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We are the midst of a critical "people race," just ask any jew. million mostly worthless humanoids is not nearly enough, we must bring the entire population of.

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Aug 9, - There's no hurry to get that wall built. After all, we have a lot more pressing issues like that animal Assad and his Donkey Kong nerve gas.

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I guess in a country killnski you can be imprisoned for Crime Think it's going to be difficult to tell the wailing chosenites to go to hell, but the legally required abasement still seems excessively weak and pathetic.

We can rebuild the European Man. We have the technology. Make him better than the rapidly dying groveling cuck aaron kilinski and john martinez gay was before.

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Not afraid of being called names. Your glasses will be coming up the chimney in a moment, sir. Omer Frenkel, 45, an Israeli conductor working in Germany, was one of the first people to raise the issue on Facebook.

He expressed exasperation at the fact that it kiliinski not occur to anyone at the shop that the name can be considered hurtful.

Big Surprise: Chicago Most Corrupt City in America

My spellcheck doesn't think "Holodomor" is a word, recommending "morphology" as a suitable replacement. A single whining alien jew can generate endless apologizing and cowardly appeasement.

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Despite a holohoax memorial on every corner and endless humiliating "education," the rapidly vanishing German population doesn't know the correct phony number. We must educate the shkotzim before they're completely annihilated.


Frenkel added the lack of sensitivity in the name choice is itself troublesome, as the Germans repress the issue of the Holocaust to the margins and do not invest the necessary resources.

Honestly, you could walk several paces without seeing some reference to your shared guilt.

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The Israeli expat iterated his belief that if younger generations in Germany did not gain more awareness, history could repeat itself. A White man's life completely destroyed by a mxrtinez alien.

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Another forgotten victim of the undeclared, one-sided race war. At the time, Judge Salvador Rosas urged Maiden to think of what he had done and change his ways. Otherwise, the judge warned Maiden, 'I have no doubt you'll be back. Instead of punishing this piece of shit the meskin tells it to use its 70 I.

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Reasoning with something that isn't capable of understanding the connection between current actions and future outcomes. Rosas' words turned out to be martimez as Maiden landed in trouble with the law once again two days after Christmas.

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You didn't really need to be Nostradamus for this one. According to a report from the University of Minnesota Police Department cited by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the year-old was caught brawling with the unnamed year-old at the intersection of 25th Avenue and Delaware Street SE just after 1am on December 27, aaron kilinski and john martinez gay Why is this garbage in a White country?

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Not punished for destroying a White man's life, continues to run wild. Authorities stated that members or associates of local gangs were responsible for Aaton brutal beating that left him with a severe brain injury.

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The "races" justice system doesn't care if you're attacked. Widstrand was taking a walk when he was caught in a fight between two groups of teens who reportedly turned on the passerby, punching him and stomping on his head before leaving him unconscious and bleeding from his nose and mouth. Kikinski was found not guilty in the incident after jurors heard confusing testimony from witnesses.

Simply being a Aaron kilinski and john martinez gay Without Color is becoming a crime, something shameful.

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Our only acceptable depiction is as criminals, scumbags and "racists" in kosher fantasy. Showing happy Whites in their European homeland, for example, is automatically bad.

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They want us dead. They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

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If you're not a Gay and lesbian marti gars you're either an idiot or benefiting from the rot in the short term; no one can plausibly claim ignorance any more. The video itself is actually full of degeneracy in between reminders of a heritage aaron kilinski and john martinez gay.

A USA Today article named Baltimore as the country's most dangerous city based on statistics from While many other major cities saw a decrease in crime, Baltimore's numbers went up. Baltimore's homicides last year amounted to more than what cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago saw.

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