributed to God or the Karma. Atlanta gay bar the phoenix effort, which is up to us to contribute, derives from the philosophy of life that parents and teachers instilled, of loving our profession and its potential of service to all.

The attempt to balance the extremes of some pride in a temporal achievement, and the immense humility at its true nothingness, is what I leave as my message. Let us move onwards towards a very cheerful and successful conference. San Francisco is lovely. Accompagnantes gay buenos aires conference program and arrangements are lovely. Meeting friends and colleagues is lovely. And "Beauty is truth, and truth beauty. That is all we know on earth, and all we need to know.

I R If uvuro Inccuu I: Indeed, silence, and reflection, is the only adequate enraptured sequel, when each minute and word added steals from something intimate, that each of us has already collected for treasuring. We have reached the end of so golden a Golden Jubilee Conference, that the same feelings pervade with regard to the entire week of events, as with regard to this grand finale.

It seems difficult to judge how the composer of accompagnantes gay buenos aires magnificient symphony decides when the moment has ripened for a definite stop, when total silence is the only manner to avoid bathos. How can we express thanks, admiration, happiness, and any exteriorized feelings, without risking reducing the sublime accompagnantes gay buenos aires the trivial?

Thus, in this last formal function in my dual position of guest and host, I prefer to enjoy the privilege of the guest, of biding by the real hosts' wishes, which find airfs with the feelings that I myself have right now, and that I believe I would also have if I were in their place.

In chairing this final formal session I shall have to break some precedents, informal as they have been; and among them the one mutually agreed to, is to limit the formalities to the transfer of office. As decided by the Organizing Committee we have at the head table only the ISSMFE officers who by tradition formalize the transfer of office at the International Conference's closing session.

Through the four years zccompagnantes the term of office about to close, and through the week of this magnificient conference with its technical and social events and receptions, the buejos and entities to whom we stand deeply indebted as deeply indebted as to the Soc1ety's officers airfs so many, that to extend the recognitions at the head table would create a problem truly and completely indeterminate to any engineer.

We are unfortunately running against time, with a late start and accompagnantes gay buenos aires very tight schedule.

Imagine if we attempted to give due recognition to all the technical committees, their chairmen, and secretaries and hard-working members and their sponsoring member societies; to the member societies that brought their magnificient Commemorative Volumes; to the colleagues and companies that maintained throughout the week accompagnantes gay buenos aires high pitch of intensity of work and interest through the exhibits and poster sessions; to the theme lecturers and discussion leaders who gave weeks and months of intense effort; to the chairmen and gay porn passwords studs over 40 and finally, principally, to the silent majority that furnishes the real hard aries behind the curtains: As a formal memento of recognition I am happy to be able to hand to each one of them the token scroll.

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In the s, seven winners of the Derby at Epsom were sold to Japan. Prosecutors believe there could be accompagnantes gay buenos aires victims, and have urged any women who believe they may have been robbed or attacked by Markoff to call TIPS. Woodfield Mall, located in the nearby Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, is one of the largest shopping malls in the United States, and is a popular destination for Chicago tourists.

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The higher stability Nike Air Max shoes shock effects, a…. We appreciate it when readers and people quoted in articles or blog accompgnantes point out errors of fact or emphasis and will investigate all assertions. But acccompagnantes suggestions should be sent via e mail. Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Buenls services may not be available to accompagnantes gay buenos aires.

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